Cash windfall for Celtic fans


Readers of Celtic Quick News will know that our club has not been out of debt since Fergus gathered up our cash in 1994 and set about building the new stadium.  19 years later, with the mad arms race which consumed Scottish football over, we stand on the verge of coming out of debt.

The full consequences of this will not be known for years to come but the first material benefit is the £100 discount per season ticket Celtic announced today.  We’re no longer in debt, we can team-build in a measured and sustainable manner, and with Champions League money in the bank, Celtic have cut prices.

I know season ticket holders who missed out on the Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica games as, on top of everything else, they could not afford Champions League tickets.  If we get back to the group stage next season, supporters will be able to buy their season tickets and Champions League group tickets for less money than they paid for SPL tickets this season.

The return of the £50 under-13 ticket is also very welcome, along with a tiered level for older children.  With so many competing distractions, it is important that we bring as many young people into our community as possible.

Peter Lawwell’s comments underline the importance of bums on seats to everything that happens at Celtic, “The backing of our fans has, as ever, been crucial.  Domestically and in Europe they have once again been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture”.

More welcome good news for the Champions.
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  1. Regarding the impending referendum.



    I had very much been in the NO camp. Sceptical that Scotland has an economy to survive independently and suspicious of Salmond’s SNP and their motives.



    Recently I see that parties such as UKIP, BNP and the NF and organisations such as the Orange Order are all advocating a NO vote.



    Now all I need is Patrick Harvey to come out promoting the NO campaign and I’m DEFINITELY changing my mind!!!

  2. Did anyone know, if a Mcgills bus driver is involved in an accident, the driver has to pay the excess of the insurance claim. Despicable mob.



    Weefra HH

  3. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    id rather see the money up to 4 million(based on 38000 season books) being spent on new players

  4. i remember a post on rtc mentioning seriously dodgy people being about this whole


    episode are we gonna see this come to pass? dodgy= dangerous.

  5. Mr Easdale meets the criteria of a fit a proper person to own shares in the ORCS without question !


    Why change the habit of a lifetime aka Murray Whyte Green an on and on and on ……….: ! Expect a media foto of mr Easdale and how confidently he rides the White charger! SEVCO YER A SHAMBLES !!!!!!

  6. Stringer Bell on

    As John Lydon once famously uttered……….



    ‘Ever feel like you’ve been cheated……….’




  7. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    I thought that under aim rules chick had to hold his shares for a while yet

  8. Sir Paul



    Great News in the Morning..



    Season Ticket reduction…means..



    Nutsy says..



    “Mair Money,in the till.”



    Yep.. Nutsy,is right… as usual.



    Quantity,wull.. Trump . Quality.. Every time!



    Who said that?



    Me, of course..




    Pierrre…you are a fly as a Barrel o.. Owls!






    Still Laughin’…

  9. They are a shower of neds and gangsters, the sooner the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad are brought in to thoroughly investigate this mob, the better.



    Weefra HH

  10. It would be some day if a convicted tax evader was seen as a more fit and proper person than your ex chief executive.

  11. Aullheid



    Have you heard if there are plans to change to the ex-pat season tickets either with cost or entitlements eg Champions League games, cup games etc?



    Hail Hail

  12. Mark Guidi saying on SSB “The Rangers fans just want the absolute truth” To paraphrase Jack Nicolson in “A few good men” “The truth,You want the truth,you can,t handle the truth.Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. Auldhied @ 18:44,



    Interesting move by Charles Green.



    Looks like he wants well away from Ibrox, does he know something we don’t.



    Wonder how much he got paid, he has options that he can’t realise for 12months, a year in which a lot might happen to the value of those shares.



    I would guess it would give the purchaser the 8% from Green plus they have 6% already, 14% gives them the largest shareholding.



    Some real Gers back on the Board.

  14. Iberian Deli:



    Throwing this on out on the blog seeing as the Barca game is on tonight. My good friend (and Barca Supporter) is looking to export a small range of Iberian foods and wine into Scotland.



    Her family firm supply cheeses (from cow, goat and sheep milk); Picon, Manchego and Quesucos and also various Iberian Hams (packaged and in bulk).



    Problem is that I have no contacts in the catering/ wholesale market (toasted cheese is my limit) – if anyone is interested and wants more details can you please get my email from P67.



