CAS drives horse and cart through FFP efforts


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found against Uefa and in favour of Manchester City in their Financial Fair Play (FFP) case, head last month. CAS found that Manchester City broke FFP rules by failing to cooperate with Uefa and were fined 10m euro, with no ban from European competitions.

Manchester City successfully argued that the more serious charged against them occurred either more than five years ago, and were therefore time-barred, or were not conclusively established.

This is a serious blow for Uefa who must now consider how robust their FFP regulations are when a case of this magnitude can be set aside by CAS.  If the Association does not have the tools to enforce FFP rules within a five-year period, wither the rules need to go or monitoring tools need to be significantly enhanced.  Otherwise, clubs who follow the rules. like Celtic, are competitively penalised.

Get rid of any notions of corruption behind this decision.  It went against Uefa, they did not fold, the three arbiters at CAS were not bribed either.  This is purely about how difficult it is to prosecute complex cases.  These rules are relatively new and have never before been tested like this.  Time to redouble efforts.

Happy Birthday, Oldtim, 81 today!  Dave was a young 65 when he chose the name ‘Oldtim’, which as we are all getting older now seems quite funny.

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  1. Very happy Birthday Old Tim – hope to share a drink with you again, when the world becomes more normal.


    All the best




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Otherwise, clubs who follow the rules. like Celtic, are competitively penalised.”




    We can moan all we like about everything being “sooooo unfair”. But the reality is that the biggest factor in our European failures (16 years without a knockout win) is down to our own decisions. UEFA don’t force us to limit our vision to the old firm.


    When Brendan Rodgers was appointed in 2016 we were told on here that we were getting a manager who would be on the list for top jobs in any country in Europe and that any difficulties in attracting top tier candidates could be overcome because ‘we are Celtic ‘.


    Three years later, nine trophies out of nine, turnover doubled, profile raised, an invincible season, two seasons of Champions League football, two seasons of European knockout football and £9m compensation, we are told that no half-decent manager would even consider coming to Scotland and that the absolute BEST we could get was a manager whose previous two appointments were to a “basket case” and a club in the Scottish Championship? Hmmmmmm……..


    In the meantime bottom-of-the-table Kilmarnock were somehow able to land the best coach (other than Rodgers, at least) Scottish football had seen for many a long year and produced a concomitant improvement, demonstrating what can be done with a bit of ambition. They obviously weren’t scared of pulling too far ahead of Ayr United!


    Six different managers (all completely different), one CEO, no director of football. If we genuinely wanted to be competitive in Europe we would make the required structural changes. Blaming others for your own failings is not the pathway to success.

  3. Was it not Davie Hay that wanted to buy Pat Nevin and Joe Mclaughlin



    Davie reckoned £500,000 would get the pair.



    Celtic chairman at time (might have been Jack mcGinn) said yes if he uses his own money



    Both went to Chelski

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Happy birthday Old Tim. Only 19 years between us. No, I am not 100 DD ya cheeky git. 🤣🤣

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CELTIC are almost certain to be seeded all the way through their four Champions League qualifying rounds – as long as Basel don’t make a miracle comeback in the Swiss league.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Swiss side trail leaders St Gallen by seven points with six games left and if they fail to win their title Celtic are likely to be guaranteed a seeded spot alongside Dutch aces Ajax, Red Bull Salzburg of Austria and Greek champions Olympiakos.

  7. kikinthenakas on



    Ma auld pal….happy birthday and look forward to a wee catch up n a wee gin fest soon


    Ya auld rascal




  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    And that includes OLDTIM, hope you have a great day Dave.



    Well that’s all our soccer cancelled for the season now here in


    Victoria, talk of the second lockdown being more than six weeks




    New South Wales, Sydney now very fearful of a second wave with


    another spike in Covid cases.


    Crazy stuff, police caught 5 youngsters in a car trying to leave the


    state to meet up at a beach in NSW, $ 4000 dollar fine each and


    they’re laughing and bragging to the news cameras.


    Feckin worlds gone crazy.


    Keep safe ghuys, it’s not away just cause we want it to be.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Bada Bing


    Spot on about Champions League and it’s important to be one of the four seeds in the Play Offs as we avoid Ajax, Salzburg and Olympiakos.


