Cash windfall for Celtic fans


Readers of Celtic Quick News will know that our club has not been out of debt since Fergus gathered up our cash in 1994 and set about building the new stadium.  19 years later, with the mad arms race which consumed Scottish football over, we stand on the verge of coming out of debt.

The full consequences of this will not be known for years to come but the first material benefit is the £100 discount per season ticket Celtic announced today.  We’re no longer in debt, we can team-build in a measured and sustainable manner, and with Champions League money in the bank, Celtic have cut prices.

I know season ticket holders who missed out on the Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica games as, on top of everything else, they could not afford Champions League tickets.  If we get back to the group stage next season, supporters will be able to buy their season tickets and Champions League group tickets for less money than they paid for SPL tickets this season.

The return of the £50 under-13 ticket is also very welcome, along with a tiered level for older children.  With so many competing distractions, it is important that we bring as many young people into our community as possible.

Peter Lawwell’s comments underline the importance of bums on seats to everything that happens at Celtic, “The backing of our fans has, as ever, been crucial.  Domestically and in Europe they have once again been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture”.

More welcome good news for the Champions.
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  1. Got to admit – this a serious financial commitment on the part of PL and the Board.



    Assuming we have circa 42K STs (including various concessions) – today’s announcement equates to an income reduction of circa £2.5/ 3.0M.



    Hopefully an increased uptake (new + kids/ teenagers) in the region of 15%+ will see this commitment rewarded and the match-day atmosphere enhanced next season.



    Pleased to see positive marketing – more of the same CFC!

  2. With a £100 saving on my SB, my nephew will benefit by getting his first season ticket, well done to the club, important to bring through the next generation



    Was with FAC at the Scottish parliament this morning as the Celtic trust was presenting to the shadow justice minister a report on how the OB bill and its implementation is adversely affecting Celtic fans, numerous MSP’s turned up to chat to us in a large committee room including Johann Lamont Labour group leader, Celtic family was excellently represented by some well made powerful arguments by many contributors, two SNP MSP’S John Mason and Jim Dornan appeared fair play to both for facing FAC, however both men were given a torrid time as the OB bill was ridiculed by the quality of the debate given in opposition to it.



    FAC deserve much praise for their efforts recently, today showed they have the Scottish parliament listening and some MSP’S with slim majorities concerned

  3. John O Neil



    16:04 on 23 April, 2013





    ‘Fair point Ernie but Marx’s beliefs helped inspire a system of evil.’




    Looks like we can add religion to the list then.

  4. Is it just me but this Armageddon mularkey with no deid club has had a RIGHT adverse effect on our club and uz Tims !


    Champions league money ALL to ourselves every other spl team get £440000 as result of OUR success the club has NO DEBT and a young successful team who have just retained the league ! On top of that a huge significant reduction in ticket prices and restructuring of those same tickets to the benefit of UZ TIMS !!


    Armageddon can I have some more please !!!!!

  5. SOT @15:58 given the 75% top band tax rate in France which they are adamant will apply to footballers that is some amount of money to be offered.

  6. Ernie lynch, you know very well the point that was made.



    Winning Captains, brilliant that the papers are losing advertisements and CQN are gaining them.

  7. Supporters clubs should be able to block book tickets for individual games at a reduced rate.


    My bus used to always be in demand for tickets when we played the Hibs & Hearts at Celtic Park due to their close promity to Livi and the number of supporters from those clubs in the town. A block booking for those games at a reduced rate would allow Season ticket and non season ticket holders travelling on the same bus to sit together whilst the season ticket holder passes his own ticket on to a mate and the atmosphere would be better with supporters clubs sitting together. Not regulalry together but on a game to game basis like the old days when the atmosphere didn’t rely on the GB.




  8. Maybe the £1m pound Celtic were willing to give to the league reconstruction is now being used correctly,back to the Celtic support.HH

  9. Marx made no claims as a philosopher. He did question their ivory tower approach;


    “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point, however, is to change it”

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hopefully guys who can’t afford ST’s ,can buy on a game by game basis at reasonable prices too.

  11. BobbyLennoxtownbhoys on

    Mr Lawell i applaud you for todays news and for your work with our Club so far. Reading Fathers saying this now allows them to walk hand in hand with their daughter to the games now as well as their son Well it doest get better than that,does it? LEFTCLICKTIC…..i pray this gesture allows you to do excactly that

  12. ”And yes. It really is this Andrew Dickson who sits on the SFA Club Licensing Committee. Suspend your disbelief now. http://t.co/8INBofM0Gq



    Could someone tell me what this link is showing.


    My work’s computer won’t open it.






  13. LiviBhoy @16:17 that’s a good idea.



    Those who run supporters buses often have a thankless task.


    They’re as good a judge as any of who should get a ticket for a popular game.


    If that results in a bit of nepotism and cronyism, then so be it.

  14. Charlie Nck on SB………..



    ” Pound a penny, smartwise this sityeayshun is good definitely but whit else is thurr?”

