Can Footballers Bet on the Football Matches?


FOOTBALL betting is a multi-billion industry in the UK and other parts of the world. If you are passionate about football, you can take your passion to another level through football betting.

Who can participate in football betting? In the UK, anyone can participate in football betting. However, there are a few exceptions. The footballers are the biggest exceptions in this regard. Anyone who plays professional football is automatically barred from football gambling. Is not it harsh to impose a total ban on footballers? It may sound harsh, but maintaining the honesty in the game is essential.

Footballers cannot bet on the game, as they have influences on the fellow-footballers. Thus, transparency will become compromised if footballers are allowed in football betting.

Changes of Rules for the Footballers

In past, footballers were allowed to bet on the game. However, they were only restricted to bet on their own team’s games. In 2014, the rules had changed. After finding some betting-related scams, Football Association (FA) has decided to impose complete ban on betting on the footballers. Before taking retirement from the professional football, a person cannot participate in betting. The rule is same for everyone in UK and other parts of the world.

According to the rules imposed by FA in 2014, footballers should not keep any association with the bookies or punters. Any person found guilty on this regard will face strict action from the Football Association. Moreover, footballers cannot also pass game strategies and other information about the game to the bookies. If proven guilty in such offences, footballers can face ban on their professional football career.

Connection with Footballers and Betting

Before 2014, many footballers had direct connections with the bookies. Several controversies had erupted in this regard. Noticing such foul play, FA had to intervene with strict regulation to maintain transparency in the game. In 2014, strict law against footballers involved in football betting was introduced. But, rules cannot change everything. Despite bringing strict rules, many footballers were found guilty of being involved in football betting. For maintaining the highest transparency in the game, rules keep changing. FA aims to make the rules stricter for the footballers so that no violations can happen.

Are Footballers Allowed to Participate in Other Betting?

Footballers can participate in other betting or gambling events. They can participate in gambling on a sporting event not related to football. For example, many footballers participate in horse racing. A good number of footballers try online gambling. There are many options to invest money and enjoy gambling today for the footballers and others. Overall, footballers are allowed to bet to these games.

In most countries, football is a popular game. Thus, football betting is common everywhere. Various clubs pay gigantic salaries to the professional footballers. On the other hand, footballers earn decent amount of money by representing their nations at various international tournaments.

Most footballers become rich easily, and thus they invest money in various betting activities. So, gambling is also quite a common thing among the footballers. But, they are restricted from gambling on football matches for ethical reasons.

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