CAS drives horse and cart through FFP efforts


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found against Uefa and in favour of Manchester City in their Financial Fair Play (FFP) case, head last month. CAS found that Manchester City broke FFP rules by failing to cooperate with Uefa and were fined 10m euro, with no ban from European competitions.

Manchester City successfully argued that the more serious charged against them occurred either more than five years ago, and were therefore time-barred, or were not conclusively established.

This is a serious blow for Uefa who must now consider how robust their FFP regulations are when a case of this magnitude can be set aside by CAS.  If the Association does not have the tools to enforce FFP rules within a five-year period, wither the rules need to go or monitoring tools need to be significantly enhanced.  Otherwise, clubs who follow the rules. like Celtic, are competitively penalised.

Get rid of any notions of corruption behind this decision.  It went against Uefa, they did not fold, the three arbiters at CAS were not bribed either.  This is purely about how difficult it is to prosecute complex cases.  These rules are relatively new and have never before been tested like this.  Time to redouble efforts.

Happy Birthday, Oldtim, 81 today!  Dave was a young 65 when he chose the name ‘Oldtim’, which as we are all getting older now seems quite funny.

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  1. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Has it been established for the three rounds of 20/21 single tie UEFA qualifiers, does the away goals rule still apply and a score draw means the away team progresses?





    Think there remains a way we don’t require to wait on the Swiss league and Basel’s outcome. As the 19/20 Champions League plays out, should the eventual winner be qualified already by its league finish then Ajax will be bumped from play-off to group stage.





    Memo to SPFL – don’t get smart next month.



    Watching lunchtime Pick TV yesterday, Wolves huddled before kick-off at Molineux. If it’s ok in the EPL…




    Happy birthday to you too my friend!



    Hope your day is going good!

  3. McPhail Bhoy on

    Tried to pre-order new home shirt for daughter’s birthday. Went through the whole process and then right at the end it wouldn’t let me confirm the order. Has anyone else had this issue, is there a problem with the website does anyone know?

  4. Very H888py Birthday to Parkheadcumsalford as well


    Sounds like its got a 67 in it 🏆



    Hail Hail



    That’s you and that OldTim67 Fhella, had a lucky day

  5. McPhailbhoy



    ordered two tops and training top for my wee bhoys on Friday



    they are 21 and 25 but still expect their da to buy them the new kit.



    Anyhow it kept stalling etc but eventually got there if you dont hit any buttons

  6. Afternoon CQNers,



    A wee update on SOUTH OF TUNIS.



    Because of the concerns ‘voiced’ on the blog about SOT’s lack of activity, Paul attempted to contact him using his original email address. That bounced back, unfortunately. Paul then made further enquiries and was able to get another contact email SOT was using, but this time, though the email wasn’t bounced back, there has been no answer from SOT at all, though the email was forwarded about two weeks ago now.



    Worrying situation. Hope this information is helpful.



    Ave Ave

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Daughter the same but she is a poor student



    I’m sure she will look after her aul da if I get to PCS age never mint onlytims



    Cone to think of it when I get to PCS age I will be able to retire having worked a full 50 years


    Rangers icon Marvin Andrews claims he ‘wasn’t under insurance’ at Ibrox as he put faith in God to keep him fit




    a devotional painting of Christ or another holy figure, typically executed on wood and used ceremonially in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches.



    Don’t think ICON will be used again to describe a HUN PLAYER.




    I tried a few times and got bounced out. I assumed it was the volume of traffic and left it a few days, eventually got the order through.



    I would be surprised if at this stage our site wasn’t coping with demand though.



    An Dun – reasonable question.




    Like it or not (I don’t) TV money is genuine revenue skilfully generated by the EPL for the “benefit” of all 20 clubs.




    It delivers some perverse kind of equality (albeit inside the EPL closed shop).




    Oil money financially dopes 1 or 2 to the detriment of all others.




    Chelsea and Celtic have identical European Cup Final records (1 trophy, 1 runner up)




    …. and it sticks in my craw.




    Our European Cup heritage was built upon




    – 80 years of creating a vast community



    – a genius of a manager



    – a culture of attacking football



    – a TEAM of home grown lads




    Chelsea’s was built on a splurge of dubiously acquired cash.




    Hail hail




    Keep The Faith






    I think FFP rules as written unnecessarily prevent owner investment.



    If FFP was about preventing Clubs going insolvent then simple debt control rules could be put in force.



    The current FFP rules prevent owners from investing and that’s simply because the old guard don’t want anymore Chelsea’s, Man City’s or PSG’s coming through.



    I wouldn’t have a problem with Dermot Desmond sponsoring us to the tune of tens of millions and swelling our coffers.



    I would have a problem with Dermot Desmond lending us tens of millions and our debt levels going through the roof.



    The two issues of debt accumulation and revenue generation should not be conflated.

  11. Parkheadcumsalford


    A very big hoopy birthday to you, although it was yesterday, I hope you had a hooptastic day.


    Keep the Faith!



  12. Thanks for getting back to me Hashadenough.



    Thanks for the update Emeraldbee on SOT. If someone has Facebook or Twitter there is a Sports bar in Catania which must be close-ish to where he lived – we could ask them to circulate a request for info?




    Happy birthday hope you’re having a great day! por cierto

  14. GENE on 13TH JULY 2020 5:40 PM





    I think Trevor Cherry is in the photo




    Yes, I think he’s the one that Jack has his hand on. Gordon McQueen there also and maybe Terry Yorath?

  15. kevinlasvegas on

    Happy Birthday to a couple of great posters



    Have a great day boys and keep on trucking,








  16. ZIGGYDOC1,



    I once saw a programme about Eddie Gray. He said, among other things, he would have given his right arm to play for Celtic. I think Billy Bremner felt much the same. Great players, both.

  17. Paul67 et al



    You can say what you want about OldTim67….


    But (thankfully) he wasn’t born yesterday!

  18. IniquitousIV on

    ZIGGYDOC1 @5:37



    Do you know which game preceded the photo? Does anyone know who is bottom left in the pic?





  19. Happy Hoopy Birthday to Old Tim.


    I had the signal honour of beating him to the bar – once, and once only – at Aberdour last year!


    Probably unlikely to be repeated…


    Have a great day Davie.

  20. McPhail Bhoy on

    An Dún and JC2



    Got sorted with the shirt, thanks! Patience was a virtue after all!

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