Car salesman called in game of poker


The cabal failed.  Through their point man in the Highlands they thought had the numbers the null and void the entire league season.  Poker was the game of their choice and they intimated they had documented evidence of wrongdoing at the SPFL in their hand.  Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie must go!

Fortified, the SPFL called their bluff.  ‘We call you, show us your hand!’  There was no response.  It was pitiful.  Still, today, they call for an investigation.  Produce your evidence or, respectfully, shut your greetin’ face.  There is no evidence, but they cannot say that.  Consequently, they have left fans disillusioned, paranoid and bitter, not a demographic you would want to build an empire on.  All this when they need to queue to buy tissues from the supermarket.

For the record, Celtic have been significantly stressed throughout this period.  We held no aces; but if I were to list those I would never play poker against, Peter Lawwell would be in top spot.

We are not in the business of offering a job to an exec at a Championship club if he could provide a vote.  But we could offer experience, sincerity and assuredness.  This proved to be enough while the car salesman was ranting about Private Eye.

Now Ann Budge is to head up a working party to look into league reconstruction, I think we all know how well it will be run.  In her statement this morning, Ann is still expressing anger – at others, not at those who contrived to leave Hearts four points adrift of the third best supported team in the third largest town in Lanarkshire.

All the angst you witnessed since yesterday is all about stopping Celtic winning the league in the only way possible – by ensuring no one can win the league.  We would still prefer to complete the season on the park, but that will not happen.

This will be a memorable season in our Celtic supporting lives.  You have a tale to tell to future generations.  There is not a championship winning game to discuss, just a beautiful asterisk.  Own the asterisk; tell people that as the floodlights went out across Europe, we stood 13 points clear.  Tell them our asterisk denotes sporting performance, not cheating player registration.

This has been a sweet one.

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    It’s my birthday to day.






    I like the look of it…………..if not the feel!

  2. Reading the Hun statement, my only consideration is whether their Board actually believe what they have written or if the statement is written in the full knowledge it contains various errors and misinformation but hits home with the target audience, which lets face it is collectively pretty dumb. I would guess there latter but you never know with that mob.

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    It’s my birthday to day.







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    Nope but I’ve got Celtic companion book beside me if you have a question that’s been bothering you

  7. Sevco are a bit miffed that the Spfl got the better of them , good tactics to switch off their exchange servers , publish the vote , can’t work out if Dundee were in on it from the start, as part of the votes switcheroo




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    It’s my birthday to day.




    I like the look of it…………..if not the feel!




    Many Happy Returns,so its a second nine coming up for you also.



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  10. When has Sevco FC or RFCil ever acted in any way for the good of the game?


    Every single thing they do brings the game into disrepute.



    They are a millstone around the neck of Scottish football, a permanent stain on both Scottish football and Scottish society as a whole, both would profit were they simply to disappear forever.

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    I see Stevie Gee is slagging off the SPFL over their handling of the recent vote.


    You should be keeping quiet my son. They have saved your job (at the moment)


    If the league had resumed you would been on your jotters. The monkeys would have pressed the panic button when being faced by ten in a row.

  13. Father Jack



    I have no idea if Dr. Fauci is any good. I can tell by a few second research that Shiva is a delusionist



    re Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai,



    Ayyadurai, or “Dr. Shiva” as his fans call him, is a controversial scientist and long-shot Massachusetts Senate candidate who is pushing a variety of claims that range from dubious to medically disputed to outright false. He has argued that a strict vitamin regimen can prevent and treat the coronavirus — an unsubstantiated view at odds with the medical community and existing research. And he claims Fauci is a deep-state plant hellbent on “forced and mandatory vaccines” to support “Big Pharma” — a claim for which there is no evidence.



    Yet Ayyadurai, who is not a medical doctor, has the imprimatur of several degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an online fan base among the people leading the movement to oust Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert. That includes DeAnna Lorraine, who suddenly ended up in the spotlight after Trump retweeted her call to #FireFauci. Lorraine, a former challenger for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California House seat who has regularly retweeted QAnon conspiracies, is using her newfound perch to stump for Ayyadurai.



    Ayyadurai told POLITICO that he is deeply suspicious of Fauci, accusing him of having connections to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds various health care initiatives, including some to develop and distribute vaccines globally. It’s a common yet vague charge among Fauci’s detractors that appears to be based, in part, on a global vaccine project the Gates Foundation launched in 2010 in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the agency Fauci has run since 1984.



    Ayyadurai, who first came to prominence over a disputed claim that he invented email, argued that the push for a coronavirus vaccine essentially creates a product that can be sold to every person on the planet, benefiting pharmaceutical companies.





    ”They’re gonna go help all the people in Africa with vaccines, vaccines, vaccines vaccines, right?” Ayyadurai said. “Vaccines are highly profitable. So when I connect the dots, it is essentially about moving this entire [world], using sometimes fear mongering to move it, to mandated vaccines for everyone.”



    Vaccines also help save lives, according to health officials. The WHO estimates that vaccines prevented at least 10 million deaths from 2010 to 2015.



    Beyond vaccines, though, Ayyadurai has a bigger ax to grind against the academic establishment, a system he said Fauci represents every time he makes a recommendation that counters Trump.