    Basel are currently 7 points behind St Gallen and 6 points behind Young Boys with 6 games to go (Basel beat Young Boys 3-2 at weekend),


    Problem with Swiss league is that FC Zurich are currently in lockdown due to virus with their games postponed.

  10. Exciting matchday line-up confirmed for your pass to Paradise


    By: Newsroom Staff on 13 Jul, 2020 12:31



    AS the 2020/21 season draws ever closer, everyone at Celtic Football Club is working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the launch of the ‘Pass to Paradise’ – your Virtual Season Ticket – and we are delighted to welcome some exciting new faces onto our matchday team!


    Our priority remains getting fans back in Celtic Park and filling the stands with our world famous support, but until it is safe to do so, we have invested in the ‘Pass to Paradise’ streaming platform to deliver the best possible match experience for our Season Ticket holders through their Virtual Season Ticket.


    As well as a new open-air studio, we are delighted to announce that some of the biggest names in the industry will be joining us as the new season gets underway.


    Our matchday line-up for the season ahead will include Chris Sutton, John Hartson, Gordon Strachan, Michael Stewart and BT Sport’s Rory Hamilton on commentary. These stars will join our existing Celtic TV presentation team and will feature across the season.


    You will receive your ‘Pass to Paradise’ login details very soon as well as a schedule of test matches, allowing you to access the streaming platform before the season starts in earnest.


    Sounds like the best presenters available joining up for the VST. I’ve a lot of time for Chris Sutton and Michael Stewart, a cut above the Sky mob with their honest and intelligent comments.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Many happy returns to [even older ] old Tim.



    Living proof of the benefits of moderation in everything

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “The thing about money Bud, it makes you do things you don’t want to do”


    (Wall Street, 1987)



    Man City ….



    Stadium capacity 55,000



    English champions TWICE in 116 years


    (1894 – 1910)



    19 domestic trophies (league, cup, LC)


    – 8 in first 116 years


    – 11 in last 10 years



    Not a huge club.



    Some signings of last five years



    Rodri – £63m


    Mahrez – £60m


    Laporte – £57m


    De Bruyne – £55m


    Walker – £50m


    Mendy – £49m


    Sterling – £49m


    Stones – £47.5m



    This is what financial doping looks like.



    BTW – like others on here, I think Man City are a joy to watch.



    But I hope they don’t win another thing.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. English football’s ownership model makes it what it is. If clubs in England were run like the ones in Germany I think you’d have seen a very different type of league.



    Manchester United would have been able to dominate that league in the same way Celtic, Juventus and Bayern Munich have.



    The Glazers are leeches that have sapped that club’s strength. Combine that with the oil money elevating also rans like Manchester City & Chelsea and suddenly you have a competitive league.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Many Happy returns, Oldtim. You are very fortunate to share your special day with another venerable gentleman. I mean of course, Corkcelt.

  15. Rangers face the “horrendous” pressure of trying to protect the history of their club’s greats this season, says former Celtic captain Paul Lambert.



    Steven Gerrard’s side are bidding to deny Celtic the unprecedented feat of a 10th successive Scottish title.



    Lambert helped Celtic halt Rangers’ run at nine in a row in 1998, and rates it the “hardest title” of his career.



    “There’s a lot more pressure on trying to stop it than winning it,” he told the Scottish Football podcast.



    “If you don’t win it, people are really disappointed, but you’ve still got nine and everybody’s the same.



    “But if Rangers lose 10 in a row now, the history of Rangers is gone. That’s the pressure we had.






    Hope Charles Green kept his receipt

  16. Whether Clubs in England are doped with TV money or doped with oil money, what difference does it make ?

  17. Given the current set up in football, the only chance we ever have of competing in the latter stages of the champions league is through the funding of a very wealthy owner.



    Who on here would start complaining if Desmond put his vast wealth into Celtic ? Would we complain about ethics ? I know I wouldn’t. So long as we were solvent, I’d be very happy to see Desmond plough many millions into the club.

  18. Football is a food chain. One where in the global sense, we’re a lot closer to the top than the bottom…..albeit very far removed from the top.



