Cautionary tale from Denmark


Midtjylland play their second league game of the season away to AaB Aalborg tomorrow evening, hoping to win their first points.  Aab finished seventh last term, so it is a game Midtjylland will feel they have to win to get their domestic campaign on track.

Celtic are free of competitive pressures this weekend, facing West Ham at home tomorrow, where we can give players still working on their fitness an hour, then rest them for the trip to Denmark.

There is plenty of confidence ahead of the second leg against Midtjylland after a solid performance on Tuesday night but the name Aalborg will cause many of us to flinch.  The then Danish champions travelled to Celtic Park in the 2008 Champions League group stage.  It is fair to say they could be the weakest team we faced at that level, but indecisive finishing, for some of the game against 10 men, and a missed Barry Robson penalty, meant the game finished 0-0.

Celtic bossed the return leg at Aab’s tiny stadium and Robson atoned for his penalty miss by giving the visitors a second half lead.

Here’s the thing about football.  You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot.

I hope we use every moment of our preparatory time tomorrow wisely.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

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  1. fanadpatriot on

    Ernie Lynch @6.40


    Maybe phrased wrongly


    No player wearing a Celtic jersey should be subjected to booing 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Knew it would not be long until one of the whingers turned their attention,however briefly, from PL,to giving Mc Kay stick.Its what they do.Like booing Griff,must make them feel big.


    Celtic supporters,my ass.

  3. ERNIE LYNCH on 24TH JULY 2021 9:11 PM

















    ‘Who boos a Celtic jersey?’






    Those with a moral compass.




    Never boo a Celtic jersey…..though some idiots should get there arses booted out of Paradise.

  4. IniquitousIV on

    LAXALT @ 8:15


    “Still think we’ll win the league and we’ll probably qualify for the EL the long way.”



    I’d like to know what you’re smoking mate, because I would like to try some of it.


    Even if the Board cough up for a decent goalie, full backs, center half, etc. ( and let’s face it, their track record isn’t exactly conducive to that ), by the time we knitted as a team, we would be miles behind Sevco. They have already drawn with Arsenal, and played their B team against Brighton. I.e. They were competitive against EPL teams.



    We, on the other hand, are as soft as putty at the moment, and unless we inject a lot more steel, speed, and muscle, we will struggle even for second place. Remember, we still have to overcome the “MIB honest mistake” factor. With direct entry into the Group Stages of the Champions League at stake, it will be off the scale this season. 4 penalties to Sevco at St. Mirren? And they thought they should have had more? Could be the norm from now on.

  5. ROLLING_STONE on 24TH JULY 2021 7:04 PM



    Last years capitulation was the perfect storm. No excuses, it will live with all of us for many years.



    However, i genuinely cant remember mass negativity last season at that time. We kept all our stars bar a goalkeeper who simply refused to resign, and we spent serious money in the transfer market recruiting platers at top dollar by Celtics standards,



    Whose to blame? The CEO, ultimately. now gone. The Manager, certainly, now gone. The club captain, arguably. now gone. A host of poor loan signings at huge cost, all now gone.

  6. socrates mulligan on

    Delighted to get a ticket for today’s game and enjoyed a lot of out play going forward in the first half but defensively, oh dear. Not trying to minimise the problems we still have but I’m pretty sure we lost by the same score in Germany in a pre season friendly under MO’N


    I also recall travelling through to Falkirk shortly after Jock Stein arrived and a week or two prior to the Dunfermline final………………Falkirk won that game 6-2


    Yes we have a lot of work to do but I do think Ange is well aware of that so a little bit of perspective might not go amiss

  7. Having to re-build a team isnt like shoppimg in Tesco. The club have targets but other clubs know what we need and will hike up the price. Whether we like it or not negotiations will take time and there are no instant solutions and that has been worsened by the pandemic. Anyone on here comparing todays performance to upcoming games against SPL teams need to calm down. West Ham could buy every other team in our league three times over. It is madness to invite a wolf to have dinner with your lambs yet we did exactly that today.


