Cast of thousands and pitch perfect


Cecil B DeMille liked going to work with a Cast of Thousands.  Ange Postecoglou must feel the same way as he prepares for the trip across the city tomorrow.  He has never had as large a squad to choose from since his arrival at the club in June, and perhaps never in his managerial career.

Kyogo will be on the team bus.  It has been over three months since our most valuable asset crossed the white line, he returns just in time to contribute towards the conclusion of his first season in Scotland.  Giorgos Giakoumakis will surely take the starting striker role.  He is fully fit and in the best form of any striker in the country.  At most, Kyogo will be limited to a cameo, but his presence will lift the spirits of team-mates and the 700 Celtic fans in the stadium.

Ibrox is likely to be on a par with any surface we will play on for the remainder of the season.  Whenever we have been in trouble away from home, it mostly comes from an inability to get our passing game going on an unsuitable pitch.  We must get the ball moving on the ground as crisply as possible.

Goalkeeper and defensive options are straightforward.  Who plays either side of Callum McGregor and either side of Giorgos is a more difficult question for Ange.  Perm any two from Reo Hatate, Matt O’Riley, David Turnbull and Tom Rogic for the midfield positions, and two from Daizan Maeda, Jota or Liel Abada for the forward positions.

Years of watching games at Ibrox have conditioned me to want players capable of standing up to the physical challenge.  If, as I expect, we start Hatate and O’Riley, I would insist on Maeda ahead of them for his tackling and general industry.

Celtic will take to the field with the calm of a team who know they still be top of the table when they leave.  Newco know they need to win at all costs, even a draw is not good enough.  If the score is level going into the final quarter of the game, our hosts will gamble.  We need to be ready with a Jonny Hayes -type counterattack.  Think what CB would say at the Red Sea parting scene.


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  1. Hatate & O’Riley and Maeda & Jota for me. You then have the delicious though of bringing on Kyogo, Abada, Turnbull and Rogic when they tire!

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  3. Paul67



    With you all the way. So much to be positive about going there tomorrow. Only your lanarkshire pal Willie C and his mates can stop us.







    From previous



    So funny Re your cricketing observation. I was literally thinking the same thing last night. I was finding it hard to reconcile feeling positive before a game at their place. Also finding it hard that I was not annoyed with our coach not coming out with the usual platitudes about how good our opponents were and how tough a place it was to go and get a result etc etc.




    The reality is exactly as you say. The mindset of Border and Waugh and Taylor and Cummins. The mindset of Warne …..dare I say it. It’s about what we can control and what we can do and not about them. Play our game and believe in it. Believe in ourselves.




    Most times it will see us win out. If it does tomorrow I do think the house of cards might come down pretty quick over Govan way.

  4. I’d start Rogic. I think his experience and coolness under fire would provide an advantage.




    Discipline is crucial. Don’t give the officials any excuse, because you just know how they’ll react.

  5. Tam Cowan calling out the deid team’s bias on Sportscene. He jokingly asks why they can’t allow one of their ex-defenders, instead of their ex-forwards being the regulars on the programme. He’s answered by there being Richard Foster. Utterly ridiculous but so so true.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    BBC are a disgrace, I only watch them when the huns drop points to hear their ‘ unbiased ‘ views😱😵

  7. P67 — Timing as they say is everything.



    Recycling — EL @ 11.51



    Interesting stuff but I struggle with some of the basics as reported in the Grauniad report.



    The development of a large scale sweet tooth in Europe — the sugar trade was the Klondyke of its day — is hugely important in the economic development of Atlantic Europe but it is not the whole story so the narrow horizons of the original book while typical of the modern analysis of slavery are not enough for a proper understanding either of slavery or Atlantic Europe economic development.



    We are currently seeing a war being played out in Ukraine / Eastern Europe / New Russia because of the impact slavery had on that part of the world over a millennia and the drivers behind its eradication.



