Cast of thousands and pitch perfect


Cecil B DeMille liked going to work with a Cast of Thousands.  Ange Postecoglou must feel the same way as he prepares for the trip across the city tomorrow.  He has never had as large a squad to choose from since his arrival at the club in June, and perhaps never in his managerial career.

Kyogo will be on the team bus.  It has been over three months since our most valuable asset crossed the white line, he returns just in time to contribute towards the conclusion of his first season in Scotland.  Giorgos Giakoumakis will surely take the starting striker role.  He is fully fit and in the best form of any striker in the country.  At most, Kyogo will be limited to a cameo, but his presence will lift the spirits of team-mates and the 700 Celtic fans in the stadium.

Ibrox is likely to be on a par with any surface we will play on for the remainder of the season.  Whenever we have been in trouble away from home, it mostly comes from an inability to get our passing game going on an unsuitable pitch.  We must get the ball moving on the ground as crisply as possible.

Goalkeeper and defensive options are straightforward.  Who plays either side of Callum McGregor and either side of Giorgos is a more difficult question for Ange.  Perm any two from Reo Hatate, Matt O’Riley, David Turnbull and Tom Rogic for the midfield positions, and two from Daizan Maeda, Jota or Liel Abada for the forward positions.

Years of watching games at Ibrox have conditioned me to want players capable of standing up to the physical challenge.  If, as I expect, we start Hatate and O’Riley, I would insist on Maeda ahead of them for his tackling and general industry.

Celtic will take to the field with the calm of a team who know they still be top of the table when they leave.  Newco know they need to win at all costs, even a draw is not good enough.  If the score is level going into the final quarter of the game, our hosts will gamble.  We need to be ready with a Jonny Hayes -type counterattack.  Think what CB would say at the Red Sea parting scene.


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  1. Getting excited about tomorrow. A close run title fight is more enjoyable and memorable than a complete stroll BUT……………….



    I would be happy to be headng towards the Top 6 mini league fixtures with a 3 or 6 points gap than just to be leading on goal difference.



    Too much excitement and enjoyment can be bad for you.

  2. Turkeybhoy,



    Just on a point of order, Kyoto is a City in Japan, Our wee Bhoy is called Kyogo.

  3. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:24 PM


    MARTIM1980 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:18 PM



    Lionroars67 only has one moniker




    I will be at Crowne plaza tonight enjoying the fabulous company of the very best of CQN helping to raise money for the Celtic foundation, are you going ?




    Anytime you want to meet up Martim at a Celtic game let me know




    Have you ever met anyone from CQN ?





    It’s almost as if you feel guilty for your Saturday afternoon political blog campaign.



    So defensive. Hopefully you manage to chill out before tonight…..otherwise you’ll be terrible company🤣😂🤣

  4. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:38 PM



    MARTIM1980 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:31 PM





    What was that you were saying about trolls and multi monikers ?



    Who are you ? no one knows you






    🤣😂 awww still upset someone challenged your wee poltical post.

  5. Coming onto a Celtic blog on a Saturday afternoon to campaign for Indy…7 years after snp failed to pursuade Scotland to vote for it is trolling no matter how you try justify it.

  6. Incredible first halves in the SPL, lost count of the number of times the top six changed! At half time the top six is made up of us, them, Hearts, Dundee Utd, Motherwell and Aberdeen. For those who still fear a return to the plastic pitch, Livingston have dropped to ninth as it currently stands.

  7. Celtic FC Foundation Supporters Committee 🍀







    Some great prizes follow the link



    Celtic the Musical Hospitality Package for 4!



    Enjoy pre-show dinner at Clydebuilt with VIP parking before an emotion packed journey of Celtic highlights including the winged wizardry of Jinky & Larsson’s lasting legacy!



    Bid now ⬇️


  8. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:38 PM




    Who are you ? no one knows you







    IONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:58 PM





    ‘ are you in or closely related to the Ernie/JHB stable ?’








    Your wee break following your flounce has done nothing to improve your grasp of logic.

  9. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:58 PM



    MARTIM1980 on 2ND APRIL 2022 3:45 PM









    A political post now, thought you weren’t interested ? are you in or closely related to the Ernie/JHB stable ?









    Caught up with the blog this afternoon, saw a ream of political posts on CQN as is the norm from your Brit nat stable trolls, so no apologies









    Thought some evidence-based factual political posts would help the debate, however, it seems it upset you, send Ernie or JHB on, do you all work a rota ? when anyone challenges your butchers apron propaganda, you all/one turn up like buses









    aff oot






    Officially lost it. You haven’t given credibility to your argument. You destabilised it and shown the nasty lengths you’ll go to achieve your ‘precious’ Indy which is eating you up like it did Gollum.