  15. The reduction in prices is fantastic, however I don’t think we should kid ourselves that it’s because of the increased revenue from the CL. Had season ticket numbers not fallen, and then the realisation that you could pick and choose the games you want to go to due to decreased attendances, then the price drop would never have followed.



    The real danger of this is that people lose the habit of going to games and you lose a generation of supporters.



    I don’t think any game in the SPL should ever be more than £20-£25 max (barring Celtic and the ex-club formerly known as Rangers, The Rangers, Sevco, Sevco International, Sevco PLC, Sevco.com…). It’s just not up to the standards in the SPL to be able to justify anything more.

  16. South Of Tunis on

    Ntassoola @ 16 16.



    Indeed .



    Heard a guy on the radio this morning claiming that PSG have promised to make Cavani richer than Messi..

  17. I’m far too lazy to read back to see if this has been asked, but assuming they still exist and they’re in Division 2 with the projected price rises to their ST. Are our season tickets for SPL going to be cheaper than theirs?

  18. dixiebhoy69


    16:13 on


    23 April, 2013





    Are you in block 104?



    Yes mate

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    bankiebhoy1-Charlie Nicholas “Celtic have thrown down the goblet as far as Season Ticket prices go…”

  20. Ntassoolla



    Been there and done it mate. Ran my own bus at 20 years old. Done it for five years. It’s a thankless task. Consumes your life. You get the phone calls from the same guys every week asking the time of the bus! This was pre internet of course.


    You become an agony uncle to people. They come to you with all manner of issues in their personal and working life. You become the voice of the people effectively. They listen to what you say and you gain their respect but it’s an exhausting experience.


    Put into that the organising of tickets and travelling to Glasgow for meetings and getting away tickets it is almost like a part time job you do for free. Most of the time it costs you money and takes up all your spare time. It’s brilliant most of the time but sitting on a half empty bus with a rake of tickets to sell can almost drive you crazy!


    I went to the semi v Dundee United with 10 spare tickets and had to miss the kick off to try and punt them and then the final v Hibs (I think) we had Bhoys fighting each other for tickets!


    Like I say a thankless task at times but I had some great times doing it. Every single guy I know who ran a bus in Livingston ended up divorced. May just be a coincidence but it probably reflects the commitment required running a CSC.


    The guys who do it command the highest respect in my eyes. People only see a fraction of the work they put in to get guys to the games as cheaply as possible.




  21. DR –



    ” Copycat Celts drop prices in desperation as Mather jets in for talks”

  22. Regarding the Green Brigade !


    A love them and they have been a fantastic addition to the Celtic Park atmosphere but I still have faith in the old tried and tested method in creating an atmosphere !


    Take one eejitt with no inhibitions !


    Give him a half decent reportoire of Celtic songs


    Give him a booming voice and a 50k or 60k crowd looking to engage without embarrassment !


    And there you have it crowd in full swing and the eejit takes the Derry !


    Incidentally may I apoigise

  23. LiviBhoy




    15:28 on 23 April, 2013




    Well done the Celtic board.


    Just to be clear tho. It is a reward for existing season ticket holders?


    Not new season ticket holders?







    Just off phone to ticket office bud


    £100 reduction applies to existing ST holders & NEW APPLICANTS




  24. Bada…………………







    loudwise – spot on!

  25. This reduction in price has got to be welcomed by all Celtic supporters and the board should be congratulated for it..



    In this economic climate it is exactly what the doctor ordered and a magnificent statement and benchmark to other clubs.


    The MSM can make up their own explanations or perceived reasoning, but to refer back to my last post; we must protect the right of free speach no matter how ludicrous or contorversial


    The bottom line is that we are doing it because we can.



    125 years of unbroken history and stronger than ever.




  26. LiviBhoy





    A fine post. A fine tribute to people who do a labour of love for the good of the Celtic support.

  27. Malone Bhoy



    The reduction in prices is fantastic, however I don’t think we should kid ourselves that it’s because of the increased revenue from the CL. Had season ticket numbers not fallen, and then the realisation that you could pick and choose the games you want to go to due to decreased attendances, then the price drop would never have followed.



    Well off course but fair play to the club for recognising this and acting accordingly. Season tickets are still the number one revenue generator for the club and we need to do everything we can to keep these high and we all know there will be no trouble selling out big champions league games even at £35-40 per ticket.



    The best thing about today’s announcement was better pricing for u18s as we would inevitably have lost a lot who would have to go from £50 ticket up to full price. Keeping young fans engaged is key as sooner or later they will be buying full price tickets.



    I know we as a club can do little about the entertainment on the pitch but having more pre-match child friendly entertainment may encourage parents to take children in to the game early and in turn they will spend more at the kiosks.




  28. …….typo … Apologise to my two sons for two decades off embarrassment !


    Won’t change ! Can’t change !


    Am an EEJITT ! lol lol !

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