Car salesman called in game of poker


The cabal failed.  Through their point man in the Highlands they thought had the numbers the null and void the entire league season.  Poker was the game of their choice and they intimated they had documented evidence of wrongdoing at the SPFL in their hand.  Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie must go!

Fortified, the SPFL called their bluff.  ‘We call you, show us your hand!’  There was no response.  It was pitiful.  Still, today, they call for an investigation.  Produce your evidence or, respectfully, shut your greetin’ face.  There is no evidence, but they cannot say that.  Consequently, they have left fans disillusioned, paranoid and bitter, not a demographic you would want to build an empire on.  All this when they need to queue to buy tissues from the supermarket.

For the record, Celtic have been significantly stressed throughout this period.  We held no aces; but if I were to list those I would never play poker against, Peter Lawwell would be in top spot.

We are not in the business of offering a job to an exec at a Championship club if he could provide a vote.  But we could offer experience, sincerity and assuredness.  This proved to be enough while the car salesman was ranting about Private Eye.

Now Ann Budge is to head up a working party to look into league reconstruction, I think we all know how well it will be run.  In her statement this morning, Ann is still expressing anger – at others, not at those who contrived to leave Hearts four points adrift of the third best supported team in the third largest town in Lanarkshire.

All the angst you witnessed since yesterday is all about stopping Celtic winning the league in the only way possible – by ensuring no one can win the league.  We would still prefer to complete the season on the park, but that will not happen.

This will be a memorable season in our Celtic supporting lives.  You have a tale to tell to future generations.  There is not a championship winning game to discuss, just a beautiful asterisk.  Own the asterisk; tell people that as the floodlights went out across Europe, we stood 13 points clear.  Tell them our asterisk denotes sporting performance, not cheating player registration.

This has been a sweet one.

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  1. The only way for any sporting event or indeed any event to get back to some sort of normality is test, test, test for everyone to have tests and I would take that 1 step further for everyone to have a vaccination otherwise we are playing Rusdian roulette every time you mix or mingle with other humans outside of our households.



    As for playing games behind closed doors it can only be done if every player and official has had the virus, as even a test would only indicate at that point if you have had it or not, but you could be in the incubation period and pass onto other players.



    Only my thoughts.



    D. :)

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GER57 on 17TH APRIL 2020 11:08 AM



    Sorry , Ger.


    With respect to yourself and to your son , we`ll have to disagree.



    I have posted this before. Residents of and visitors to Wuhan who have dramatically different opinions from yourself .



    From Feb. 6. Wuhan.


    Very confronting .


    From the Australian ABC channel .





    Currently , major confrontations with African students , whose govts. are accusing the Chinese authorities of a racial aspect to the arrests .


    Lots of footage of this . Easy to find on You Tube .

  3. “DBHOY on 17TH APRIL 2020 7:56 AM


    Hi Mick,


    Second wave infection, so much for ‘herd immunity’. ”






    I would recommend you read TBB`s excellent post from yesterday.


    Sorry I haven`t got a link ( anyone?).

  4. Macjay


    When you are not offering `evidence` from an entrenched perspective, you come over as a decent guy.

  5. huns in deep thought about current situation and reflect on former heroes










    Club Legend




    7,647 posts






    Posted 29 minutes ago


    Barry Ferguson is an embarrassment to Rangers. A ferocious and very vocal captain and now look at him. I cheerleader for scum FC. He can Fck off. That’s what happens when you marry an undesirable





    Yvonne Strahovsky Loyal









    21,578 posts




    Location:Paisley (heart in the old East enclosure)


    Posted 23 minutes ago


    It is embarrassing that a former leader of our team comes out with handwringer shite on such a regular basis.



    He is also too very palsy walsy with ‘Lenny’



    Grade A prick.





    Cult Hero




    First Team




    856 posts




    Location:North East of Scotland


    Posted 18 minutes ago


    A fkn Ned and tarrier loving shit




    eejay the dj


    Trusted Seller




    26,381 posts







    Posted 12 minutes ago


    29 minutes ago, jintybear said:


    Barry Ferguson is an embarrassment to Rangers. A ferocious and very vocal captain and now look at him. I cheerleader for scum FC. He can Fck off. That’s what happens when you marry an undesirable



    And his wife in a bint of the highest order . 100%



    Ally equals Barry . wtf has happened to these guys



    At least Ally may be hurting just a wee bit this past week . Ferguson just makes you weep . I absolutely hate both Ferguson’s . Shower of creepy cunts crawling up our haters arses



    They have Walker , Sutton and Fartson attacking us at will and we have little apologetic shites like this

  6. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”



    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  7. Some sad news from the BBC



    Leeds United great Norman Hunter has died in hospital aged 76 after contracting coronavirus.



    Another footballer from the golden age of “Shoot” Magazine gone

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