Car salesman called in game of poker


The cabal failed.  Through their point man in the Highlands they thought had the numbers the null and void the entire league season.  Poker was the game of their choice and they intimated they had documented evidence of wrongdoing at the SPFL in their hand.  Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie must go!

Fortified, the SPFL called their bluff.  ‘We call you, show us your hand!’  There was no response.  It was pitiful.  Still, today, they call for an investigation.  Produce your evidence or, respectfully, shut your greetin’ face.  There is no evidence, but they cannot say that.  Consequently, they have left fans disillusioned, paranoid and bitter, not a demographic you would want to build an empire on.  All this when they need to queue to buy tissues from the supermarket.

For the record, Celtic have been significantly stressed throughout this period.  We held no aces; but if I were to list those I would never play poker against, Peter Lawwell would be in top spot.

We are not in the business of offering a job to an exec at a Championship club if he could provide a vote.  But we could offer experience, sincerity and assuredness.  This proved to be enough while the car salesman was ranting about Private Eye.

Now Ann Budge is to head up a working party to look into league reconstruction, I think we all know how well it will be run.  In her statement this morning, Ann is still expressing anger – at others, not at those who contrived to leave Hearts four points adrift of the third best supported team in the third largest town in Lanarkshire.

All the angst you witnessed since yesterday is all about stopping Celtic winning the league in the only way possible – by ensuring no one can win the league.  We would still prefer to complete the season on the park, but that will not happen.

This will be a memorable season in our Celtic supporting lives.  You have a tale to tell to future generations.  There is not a championship winning game to discuss, just a beautiful asterisk.  Own the asterisk; tell people that as the floodlights went out across Europe, we stood 13 points clear.  Tell them our asterisk denotes sporting performance, not cheating player registration.

This has been a sweet one.

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  1. hurrah,



    arse licker




    Ben Fogle




    · 9h


    It’s the Queens birthday next Tuesday. Let’s throw her a surprise. At 9am 21st April, we are calling on the whole country to sing Happy Birthday from our windows and doorsteps. Let our song bring good cheer not just to Her Majesty but to the whole nation #singforthequeen

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Herdam Unity








    Replying to




    Hi Ben, I’m a student at Norwich University, and I’d love to reference your tweet in my dissertation about guys who were breast fed into their mid 20s. Do I have your permission to reference the tweet?

  3. Big Jimmy – I was in the jungle that night. Can’t remember too much about the game but as fog descended the jungle took up the cry “we can’t see”. It was very funny then when the ref abandoned the game. You couldn’t see the tunnel from the jungle on the other side so there really was no other option for the ref.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Dunno Macjay, only thing we really know is that we know very little about it.






    I don`t know much , but even I understood that.



    I wish politicians would bloody well admit it .

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GENE on 16TH APRIL 2020 5:46 PM


    What borders on stupidity



    Mexico and Canada






    Oh , aye.


    Mexicans heading in droves to stupidity. ?


    They`re no that stupid.




  6. whitedoghunch on

    Gene on 16th April 2020 5:46 pm




    and are you sure they were Celtic cigarettes

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Spot on Paul 67 …… where’s their Whistleblower and their dignity / sporting integrity now….. lying turds …… get thee back to the crypt…

  8. For all the bluster we now have calm clarity. Sevco have been particularly disappointing in only rolling out slippy to call on the SPFL ‘leader’ to mount an independent review into allegations of…well we don’t know yet because they’re not telling anyone.



    I’m actually disappointed in Sevco’s neutered response.

  9. SAINT STIVS on 16TH APRIL 2020 5:43 PM









    arse licker









    Ben Fogle





    Thought so too Stivs ,prick after a medal .

  10. Tinytim,


    When did EUFA care about Champions in the Champions League?



    Not for a long number of years. You can finish 4th in 5 countries and be welcomed into this cabal.




  11. So the pfa saying they are ready to get players onto the pitch behind closed doors now that nill and void is completely moved off the table, funny that!!!



    These people must be dumb as fuck, no training until 10th june, 6 weeks training so mid to late July and then what closed door games? So no money in for best part of 4 months then get clubs to play games where they need to pay, pay and pay again with no revenue incoming.



    That’s before the new season starts and who knows what that will look like



    Ffs hurting huns

  12. Saturday Newco – let’s support this unjust action against other clubs and work in best interests of Scottish football…



    Thursday Newco – boycott all away grounds, i hope they all go bust…



    That escalated quickly.

  13. ….any “news” on the huns being carpeted for their oootburst……….the uncorroborated allegations…………………and what abooot the alligators?







  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Questions that Gerrard will not be asked: ‘Hi Steven, your Klub said they had evidence of corruption at the SPFL and demanded the resignation Stuart Reagan and Rod McKenzie. Why has no evidence been produced?



    Also, your Klub was pressing for the Scottish season to be declared null and void and clearly-uk are not happy with the decision to call the league. Would you implore the EPL to do the right thing?’

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GENE on 16TH APRIL 2020 6:01 PM





    It must be catching.





    Like corona .



  16. whitedoghunch on



    the mere whisper of a steak pie and you are on here like a shot


    hope all well


    my love x

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Phone Oldtim on his land line , doesn’t answer his mobile . I called him yesterday and he had been in the garden all day again

  18. Blah blah blah investigation blah blah anger blah blah Doncaster suspension blah blah…..bluster

  19. Did the hawfwits at Ipox crayon up a statement😂😂😂



    81% voted for is that 35 clubs out of 42, who is unhappy a minority.



    Jog on ya hawfwits Sevco.



    D. :)