  10. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 4:22 PM



    Admitting you are a troll, well done now everyone knows including Paul 67 and the mods.



    So farewell, we’ll see you on one of your other monikers soon.



    Take care😉

  11. IniquitousIV on

    James Ward-Prowse with another stunning 30 yard free kick goal for Southampton.

  12. MARTIM1980 on 2ND APRIL 2022 4:24 PM



    Not sure if Paul67 will be at the event tonight



    If he is I’m sure I will have a wee catch up with him



    Give me your email address and I will let you know what was discussed

  13. IniquitousIV on

    Slippy G not looking a happy camper. Villa on course for 16th league loss, and, would you believe it, not getting any assistance from the MIB ( or red, or yellow, or pink).

  14. LIONROARS67 on 2ND APRIL 2022 4:27 PM



    Honestly, and I please don’t take this the wrong way, but I really couldn’t care less what you are doing tonight but thanks for sharing. The Celtic Foundation do fine work. The fact that you feel you have to jusify your existence tells me you are quite insecure.



    I don’t want to meet you or give you my email.


    Another poster keeps asking to meet and it’s getting a bit creepy.

  15. IniquitousIV on

    Fort William, with no wins, 25 losses, and 120 goals conceded, leading 1-0 after 60 minutes at Keith.


    Which usually means…………….

  16. Celtic FC Foundation Supporters Committee 🍀








    Tonight’s the night! 🍀🎉🥳💃🕺



    We host our 1st fundraising dinner for




    . We’re really looking forward to welcoming our guests, having great fun & raising lots of money for a terrific charity that does so much to help so many.



    #EuropeTheCelticWay #Hoopenanny



  17. Celtic FC B








    85′ GOAL… BROOKS



    🟢 Brooks gets his second of the afternoon – a lovely volley in the centre of the box to make it 4!



    🔴 0⃣-4⃣ 🍀

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    Gosh! All these political posts when we have a big game tomorrow


    I’m thinking of chucking CQN because of them.

  19. Is it Fort William who have taken on the English (I think) boy with the interesting background?



    Think he managed or was assistant manager for Nepal or someone. Has some connection to Martinez too.



    I was hoping it was an inspired appointment

  20. Livi at home to Motherwell next week could be decisive game for top 6.


    Hibs away to Hearts & Ross County away to Sheep are the other contenders..


    Think Dundee United are safe but 5 clubs still in the mix for last 2 slots

  21. IniquitousIV


    A real yo-yo of an afternoon – started in 4th – went down to 8th but thanks to a late winner have finished on 3rd – plenty more twists to come as 4 teams on 66 points and 4 points covering 3rd to 11th.


    Another huge game on Tuesday.


    But no wher6near as big as tomorrow.

  22. Weebobbycollins


    I was off the blog for the last 3 or 4 days – mainly due to the multi moniker poster. But the constant unionist v nationalist posts are tedious – no-one is going to change their mind. The tone and name calling is also disappointing.


    I posted to the moderator that I was unhappy about a specific link posted by said multi moniker showing a man being beaten.


    Far worse than sweary words (which I also don’t like) which result in posts being deleted.



    I even looked into Sentinel Celts but not for me.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    Gene…I agree the constant repetition unionism v nationalism is tedious. No-one’s going to change an opinion based on what they read on here. At the present time I wouldn’t vote for anyone, there is such a lack of strong, honest leadership. I’d put them all, Sturgeon, Ross, Sarwar, Johnson and Starmer aboard one of the Ferguson’s ferries, drill a few holes on the bottom and send them out to sea.

  24. Moderator1888 on

    Guys political fighting, point scoring and pointless posts extoling the virtues of whatever party you decide to use to cause grief on here are gona be removed



    They add nothing and I would wager are keeping people with opinions on Celtic (remember its a football blog) from posting



    I am fed up with it, and does nothing but cause arguments



    If you see such a post, scroll past and ignore – deprive them of oxygen



    It will get deleted when I next get on the blog



    Less than 18 hours till we do some hunskelping…..

  25. MD88 @ 6.19



    Not sure P67 agrees with you.


    He is partial to the odd political article himself.



    I’m sure over time you will grow up to understand the importance of politics to the club.


    Until then — wind yer neck in.

  26. Hrvatski Jim on

    Well said Moderator 1888.



    I am always too nervous to predict a result against tomorrow’s opposition. I’ll just live in hope and pray.

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