    As a planet / species we need to understand economic exploitation — first as slavery then indentured servitude and now cheap labour in the middle east and elsewhere — and keep on trying to understand it so that new exploitative power relationships don’t develop and destroy more lives and careers.



    The focus on the transatlantic slave trade diminishes us all — the economic drivers behind that shameful episode are still with us just a case that they are further away and better hidden.



    Instead of re-publishing 80 year old books and wringing our hands we would be better looking at the labour practices involved in deep sea fishing out of our local ports.

  8. They can lose the league tomorrow — we can’t.


    Phasers set to malky — Hopefully we put in a shift.



    I wonder if the bookies are working an angle to take money off the gullible?


    Or they are playing it straight and they make money on form not emotion.

  9. Toaty Trumper @ 1.00



    Same record — same dross.


    Yourally don’t know what you are talking about — Forger’s Gazette headlines at best.



    How about your thoughts and opinions?


    Who have you voted for and when?

  10. Civic nationalism up there with military intelligence …


    Soundbites for the gullible / stupid.

  11. BURNLEY78


    I put up the cricket post with you in mind as I knew you would get what I was in about. Even with one wicket left and 200 to get they still think they can do it.


    Having praised the Aussies , when it does unravel for them the wheels do come spinning off. However, they always bounce back.


    Aussie and kiwi coaches have revolutionised how we play rugby in this country. We have so much to learn from them. It’s a disgrace the way Ange was originally viewed here, so narrow minded at times.

  12. Macargo



    I was looking for the montage of goals from moravcik67,can’t seem to find it,10 minutes of Celtic bliss,cannae find it




  13. Melvin Udall on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 2ND APRIL 2022 12:22 PM


    I’d start Rogic. I think his experience and coolness under fire would provide an advantage.



    Agree Ernie. Rogic has tons of experience of these games (and has scored in a fair few as well), O’Reilly doesn’t and we can’t afford anyone to freeze or not be able to handle the occasion. O’Reilly would also provide an excellent option from the bench.



    Hart, Juranovic, CCV, Starfelt, Taylor, Hatate, Calmac, Rogic, Jota, Maeda, Gio



    Is the team for me! Only other option would be Ralston instead of Taylor for a bit of extra height, with JJ on the left.

  14. A great test of where we are as a team. We should be relishing tomorrow, as always, deal with the opening period and our football will do the rest. Quietly confident, we’re due a win at Ibrox.

  15. Kyogo to start on the bench tomorrow. Possibly a match winning cameo.


    Hun keeper is a fair shot stopper when ball is high. Keep it low and he’ll struggle to get down to it.


    Hope we’ve been practicing this week.


    Current prediction, score draw with slight movement towards Celtic by a goal

  16. An Tearmann on 2nd April 2022 1:30 pm










    I was looking for the montage of goals from moravcik67,can’t seem to find it,10 minutes of Celtic bliss,cannae find it















  17. Go with me here…..



    I would consider Kyogo’s cameo at the start.



    Hook him after 30 mins, regardless of the score and put on Gia to terrorize for the remainder.



    They will not be physiologically or structurally prepared for Kyogo in the first 30 and we will score.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Totally missed “New article posted” on previous article.



    An T – great posts just before 11am.

  19. A one off contribution, just because I think it is a worthwhile watch and today was the first time I seen it,


    I have seen the mosiac many times, but didnt know where it was sourced. Today also saw a return to the streets of the sectarian marchers.



    Canon White is a wonderful speaker. Take 20 minutes and have sometime to ponder how it started and where we are now.



    ACSOM’s Charity Weekender raises over £28,000 for Celtic FC’s birthplace, St Mary’s Church, Glasgow


    8,609 viewsPremiered on 26-Feb-2022.




  20. We should relish the prospect of tomorrow’s match. When we were floundering after three defeats in six and lying seventh in the early days of this campaign, the chance being presented to us on Sunday was a million miles away.



    Any result means we approach the final six games in pole position. Draw, and we have a de facto four-point lead. Win, and we have a de facto seven-point lead. In all honesty, we have nothing to lose.



