Callum McGregor’s five mountains in five weeks


If results go their way, Scotland will tonight become the first team to qualify for the Euro 2024 in Germany next summer.  Norway and Georgia are both on four points.  A draw would see them move to five, 10 behind Scotland with three games remaining.

Either way, automatic qualification is inevitable, as, with Spain remaining on both their rosters, neither of the sides who meet in Oslo tonight are likely to reach 15 points.  Post-Scott Brown, James Forrest, Ryan Christie, Kieran Tierney and Stuart Armstrong, our exposure to Scotland games it limited to Callum McGregor.  It is some comfort he will be excused play-off games in the spring.

In the next five weeks, however, Callum is likely to face England, Feyenoord, Lazio, Spain and France, five exhausting matches, with four other Celtic games thrown into the mix.  We need him fresh and at his best for Rotterdam and the visit of the Romans.

With so much of the squad wilting, the role of the captain cannot be overestimated.  He should be rested whenever a safe goal margin permits.

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  1. Christie’s defending v Bellingham was as bad as i always remembered. Always caught diving in or on the wrong side of his man. A totally brainless footballer.

  2. Ffs,dig out Bernard Ponsonby’s eulogy to Big Billy on Scotland Today,if you don’t have a tear in your eye…..

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    Bernard Ponsonby does the intro on Charlie and the Bhoys live at the barrowlands 1998 when we stopped the ten.


    Definitely a Tim.

  4. There is another BP tribute,which iis the one I’m looking for, where I’m sure he’s in the studio, it was emotional

  5. Good morning all from a dry but fresh Garngad.



    BRRB – 3.43am in the name of the wee man.



    D :)

  6. Re BP


    I accept he is a good Tim but also get where Ray Winston’s is coming from. I saw the the piece in the news and also questioned why Celtic were the only club mentioned in a negative fashion.



    Totally unnecessary.



    Hail Hail

  7. Dare I say the game last night reminded me of many a CL night when the Pot 1 team plays the Pot 4 team. The excitement of getting there is quickly forgotten about as the gulf in quality all over the park is displayed.



    The likes of Hendry and Porteous at one end and Dykes and Adams at the other cannot be blamed. They simply are not anywhere near the top level.



    We are more likely than not to see something similar in our upcoming CL games.

  8. Good morning from a bright and sunny North Staffs.


    Hopefully Jackie will be coming home today which means I better get my ass in gear and at least dispose of the empties 🤭



    Saw a bit of the game last night – too easy for engerland

  9. Deniabhoy @ 7.10



    That’s exactly what I thought watching Last night’s Game. Fortunately Feyenoord are Not a Genuine Pot 1 Team though I am still pessimistic about our chances. If we’d been drawn against the Likes of Man City or Bayern we could have been facing real embarrassment.




    Thanks for your reply to my question about Bain – hadn’t considered that.



    After posting I was ‘on the run’ till late evening so didn’t see your reply until I read back this morning.



    Ave Ave

  11. Before the Scotland v England game, they showed McCoist interviewing Andy Robertson and Harry Kane….separately in a Pre Recorded piece…..



    During his conversation with Harry Kane, McCoist decided to mention some GREAT English Players that he had played alongside…..


    ” Terry Butcher, Ray Wilkins Trevor Steven and…..and wait for it…… TERRY HURLOCK ” !



    Since ” WHEN” was TERRY HURLOCK ever a so called GREAT Player for anyone ?



    ” Im TELLING you this, Im TELLING you that, Im GONNA TELL you this….I lost count of the number of times the FAT GARDENER started a sentance with…” I’m, TELLING you this BLAH B;LAH “.



    The CHUMP McCoist is the most annoying so called Pundit/Commentator that I have ever heard, and I could name quite a few.



    DION DUBLIN should stick to selling Hooses on TV…or whatever it is he does…..He is another THICK CHUMP.


    He was also a total DIDDY at Fitba.




  12. Big Jimmy


    I didnt watch the game but I nipped over during commercials and thought that McCoist was even worse than I remembered him.


    Cheerio for now.



    PS Souness wasn`t much better !


    PPS …and I wasn`t overly impressed with Joe Cole :-)))

  13. Didn’t watch the game ,my son said Scotland kicked off booted the ball up the field and didn’t get it back for about 15 minutes .


    60s football and some people wanted Clarke as our manager ,HH

  14. Morning all, today I’m working in mayfield, then sunny Dunbar. Looking forward to the weekend to see who is coming into the side, as good as the win at ibrox was I think there will be a few changes, hopefully get the game won sharpish and give Callum a rest of at least half an hour

  15. Bernard Ponsonby was a guest speaker at a charity dinner at Celtic Park a few years ago. He spoke of his love for the club and its history. He also went round every table and spoke to supporters. An absolute gentleman and Celtic man through and through, yet some clown thinks he’s an orange b because he mentioned Leigh Griffiths but didn’t mention the club he played for.



    Paul67 — Can you introduce an age limit to CQN? Nobody under 10 allowed to post. Thanks.

  16. I’ve mostly lived out of the UK since the early 90s and had absolutely no idea who Bernard Ponsonby is.


    Sounds very posh, must have taken some stick growing up with that name in Glasgow.


    Obviously a diehard Celtic fan based on the comments on here.


    There’s only one Ponsonby, one Ponsonby . . .

  17. Irish outlet rave about Rocco Vata as Celtic man steals the show in midweek


    Wed 13 September 2023 07:15


    Hamish Carton




    Celtic youngster Rocco Vata was the standout performer for the Republic of Ireland’s under-21s on Tuesday evening.



    The young Irish side kept up their 100% start to qualifying with a 3-0 victory over San Marino in Cork.



    The opposition are hardly one of the better international youth sides around. Yet Vata still stood out on the evening, netting two goals.



    His first strike, after seven minutes, saw him convert from close range at the back post. His second, on the brink of half-time, was a smashed effort from a tight angle on the right-hand side.



    Vata has only recently made the step up to under-21 level. However, he is already earning plaudits in Ireland, with the Irish Times saying some very flattering things after the midweek clash.



    They say that Ireland “struggled to find their rhythm” for much of the game but that Vata’s goals “helped to settle any nerves”.



    The Celtic man is described as the “standout player” in the game. He switched between the left and right wings to great effect, laying on plenty of opportunities for his teammates, as well as netting the goals.



    Interestingly enough, it’s also reported that full Republic of Ireland boss Stephen Kenny was in attendance at Turner’s Cross. Vata will certainly have made a positive impression on him.



    Bosun Lawal was also in the Ireland team and showed an “impressive range of passing” according to the paper. So all around a pretty good night.



  18. What really hacks me off in Scotland/England game last night is the national anthems. God savethe King, is the British, not English anthem, the fucking arrogance of that lot makes me puke.


    Hate the save the king crap anyway, as if God cares about that murdering twat in any case


    just glad CalMac wasn’t injured




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