Cast of thousands and pitch perfect


Cecil B DeMille liked going to work with a Cast of Thousands.  Ange Postecoglou must feel the same way as he prepares for the trip across the city tomorrow.  He has never had as large a squad to choose from since his arrival at the club in June, and perhaps never in his managerial career.

Kyogo will be on the team bus.  It has been over three months since our most valuable asset crossed the white line, he returns just in time to contribute towards the conclusion of his first season in Scotland.  Giorgos Giakoumakis will surely take the starting striker role.  He is fully fit and in the best form of any striker in the country.  At most, Kyogo will be limited to a cameo, but his presence will lift the spirits of team-mates and the 700 Celtic fans in the stadium.

Ibrox is likely to be on a par with any surface we will play on for the remainder of the season.  Whenever we have been in trouble away from home, it mostly comes from an inability to get our passing game going on an unsuitable pitch.  We must get the ball moving on the ground as crisply as possible.

Goalkeeper and defensive options are straightforward.  Who plays either side of Callum McGregor and either side of Giorgos is a more difficult question for Ange.  Perm any two from Reo Hatate, Matt O’Riley, David Turnbull and Tom Rogic for the midfield positions, and two from Daizan Maeda, Jota or Liel Abada for the forward positions.

Years of watching games at Ibrox have conditioned me to want players capable of standing up to the physical challenge.  If, as I expect, we start Hatate and O’Riley, I would insist on Maeda ahead of them for his tackling and general industry.

Celtic will take to the field with the calm of a team who know they still be top of the table when they leave.  Newco know they need to win at all costs, even a draw is not good enough.  If the score is level going into the final quarter of the game, our hosts will gamble.  We need to be ready with a Jonny Hayes -type counterattack.  Think what CB would say at the Red Sea parting scene.


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  1. Interesting, if brutally honest, piece on Joe Hart, by Tom English on BBC Sport.



    Joe, not short of a few bob, but bankrupt of confidence, needed a move to Celtic, and vice versa. A double, or treble, would make it a fairy-tale….bring it on!

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    JHB @8:11



    Noted your comments about restraining on perpetual political comments, hence the why I read your post of 11:03.



    Normally I would scroll by your moniker but read yours for the above reason!

  3. JHB 11.03pm



    Tom English is not somebody I would take any notice of, as for Joe Hart I can only assume he has played for England at the highest level, won the EPL with Man City and is now maybe “enjoying” his fitba, his interaction with fans young & old is magic … and probably something that isn’t highlighted he always takes time out for opposing goalies … I think even at one point this season he actually waited at half time to tell the opposing goalie to “stick at it” after he made an error … a terrific professional … by the way I never wanted Craig Gordon to leave … or even big Fraz last season but I think Joe is a step up from both … I think big Fraser leaving last season & Craig being allowed to move on helped Gerrard more than any of any managerial stuff …. But who cares, sometimes you don’t win all the time … in my opinion last season will hopefully just make us all appreciate this season even more …. Ange has already made this season more successful …



    God bless Neil for everything he won for us



    God bless Ange for everything he might win for us, Ange has 100% record so far … long may he continue to bring us good times …. “If” we don’t win the league in my opinion Ange has been a total success … but I think he might bring us another trophy or two

  4. GFTB on 2ND APRIL 2022 11:31 PM


    JHB 11.03pm


    Tom English is not somebody I would take any notice of.




    I always judge the content and read a wide variety of writers. This is good piece of journalism.



    I rate English one of the very few real sports journalists in Scotland. I don’t always agree with him, but he gets me thinking. I see no particular bias in his writings – he gets it wrong sometimes…..but we all do, we’re human.

  5. Moderator 1888,



    Good to see you participating in the debate.



    Woohoo, today is the day that we win away.




  6. JHB 11.58pm



    Always good to have an open mind but for me Tom English would much prefer to write about rugby and in my opinion has next to nothing to inform me about football … pretty sure Joe Hart wouldn’t take much notice either … is there such a thing as a “real” journalist in Scotland ? They all seem to ignore the biggest story in Scottish football ever … which isn’t a “bankrupt of confidence” issue, it’s actually real bankruptcy and a club trading while insolvent … which maybe Mr English might be closer to home while writing about anyone or anything being bankrupt of anything :-)

  7. I know we all have been picking our starting 11 in our heads before tomorrow … I still think Ange is going to fling in a wee curve ball, obviously Kyogo wouldn’t be a massive shock but I have a feeling Nir Biton or David Turnbull might get a starting jersey … I think Joe H, Juranovic Starfeklt, CCV, Taylor & Callum are certain starters, the other 5 could be any from about 10



    I will leave it to Ange to sort it out, terrific choices to have …. bedtime, enjoy tomorrow fellow Celts, going to Ibrox with 7 games to play, knowing we will be top with 6 games to go isn’t a the worst situation to be in



    Hail Hail

  8. God knows what Tom English is, he’s not something most of us, as genuine football fans, could ever understand. But at least he’s not a wangler

  9. There’s some honesty in professional contrarianism, at least you’re putting food on the table for your kids and we all know deep down what the game is.