    The clear message from Ange is we go for the win. I’m sure the squad has been prepared well. The victory at Celtic Park will have instilled belief and it’s now about performance on the day.



    No one can predict performance, so we wait and see. I am pleased we have supporter representation, albeit only 700. It will be good for the team, when(if) they score, to have somewhere to express their joy, and it also delays the restart and allows it all to ‘sink-in”. The opposition will have that available to them, so why shouldn’t we?

  21. Any of the stats bhoys and ghirls know what we are hoping for from this afternoons fixtures so we get an even number of home and away games after the split?

  22. Hoping that the MIBs aren’t the decisive factor tomorrow – but you know it’s all to likely. I’d start Giako ahead of Kyogo. And I hope we’ve noted that Alan McGregor loses most of his goals to his left hand side.

  23. Back to Basics





    Hope all good your way,and we work well tomorrow





  24. AN TEARMANN on 2ND APRIL 2022 2:20 PM




    I think it was Tariq Ali who said that there was a very narrow gap between a Tory government and a Labour government, but for the least well off that narrow gap was important.



    But, hey, you carry on indulging yourself in delusional fantasies about independence.

  25. With the prospect of a £5m lawsuit(Daily Record reporting, so caveats axknowledged) and the £3m+ participation fee knocked-back – how could Ibrox afford to take a risk on an £8m+ hit this season? It beggars belief! The laws of accounting in business seemingly don’t apply.



    I am glad that our club were unmoved by the minority of fans who wanted our Aussie participation cancelled. The club is run on the lines of “what is best for Celtic?”. Listening to a minority who apparently define themselves by all things *Rangers, and who would therefore deprive our club of revenue, is not “best for Celtic”

  26. Kyoto to start,every day of the week,for me.Match fitness means nothing to this guy.Hat trick on his first appearance,winning goals in Cup Final after lay off.Combines wonderfully with Jota,and Abaca.


    Last time at Ibrox we wasted 70 minutes of him.Nothing against Gio,but not in the same class as Kyoto.Wee mans closing down,brilliant..


    Would be sad to leave there without the win,thinking,what if.


    Back to the trenches with Big Jimmy.

  27. Multi monikers come in all shapes and sizes and copy and pastes too…..



    Dearie me….

  28. From the last Blog, the Black lad singing The Fields plus the add one is one clever lad,


    He is from Senegal and operates in Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzarote,


    He calls himself Jimmy Barry Murphy after a famous Cork hurler,


    He does a tour of the Irish Bars every night, comes in sings a few songs goes around & chats to the Punters & sells his wares.


    He would ask a couple where they are from no matter what County they were from once they tell him, he will rattle off the names of every town in that County.


    He also takes off the accents of some of the Counties, particularly the Cork accent,


    One of the Irish singers out there made up a song about him called Jimmy’s selling watches, Jimmy’s selling chains,


    When Donegal won the All Ireland a few years back under Jim McGuiness, the song was changed to Jimmy’s winning matches, Jimmy’s winning games, and became very popular for a few months.


    He is one of the funniest most enjoyable guys to meet when you are out there.


    Not at all pushy in selling his stuff but then he doesn’t have to be, he is so well liked the punters buy off him




    I’m heading back out there in May meeting up with Jimmy is an absolute must.

  29. well tomorrow is the big one ,we have the players to finish the job no doubt about that . but we do have considerations how will our relatively new young team handle the vile atmosphere that will hit them tomorrow , it will be something they will never have encountered before or will ever again outside of that cesspit of a place , i hope they get issued with earphones before they even get off the bus . i hope ange and callum have forewarned them what to expect . i also hope that they have been informed of the head scratching decisions that will go against them , the countless free kicks to allow them to lob balls into the box , amount of times dangerous play from them is allowed to go unpunished and it will be , the almost certain penalty kick and that they need to score at least 2 goals to give us any chance , because a victory for the celts tomorrow will almost see us champs and that as far as i’m concerned is not in the script .HH

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