Carter-Vickers year-old score to settle


Cameron Carter-Vickers knew we had Newco in the Scottish Cup semi-final for six weeks before the game.  For much of that time he also knew he needed a knee operation that would see him convalesce for months.  As Ange Postecoglou said, he was keen to press ahead early, certainly after the Newco visit to Celtic Park in early April, but the player had unfinished business.

With Celtic a goal up against the same opposition in last year’s Cup semi-final, Cameron had a chance to put the tie to bed but from 6 yards struck the crossbar.  Newco equalised and won it in extra-time.  That denied Celtic a treble and stuck with the central defender.  If there’s a reason he won Man of the Match for Sunday’s game, beyond sheer ability, it is that he was prepared to do whatever necessary to ensure we reached this season’s final.

It is a measure of the man that he put himself through pain and risk, not for the glory of lifting a cup, which he will not do, but to see us over a line that we didn’t cross a year earlier. Great sporting champions, who win year after year, are often said to have an appetite for success that marks them out.  This may be true, but I suspect more of them deal really badly with losing.  They don’t brush it off lightly and have a need to bury that feeling by coming back and winning again.

Cameron is one of a few very good influences we have in the dressing room.  When games are so tight, as was the case on Sunday, players with fortitude go home winners.

Congratulations to both Celtic and Newco youth sides for a fabulous Scottish Youth Cup Final at Hampden last night. Decades from now, we’ll be talking about this 6-5 win.  My biggest takeaway was how our youths played out from the back.  It was not always successful, but like the wording in Blackpool rock, it runs right through the core of the club.

Viaplay have some brand management work to do.  Leaving aside the SFA for a moment, who either signed a contract without sufficient controls, or agreed to an inappropriate change of kick-off time, it was the broadcaster who wanted the Scottish Cup Final to kick-off in the evening, after the FA Cup Final ends.

For what?  There will be no fresh subscribers, who would not subscribe to see Celtic anyway.  To sell advertising to viewers sitting through a second game of the day?  The upside for Viaplay are marginal to non-existent.  The downside for them, for clubs and supporters and reputationally for the SFA, is significant.

Zero brand affinity here, Viaplay.  Learn quickly and act accordingly.

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  1. McPhail Bhoy on

    ‘Football without supporters is nothing’, the late great Jock Stein



    ‘Football supporters, what about them?’, the SFA, ViaPlay, Sky etc. etc. etc.




    Paul67 has been trying to sabotage me and doesn’t post anymore during morning coffee. He’s now interfering with my dog walking time.

  3. Beautiful day ahead here, mercury rising to 75 and clear skies for the locals day at the track before Derby.



    They call it Thurby since you asked.




    Surely you heard? New share issue across the city to fund a season of Messi.



    No, wait. I misread the news story. It’s a messy summer ahead for them.



    Oh well.

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ll take your word that Viaplay are to be blamed, you are well positioned to get feedback from people in the know.



    As I said yesterday there is nothing logical in Viaplay doing so, if there are benefits those benefits would be marginal.

  6. CCV is the best since Virgil, a monster of a man, with no lack of mobility and ability.



    Enjoy the break and convalesce big man, and come back fit and strong.



    looking forward to seeing his replacement, who looks a quality acquisition

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big well done to the young bhoys and Stuart McLaren – not just on winning the cup but also the style.


    Really impressive team performance (and some incredible goals!) with some genuine prospects there. Ure, Mackenzie, Frame and Robertson probably the pick, but a few others not too far off.


    Watched one of these games maybe about four years ago? and wasn’t hugely impressed but this team has a clear identity. You can definitely see the Ange influence.


    Hopefully see some of these names on the first team teamsheet in the coming years.

  8. CCV getting up injured to head clear after Morelos caught him moments earlier demonstrated perfectly his determination not to get beat. CCV had enough sense to realise that Don Robertson was perfectly happy to let things play on while he lay injured.

  9. ST renewals are out. Just paid mine. 3% increase on last year



    The figure is getting scary in Euros – especially when you don’t get pay rises

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Cancelled my subscription last night when I learnt BBC Scotland will also be showing it.



    It’s actually a more convenient time for me, but I’m sure the majority would want 3pm. it’s also not a good look for the Scottish football authorities being seen happy to play second fiddle.

