Cash windfall for Celtic fans


Readers of Celtic Quick News will know that our club has not been out of debt since Fergus gathered up our cash in 1994 and set about building the new stadium.  19 years later, with the mad arms race which consumed Scottish football over, we stand on the verge of coming out of debt.

The full consequences of this will not be known for years to come but the first material benefit is the £100 discount per season ticket Celtic announced today.  We’re no longer in debt, we can team-build in a measured and sustainable manner, and with Champions League money in the bank, Celtic have cut prices.

I know season ticket holders who missed out on the Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica games as, on top of everything else, they could not afford Champions League tickets.  If we get back to the group stage next season, supporters will be able to buy their season tickets and Champions League group tickets for less money than they paid for SPL tickets this season.

The return of the £50 under-13 ticket is also very welcome, along with a tiered level for older children.  With so many competing distractions, it is important that we bring as many young people into our community as possible.

Peter Lawwell’s comments underline the importance of bums on seats to everything that happens at Celtic, “The backing of our fans has, as ever, been crucial.  Domestically and in Europe they have once again been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture”.

More welcome good news for the Champions.
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  1. jimbo67



    You Sir are a cad!



    After all these years I am devastated to discover Debbie Harry was seeing someone else when I was working away. :-)

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Posting on CQN will allways attract very varied posts and very varied opinions which is fine and reflects every day life.However,sometimes it is hard to believe it is Celtic supporters argueing with fellow Celtic supporters in my time on the forum I have read some very bitter posts and some very petty name calling surely as adults we should at times agree to disagree and fellow posters can continue with there point of view without being subjected to a bitter tirade.Paul 67 has set up this wonderfull forum so we can debate with fellow Celtic fans we do so without charge so in a sense we are guests of Pauls and should remember as guests to be on our best behaviour.So for goodness sake post your views and dont be afraid to be different but remember that your beliefs may not be another mans and he/she has a right to there point of view and at the end of the day we are Celtic supporters. H.H.

  3. Oldtim67 – I heard one half of the conversation, I can’t wait to see it in black and white!

  4. tractorbhoy



    A common misconception of some people unfortunatley.


    I invited one dissenter to sit in my house for a few cans one Friday night. After the 3rd phone call he said I dunno how you deal with this. Each phone call asking for the bus time was around 20 mins.


    Running a bus would drive you mad sometimes but other times it is a great source of pride to ensure 50 people get to the football at a decent price and get home again safely.




  5. greengray1967 on



    16:51 on


    23 April, 2013


    Was it not Waddell that sent 3 of them off at CP?



    St. Patricks day Massacre 1991

  6. Total respect to you LiviBhoy.



    7:30 that Saturday morning of the Aberdeen game (away) there were grown men near weeping in the street. Apparently some of them kicked their heels until 11:00 o’clock, too feart to go home in case they got kept in.


    The hired minibus was because no coach company would touch us.

  7. kevinlasvegas on

    More JR stuff.


    With Gary Hooper linked with a move away from Parkhead in the summer, despite Neil Lennon wanting the striker to stay, one player who Celtic should be going for is Dundee United’s Johnny Russell.



    The striker will cost a fraction of the price that Celtic will need to pay for a proven striker from the continent, and not only that, he is tried and tested in the SPL.



    However, Celtic need to get their hands out of their pockets and pretty sharpish too, as Serie A outfit Catania have seen their third bid knocked back by Dundee United.



    With Russell set to enter the final year of his contract at Tannadice, United could sell him before they lose him for nothing next summer.



    United issued a statement this morning, claiming that Russell’s agent has told the club that his client “will not sign a contract extension and that he wishes to leave Dundee United”.



    According to United, Catania’s second offer was: “¬450,000 (in instalments) three weeks ago and this was rejected”.



    The third is reportedly around ¬800,000, but it is expected that United will knock this back also. And this is where Celtic should step in and offer United just over £1 million for the Scotland Under-21 international’s signature.



    After Celtic lost out on Steven Fletcher in 2009, they were lambasted for it by the fans; they cannot lose Russell to Catania or even to the English leagues.



    Celtic need a striker that can score over 20 goals a season. Hooper has bagged 27 goals this season in all competitions — only Georgios Samaras and Kris Commons have come close to breaching the 20 goal mark for the season. Despite injury curtailing Russell’s last few months, he still scored 20 goals in 35 games for the Tannadice side, who relied on much of their creativity from Gary Mackay Steven. Just imagine what Russell could do up front for Celtic with the players at their disposal, and even more so if Celtic decide to snare Mackay Steven also.



    Time for Peter Lawwell to dip into the club’s coffers and pay the going rate for Russell. It’s not as though the coffers are moth ridden — after all, the Champions League campaign has given the Parkhead side and its board a pretty penny to work with.




  8. kevinlasvegas




    Just about to post the same thing……..Newsnow celtic getting a good looking at today!



    alas it’s not true but it highlight’s once again the farce of the authorities as it actually should be the case of what should be happening.

  10. greengray1967 on

    Around 10 years ago at 4am on my way to the ferry for a huns match –


    Wife: I think you love Celtic more than you love me


    Me: Honey, I love Rangers more than I love you



    I waited around 5 years to come out with that gag



    Wife is now Ex MrsGreengray

  11. I have spent many hours,as every day, trying to catch up! Since yesterday I’ve had to miss a few of the latter ones or I will never have my rant and it’s really annoying me.


    How can this site with so many marvelous writers, from all walks in life, so many good hearts descend into such juvenile insults and threats over trivialities and different outlooks/opinions.


