Cautionary tale from Denmark


Midtjylland play their second league game of the season away to AaB Aalborg tomorrow evening, hoping to win their first points.  Aab finished seventh last term, so it is a game Midtjylland will feel they have to win to get their domestic campaign on track.

Celtic are free of competitive pressures this weekend, facing West Ham at home tomorrow, where we can give players still working on their fitness an hour, then rest them for the trip to Denmark.

There is plenty of confidence ahead of the second leg against Midtjylland after a solid performance on Tuesday night but the name Aalborg will cause many of us to flinch.  The then Danish champions travelled to Celtic Park in the 2008 Champions League group stage.  It is fair to say they could be the weakest team we faced at that level, but indecisive finishing, for some of the game against 10 men, and a missed Barry Robson penalty, meant the game finished 0-0.

Celtic bossed the return leg at Aab’s tiny stadium and Robson atoned for his penalty miss by giving the visitors a second half lead.

Here’s the thing about football.  You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot.

I hope we use every moment of our preparatory time tomorrow wisely.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

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  1. punkrockbhoy67 on

    do you have a daughter Turkeybhoy? If it was my daughter I would be not be so happy as you . as for my msm views ? lo aye very good . so its ok he was flirting with a child? wind you own neck in. can you show me these facts that I seem to be missing ?

  2. DAVID 66,



    Apart from Bankier,I could not name a Board member,so I have no idea what any of their allegiances are.


    If you are saying ,we have Huns on the Board,I would really be shocked.Could not imagine that ever.

  3. Guys the way I see it is Griffiths was given another chance by the club, surely your beef should be with who decided to give another chance as I dont think he should have been given another contract, but he is there, sonwe should support him or vent your frustrations at the people who gave him another chance.



    D :)

  4. TURKEYBHOY not Huns just not got our interests at heart.




    Ps how are you doing over in Turkey with covid? My son in law is of Turkish decent although born here his grandparents and aunties/uncles are still over there and I know it was bad for a while.



    Pps when his Granpa was over we took him down to our local fir a Celtic away game with me and my mates and he was blown away with the atmosphere.



    D :)



    Every fact you seem to be missing.Anything you are spouting was MSM stuff.The female in question said he never knew her age.Investigated,found innocent.What else do you want?


    Yes,I have a Daughter.If it was her,I would break her fekin neck,as they say.Something her parents should consider.


    But feel free to carry on with your moral crusade.

  6. DAVID66 on 25TH JULY 2021 12:17 PM



    ‘sonwe should support him or vent your frustrations at the people who gave him another chance.’







    And how do you do that without mentioning Griffiths?

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH JULY 2021 12:21 PM



    How many females had he contacted online?



    What ages were they

  8. The club is on a downward trajectory – it has been since Brendan left but it didn’t become fully apparent in its extent till last season.



    We are still on that path. A change of CEO and manager may ‘put the brake on’, but we will need to stop the ‘rot’ before we can turn things around and head back in the right direction.



    We will bring in new players, but not all will be successful – Brendan bought seventeen with only five, or, six successes. The legacy of the last couple of transfer windows is still in our system and affecting us badly.



    Events have conspired against us with automatic CL qualification next season. The door is wide open for Ibrox, even with their dodgy financials, to consolidate its position as ‘top dog’. They are strong favourites for the title and a decent bet for CL qualification this season.



    Yesterday was only a pre-season game, but the on park and off the park displays were indicative of a club that has lost its way.



    A least one season of experimentation and trial & error is before us – unfortunately I think it will be more than one.



    I do believe that there is at least one non-football issue that is occupying minds at boardroom level at Celtic Park. We are experiencing a massive upheaval in our on the field business – will there be the equivalent at boardroom level? History shows there usually is when success turns to failure at football clubs.

  9. punkrockbhoy67 on

    im sorry but Celtic are much more important than Griff, he has let us down big time. in any other proffession he gets the sack . time to move him on

  10. DAVID 66,


    Thanks for the info.I know what you mean.May as well be Huns,right enough,could not do more damage.


    OK,here.3 jabs so personally OK.Problem is,Ramadan holiday just finishing,and he gave them 9 days off,so God knows what effect that will have.Vaccinating over 1 million a day.Figures much better than UK,but unable to get back to Scotland as Turkey still on Red List.Go figure.


    Love the Turks,until they get behind a steering wheel.The nicest guy in the world,turns into a raging demon.


    Take care,fingers crossed for Wednesday.

  11. celticforever on

    I have no idea what age the girls were who were chatting with Lee on social media


    and hopefully he didnt either


    Thinking back to when it happened Glasgows finest had just swept all the hun


    shenanigans under the carpet for the George Square and Caroline singalong


    happenings so I reckoned if there was even a 5% chance of Lee being guilty he would have


    been hauled over the coals by them and the fact he was cleared must have


    meant there was zero evidence



    On the other hand Lee should be giving social media a bye as he always


    gets into trouble with it one way or another

  12. ERNIE,



    I have no idea.If you do,however unlikely that would be,please enlighten us.Are you telling me the Police found he had committed offences and took no action?.


    In my book,if someone is not found guilty of any charge,thats the end of it.Of course if you take your info from sensationalist tabloids,you might,in your own head,think you are entitled to be Judge and Jury.


    Not that I am saying you do.Heaven forced.

  13. PUNKROCKBHOY67 on 25TH JULY 2021 12:24 PM


    moral crusade? aye very good. you sound like a good dad., break her neck? nice



    I did say,As they say”.You never heard the saying before?How old are you?