  11. the long wait is over on

    Much as Kyogo, Callum , Jota and others have been huge contributors over the last two seasons no-one IMHO has contributed more than CCV.



    The epitome of a natural , no bullshit , no ego defender.

  12. Interesting lead Paul67,



    I misread this!?



    Cameron is one of a few very good influences we have in the dressing room.



    It seems to me that Ange’s dressing room is teeming with “good influences” but I’m sure we are talking here about the exceptionally good influences.



    The Calmac’s, big Joe’s and CCV’s of the world – we are now like MO’N’s team, with any number of warrior Captains



    – Name Drop Alert –



    In leafy South Bucks there are any number of challenges to getting football games in pubs and clubs on TV



    I remember when Scotland were playing in the 1990 World Cup at the same time as England we couldn’t get the game.



    Choccy, who seemed peeved about not being in Roxburgh’s squad had decided to take time out in a Hotel that Man U often stayed at before Wembley occasions – in leafy South bucks as it happens, he decided to get a satellite feed into (what was for a while) a quiet Hotel lounge.



    Of course my bro and I et al didn’t need a second invite and we enjoyed a splendid Scotland NT win over Sweden.



    Most of the times when Scotland/England football matches collide we are not so fortunate



    My chargin wasn’t a major issue back then of course, in the main Scottish football supporters watched the Scottish teams compete for the oldest Trophy in world football in Scotland and English football supporters watched the oldest cup competition in England.



    This issue is not the fault of viaplay – it is very, very difficult to get any Scottish Cup games that are on Viaplay in pubs/clubs in England, my pals and I revert to London’s CSC No1 or the happenchance of a friendly Irish landlord.



    No, this issue is not Viaplay’s doing – if Scottish football supporters in Scotland would prefer to watch the FA Cup final rather than the SFA Cup final, look no further than those supporters, the SPL, the old firm aficionados and of course the SFA themselves.



    Via play are the innocent party and you know as well as anyone that commercial interests rank way above sporting integrity;)



    Have a grand day Celts



    Hail Hail

  13. TLWIO



    Agreed. His positional and tactical sense makes it look effortless. Beats taller men too.



    We had a bad run of poor CHs; Ajer, Bitton, Simunovic, Duffy, Toure, Welsh,



    Jullien , Sviatchenko and Boyata were decent but not at CCV level.




    IF anyone on here is giving up their Season Book for next Season, or who may have a ” Spare” Season Book for next Season and beyond, then please give me a shout on here ?



    The Season Book WILL REMAIN in your name etc, and I will pay in CASH once we have arranged a Meet Up.



    Preferably your Season Book will be for The SOUTH ( Main) Stand and/or the LOWER Seats in the NORTH Stand, as I can NOT cope with too many Stairs etc.



    I am UNABLE to Join The Waiting Lists, as NO Applications are Open at this time. IF I did manage to join the Waiting List, I will be very Dead by the time I am offered a Seat.



    Cheers in advance.



  15. Greenpinata on

    SS from last article



    “surely you will be there, your a big advocate of the growth in womand football”





    First of all don’t call me Shirley. 🙂



    As I explained to AT yesterday, presently I support the Ladies game from the box.


    However if they continue to play at Parkhead and its on the ST, then yes I will attend a few.



    Secondly, have you got anything against advocating woman’s football and Celtic Ladies in particular?

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    Great game last night won by the team who were clearly the better footballing side.



    Another big take away was the ref, who realised he had been conned once to give a penalty kick and had the haw maws to deal with the cheat when he tried it again.



    Hope Mr Murdoch enjoyed his Hampden experience as I will be very surprised if he gets another oppporchancity.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    My ST is going up in price from £352 to £363. A mere £11 increase which is very reasonable.







  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    It’s the principle of rises in ST prices,not a mere £11 increase, we are happy to announce record breaking income , some need to open their curtains, and look at what’s happening outside, I can see more using the payment schemes, or having to give them up,if we can’t freeze prices now,when will we?

  19. Saint Stivs on

    Being generally interested in Business and Operating Models I have to admit that I dont really know what is the core business of VIAPLAY, or their strategies, and indeed what does Scottish football streaming add for them.