    Look on the bright side, Barkas was erratic today, making 2 saves but flogging the second goal a bit – thats one up from where he has been. It’s going to be an up and down season and as supporters we have to accept that and get on with it.

  8. See what happens this debacle down to lawell and Lennon never mind Lennon will soon have morel jobs than fat boy sally will no on with coisty Boydy huts and Ned Rae soon queuing up to inform uefa stories about Celtic come on Celtic fight back grow a pair

  9. As much as I’m sure we have a special place in Forster’s heart, and assuming we can afford him, do you think he would be keen to come in and play behind the defence we currently have?

  10. Year after year I and many many others have been stating that we have not prepared for the upcoming qualifiers, and we are saying the same thing again.


    A well run club, a world of difference from a well run PLC would have had a policy in place that we knew every single player world wide that was in their last year of their contract and if they may or may not be willing to come to Scotland, that’s how a well run club would act, these are players who could be had for little money and could be signed in the Jan window, I seem to recall Paul 67 saying that was the way we were going to go, be prepared for the upcoming qualifiers and we will have the players bedded in for them.


    Aye that’s worked out well for the club, but I will wager my grandweans lives that the PLC have done ok out of the support, and we say they are the gullibillies, aye.


    Sleep well Timland, that today sure was a wake up call, and will the PLC give A, will they eff, they have the money and are laughing at us.

  11. itscalledthemalvinas on

    No matter how daft he is. No matter how much you dislike him,when he puts on the hoops you back him. That is ultimate hun behaviour.

  12. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 24TH JULY 2021 11:45 AM






    Top Blogging – great post




    Hail Hail





    You’re having a laugh. Not quite top blogging but an honestly held opinion. I’m just back from Cambridge and watched my recording of the game. We were well and truly skelped. I thought we were over ambitious in taking on that level of opposition and it panned out the way I expected to be truthful. Let’s hope that our young players learned a lesson that they could take something from rather than being demoralised.



    I’m still hopeful of a bright future but if anyone at the Club doesn’t value Europe then I say get rid of them as soon as possible. Let’s hope that today’s thrashing leads to Celtic making some of the signings that AP requires to make us competitive.

  13. Good Celtic Pre Seasons dinnae usually end up with good Actual Seasons in my Lifetime. Tuesday cannae come quick enough – Ange is the Wan.



    Badger – I was on it last night. I have no Idea if you are a guid wan or a bad wan – what I will say is there are plenty Supporters of the New Rangers that are Top Class – nae hatred in them at all.



    I dissected yer name and….. Well the rest is History.



    Apologies dude.

  14. Gerry 123



    From earlier, I am seriously impressed by anyone who has been a Celtic supporter since 1947. That’s before even I was born and I regard myself as ancient. As for your support of Sionnaigh and his postings, I make no apologies. I’m a Catholic Celtic supporter but these are different days. I sometimes travel to the games on the train with two guys, both pensioners, one as old as yourself, who are from what most would consider to be Protestant backgrounds. They support Celtic because their Das couldn’t stand Rangers and what they stood for. I think there are a lot of Celtic fans like them. We could be more welcoming. When all is said and done, the Vatican Media has little to contribute to CQN.

  15. ernie lynch on 24th July 2021 9:11 pm






    ‘Who boos a Celtic jersey?’






    Those with a moral compass.







    I thought Ange handled this very well.



    It is defo the Last Last chance saloon for Leigh – He hits an incredible corner kick which he showed Today.



    Leigh is a real asset if he is right on it.

  16. this season is going to be a test both of tolerance and compassion


    quite possibly in my history of having been privileged of following and supporting Glasgow Celtic this is the most inexperienced and inept defence I have witnessed


    In order to give the manager any chance of success the Board have to commit big time


    No miracle cures but resolute and unabiding moral and financial support


    The type of which they may be reluctant to endorse but the alternative is not worth considering


    My generation [60+] will tolerate but do not be condescending of youth


    Action is required now. Why we are in this predicament can be debated at length but solutions must be found soon



  17. We may have to go through some difficult times but my gut feeling is that it will be worth it .


    We have a manager that knows what he wants and knows how to achieve it.


