Cash windfall for Celtic fans


Readers of Celtic Quick News will know that our club has not been out of debt since Fergus gathered up our cash in 1994 and set about building the new stadium.  19 years later, with the mad arms race which consumed Scottish football over, we stand on the verge of coming out of debt.

The full consequences of this will not be known for years to come but the first material benefit is the £100 discount per season ticket Celtic announced today.  We’re no longer in debt, we can team-build in a measured and sustainable manner, and with Champions League money in the bank, Celtic have cut prices.

I know season ticket holders who missed out on the Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica games as, on top of everything else, they could not afford Champions League tickets.  If we get back to the group stage next season, supporters will be able to buy their season tickets and Champions League group tickets for less money than they paid for SPL tickets this season.

The return of the £50 under-13 ticket is also very welcome, along with a tiered level for older children.  With so many competing distractions, it is important that we bring as many young people into our community as possible.

Peter Lawwell’s comments underline the importance of bums on seats to everything that happens at Celtic, “The backing of our fans has, as ever, been crucial.  Domestically and in Europe they have once again been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture”.

More welcome good news for the Champions.
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  1. Well done Celtic.



    Scottish champions ( again ) and a fantastic gesture cutting costs for the fans.



    I’ll be using the £200 savings from my own and my sons ST to buy the seat next to me for my daughter.




  2. BT – That made me laugh! Maybe share your meds with some of the moonhowlers :-)



    Oldtim – I never got to read it, I wasn’t allowed :-) I look forward to seeing it!

  3. South Of Tunis on

    Ten Men Won the League @ 15 35



    Cavani ?



    Interesting .



    A Napoli radio station quoted him rejecting PSG and Manchester City because he wants to play for Real Madrid.

  4. Irrespective of the medias take on the SB price reduction its one that is welcomed by the support, interesting times ahead, IF the tribute act do somehow manage to survive the coming weeks they will be in the unenviable position of requiring to increase their SB prices for next season, in their all out attack on the 2nd division… oh dear.

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I shall be investing my £100 in stocks and shares.



    I have a hot tip from an impeccable source that ‘ The Rangers International Football Club’ is the blue chip investment to put the ole shirt on






    I shall just sit back and watch the dividends roll in, like ole King Canute.

  6. BT you in hospital?


    Someone told me you were on holiday, well they said in continent but I thought they were taking the



    Get well soon fella.

  7. “Celtic Board Forced Into Ticket Price Cut” by Crawford McMason



    In a move that can only be described as a panic response to plummeting attendances, the Celtic Board has slashed season ticket prices for next season. It is clear that boredom is setting in amongst fans after an easy league title win, and the Board has realised it had to do something to prevent even lower gates.



    The situation has arisen after the loss of Rangers from the SPL and obviously the Parkhead club is feeling the absence of its traditional rivals keenly.

  8. DBBIA



    Hang on a wee bit and for £100 you’ll be able to buy out the Chuckster. I would like it if you were in charge there. I think you could do some good things.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Great to see Samaras saying being happy and winning trophies at Celtic,is more important than money.I posted a few weeks ago,if he wanted to get a move to make him more money in a better league,i for one wouldn’t grudge him it after his contribution over 6 seasons.He took a big pay cut to sign from Man City too.A player who deserves everything he gets out of football.Well done Georgios.

  10. The Token Tim on




    didnt know Johann Murdoch was over here. Might email him see where he’s staying and if get the chance, meet up with him.



    As for the gowf, its in the diary…….just need to hope i get the invite!






  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘A Napoli radio station quoted him rejecting PSG and Manchester City because he wants to play for Real Madrid.’



    -sounds just like John Fleck.

  12. From this obsessed idiot @celticareanewco.



    Celtic reducing season books by £100 as they know fans see SPL as devalued without Scotland’s biggest club.



    My replies to him.



    @CelticAreANewco @jkbhoy67 You still talking about the mighty Glasgow Celtic ya tool.#obsessed



    @CelticAreANewco @jkbhoy67 It would fit you cheats to have a well run club like ours. We reward and your owners steal from you lot.#obsessed

  13. Gordon_J



    Tut tut, if that is your audition for a job with the SMSM you have failed badly. Your last paragraph should read:



    “The situation has arisen after Rangers were relegated from the SPL, and the Parkhead club is feeling the absence of its traditional rivals more than most.”




  14. Che


    Clydebank is well out of my comfprt zone


    Have been to a suppoters night in hrse and barges I think. The band where wholfe clones

  15. Afternoon bhoys and ghirls from a cooler hun free mountain valley.



    Well done Celtic re the season books.






    Will miss you posting, sad that it came to this.




  16. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    The £100 Season Ticket discount can only be applauded, but if I was a cynic (which I am), I might say the board were forced into this move to counter dropping attendances over a relatively long period of time. However, for a number of folk the discount will mean the difference between renewing or not renewing and is most welcome in this economic climate, whichever way we look at it.