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So she wasn’t 15,she was 16….that’s ok then……he’s a couple of months away from going on the Register….

  15. Re Griff. When the police investigate crimes of this nature one of there first priorities is to remove any electronic devices from the alleged perpetrator, this material will be forensically anylysed. They would have seen everything on the devices, they would have seen how the interaction took place with the girl. If there was any crimes committed he would done in a flash.

  16. punkrockbhoy67 on

    Turkeybhoy . 2 qs if LG was a Sevco player would you be so sympathetic? does the LG side show help or hinder Ange & Celtic?

  17. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH JULY 2021 12:38 PM












    ‘In my book,if someone is not found guilty of any charge,thats the end of it.’







    Does your book have a title?



    How about, ‘Safeguarding for Dummies’?

  18. squire danaher on

    “That included the nervy netminder, but once again the blunder Bhoy is back in the spotlight after just three appearances at Parkhead this month.”



    CQN – Celtic News – Not Lazy Journalism.

  19. squire danaher on

    Quite remarkable number of examples of ‘Lazy Journalism’ MSM tropes and cliches in a sentence of 24 words.



    I counted 5.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We know AP has a lot on his plate,maybe he’s trying to do too much too soon,I would rather concentrate on getting that defence sorted out first,put Bain in until we get a real goalkeeper.

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Where do I start, feck me, with the team? with Leigh ? with the




    I’ll be back after a few Rid Biddy’s, litres not bottles.


    See you all after we trash Mitchyland.


    H.H. Mick

  22. onenightinlisbon on

    Wonder what The supporters of Griffiths would be saying if it was McGregor or Tavernier who were in his position?

  23. The Comfortable Collective on

    Does anyone know a pub in Aviemore which has Premier Sports? Thanks

  24. I don’t know the extent of Leigh Griffith’s wrongdoing on social media – or if indeed there was any wrongdoing. The police say no criminal activity, so perhaps it may be classed as distasteful for a figure in the public eye. Celtic needed such headlines like a ‘hole in the head’ at this juncture.



    Griffiths had been signed up to a new contract prior to this coming to light, therefore I suppose Celtic, paying heed to the police outcome, are bound to honour that contract. The only real decision is whether to keep him on the books, or, pay him off in full.



    I am still perplexed, given his form, fitness and application over the last three years, that it was decided to offer him a new deal.



    As for the booing – who knows what goes through some peoples’ heads when they enter a football stadium.

  25. Leigh Griffiths was given a contract, 1yr, in order to fill the gaps in the squad, at that time it wasn’t a bad idea, Ange said as much, that he was willing to knuckle down and do what he had to, to get into the team, fair enough. This was BEFORE the Social Media allegations, therefore that decision was based on the right reasons. Now, however, there are more than enough reasons to think that what he has said he is willing to do and what he is actually doing are two very different things. He still does things outwith the football side of things that are discouraging, to say the least, to his continuance as a player at the football club. It’s too late for him now, here in Scotland he will be booed at every game he plays no matter who he’s playing for. This is not the time for us to have this kind of diversion in a crucial season for the club. We should pay up his contract fully and be parted with him, hopefully, maybe sending him somewhere to fully investigate his wayward ways and illnesses, which may be one and the same, por cierto.

  26. POR CIERTO on 25TH JULY 2021 1:49 PM


    It’s too late for him now, here in Scotland he will be booed at every game he plays no matter who he’s playing for.




    Agree 100% with you on this and it is those Celtic fans yesterday, rightly, or, wrongly, who have ‘set the ball rolling’.



    He will be derided at every ground – and all the “It’s alright not to be alright, Leigh” banners won’t change it.

  27. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Gone from last season – Brown, Ajer, Moi, Laxalt, Duffy, Shved, Hendry, Bayo, Kenny, Frimpong, El,Hamed, Klimala.



    Eddy will go, hopefully N’tcham too. I also want Griff out for many reasons. Since Eddy is going it speaks volumes that Ajeti isn’t first pick; he too may go, same for Barkas. Christie too.



    Assuming above happens, Celtic-standard players remaining at the club from last year -,CalMac, Jamesy, Jullien (long-term injured), Turnbull.



    Rogic and Bitton are way past their peak, Welsh is unproven, Ralston is St Mirren class, Taylor is Killie class. Mike J is a sick note. The rest are young boys, with a couple of new signings, as yet unproven.



    The financial return to the club will be enormous if Eddy goes for the reported £22M from Brighton (£15M net after PSG %). The savings in wages alone will be astronomical, in addition to net transfer income (I know we’ve spent a report £12M on 3 players).



    Still no DoF (not that I believe that’s the answer, but the scouting set up remains unclear). Do we continue to see Man City youth team players coming on loan? Other loans?



    The team is extremely weak and the squad even more so. However, the business will report very health finances based on all of that above, despite the reported loss of 10K season book sales.




    “the reported loss of 10K season book sales”.




    Don’t disagree with anything you write.



    Where was it reported that we are down 10k on STs?


    He still does things outwith the football side of things that are discouraging, to say


    the least.



    IE …………………………IE…………………….IE




    Wonder what The supporters of Griffiths would be saying if it was McGregor or Tavernier who were in his position?



    What position is that.???????????????????????????????///






    Lots of IF IT WAS MY DAUGHTER Now if it was your daughter would you let her take photos in her undies never mind post them on an open forum.