    And sport has never been fair, as even a cursory look at the lad’s chariot wheels in Ben Hur will attest to!



    HH jg

  19. Davie a very Happy Birthday to you from an overcast Hebrides. Break with tradition and have abumper dram of the Barra and/or Harris Gin. All the very best hope to share a gin soon. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  20. RIP Big Jack Charlton!


    Fitting in many ways that the big fellah was commemorated over the weekend of the Durham Miners Gala, having been a miner as a youngster. Not down there as long as Big Jock mind.


    Of course we paid our own tribute to Jack a while back. Funnily enough, though it wasn’t at the time, ours took place a few days after Leeds United had lost to Sunderland in the FA Cup Final, and we had lost to the original RFC in the Scottish Cup Final, in a manner not too different from that thirty years later in 2003.


    Now unlike back in 1970, when the local supporters club got only one ticket for Elland Road, we had a bus full this time around. And what a trip. Celtic 4 Leeds United 3. A Leeds team which would win the League the following season and reach the European Cup final in 1975.




    Hay McGrain


    Murdoch McNeil Connelly


    Johnstone Murray Dalglish Callaghan Lennox

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Dun – reasonable question.



    Like it or not (I don’t) TV money is genuine revenue skilfully generated by the EPL for the “benefit” of all 20 clubs.



    It delivers some perverse kind of equality (albeit inside the EPL closed shop).



    Oil money financially dopes 1 or 2 to the detriment of all others.



    Chelsea and Celtic have identical European Cup Final records (1 trophy, 1 runner up)



    …. and it sticks in my craw.



    Our European Cup heritage was built upon



    – 80 years of creating a vast community


    – a genius of a manager


    – a culture of attacking football


    – a TEAM of home grown lads



    Chelsea’s was built on a splurge of dubiously acquired cash.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  22. Parkheadcumsalford



    Gerry, wishing you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy the week.


    God Bless




  23. Oldtim67,


    Have a wonderful day on your special birthday. I was once ib your company but never met you. However I did pick up the total respect that others had for you. Look after yourself. God Bless.



  24. Report


    This was a magnificent game of football between two great sides. Johnstone, Dalglish and Murray were all impressive and Jinky rounded off the night in 86 minutes when he sprinted from the half way line to beat Sprake with an excellent shot.



    Celtic and Leeds fans sang for each other’s side at the end in tribute.



    Not everything was sweetness and light, however, and in later years, Charlton revealed some bitterness in his biography. “The leaving of Leeds closed the book on one of the most exciting phases of my life.



    “Twenty-three years earlier, I’d made the train journey from Ashington with not much more than the clothes on my back, Now I was going home with a tidy bank balance and almost every honour the game had to offer. “To that extent, I’d good reason to thank the club. And yet when I walked out of the gates at Elland Road for the last time, I felt just a little bit let down by the club officials. It had to do with my testimonial game against Celtic.



    They took £40,000 at the turnstiles on the night, which was a nice sum for a man who had never earned more than £175 a week. But then I saw the deductions – £12,000! What really bugged me was that they included a match fee of something like £8,000 to Celtic – and Celtic owed us a game for a match at Parkhead the previous year. Now, the Leeds directors could have insisted on a reciprocal arrangement and requested the Scots to scrap their fee for my game. But they didn’t. Instead, they kept it for themselves, an asset to be cashed in at their time of choosing. I mean, it wasn’t as if Leeds United was a poor club.






    Leeds Utd:


    Sprake Reaney Madeley Bremner Charlton (McQueen) Hunter (Bates) Lorimer Clarke Jones (Jordan) Giles (Yorath) E Gray (Cherry)


    Goals:- Clarke 2 (28, 56), Bremner (71)





    Hunter, Hay, McGrain, Murdoch, McNeill, Connelly (McCluskey 45), Johnstone, Murray, Dalglish, Callaghan, Lennox Subs:- Connaghan Hood Deans


    Goals:- Dalglish (18), Lennox (49), Johnstone 2 (68, 85)



    Referee: Gordon Hill (Leicester)


    Attendance: 34.963




  25. I was living in England when we played the testimonial and took my mate who’s a Leeds fan. We were at the spion kop end – Jinky was great that night.

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