Car salesman called in game of poker


The cabal failed.  Through their point man in the Highlands they thought had the numbers the null and void the entire league season.  Poker was the game of their choice and they intimated they had documented evidence of wrongdoing at the SPFL in their hand.  Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie must go!

Fortified, the SPFL called their bluff.  ‘We call you, show us your hand!’  There was no response.  It was pitiful.  Still, today, they call for an investigation.  Produce your evidence or, respectfully, shut your greetin’ face.  There is no evidence, but they cannot say that.  Consequently, they have left fans disillusioned, paranoid and bitter, not a demographic you would want to build an empire on.  All this when they need to queue to buy tissues from the supermarket.

For the record, Celtic have been significantly stressed throughout this period.  We held no aces; but if I were to list those I would never play poker against, Peter Lawwell would be in top spot.

We are not in the business of offering a job to an exec at a Championship club if he could provide a vote.  But we could offer experience, sincerity and assuredness.  This proved to be enough while the car salesman was ranting about Private Eye.

Now Ann Budge is to head up a working party to look into league reconstruction, I think we all know how well it will be run.  In her statement this morning, Ann is still expressing anger – at others, not at those who contrived to leave Hearts four points adrift of the third best supported team in the third largest town in Lanarkshire.

All the angst you witnessed since yesterday is all about stopping Celtic winning the league in the only way possible – by ensuring no one can win the league.  We would still prefer to complete the season on the park, but that will not happen.

This will be a memorable season in our Celtic supporting lives.  You have a tale to tell to future generations.  There is not a championship winning game to discuss, just a beautiful asterisk.  Own the asterisk; tell people that as the floodlights went out across Europe, we stood 13 points clear.  Tell them our asterisk denotes sporting performance, not cheating player registration.

This has been a sweet one.

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  1. The blogger


    It won’t be anyone from the BBC – they are banned from ipox – although you wouldn’t think so given the number of sevco stories they lead with.

  2. CELTIC Cigs…..



    Celtic fan “Sean” and his wee Hun pal “Billy”, are walking down the street on their way to have a few beers together……


    Suddenly, Billy shouts out ” Oh NO”.


    Sean says, ” Whats the matter Billyboy”..?


    Billy..” Ive left ma Fags in the hoose, and I only have some money for beer so I canny buy more fags”….


    Sean..” Dont worry Billyboy…Ive got plenty of Fags here for both of us”..


    Billy ” Thats great Sean pal”….



    Sean..” But I must warn ye, these are CELTIC Fags that Ive got, with Celtic FC stamped all over them”…



    Billy replies..” Er…No thanks Mate…I canny even get a DRAW out of them” !



    its an old one…but Ive always liked it.



  3. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    And all this while 1000s die – what a useless shower. And Budge- she’s done what none thought possible – made levein lok like a footballing genius!

  4. I’m not taking my eye off the ball with regards to the quadruple treble just yet. The SPFL have found a solution to winding up the League. There will be no more League football Played this season but The Scottish Cup is the SFA’s tournament. I hope that prior to the start of next season, the SFA will fit in the three remaining games which will give us a chance at least to complete the treble or will give one of the other three clubs a chance to win the trophy.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TIM MALONE WILL TELL on 16TH APRIL 2020 12:51 PM



    Couldn`t agree more .



    Ramble on , TBB .

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Spanish FA propose that if La Liga cannot be completed:



    – Champions League places would go to current top four (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Sociedad)


    – Europa League places would go to Getafe, Atletico de Madrid, Athletic Club (Copa finalists).

  7. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    How shocking is it to use the deaths of many and the threat of dying to try and further your own cause! Utter shame on them.

  8. 20. Mexico 1978



    19. Belgium 1984



    18. Colombia 1990



    17. Barcelona 1997



    16. Cameroon 2002



    15. England women 2019



    14. Boca Juniors 1981



    13. Denmark 1986



    12. Chelsea 1970



    11. England 1990

  9. I don’t think any other league outside of Belgium will call their top championship over until the threat of no UEFA participation is removed, possibly next week.


    It has been my experience if you ask most English people when St George’s Day is, unlike the Celts who know their national date, they won’t be able to tell you it is April 23rd. That date may become significant in our history.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Re my earlier post on the asterisk . I don’t object to our ninth title being asterisked per se , rather it’s the principle of the huns cheating titles appearing as honest wins.


    Their titles should of course be stripped , but failing that , perhaps a double asterisk to denote that our asterisk and theirs mean quite different things.



    That will never happen , destined for the history books like resolution 12.

  11. TBB


    From the previous article.


    That was superb and more informative than anything I have read on the subject. A* from me and thank you.

  12. We have an asterix because we won the league, no other team has won because they didn’t por cierto

  13. dont know this will end bet with paddy power 100 pound double celtic to win league minus 10 points at 3 to 1 and liverpool to english premier league at 2 to 1 should have 12 hundred pounds back put bet on in west nile st still in spain dont know when alloud to fly again was ment to be back in glasgow for 2 weeks at easter will have to wait till liverpool get the league title anyone with any info hail hail

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I’m all for a forensic investigation. Should start with the huns accounts, which haven’t been professionally signed off for years,something the SFA should have pulled them for,posting £14m debts then buying Kent for £7m,then saying they need at least £10m to see the season out,which they haven’t got either

  15. Championees Championees Ole Ole Ole


    Congratulations to all at Celtic Park for






  16. CLARITY ?


    IF/When Celtic are declared CHAMPS etc…..


    If the Huns did provide their accounts in March 2020, and in those accounts the SPLFL/SFA deem that they have been trading while insolvent, what possibly happens next ?



    a) Would they be denied any Loan from SPFL/SFA ?…and/or…


    b) Be faced with a 15 Point deduction for THIS season…which obviously would in itself have put Celtic in an UN Catchable Lead at the Top of the League ?



    c) Or would any points deduction be in place for the start of NEXT Season ?



    If the huns were to be hit with any Point deduction, surely the Huns themselves can NOT Pick and Chose what season ?




  17. In a preliminary statement on reconstruction, an Angry Budge said that to ensure complete integrity and transparency the SPFL would be handicapping Hearts and The Rangers by plus 10 points, retrospective from the beginning of 2019/20 season.


    Celtic and Hamilton Accies would be handed a minus 10 handicap to level the playing field.


    Seething Stevie G commented that this would go some way towards offsetting the bullying and coercion his team of galacticos have suffered at the hands of referees and SPFL officials all season.

  18. CELTIC MAC on 16TH APRIL 2020 3:12 PM


    Show us your Asterisks!


    Show us your interims.

  19. Mr Let`s Go calling for leadership from the SPFL,


    this from the man that threw his players


    under the bus on a weekly basis.

  20. whitedoghunch on



    get some duck eggs from Robert at st bride’s farm


    have one with cooked liquid yolk falling over your pudding


    He is doing bacon and sausages this week also


    Enjoy your steak pie


    I seem to remember knowing an expert in that department


    my best sempre

  21. I still would rather play the remaining games out. If when football resumes and we play the 19/20 season first then the 20/21 season will be later started. The longer wait would burst the Huns. If they cant spend any season ticket money too November.



    In addition, if we restart on the 19/20 season we have a huge 13 point advantage and almost certain champions on the park. The celebrations would carry on to the next season and we would have a boost on the way to 10.