Calmness will prevent Big Dan Moments


It’s been a long time since we’ve had a home game; 4th August, against Aberdeen.  Since then we’ve played five games on the road, three of which involved international travel, with two games in the Highlands.

Statistical analysis shows that form suffers when teams are forced to pile-up away fixtures.  Training schedules are interrupted as travel eats into time which would otherwise be spent fine-tuning fitness or working on defensive/forward strategy.  Instead Celtic have improved enormously from their Flag Day at the beginning of the month, despite, or perhaps, because, Neil Lennon has indulged in extensive use of a squad rotation policy.

No one at Celtic will be complacent ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League play-off, the ghost of Ross County in 2010 and Inverness in 2011 will see to that.  One ‘Big Dan Moment’ is all it takes to turn a comfortable lead into a tight tie with a player deficit, but I suspect Neil Lennon will be more concerned with putting the brakes on his players, rather than motivating them.  A calm and organised performance is required.

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    Hello , just to let you know that I am planning to take part in a 50 mile cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh, 09/09/2012



    During the next 2 weeks I plan to train very hard in order to be able to take part in this cycle where I would hope to be able raise some funds for “Wee Oscar Knox” who is 3 year old kid and is not keeping very well just now.



    You can read Oscar’s story on web link below….






    In the meantime, all donations are welcome, thanks 

  2. Use the head, play the game wisely and we will be in the draw safely on Friday!






  3. Good afternoon CQN



    Started getting a load of texts wishing me happy birthday from people who I wouldn’t expect to know it’s my birthday, hence I had a wee look here.



    Thanks for all your kind wishes!!!



    Today is the feast day of St. Monica, who is by coincidence the patron Saint for Mothers with wayward children, unsure if my wee mam knew that when I was born – she certainly did a few years later :-)



    12 years ago to the day when we humped the huns 6-2, and also the day 18 years ago we humped the huns 2-0 @ Ibrox






    Thanks again for all your kind wishes – for the record, I’m still in my 30s. For those of you who have met me, yes I’ve had a hard life ;-)













    Hello , just to let you know that I am planning to take part in a 50 mile cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh, 09/09/2012



    During the next 2 weeks I plan to train very hard in order to be able to take part in this cycle where I would hope to be able raise some funds for “Wee Oscar Knox” who is 3 year old kid and is not keeping very well just now.



    You can read Oscar’s story on web link below….






    In the meantime, all donations are welcome, thanks 

  5. Paul67



    Celtic have lost only one of their last eight European home games, winning six of them.



    I think we can make it one out of nine on Wednesday.

  6. Sorry if posted before but this was posted on twitter.



    Why are the Sevco fans singing N.Irish Loyalist songs? They are a Scottish club founded in 2012 by a Yorkshireman. I can see no connection.

  7. Mort, PaulMcC had a great 7000 word piece on who would win the tours that Armstrong is stripped off. Sometimes you had to go back to 8th place to find the winner. Jan Ullrich will be ruled out as he too is a drugs cheat.




  8. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Paul 67



    A calm and organised performance is what we’ll get, I’m sure. 2-0 Celtic.

  9. SFFS



    Thanks, will have a look at that.



    8th place!!!



    You’ve got to wonder is there any point in awarding these titles retrospectively, but then again if the person who finished 8th was clean and all ahead of him weren’t then he’ll have lost out loads over the years in terms of prize money, sponsorship opportunities etc.



    Hopefully this present bunch of british boys are all squeaky clean as their improvement over recent years has been phenomenal.




  10. Hi Paul,



    Totally agree, the result is all that counts on Wednesday – safety first.



    We are obviously a bit more relaxed about the League this year, which has allowed player rotation, this has not been to the detrimental to performance, quite the opposite in-fact.



    Lenny has managed to reduce the squad (long overdue) yet still manage to enhance the first team choices, essential with our domestic schedule and European Football.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Many many thanks for the messages of condolence, much appreciated.



    Never,ever underestimate the comfort you can bring.



    God bless you all.