    Paul67 – apologies for the commercial plug but she is a Hola Hoops fan! :-)

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The combined cash at bank value for all of James’s current businesses is £484,210, with a combined assets value of £14,257,537 and liabilities of £8,755,500. Roles associated with James Easdale within the recorded businesses include: Company Director , Taxi Driver , Director , Taxi Proprietor , Publican , Metal Dealer

  16. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    McGill’s buses operate an almost exclusive service in….Paisley

  17. Rangers: Charles Green to sell shares to James Easdale


    By Chris McLaughlin


    Senior Football Reporter, BBC Scotland Former chief executive Charles Green has agreed to sell his shares in Rangers to Greenock bus tycoon James Easdale, BBC Scotland understands.



    Easdale and his brother, Sandy, already own around 6% of Rangers, but they want more – and a presence on the board.



    However, Sandy Easdale was jailed for VAT fraud in 1997, a matter thought to concern the Ibrox board.



    The board met on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of the Easdales increasing their stake.



    It is possible the family will look to buy even more shares in Rangers in an attempt to take some form of overall control of the Division Three champions.



    The Easdale family owns McGill’s Buses, a Greenock-based company that has become the largest independent bus operator in Scotland.



    James Easdale is the chairman of the company that now operates more than 350 buses and around 55 routes and employs about 700 members of staff.



    Green cannot sell his shares immediately as he is locked in by Stock Market rules until December.



    But the Englishman has informed Rangers’ board that he intends selling to Easdale, who has agreed to buy.



    Green, who is Rangers’ biggest single shareholder with 8% of the stock, resigned last week following allegations that he colluded with former owner Craig Whyte to buy the Ibrox club’s assets.



    Whyte, who the Scottish FA ruled was not a fit and proper person to own a football club, had claimed that Green was his frontman to buy the assets of the club the Scottish businessman took into administration last year.



    Green denied those accusations, but it prompted Rangers’ board to announce it would be launching its own independent investigation.



    However, Green subsequently resigned , with Rangers saying he wished to avoid the publicity around his role impacting negatively on the club.



    Nottinghamshire-based businessman Craig Mather is expected to be confirmed as the new chief executive , perhaps only on an interim basis, once Green’s departure from the role has been formalised.

  18. Just because a guy makes an administrative error back in 1997 doesn’t mean he’s not suitable for Sevco, does it?



    We all deserve a second chance. Come on!

  19. Genes A…BN



    he cant sell until December but its like a pre-contract.


    He agrees that he will sell to McGullable and that gives them his vote just now.



    As far as I know !.

  20. T’rankers take that one step further in reinforcing my conviction (pun intended) that they are no more than an outright criminal front/organisation.


    They may be a joke, but they are a vicious joke.


    I never found clowns funny……they always scared me and I found them downright sinister.


    I wonder if ‘Send In The Clowns’ will be getting played on what remains of the p.a. at iPox any time soon.


    They really need removing from the game. With every passing day they show their hand more and more.



  21. The cynic in me says that cheaper season tickets especially for kids is quite a smart marketing ploy by Celtic. You take a kid anywhere they will want something, whether it be sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, did I mention ice cream and perhaps some sort of merchandise. It also encourages the fans of the future and fathers to spend more time with their children and less time in the pub with their mates spending money on non-essential things like alcohol. It’s a win-win situation. Celtic make more money in the long run whilst improving family ties and securing the future fan base of the Club. What’s not to like. ;-)


    Disclaimer: all, some of or none of the above may be true.




  22. They wont be getting my fair from now on crappy blue coloured buses anyway






    Former chief executive Charles Green has agreed to sell his shares in Rangers to Greenock bus tycoon James Easdale, BBC Scotland understands.



    The Easdale family owns McGill’s Buses, a Greenock-based company that has become the largest independent bus operator in Scotland.

  23. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    Thanks for that – wonder if price has been agreed – could be really cheap in december

  24. It seems Mr Clough was right…



    Brian Clough: “What team did you say you support again?”


    Man in the studio audience: “RANGERS!”


    Brian Clough: “That’s not a football team! That’s a gang of villains.”

  25. Ill need to check again but I’m sure I read that with his holding being less than 10% CG may not be locked in as was previously thought. I did wonder why none of them had taken more than 10% given that they were able to more or less give themselves as many shares as they liked.

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Does anyone know how much Charles Green walks away with of he sells his shares to Easdale ? H.H.

  27. McGill’s now operate in West Dunbartonshire having taken over the former McColl’s bus company.