CAS drives horse and cart through FFP efforts


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found against Uefa and in favour of Manchester City in their Financial Fair Play (FFP) case, head last month. CAS found that Manchester City broke FFP rules by failing to cooperate with Uefa and were fined 10m euro, with no ban from European competitions.

Manchester City successfully argued that the more serious charged against them occurred either more than five years ago, and were therefore time-barred, or were not conclusively established.

This is a serious blow for Uefa who must now consider how robust their FFP regulations are when a case of this magnitude can be set aside by CAS.  If the Association does not have the tools to enforce FFP rules within a five-year period, wither the rules need to go or monitoring tools need to be significantly enhanced.  Otherwise, clubs who follow the rules. like Celtic, are competitively penalised.

Get rid of any notions of corruption behind this decision.  It went against Uefa, they did not fold, the three arbiters at CAS were not bribed either.  This is purely about how difficult it is to prosecute complex cases.  These rules are relatively new and have never before been tested like this.  Time to redouble efforts.

Happy Birthday, Oldtim, 81 today!  Dave was a young 65 when he chose the name ‘Oldtim’, which as we are all getting older now seems quite funny.

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  1. Like a few others on here I too was at Jack Charlton’s testimonial.


    Great game,great atmosphere and scarfscetc swapped by many.


    My mates and I travelled down on a bus run from the savings bank at cowgle


    Think it was a wee guy called Brian Massey who organised it ,as he did for Bobby Charlton’s and Ron yeats .


    Great trip.


    On my return to Glasgow and walking up castle street towards springburn road en route to sighthill i was stopped by two of Glasgow’s finest.


    I was carrying a pint tumbler acquired in Leeds. After much chat about whether I had a receipt for the tumbler I was allowed on my way..


    (I didn’t think that at the time though.)



    I had that pint glass until I dropped it a couple of years ago.i was angry at that but couldn’t blame anyone else,unfortunately.😀


    Think they were only having a bit of sport at the start of their shift

  2. arseholes, all them years later, its their fault you dropped the glass.



    post testimonial polis in the street syndrome

  3. SFTB


    “Just ask Claudia Schiffer!”



    She said will you phone her! Something aboot a fiver she lent ye, por cierto

  4. Good morning from a very sunny Sawangen (Indonesia)


    Good to catch-up on the blog with a very well written peice from SFTB about ambition versus reality. Enjoyable piece,thank you.


    Also thanks to BT for posting the article from James McLean about lack of support from his fellow Irish players regarding raciscm against the Irish. We support you James even if your fellow players don’t. Stay strong.



    Blog is getting back to better health and the football not even started. Roll on Thursday even if it’s only a friendly.




  5. Good morning, friends, from a dry, brightish though cloudy East Kilbride. Back to work (from home) for me today after an 11-day break so I fully expect the weather to now immediately improve!


    2 more sleeps ;-)

  6. Does anyone know where I would get a copy of Celtic Minded 3 (J Bradley) to complete my set? Amazon have a copy but it’s £44!!!! Many thanks if you can help. Hail, Hail, Cambhoy



    A belated Happy Hoopy Birthday mate.








    Great Post yet again….although I always fancied Claudia Cardinale ( and others) !






    I am just off The Saltmarket and I intend to book a Taxi to meet DAVID66 at the Pub across from the royal infirmary at 2pm.


    It was called the The Lee for years but is now called the Howgait, and its DAVID66’s local I believe ?



    If we get kicked out of the Howgait at 4pm as our “Time” is up…we can go to my local for more Beer and chat…but right now I am unsure about having to “Book” a spot in my local for You and DAVID66 and myself…I will hopefully find out Tomorrow ( Wednesday)…when hopefully it reopens ?



    I havent had a drink since March 18th….I sincerely hope that I dont fall doon after Two Pints ?






  9. CAMBHOY on 14TH JULY 2020 7:07 AM


    Does anyone know where I would get a copy of Celtic Minded 3 (J Bradley) to complete my set? Amazon have a copy but it’s £44!!!! Many thanks if you can help. Hail, Hail, Cambhoy





    Celtic Minded 3 Paperback – Illustrated, 15 Sept. 2009


    by Joseph M Bradley (editor) (Author)


    4.7 out of 5 stars 3 ratings


    See all formats and editions






    3 Used from £9.59

  10. SFTB…..



    I remember reading about the Great actor ” STEPHEN BOYD”….who was the “Bad Guy” in BEN HUR.