  12. Typical – a new post is published while I’m in the middle of writing the following:



    On Lance Armstrong – no one can touch or disparage what he has done for the fight against cancer and in no way should be sullied by his ongoing saga. There’s key points to his apparent downfall



    1) Blood samples taken in ’99 and ’01 failed the EPO test when it was introduced a few years later – there was no ‘B’ sample for comparison and there were possible issues with the storage of the samples so the appeal was upheld.



    2) RSR13 was added to the list of proscribed drugs at the Olympics – LA withdraws from the Olympic team 13 hours later.



    3) The UCI who have been shown ot be complicit in hiding the extent of dopin in cycling take a year longer than any other orgisation to add RSR13 to their banned list.



    4) LA using threats and intimidation on those who question him or his team. Some cyclists retired due to the pressure exerted on them by the peleton, with LA leading the charge.



    5) His long term consultations with Dr Michele Ferrari who has been implicated in the doping of many other cyclists and athletes.



    We was/is a master tactition and a supremely talented cyclist and he was by and large on a level playing field given the extent of drug use during his prime era. Put it this way, I saw a graphic that showed LA and the other top 10 cyclists in his 7 TdF wins – in 4 of the 7 years only 2 riders in the top 10 had never been found guilty of a doping offence. Who’s to say they didn’t just get away with it.

  13. bjmac, 12:24


    I had almost forgotten how hideous Hately was… and how bad those three-hooped jerseys were…

  14. Paul, with a 2 goal lead and playing at home we need to play the game smart, keep it tight , keep possession of the ball and hit them on the break. With big vic back we will have better protection of the defence , which was missing last week, we should be alright.



    going to miss being at the game but will cheer on from the pub in Cardiff



    BJMAC no way your are in your 30’s , have a great day old yin :)

  15. Will the compliance officer have anything to say about this or is he still dealing with the Killie game at ibrox in February?




    ‘However, the fans performed at times equally as badly as their team as the Billy Boys was dusted down for a couple of airings while hopes we could all say RIP to FTP in this new era for the Ibrox club appear, sadly, optimistic at this stage.



    Smoke bombs were also released off the pitch during the first half…’

  16. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    Following from the excellent site The Onion. Also works if you substitute Steroids/Lance Armstrong for David Murray/ EBTs!



    Haven’t We All Done Steroids, In A Way?



    by Lance Armstrong



    There are many people who have tried to judge my actions, to label me as disgraceful or unethical. Time and again, I’ve had to endure the harassment of the media and the average sports fan, who act as though I’ve done something so outside the bounds of human decency as to defy logic or explanation. Yet I think, if we are all honest we each other, we could agree this is far from the case. For, really, haven’t we all, each and every one of us, ritually abused steroids, in a sense?



    I ask again: Is there a single person among us who has not, in one way or another, become obscenely rich and successful through the repeated use of performance-enhancing drugs?



    You see, no human being is perfect. That is not to say we are not capable of acts of great virtue, but at the end of the day, I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t succumbed to the perfectly natural urge to trick their colleagues and the entire world into thinking they won seven Tour de France titles honestly. Surely at some point in our lives, all of us have lied to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency about our repeated use of illicit drugs. Surely we are not so hypocritical as to deny that much.



    As people, we are united by our shared experiences. We all live, breathe, fall in love, take steroids, lie to anti-doping officials, make indignant public denials about steroids, cry, achieve dizzying levels of fame and success by continuing to use steroids, laugh. Deep down, that is how we are, and we’re stuck with it.



    Obviously, nobody is proud of systematically manipulating the American people into thinking their spectacular athletic triumphs were legitimate when, in reality, they owe every last one of those victories to the use of illegal chemicals. But no one ought to be ashamed of it, either, for all of us have done it, whether by condemning honest journalists as liars, hypocritically firing our personal trainer Michele Ferrari for becoming too closely associated with steroids, or simply denouncing all investigations against us as “a pitiful charade.”



    I used steroids. You used steroids. Your friends and coworkers used steroids. Your children have all used steroids. President Obama has used steroids. Show me someone who claims they haven’t used steroids, and I will show you a liar.



    So yes, I am a fallible person who has injected special substances into my body in pursuit of professional glory. Just like you, I abused the drugs cortisone, testosterone, and EPO, among many, many others, in order to win an unprecedented number of international bicycle races. Just like your parents and their parents before them, my shameless deception helped me become one of the most celebrated athletes in the world.



