Calm it, Moussa


I’m now at the stage when I’m hoping people stop noticing Moussa Dembele. Last night’s two goals for France Unider-21s against their England counterparts further established the player’s reputation. He’s going to be on shopping list of every team with north of £20m to spend.

Great, if you’re struggling to buy out a valued retail partner, not so useful if you’re solvent and aspiring to build a Champions League reputation.

At a conference this week so will miss the AGM tomorrow.


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  1. It wasn’t Celtic striker Dembele who scored for France u21s last night….it was Man Utd and Chelsea target Dembele who scored….and don’t you forget that…

  2. Don’t see the rush for everyone to cash in on Dembele. Of course he will move on at some point but no different from Forster, Wanyama and VvD. Stay a few years and then go, everyone’s a winner.

  3. 31003 on 15TH NOVEMBER 2016 12:16 PM



    To be fair to the BBC he was described as ‘Celtic striker’. That was of course the main BBC, not BBC Scotland.

  4. El Madrigal



    I think the difference here is there are more than on club looking at Dembele…….early seagull catches the trawler and all that….

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Realistically we won’t have Moussa long term.


    But he won’t leave to go to a diddy team in a big league or go somewhere where he will be a squad player.


    When he is ready he will get a good move to a big club in a big league and be a starter.

  6. Is it true Moussa can’t sing and his timing on jokes is terrible?



    Surely that would put most clubs off?

  7. People should not get so carried away by a players 1st season.I mean look at “Waggers”,being touted last year by the droolers as an England call up.Look at him today.


    On a coach headed to the Highlands to play against Ross County development squad.


    Where did it all go wrong,I ask.The same thing could happen to Moussa.


    Could it,Aye.

  8. Good Afternoon CQN, looking for a bit of info for Friday Night at Rugby Park, anyone know if there is an official bus Park, or where l can park a 16 Seater Mini Bus, without getting parking tickets, your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

  9. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Moussa Dembele and his agent obviously have a logical long-term strategy and it isn’t about the money at this stage of his career.



    He could have gone to another club and played in their youth team (or equivalent) with occasional sub appearances in cup games; all while earning a tidy sum.



    However, they have chosen to sig for Celtic where he will get regular football, exposure in Europe and win trophies and medals. Zinedine Zidane seems to have a guiding hand in there as well. I think we will get at least 2, but possibly 3 season out of him and then a massive transfer fee. It might also be a big fee next summer with a 2 season loan back option from Real Madrid.



    The path will be determined by our performances in Europe next season where an extended ECL run or maybe a Europa League consolation. If we look likely to be competing regularly in the CL Group Stages, it makes us a far more attractive proposition. That looks a distinct possibility next season with an improved co-efficient which should see us as a Pot 3 team, making the Group that wee bit easier.



    It’s great to be a Tim!





  10. Right






    Credit Union,




    Home messages in the fridge.


    Oot, the Zoo.


    Hame , Pished.


    What’s not ti like.



    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  11. VFR800@GIRFUY.CO.UK on 15TH NOVEMBER 2016 12:53 PM



    I am a realist and I know Moussa will go to realise his full potential elsewhere.



    I am also sad at that prospect, nomatter the fee. But it is footballing life in our current environment.



    IMO , Celtic ( if they are truly ambitious) must look to address that fact . An Atlantic league will not help, it must be the global league known as the EPL due to geography.



    Seismic change is in full swing, why not in football .Additionaly as a side issue, It may not rectify the unanswerable question of res 12 , but it would let us move on.



    Today there is no such thing as impossible. Push hard enough and often enough and the door will open.



    Celtic should never settle for second best.




  12. I recall most people being concerned at Griffiths injury before the Sevco match. What Moussa has done since is beyond belief. You could even say he has stepped out of Joe Dodoo’s shadow….

  13. I will be more astounded of forehead tomorrow if Celtic state that they will in fact follow up with UEFA\SFA on Res12 as they have evidence of the smoking gun as supplied by the res 12 guys than I will be if Dermot Desmond takes time out from Golfing in the Carribean to attend the AGM. I hope I am astounded of forehead on the former and I don’t particularly care about the later.




  14. Moussa has said he sees his future he for several years so thats fine by me , if we stop being ambitious that will be clear to him and would hinder his further development, so as long as the club wants to move forward and be successful at home and in Europe I think he will stay for a few years more, I also think BR wants the same so if we focus on developing both will be happy to stay and enjoy the journey.

  15. Moussa will be the first £100 million player!



    Should be enough to enlarge the Main Stand and install a retractable roof over CP!




  16. Dembele – he will be here all next season to help us to last 16 of CL! Regan – being targetted so they can get a new lackey on board when admin hits. He did his job well but would be crazy to help Sevco this time. PS I now can’t make AGM tomorrow. Will someone put their hand up for me when it comes to a vote of no confidence in PL and DD. Not turning up each year is a disgrace, never mind his comments about H*ns

  17. Moussa Dembele is worth 23p. That’s it. So please shut up.



    £40 million??? Who came up with that. Now Joey Barton, there’s a £40 million player if ever I saw one and then there is that boy Holiday or whats his name fae who’s their hingy?




  18. I didny see New Article Posted on the last thread!



    Was it deleted by a frustrated, overworked Moderator.



    (left ma specs at home the day so a mibbe missed it)

  19. An Teach Solais on




    RE AGM


    Advice please. If the Board unwilling to commit to progressing Res12 (2013) should we seek to have them call an EGM re matters or holding a private session.



    I see that on Celtic Blog some proposing crowd funding for legal process against Board for not protecting shareholders’ investment -deprivation of Champions League place due to erroneous award of licence to the liquidated club. This if Board fails to support Res12. Any thoughts? HH

  20. Now, I’m not saying Moussa is parfait, but I thinks he possets all the attributes to become the compote striker. Right now we just need to play it coulis.




    Advice please. If the Board unwilling to commit to progressing Res12 (2013) should we seek to have them call an EGM re matters or holding a private session.









    We bhoycott the matches, the superstores, we riot in “the way”, we only go tae away games we……………….start byin’ the daily rectum, we…. naw ……………sorry NEGANON2, whit else wiz a tae say?

  22. LYMMBHOY…..



    Cheers for the link, all stunning goals…hopefully we can hold on to Moussa for atleast another couple of seasons.




    My bhoy sent me some photos of himself and his Italian girlfriend today, they are in Venice for a couple of days just now. HH

  24. Kazakhstan champions Astana against who Celtic played the game in August 2016 in the Champions League qualifications became bancrupt club, the Court in Astana confirmed today.




    Howzitgaun buddy?



    Hope yer well.



    Apologies for not getting in touch, but will mail you soon. Been a bit hectic over the last few weeks. That’s me back permanently now!



    Regards to the family and the mad cat Caesar!