Callum McGregor’s five mountains in five weeks


If results go their way, Scotland will tonight become the first team to qualify for the Euro 2024 in Germany next summer.  Norway and Georgia are both on four points.  A draw would see them move to five, 10 behind Scotland with three games remaining.

Either way, automatic qualification is inevitable, as, with Spain remaining on both their rosters, neither of the sides who meet in Oslo tonight are likely to reach 15 points.  Post-Scott Brown, James Forrest, Ryan Christie, Kieran Tierney and Stuart Armstrong, our exposure to Scotland games it limited to Callum McGregor.  It is some comfort he will be excused play-off games in the spring.

In the next five weeks, however, Callum is likely to face England, Feyenoord, Lazio, Spain and France, five exhausting matches, with four other Celtic games thrown into the mix.  We need him fresh and at his best for Rotterdam and the visit of the Romans.

With so much of the squad wilting, the role of the captain cannot be overestimated.  He should be rested whenever a safe goal margin permits.

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  1. Ally must be delighted with Gareth making all these substitutions…..he can wax lyrical about even more of his heroes

  2. Re Ponsonby being a hun or not. He did a piece tonight about Scotland and England history. He mentioned only one club by name , Celtic, and in a very negative context, ie Celtic goalkeeper Frank Haffey shipping 9 goals against England. He then commented later on about Leigh Griffiths scoring 2 goals against them but omitted to say which club he played for.



    I don’t give a toss who has met him or where,, but in my opinion this is hun like behaviour and pandering to that fan base.



    As far as I am concerned hun is as hun does.

  3. Ally should now get the English citizenship he’s applied for after this performance


    If I’d no idea who he was I’d SWEAR he was English after listening to his PATHETIC drivel tonight

  4. In all sincerity



    If this game actually MATTERED I think the result would be different


    I’ve never been a big Scotland fan….but they’ve played excellent football recently….when it matters

  5. Bellinghams performane,magnificent.How good can this boy get?.England have the players to go all the way next year.God help us all.Calmac,not injured,and played well.

  6. McGinn has got to score that chance. But no he gives it ol ten bob treatment.


    At a time when Scotland had got themselves back in the game.



    Cannot recall if McCoist ever scored against England, came on as a sub in 1996 that was about it I think.


    Scotland disappointed tonight, but McCoist was a total embarassment, give me Dion any day of the week.

  7. I watched Celtic win the league at Tynecastle last season, in the Berlin CSC.


    Sat behind me watching it was Bernard Ponsonby .



    Really friendly ,sociable ,and unassuming ghuy.


    He posed for photos with my daughter and her beau ,and took time to chat .




  8. Engerland love in now from the panel….they’ve beaten a Scotland team in a FRIENDLY, now they’re gonna win a trophy……absolute bollocks

  9. You won’t get a bigger Tim than Bernard Ponsonby.


    I wanted us to win,surrounded by English fans here,but apart from 10 minute spell,outclassed.

  10. Forgot to say .


    Bernard was celebrating along with the rest of us .


    During the late eighties and early 90’s .


    I would sometimes go into Norma Jeans in the Calton ,for a pint before our home games .


    There was often a republican flute band would collect funds and play a few rebel tunes .



    Bernard would be there from time to time .



    He would supp his pint quietly ,and when approached ,put his hand in his pocket ,and contribute to the fund raising tin .



    He is a died in wool Tim.




  11. Bellingham outstanding. His eye for the quick incisive pass while under pressure reminded of another player in the 1960s although he was better. Bellingham can become that Good !




  12. Turkeybhoy 9.53



    He is that .



    I’ve read some nonsense on here .


    I’ve written some of it myself .



    But never Ha’s there been a greater misrepresentation of a good Celtic mhan ,than tonight’s drivel that BP is a hun .




  13. Bellingham bottled out of playing Dortmund’s last match in the Bundesliga, a title decider.


    Not for me, too busy thinking of Madrid

  14. Watching Jude Bellingham getting interviewed.



    Great on the park, but what a clever articulate and humble young man..



    I am impressed




    I see it as it is…..Scotland are punching well above their weight in the Euro Qualifiers so far……but they’re far from a Euro winning team….


    Scotland are top of a strong group and almost qualified without a decent striker…who would make Scotland much more dangerous and much better altogether.


    W all know that Scotland will more than likely struggle in the tournament proper but by god they’re working hard to get there.


    Engerland beat them when a) t means nothing, and b) when Scotland didn’t perform the way they have recently.


    But now, as always, pundits and fools believe Engerland are special, should win a trophy, and has players compared to the best, and it’s been proven, in the world.


    I’ve listened to this PISH, especially from THEMSELVES FOR OVER 60 years……is it suddenly going to be any different…….


    PS…..never worn a kilt in my entire life…

  16. Bellingham is a charlatan, always will be in my book.


    Let down his club, Borussia, when it really counted.

  17. Bellingham, Rashford, Kane, Foden are all top international players, among the best in Europe. They can then bring on Eze and Saka as subs.



    Adams and Dykes are nowhere near that level. Different universe and that is no slight on them.



    The gulf in quality is maybe a wee insight into why KT couldn’t get a game for Arsenal and why McTominey can’t for Man Utd?

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    St Stivs @ ages ago



    A guy once told me that they used to throw pennies into the directors box, aimed at the Kelly’s?



    You can see the more modern day dilemma “ we want CL players “ but we want in on CL nights for less because we’re more than a club blah blah blah. Joe Sixpack got hee haw when we were told we had a biscuit tin, now he gets hee haw, when we’re minted.



    It’s worser than that, as you know, some want a new stadium, with a floating museum, a floating hotel, an indoor pitch ( full size ) anywhere just so long as it’s indoors and full size because the one we’ve got is only three quarters. Lob in a few transfer record breaking signings, and we’re good to go.



    Fergus McCann knew when he rebuilt the stadium that 60,000 all seated would include families, you’ll recall even some Celtic followers scoffed at the capacity, he correctly wanted cash up front in the bank, before a ball was kicked, it’s the way of the world. Some really disadvantaged families never got near a ST at all, before Fergus they could cherry pick games they could afford, ST’s changed all that. The machinations of how that seating allocation was made up included a family section, it served its purpose for a while. The downside is that there are still naturally families small and large, wanting seats altogether but spread right round the ground. Celtic try to juggle children’s, consessionary and ordinary adult ticket prices.



    It’s a difficult balancing act of supply and demand, boards come and boards go for Kelly see Lawwell for prices no matter where, see up, very rarely down, Our prices were in line with inflation not a penny more, complaining ( not sure if you were tongue in cheek ) that we were founded to feed poor children is covered in The Celtic Foundation mission statement, and given that we contribute more to the poor than any other Scottish club, it holds good to this day.

  19. McCoist is insufferable. Mute button when this shyster is on.


    ‘Al tell ye’ ‘absholutely’ mate mate mate.


    God awful pundit.



    St Stivs @ ages ago



    great post, not ,uch i cab disagree with

  21. Bernard P



    watched a game with him and some others against that lot in what was then called The Life O Reilly near the top of Hope St decades ago.


    Defo not a Hun

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