    It’s not at all like the sadistic pleasure some get from provoking a response from supposed fellow Celtic supporters from first thing in the morning until last thing at night

  10. Would love to see all the predictions tonight, rather than after the game,


    For me, it’s the midfield we need energy ( that’s guys who realise were one result from a tittle. GOOD LUCK ANGE

  11. Well done Moderator.


    I only react to politics here.and I will continue to do so.


    You need to moderate daily if I may say.


    Glad its back to football.



    There is no need for obtuse manic depressive exhibitions from racists and multimonikers to be seen in this dear green place.we come here for Celtic.


    Tis a giggle seeing a multimoniker down to a paragraph,so much easier on scrolling thumb




    Good night at Celtic foundation night in Glasgow,a lot of great Celtic men and Woman,helping charities who help the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.carrying the word of Walfrid to them.


    Thank you crcrollercoaster for the lift.A lovely Celtic night.



    Onwards to tomorrow,nothing to be afraid each for each other,try your’ll be OK.




  12. sceptical citizen on

    An Tearmann @1:38am





    It is always the responsibility of the person with power to maintain the integrity of the relationship. Always.



    Sack the PLC or suck up they’re mess.

  13. 3.05 should be their mess not they’re.


    Not always


    Hahahaha I know,it’s how we stopped the Kelly’s pockling my club to the same fate as Shatoot fc





    Yeh it’s OK to not be okl




    If someone you know died.thoughts and prayers🙏



    There has been no occurrence or event at Celtic to grieve,say like a liquidation event.

  14. rubles think you missed a ‘b’ out!! not an ‘o’ 🤣🤣🤣



    They wouldn’t pay.Paying is a radical concept to them.


    That’s why they liquidated.




  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Good morning from the Village. Awake before 6am and my heart racing as I remember the momentous nature of the day ahead. Missus still asleep so the quiet calm of CQN is my companion.



    Meeting up with between 10 and 15 friends and friends of friends in Kitty O’Shea’s for the big game in our own private room followed by a big pub party, result permitting.



    I am quietly confident. We have better players all round and a winning mentality. Triumph is within their grasp and they know what to do. Sevco have home advantage and a big crowd behind them, but our Bhoys can turn that crowd against them very quickly.



    My prediction is 2-0 Celtic. I would take 1-0 or 5-4 as long as we’re 6 points up by 2pm.



    Hail Hail and enjoy your day wherever you are.




  16. Tom McLaughlin



    I sleep for 4 hours when drinking like last night 😁


    Not brave enough to predict a score but will take any result.enjoy your day with your fellow Celts.



    Time for a stroll




  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    I had one bottle of beer and one largish dram last night before bed. Wanted to feel fresh and alert for the day ahead. Hopefully when I get home later today I shall have cause to celebrate with a few even larger drams.

  18. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 3RD APRIL 2022 6:01 AM



    ” The quiet calm of CQN ”



    I like it.



    Just finishing nightshift. Set the alarm for 11.30. Can’t wat.


    The English guys just don’t get it. They can’t fathom why we choose to sit in separate TV lounges.


    Something to do with lamps getting put out, I explain to them. 😆




  19. Morning All, glorious here on the west coast so it’s a morning coffee then out to stretch the legs before the nerves kick in. Here’s hoping for a six point lead come two o clock this afternoon and perhaps more importantly our seven hundred get home safe. COYBIG…

  20. Good morning all CQN’rs across the globe from a chilly but dry Garden of God.



    Get right at them from the start Bhoys. Pace, power, passion and precise passing and we should do ok.



    11am start for us bhoys heading down to the pub.



    Before that off to the green for 9am to watch my Grandson.






    D :)

  21. Tom McLaughlin on




    An old friend of mine lived in Earlston in the borders. I was visiting for the weekend of a Glasgow derby at Hampden.



    We repaired to the White Swan – owned by a good Celtic man. In the bar there was one TV, located behind the bar. Come kick-off Celtic supporters congregated at the left side of the bar while the bluenoses occupied the right side. We outnumbered them 2 to 1.



    Celtic won 3-0. It was the game where Rudi Vata scored direct from a free-kick for the third.



    There was a bit of banter but no trouble.

  22. Morning all CQN,


    Weather looking fine in Glasgow today.



    Always a difficult place to go to , although im quietly confident today.


    As a young boy , i used to beg my old man to take me along when we played them there mid 70s


    Think it was around 3 years and several defeats before i witnessed us winning there ( joe craig goal)


    Have some good and bad memories , although i haven’t set foot in the place since big Pierrre played for us .


    3-1 to the good guys

  23. Good morning all, looking forward to the match and only ask we stick to style and process, the rest, as Ange says, will sort itself out🍀



    Does anyone have Paul 67s email please, thanks in advance.

  24. MACCARGO on 3RD APRIL 2022 8:47 AM



    MARTIM1980 on 3RD APRIL 2022 8:35 AM



    Pretty sure it’s just





    Much appreciated!

  25. Shortie have many choices.


    Their decision-making in the small world of Scotland is obvious.


    Just consider the evidence.



    Shortie have chosen the story that they and thur readers have sufficient appetite for.


    The Big Blue Elephant in the small, old-fashioned (blue) room is in little danger of any concerted investigation by them.



    The Rugby correspondent is a safe pair of hands to make sure any ugly (s)truths are kicked into touch.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on






















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