    Concerns are raised however that quite a few folk who paid for their season tickets last season, did not attend the match and the fact that they had already paid for the game did not deter them from not attending the match, for these folks perhaps it’s not the price that stops them attending, (however if the discount leads to them buying a ST for a few years even without attending all games) then it’s still no bad thing.)



    However an examination of why many of this second group are not always attending might show that the quality of opposition is to blame, since 60,000 fans fill the place when the likes of Barca come calling and the ticket price is even higher than for domestic games. So while it’s a grand old gesture, im not sure, on its own, that its enough.



    Economic non attendance


    Cheaper season tickets (the board have already started this process- well done)


    Cheaper pay in gates (this only becomes possible once the ST price has dropped. )



    Bored? Non attendance (probably not the correct phrase!)


    Better quality opposition would definitely help, perhaps Domestic League reconstruction including amalgamations of clubs instead of changing numbers of clubs per division.


    Perhaps some deal whereby the number of European games increases, while the number of domestic games decreases.


    Standing areas for the GB bhoys behind one goal?


    Priority for the supporters buses over private transport on the roads around CP before and after the game


    Maybe even some sort of ticket deals/priorities for fans travelling in Supporters buses


    An end to Sunday 12.45 kicks offs for the Televised game (why move the big game KO times instead of the smaller games KO times)


    An end to overly aggressive policing/stewarding particularly in low risk matches


    Maybe even a wee cheeky beer in the foyer area (are all fitba fans still classed as hooligums)starting with low risk fixtures

  17. It is a shame to lose another poster as a result of politics. Surely The Singing Detective can refrain from posting about sensitive subjects unconnected to Celtic? Likewise the posters who write about the IRA, Marx etc can also refrain from using CQN as a place to advertise their views? Otherwise we lose more posters and the general atmosphere here remains poisoned by divisions.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Ten Men Won the League .



    Cavani .



    Napoli outlets are claiming that Napoli want 70 million euros for Cavani . They believe that only PSG are wiling to pay that. Same outlets claim that Real Madrid and Bayern Munich want him but won’t pay 70 million. It is being claimed that PSG will pay the money and are offering Cavani 9 million euros a year [ after tax ] for 4 years . Napoli’s owner claims to have rejected ” an insulting bid ” from Manchester City and claimed that City were offering Cavani 10 million euros a year [after tax] for 3 years. .



    Very good player !

  19. Well done Celtic. This price reduction was obviously required but is to be welcomed all the same. Maybees time to invest in a ticket for the mini-Clashettes.



    Anyways, meanwhile over at the SportsDirectCraigWhyteArena, anybody heard how the ole crossbar challenge is coming along? Any of the followfollowers managed to scoop that cool million yet? No? Who’d have thunk it…..

  20. John O Neil



    15:58 on 23 April, 2013




    Are all philosophers verboten, or is it just Marx?

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I’m glad so many shares are being sold.



    That’s more for me to hoover up at rock bottom prices.






    Come back in 5 years and I may give you 20p to look after my Bugatti Veyron.

  22. What is the Stars on

    Sack The Board


    Dont be fooled by this empty gesture of lowering ticket prices,its all a ploy by Lawell and his crooked cronies on the board.Its another feeble attempt to have Rangers parachuted back into the SPL where we can lie down and let them make the champions league so that they can fill up their empty coffers and continue the Old Firm bandwagon.


    While at the same time they (the board) are kidnapping members of the Green Brigade and sending them to “re education Gulags” in he outer Hebrides.


    Its the truth I tell ya


    We’re doomed,doomed

  23. One of my favourites………



    the boul’ JSM



    John Stuart Mill, he was nasty, British and short…………



    at least I think that’s right..




  24. Fair point Ernie but Marx’s beliefs helped inspire a system of evil. Ernie, some people here despise Kojo and others for having alleged extreme views. Those people should also seek for other extreme views to be removed from CQN.

  25. No one can dictate what topics will come up for discussion on CQN. There’s no point trying.



    Fortunately, we don’t all have to agree about everything the whole time. If ever.



    Like in real life, we have to learn to rub along with people we disagree with. Usually, anyone can say their piece and take part in the discussion. With some posters, it may be that the only way is to ignore them completely. And even when it comes to that, there will be lots of disagreement over whom to ignore and whom to answer.



    Sometimes, when the discussion is at its best, you can even find yourself moving from one side of the debate to the other and then back again. Sometimes it’s a subject you feel strongly about and no one will shift your opinion. Why should it be otherwise?



    Are there rules? Aye. Paul insists on good manners and that we don’t break the defamation laws.

  26. As a little aside to this good news re season ticket prices. The club usually advertise in the MSM at this time of year. This year we have been successful in diverting some of this budget away from the MSM red tops and into CQN Magazine and on this site. Another little victory…

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