    Enjoy the journey HH

  18. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 24TH JULY 2021 11:12 PM


    I agree TOSB 👍🏼





    I’m glad for your support. Thank you. I know there are a number of fans who support the point of view that we are a club open to all and that we should be more welcoming to people of all persuasions who just want to support The Bhoys.

  19. STEBHOY on 24TH JULY 2021 7:25 PM


    seriously – I think Barkas is the worse keeper I have seen in a celtic jersey , ever! actually, I think he’s the worse keeper I’ve seen in the SPL.




    He’s playing to get fired!




    Look at the penalty – he just falls down. The goal to let in at his near post, a ball perfect height for a keeper and he didnt even budge. He has lost all mojo and their is simply no way back.




    He is a liability and celtic MUST immediately go out and buy a commanding GK as a matter of urgency.




    Forget rangers in a month – that defense will struggle against every other SPL team!




    I’m not panicking as we are 3-4 defensive players from being a good team – but I’m very concerned about our boards lack of urgency!








    I was heartened by his two early saves but I thought he was at fault, in part, for both of Antonio’s goals. Others were to blame for falling asleep but I though Barkas committed himself too early and failed to narrow the angle for both goals. He left a gaping space for Antonio to shoot into on both occasions and Scott Bain did exactly the same thing for one of West Ham’s goals in the second half. We seriously need to sign a reliable goalie as soon as possible.

  20. Passed House (02/26/2020) Emmett Till Antilynching Act This bill establishes a new criminal civil rights violation for lynching. Specifically, a person who conspires to commit certain civil rights offenses (e.g., a hate crime act) is subject to criminal penalties.


    Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit”


  21. PETEC on 24TH JULY 2021 11:42 PM





    Patience is the Key.



    There has to be movement in the Boardroom too.


    We are weak there IMO




    Agree with both patience & movement – but what kind of movement do we want?



    We have a structure that may be described as ‘steady as you go’ – no chances taken, some may say lacking in ambition. Do we want more risk-taking, less emphasis on probity and a win at any cost model – a la Ibrox?



    Would substantial supporter share ownership and presence on the board favour this kind of approach? Would they, could they,


    run Celtic any differently?



    Do we have a queue of rich fans itching to invest, like over at Ibrox? I don’t think we have. When thinking about this, the name Lord Willie Haughey immediately springs to mind – but he has chosen to invest substantial sums in Queens Park, not Celtic- why would this be?



    Is Dermot Desmond’s vast wealth a help, or, a hindrance to Celtic? I honestly don’t know the answer. All I do know is that as long as he is the de facto ‘owner’, the club will not stray into financial hardship.



    Personally, I don’t see any real movement, or, significant shift, whilst we ply our trade in a Scottish league.

  22. markiebhoy,



    The potential of Glasgow Celtic is aff the scales.



    I am a Brexiteer but I think Celtic huv to concentrate on doing things in Europe.




    Its defo a Mad World now. I suppose it always has been.

  23. quadrophenian on

    A confronting and sobering tie.


    (Playing) revolutions are rarely painless.


    How honking and stubborn must Olivier’s attitude be, when he’s tailor-made to play Ange’s system yet opts to draw wages on a false pretence while not trying an inch (lest he’d be playing) ?


    Strikes me that tho some players give their all (Greg and Tony) if they’re found wanting in their favoured posi’s, they’re gonna need more time to bed in when occupying places in a whole new system.


    Ange has a great plan – he needs players ready and willing to adopt it. HH

  24. JHB on 25th July 2021 12:18 am



    You put forward salient ponts. I remember some things but not all.



    Neil was as Honest as possible, unfortunately he had players that didnae get Celtic Club of Glasgow like the Support.



    We should have been going tonto in Europe.




    PLC’s after thinking a lot about Capitalism, are Cowardice personified.



    I’m sure I heard a Hun Bigotfest next door. A polis too.

  25. Quadrophenian,



    An excellent player but Ange will not let him near the team. Quite right too.




    Attitude is Everything.

  26. QUADROPHENIAN, hope you’re right, Ange needs time. Successful revolutions don’t happen overnight.