    “We have bureaucrats who run science, and bureaucrats who run medicine and you can talk to pretty much anyone in academia, they’ll tell you behind closed doors that Fauci epitomizes that,” he said. “And that’s what has gotten us to this position where the health policy is driving economic policy.”



    While Fauci has had a decadeslong career in government, he has a medical degree and his research is credited with advancing the medical community’s understanding of infectious diseases, including HIV.



    While Lorraine and Ayyadurai may now be the most elevated #FireFauci boosters, they’re just two of numerous voices in the pro-Trump world — from the fringes of the internet to none other than Ron Paul and Trump friend Rush Limbaugh — who are unhappy about Fauci’s presence on the White House’s coronavirus task force. Their shared complaints go beyond vaccines and vitamins, centering primarily on Fauci’s doom-and-gloom forecasts for the death toll, and the mitigation measures he supports, like long-term social distancing.”

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    you trumped me :)


    I had a question about his claims that fewer people were dying than being published,



    why are the bodies piling up in New York and mass grave being filled

  16. AVE! AVE! on 16TH APRIL 2020 9:19 PM



    When has Sevco FC or RFCil ever acted in any way for the good of the game? Every single thing they do brings the game into disrepute.



    *Correct and going back 140+ years tae:



    The Vale of Leven took up in season 1878-79 where they had left off in the previous season and made it to the final almost effortlessly.



    In the final they again met deidco, on April 19th at Hampden Park. This was to prove to be one of the most noteworthy of all Scottish cup finals, with a mixture of the dangerous, the comic and the dramatic…. and then there was the football. There were, of course, some matters hanging over from the last meeting of these two teams in a Cup final two years previously, with deidco nurturing a grievance from these games (VoL won 3-2 after 2nd replay).



    They had by now built up a considerable following in Glasgow and so great was the crowd that a section of the pavilion collapsed before kick-off. It was reported by Dumbarton’s local paper the Lennox Herald that it was likely that this was the largest crowd “ever to have tried to watch a game in Glasgow, both inside and out.”



    The start had to be delayed for about half an hour, and when the game got under way deidco soon scored. They then had a goal disallowed, a decision against which they later appealed on the basis that the ball had indeed crossed the line, but had hit a spectator and rebounded into play.



    In the second half, the Vale equalised and that was the score which stood – a 1-1 draw. The game would have to be replayed the following week. deidco were incensed by what they saw as a goal that was not given, and decided to protest.



    They produced what on the face of it even now seems to have been a credible witness, if such a thing can be found at any football match, never mind a Cup Final – the man whom they said the ball had hit and bounced back into play. He was not just any football fan, but a knight of the realm and the professor of surgery at Glasgow University.



    He said publicly that indeed the ball had gone over the line and in for a goal, hit him and then rebounded from him back into play. It would be unworthy for even a Vale fan to doubt that this upright gentleman was telling the truth. However, that didn’t change the fact that the referee did not see the goal being scored and his umpires disagreed about whether or not it was a goal.



    Just as in the previous Cup Final between the two teams, the referee could not give what he had not seen, still a guiding principle for referees. The second guiding principle was that goals could not be awarded after a game had finished, and that is still also the case.



    So on the evening of Monday 19th the SFA Committee dismissed their appeal and ordered the replay to be played on the upcoming Saturday, April 26th. If an injustice had been done, then it could be sorted out in the replay.



    How deidco thought that there could be any other outcome to their appeal is still puzzling. Anyhow, not getting their own way, they decided to throw their toys out of the pram and they refused to turn up for the replay the following Saturday.



    The Vale and the officials duly did appear and took to the pitch at the appointed time. With no show from deidco the Vale kicked off and put the ball intae the empty net 1-1 tae the Jeelyeaters, the referee then awarded the game and the Cup to the Vale.



    That decision needed to be ratified by the SFA, and a few days later they duly award the Cup to the Vale. The entry for season 1878 – 79 (on the Cup itself, not the plinth) reads “Vale of Leven, deidco did not appear”.



    Needless to say deidco never again did not turn up for a Cup game, well that is except the Glasgow Cup semi about 90 year later.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    My wee pal is being buried next Friday and none of us will be t his funeral , my


    Other pal was buried last Friday with no one at his funeral



    But it’s a big hoax eh

  18. Father Jack



    The targets identified by the fringe nutters, whether its Fauci or Gates, is beside the point. I hold no candle for either.



    It is the credentials of Dr. Shiva and his slip-shod research standards that I am calling out. He is selling snake oil and pointing at monsters who are trying to interfere with his success. It’s just very unconvincing and terribly see through.



    Tha anti- vaccinists, the 5G blamers, Deep State, drain-the-swamp MAGA crew can do all the damage they want to themselves as they win the Darwin Award and enrol themselves early for the Rapture, but I will not want any sensible individual convinced by the fringe voices whose egos are too big to present their workings to peer scrutiny, that there is anything but a hunch behind their magic bullet alternative treatments. The more dafties buy into this the longer we take to get the curve of infections heading downwards toward a safe level for slightly more normal life to resume.



    Then all the the facile threats of a New World Order that’s gonna remove my right to behave stupidly will be shown up for the paranoiac crap that they are.



    I will take no lessons from Dixieland Confederates gathering in Michigan with guns during a lockdown.

  19. The mayor of LA just on the tele there says it looks as if there’ll be nae sports events there for at least a year.