    He was Irish and born very close to the River Boyne…and his real name was “Billy”.



    He was regarded as a “Hollywood Hunk”, with his chisel features and good looks etc by many females…but while filming a movie called ” Fantastic Journey” in 1966 ( I think ?)….with the sexy Raquel Welch….she told a story about how they had dinner together one night and she really fancied him, and one the had arrived in a Taxi or car outside her Hotel…she invited Stephen in for a drink/nightcap…but Raquel freely admitted that she had other plans once she got him alone, however…


    Stephen declined the invitation….but in a way that strongly suggested that he preferred Men….without actually stating that he may be Gay ?


    Miss Welch, was not only quite shocked that ANY Man should refuse her advances…but was left rather confused by Stephens ” Excuse” for refusing the “Nightcap” ?


    I think that Raquel Welch was well known as “The Body” in Hollywood…I think that was her Nickname ?



    Sadly Stephen was taken far too young..in his 40’s by a Heart Attack on a Golf course…I thought he was brilliant in many movies…especially Ben Hur.



  11. DAVID666…


    I hope that BIGRAILROADBLUES does join us on Friday at The Howgait. I cant remember if I have ever met him before at any of the Hoots ?



    Talking of which…I might NOT recognise you WITHOUT your Mask…LOL !


    If we have to leave the Howgait at 4pm…I am open to going elsewhere for more beer and chat….MAYBE my local or Merchant City ?



  12. Big Jimmy…



    Fantastic Voyage (1966) – IMDbwww.imdb.com › title


    The effects in this film are truly amazing and make for a lot of fun as the sub/crew journey through the body and face problems along the way, especially as they are …


    Rating: 6.8/10 – ‎16,638 votes


    ‎Full Cast & Crew · ‎Plot Summary · ‎Trivia · ‎Release Dates





    Jimmy I remember seeing movie when I was a kid , a couple of things stood oot for me Raquel Welch.



    Hope you enjoy your day with David66 and BRRB on thursday ,just don’t burn yourself out on first day.hh

  13. SFTB…


    Stephen Boyds real name was ” William Millar” and he was born in Glengormley, Co Antrim in 1931 on July 4th . I think he died in 1977 ?



    According to his “Bio” he had been married twice…to two women…but Raquel Welch was adamant that he had deliberately “Hinted” to her that night that he was Gay in that taxi or Car when declining her invitation ?


    Maybe Stephen was happily married to one of his wives…and had decided to have a bit of fun with Miss Welch, by leaving her confused about his sexuality rather than just saying “NO” to her ?


    We will never know ?



    He was at his best playing a “Baddie”.





    Yes I remember seeing Fantastic Voyage in a Picture Hall called “The Tivoli” in Partick, Glasgow. That was the local cinema for my older cousin, and he took me to see it. If it was 1966…I would still have been just 11 years old…as I am not sure if it was released in Britain in 1966 or til 1967 ?





    Friday MAY not be my first day back drinking….as I MAY go out tomorrow ( Wednesday) IF my local reopens ?





  15. Maybe Raquel Welch had “Made Up” the story about Stephen Boyd possibly being Gay….as she didnt want anyone to think that she had been “Knocked Back” by a Straight Man ?



  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Big Jimmy, Raquel Welch? Couldnae act but who cared?😁

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Heard a wee story the Ipox Bar in Benidorm, closed permanently and got a €6k fine, for having a party on the 12th,not complying with Covid 19 guidelines. Shame….

  18. Back to working from work today. Bit weird on the train with seats blocked and all the masks. Have to wait a couple more weeks for my Celtic masks to come through (from Celtic Shop). Have a Scotland snood on today. Breaks the rules (Supposed to be over the ears job) so will be interesting to see if anyone stops me at the barrier in Dublin

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH JULY 2020 8:23 AM


    Heard a wee story the Ipox Bar in Benidorm, closed permanently and got a €6k fine, for having a party on the 12th,not complying with Covid 19 guidelines. Shame….




    That’s put me in a right downer :O)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  20. Delaneys Dunky on

    Big Jimmy


    Sorry to read of your recent health concerns.