    10 minutes it has taken me to find out,






    Swedish based TV streaming for the Nordics market.


    7.2m Subscription based users across 11 countries including Poland and the Baltics.


    Expanding to Netherlands and the UK from 2021 on


    Revenue of 12.3 BILLION UK POUNDS.



    And near 2 bn in profits in past 3 years.



    Having Scottish football to fill up some streaming hours, no brainer.



    Impact to brand – ZERO.



    Impact to subscriptions – the tiniest of uplifts on the day. To some really desperate Celtic supporters somewhere in the Arctic circle or on a rig in the north sea and they dont gett BBC Iplayer.



    Response from Celtic hysterical bloggers – hilarious.



    Celtic supporters from Ireland and England are faced with fixture manipulation every 2nd week of the season. Why are people complaining now ?



    Games at 5:30, have we not had two semis kick off at this time in recent seasons ? Hibs and someone ?



    Spare me the indignation.



    People have a month warning here, it is surely easy (sure costly) to get organised.



    My bigger concerns is that Celts who want to go get a seat, and that there is no empty blocks.



    Meanwhile someone in the commercial department should be sounding out Viaplay as a shirt sponsor.

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Temple Bar. Brian M in tears at the prices. That’ll teach him. 😂😂

  21. In in Newquay with the beautiful one on 3 June. The later time helps me sell the idea of ‘pre dinner drinks’ rather than ruining her afternoon.



    PS It is a nightmare for the Highlanders I think. Celtic fans from Ireland on the plane can usually make a 12.30 and 5.30 based on the flight times but I think Ryanair has shifted to 8.30 flight now (my last one was) which 5.30 fecks up

  22. Scott Bain will sign a new 3 year contract with the club .


    Anje prefers him to Siegrist .


    Celtic will lose one of their top under 17 players to Aston Villa in the summer .



    Rocco Vata very tempted by the money on offer in English football .



    Celtic are offering the best youths terrific money , but still can’t match the terms of English clubs .



  23. Saint Stivs on




    its borrocks.



    Under 18s get the same wage structure at all academies.



    Ask Ben Doak.

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    I’m happy with a negligible increase of £11 in my annual season ticket, which works out at less than 50p per match. I don’t need you to tell me I should open the curtains and see what’s going on.



    I worked hard for 45 years and one of my main pleasures in retirement — outside family — is following my beloved Celtic. I am happy to pay for the privilege with a concessionary season ticket as long as I am able.



    You are a serial critic of our club, no matter what they do. Just don’t tell me I need to open my eyes when it comes to renewing my season ticket.

  25. Saint Stivs on

    Celtic Ladies match – free tickets to season book holders.



    My only issue, moving it to celtic park costs money to host the game.



    Those advocates for the Ladies and B teams, and youth teams to be centred on the east end for match days, either celtic park or barrowfield, here is your chance to go support them.



    The active fans groups are going, they are supporting, noise, and colour and flags, and drums, probably pyro, while Arsenal get 50,000 and Barca get 70,000, i will be amazed if celtic ladies break the five figures.



    I am ok with it an an experiment, but i do think we have better ways to spend our monies.



    Greenpinata, that is a shame you cannot attend.

  26. Saint Stivs .


    I’m told that is the case in England until they turn 17.


    They get £250 a week .


    After they turn 17 they get an agent to negotiate.



    I know of a friends son who left Celtic to go to an EPL club .


    He is on £250 per week .


    He turns 17 in August and goes on to £4,000 per week .




  27. talking of curtains, I have a bad accident ironing curtains once .



    Fell oot the windae……….

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Serial critic my arse,you’re in the ever growing ‘ I’m alright Jack ‘CSC, you don’t give a flying fk for anyone bar yourself, no need to increase, when many folk,not yourself obviously, are struggling to live normally without any extra expense on their outgoings. No doubt that you were happy clapping,seeing Lawwell last night,by the way there’s no pre-season friendlies included this year.

  29. Saint Stivs on

    I am going to go out on a limb and say there are no pre season friendlies on the season ticket because ………



    and it is going to sound strange but ………………..



    Celtic the club will be maximizing the Asia touring time, maybe with some Ireland games on the return but with no qualifying games for europe Celtic park can have a real intense planned maintenance schedule.

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