    But does that mean I should be humiliated, made a pariah, treated as a criminal?



    No. It merely means that I am a human being. A human being with a real, living, beating heart. A heart that circulates an unnatural, chemically stimulated number of red blood cells through my veins in order to achieve superhuman levels of stamina. Just like yours

  17. The Token Tim I think the CL draw is on Thursday the Europa on Friday,can anyone confirm? Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. The lead prosecutor of FIFA’s new ethics committee confirms he will examine the controversial awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar as well as the ISL scandal and corruption allegations involving Sepp Blatter.



    One month after hinting at the possibility of probing the bidding race that was plagued by bribery scandals involving FIFA Ex-Co members, US lawyer Michael J. Garcia told German TV channel ARD that he would scrutinise the bid process.



    He said the awarding of the 2006 World Cup to Germany would also be examined in the wake of corruption allegations centring on the FIFA decision on hosting rights. The ISL bribery scandal is to be investigated too.



    “If you look at this, then it is clear that there is something to investigate, and I’ll do that,” Garcia told ARD.



    On Blatter, he indicated that the allegations of corruption that have stalked the FIFA president through his 14 years at the helm of world football’s governing body are also on his radar.



    “The more important is the person involved, the more important it is to study them,” Garcia said.



    Blatter’s reputation is tarnished by the ISL scandal, having admitted to knowledge of the millions of dollars in kickbacks received by former FIFA chief Joao Havelange and Brazilian FA boss Ricardo Teixeira that were confirmed in Swiss court documents released last month.



    FIFA’s Independent Governance Committee headed by Mark Pieth previously stated in a report to FIFA that those 2018/2022 scandals were “insufficiently investigated”.



    Commenting on Garcia’s decision to launch new investigations, Pieth told World Football INSIDER today: “I am quite happy that he is there now and is actually doing what we are expecting him to do and that is looking at possible cases… anything that would Garcia and Hans-Joachim Eckert, chairman of FIFA Ethics Committee’s adjudicatory chamber, outside FIFA headquarters in Zurich last month (Getty)fall under the ethics code.”



    In a separate development, FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger has restated his calls for an investigation into the scandal-hit bidding process the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.



    In an interview with the German investigative journalist Jens Weinrich, Zwanziger said the decision to award hosting rights to Russia and Qatar should be reviewed, adding: “The World Cup 2006 award must also be checked if there were indications that I do not know.”



    Zwanziger made similar comments in June 2011 on the sidelines of the FIFA Congress at which Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term.



    Last month at a news conference in Zurich, Garcia invited any “credible complaint of corruption” from whistleblowers and the public to come forward.



    “The scope of any investigation depends on facts and circumstances,” Garcia was quoted by Bloomberg. “There is no bright line in terms of past and future. If there is conduct in the past that warrants an investigations, I will do that.”



    Garcia said that one of the biggest challenges in his new role, as with any investigatory body, was “about getting access to information”



    “It’s about your ability to get cooperation, documents and witness interviews,” he said in an interview published on FIFA.com. “FIFA has a different type of organisational structure from a company or a government, so the challenge will be to work within that structure and use the new rules to get access to information.

  19. Ian McCall (ex DU Manager) said on SSB on Saturday,100% there is a player moving from Tannadice to Celtic.

  20. The article immediately made me think “big bobo moment”… and there were a few of them… great big defender though he was…

  21. Len Brennan – 12:50 on 27 August, 2012



    No it’s just chat on sporting institutions doing whatever they can to win, and then using threats and intimidation to counteract any naysayers.



    It’s been the same on here for years now.

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    WIth Celtic on the cusp of qualifying for the CL I would be very worried if I was Craig Levein. The hacks cannot beat up on Celtic especially if the weekends performance is anything to go by.



    A shadow team playing up North in our least favourite venue at a stupid kick off time against Terrys all golden hammer throwers and they were well and truly bitch slapped.



    cardihun needs re appropriated and quick



    Wee Tip: Place your bets on cardihun to be Scotland manager by halloween.



    Hail Hail

  23. DDBIA lost my mum the same cruel way. She,s in a better place at peace. God bless. Hail Hail Hebcelt

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