    My two mates BRRB and David66 will look after you on Friday.


    Have not heard of the Tivoli Crow Road Partick for years. I lived 200 yards away on Rosevale Street. First pictures I ever visited. Used to love the Saturday matinee. Couple of hundred Partick weans running riot 😂



    I was born in the Toonheid, across from the Royal Infirmary, and very soon I was taken and brought up in Easterhouse. I obviously went to the Pictures in the Toonheid and also Carntyne and Shettleston.

  22. Big Jimmy, Take it easy on the beer, After a long lay off it would be easy to overdo it,


    Pace yourself & enjoy your day.

  23. Good morning all from a grey skied Garngad



    Big Jimmy – instead of moving pubs, you could call the Howgait 01415641218 and book from 4 to 6pm they will not let me, although I did ask if we could she said yes but not under the same name.



    Surely you will notice a Johan/Dolph lookalike?😂




    DD feel free to join us, there is a 4th slot free



    D :)



    I would often visit my older cousin and his Ma and Da in Partick. They lived in Kildonan Drive …I think…before moving to Yoker .


    That Uncle and Auntie had “Money”, and their only son and I had some great times with him introducing me to Subuteo, and several board games as he had them all, as his parents got him everything he wanted.


    He would hammer me every time at Subuteo…until ( unknown to him), my Grand parents bought me the game also, and I would play for hours, harnessing my skills, and also play against my Four Hun mates at that time in Easterhouse.


    My “Perfect Cousin”, would soon be shocked when I next played him as I had become quite an expert at Subuteo in a very short time, especially using the smaller Ball than the Big Brown one that came with the game…he wasnt used to playing with that Smaller Whiter Ball that you could buy separate.



    He took me to the Tivoli a few times to see Fantastic Voyage, Batman ( 1966), The Double Man etc.



    My “Perfect Cousin” was not only quite rich, but also very clever and he was on his way to becoming a Doctor….unlike me who became a Doctor of ” Life”….Wummin, drink, Fags and Gambling etc.


    He didnt like it when I beat him at Subuteo or any other games as I “Wised Up”.




    He was also the Guy who took me into a Pub for the first time, in the City Centre. I was only 15 while he was 18/19…I was steaming after TWO pints of Lager.


    He knew that despite my young age, this Pub would serve me drink, and it was on the corner of West Nile Street and Drury Lane just along from the Horseshoe Bar.


    I am trying to remember the name of the Pub, but it was a wee dive.


    I also moved to Yoker in 1985, and I was a member of the Albion Club etc, and drank also in Jarveys…and the Anchorage til I moved away around 1992/93 ?



  25. DAVID666….


    I will phone The Howgait this morning and try and book between 4pm to 6pm.


    Hopefully we be pretty drunk by that time…only joking mate !


    Are you bringing a Johan/Dolph lookalike with you ?







    As DAVID66 offered, come along to the Howgait if you can . We will be there from 2pm…and then under a table from then on…LOL



  27. Delaneys Dunky on



    BRRB phoned me yesterday to ask me along on Friday. Don’t think I will make it. Asked J to give you my mobile number Davie. Would love a chat with you again. Enjoy bhoys 🍀💚

  28. Big Jimmy- it was a Johan/Dolph mask I was wearing😂



    That would be good Jimmy if you could call them, remember and say for inside a table of 4 and wherever Johan/Dolph go the Burds will follow.



    I will get there early and lookout for you and BRRB and hopefully DD or any other can’t that fancies a pint.



    D :)

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Dun @ 5:28pm yesterday.



    Very interesting post. Respect.



    You make a couple of good points – though not sure we are going to fully agree :)



    Simplify Debt Control measures.



    I’d go with that but the obvious work around is debt for equity swaps?



    You end up like Sevco – 3 gazillion shares each with a real value of 0.001p.



    Small shareholders end up with valueless pieces of paper while shysters high five at how clever their evasion tactics are.



    Owner Investment – again, agreed in principle but …



    and Pablo has done a couple of leads on this ….



    Existing FFP allows some over extension to invest in sustainables?



    Bricks and mortar, academies, youth programmes.



    None of which get hustlers on to the front page of Forbes.



    Signings, jets, champagne, trophies, is where it’s at !!!






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

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