    First- Hobbits ? Having lived in the far n. Highlands for over 45 years if that was the worst I’d been called I would have been dancing home every weekend!! As later TSD wrote/sung-“I’d rather be a Hobbit than an Orc”. As many call the others Orcs isn’t Hobbits the other side of the penny. In old movies/tv series that lovable Irish character with the green hat,auburn hair and jugs (leprechaun) who unfortunately wore boots was Hobbitish. My father who died to early to remember left me with his best pal, my stepfather who was the only Irishman I saw regularly without his boots on was hirsute but the feet were normal.


    Somebody on here quoted and I can only paraphrase- what you hate in others first take a good look into yourself.


    As to the Koran being anti this that and the other,someone also replied that the bible had a lot of the same,not a surprise as one came from the other.From what I have read the bible (as a history) was written by mainly Judeaan captives in exile in Babylon. Full of a wrathful god (kinglike) who smote,flooded,burnt etc those of his favourites who didn’t do as he ordered, but gave to his chosen other peoples land which was filled with milk and honey. As moslems conquered huge stretches of the world rapidly by fire and sword rather than preaching so did “christians” attain their own promised lands wordwide destroying native populations in their greed.


    If a book’s big enough you can pick out the parts that suite your lusts or intentions. I said “christians” because most have never followed the New Testament much preferring the blood and snotters of an eye for an eye. We now know that Islam has their own version of “Catholics and Protetants” and the hatred which goes with which is right!! Now even the peaceful Buddhists have their own Gestapo monks in Myanmar.


    Robert Tressel who I always read said the other day that the English were anti Irish and it only relaxed after the troubles. Well the second part of that statement is hardly surprising,most people don’t like being searched and having to look out for left parcels. Before I never found this as prevalent, in a large population there are bound to be jerks, but i had many friends from north (used to work and drink with a few from Lurgan)or south they seemed to get on fine. Southern friends I met up with on holiday during the trouble said ti was best to keep a low profile,once again understandable


    Thanks for putting up with me, when you have shown your compassion for the ill on here, that’s religion and the Celtic way.



  12. Sftb,sorry to see you go.evil will prosper when good men do nothing I have enjoyed your posts and now I feel guilty because I done nothing,your points have always been balanced…..unlike your protagonists h h have a great summer ktf

  13. Seldom post but help guys



    whats the story on cup final tickets i am a season ticket holder i was at the semi, is there to be a lottery for tickets

  14. LiviBhoy



    Yes, M’Lud, it would appear that there were three of us in this marriage right from the word go!



    Damn those Hoops!

  15. Tusker – i said no such thing about the English being anti Irish. I wrote about anti Irish racism in England in the context of a UK govt who have never rushed to stop discrimination against Irish catholic people either in Ireland or Scotland.



    And the term ‘hobbit ‘ was used in a derisory way by a certain poster. That’s why i took issue with it.



    Just pointing out facts.



    All the best.

  16. The Village Green Preservation C.S.C. on

    Reducing ticket prices is all well and good, but what am I supposed to complain about on the way to the game?



    It was bad enough that they decided not to play Queen at full time on Sunday, meaning I had no excuse to leave early.



    How am I supposed to keep up my radical ‘modern-football-is-rubbish’ stance if the Club keep on doing sensible things like this?

  17. Mort, thanks for the clarification on the previous thread. It’s easy to lose track of which organisation has licensed what to whom. For me anyway.

  18. Dont know a thing regards shares . But someone is snapping up there shares at a reduced price . Could someone appear with majority shareholding

  19. kevinlasvegas on

    JR for me as well Istanbul, and GMS if we can, depends who goes. Lassad and Miku go JR in.




  20. SFTB,


    Tho I said that I’d be OK if you never commented on me, I didn’t mean that I wanted you to pull out of CQN.


    I agree with you that the news about wee Oscar was more important than anything that you’d written – also more important than anything I’ve written. Today’s announcement about ST prices maybe runs it a close second.

  21. weldone to celtic fir the new deal on sb’s..great news for the fans..lets hope the uptake is as good as the response on here..i will be taking it on as i couldnt justify the cost last year..thot it should have been cheaper with the deid mob out the way..still think an unemployed gate..parent an child and oap and students gates paying cash on matchday is a must…h.h

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    jimtim- it’s me.



    I’m puttin’ the purr back in the ole dead cat bounce.






    Come back to me in 5 years, and I’ll give you 40p to look after my Embraer Phenom 300.

  23. istanbulcelt


    17:43 on


    23 April, 2013


    So who’s with the Orange order on this one?




    They ALWAYS say NO, regardless of the question.



    Happens I agree with them……….for different reasons.

  24. Ntassoolla,


    TY for your comment, but by the time I saw it, I’d already spent time responding to SFTB: who will ever know whether that time was wasted – at least it keeps me out of trouble?


    BTW are you in Inverness now? I’m in Ostuni, but only until the end of May.

  25. Cool Bawsman,



    Seen it and thought I would throw in the little hand grenade, to get things moving. ;)

  26. TTT,


    Agree with you that ideally, CQN should steer clear of politics. When I began posting early last year, I foolishly hoped to encourage such a move: I was soon disabused of my illusion.

  27. istanbulcelt


    17:48 on


    23 April, 2013



    About 1/3 of the country will vote yes.



    When they canny even decide the currency it tells you a lot about the giant leap Salmond will refuse to convince people of taking.



    Still, the SNP have milked this (financially) well.

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