Cautionary tale from Denmark


Midtjylland play their second league game of the season away to AaB Aalborg tomorrow evening, hoping to win their first points.  Aab finished seventh last term, so it is a game Midtjylland will feel they have to win to get their domestic campaign on track.

Celtic are free of competitive pressures this weekend, facing West Ham at home tomorrow, where we can give players still working on their fitness an hour, then rest them for the trip to Denmark.

There is plenty of confidence ahead of the second leg against Midtjylland after a solid performance on Tuesday night but the name Aalborg will cause many of us to flinch.  The then Danish champions travelled to Celtic Park in the 2008 Champions League group stage.  It is fair to say they could be the weakest team we faced at that level, but indecisive finishing, for some of the game against 10 men, and a missed Barry Robson penalty, meant the game finished 0-0.

Celtic bossed the return leg at Aab’s tiny stadium and Robson atoned for his penalty miss by giving the visitors a second half lead.

Here’s the thing about football.  You can think you are safe, then a deflected shot flies in from nowhere and a deflected cross hits a defender and allows a semi-professional outfit to beat Celtic to the Uefa Cup spot.

I hope we use every moment of our preparatory time tomorrow wisely.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

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  1. spikeysauldman on

    the coked up zoomers of today are the jaked up vomiters of yesterday.


    the original standing section with the songs about Colonel Gadaffi, Mad Dog McGlinchey, Argentina – any difference ?


    And who exactly first coined the phrase identity politics, or at least started using it frequently ? Hopefully not the same guys who started using the terms political correctness, red tape, far left, woke….


    And which generation left/contributed to the shitey aspect of the world/life that we live in today ?

  2. spikeysauldman on



    was down the Pitz Friday. Safe to say you’re not the best player in your house any more ? Seen all the weans taking part in the Celtic coaching events.

  3. If the wish of the major shareholders is that the CEO and board do all they can to facilitate a domestically successful team, but always in the context that the club/business remains basically solvent and not heavily indebted, then surely we must not be surprised if we have bad as well as good times. Without a real Ibrox challenge for so long, this strategy was relatively easy – things have changed unexpectedly fast.



    What sticks in my craw is that the exact opposite exists at Ibrox and is now proving successful; even after repeated yearly losses, the ravages of Covid and the apparent need to borrow £3.5m from the SNP devolved administration.



    I know that living within our means is the correct strategy, but are we destined to be a well-run but unsuccessful club going forward? There are those who still hang on to the hope of a second Ibrox implosion – is that now our best shot? I hope to God not.

  4. I was successful in the ballot for the West Ham game,but I never went ,reason the seat was in the Lisbon lions stand away up in the Gods,I’m nearly 78 and for me with health issues I would never make it walking up them stairs,disappointed I sure am was looking forward to watching the Hoops .

  5. TIMBHOY2 on 25TH JULY 2021 2:44 PM


    You should have got in touch with them and asked for a better seat. Probably too much short notice.

  6. TIMBHOY2 on 25TH JULY 2021 2:44 PM




    Sorry to hear that – although it is always a privilege and a pleasure to be in Celtic Park – you really didn’t miss much yesterday. However I know that will be of little consolation to you HH.

  7. Why did the EPL player get complete anonymity re the charges against him?



    Meanwhile Griffiths is on every front page.



    Guilty ’til proved innocent.



    I think we should be told.

  8. PHILBHOY on 25TH JULY 2021 2:57 PM



    I’m guessing the comments and screenshots were already out there in the public domain.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Has it been announced what the original uptake of ST’s were?



    Last year there was a great fanfare to announce max take up but don’t recall anything this time

  10. PHILBHOY on 25TH JULY 2021 2:57 PM


    ‘Why did the EPL player get complete anonymity re the charges against him?’







    Maybe because his lawyers were more proactive.



    Maybe because the complainer didn’t go to the media.



    Not that it mattered much in the end. His anonymity didn’t last long.

  11. Unless someone tells us quickly that Griffiths is taking legal action he has to be sacked.


    Just another thing being allowed to fester away in the background.

  12. An absolute shambles need a goalie and as full back four a decent midfeilder and a top class striker.dont give me this pish ange ain’t been here long enough he’s been here enough time to see that fucking embarrassment yesterday.playes should be in by now.thr buck stops way him.cany take the guy sounds lost already.hel be bagged in a few my mind he’s a yes man.kennedy Strachan McManus.3 deadbeats.hes ok’d that ?????fucking shambles

  13. see buta is linked with fernabace – Celtic dithering again with penny pinching offer. Get in , ask what would get the deal done – negotiate a little less in the same conversation and close the deal.



    Our board is truly shocking, uninspiring, and negligent to leave a team of youngsters and defense full of midfielders.



    time to get the finger out or the fans will be all over them!

  14. Viz readers,



    try and make your anonymous posts on a blog more dramatic and emotive by adding sweary words while bashing hard on the keyboard for emphasis.



    People will therefore understand your point mire easily and will automatically come round to your way of thinking.

  15. tut tut, pictures of the famine memorial and the garngad deemed as “pishy”, how very unknowing of the institutions history.



    i blame hot summer days and not sobered up yet.

  16. All you do is post pictures no one wants tae see while dodging the hard facts that are there in front of us.bigging up peter lawell and his Tory chums.rid neck

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    FAVOURITE UNCLE on 25TH JULY 2021 2:31 PM



    That was not my position but merely highlighting that a good few of his supporters on here would be jumping on it if a hun player was in the frame.



    I’ve made my views clear on Griffiths, both on his couldn’t care less attitude to his fitness and his social media involvement,



    I would have punted him on his attitude last season alone.

  18. your picking on the wrong guy. cease and decist from the personal attacks.



    I have never bigged up Peter or any member of the board.


    I will often state business reality items to contexalise what can and cannot be done by the owners.



    If me posting celtic, glasgow, scotland or historical items upsets you, dont open them.



    I am in the st francis state of mind, accepting the things i cannot change.



    If you get up angry everyday , health will catch up on you.






    Where there is doubt, faith.


    Where there is despair, hope.


    Where there is darkness, light.


    Where there is sadness joy.

  19. I stopped opening them yonks ago.youve bigged up the board and lawell many a time.fleecing us like the peasants they view us as.over and out.

  20. once again loads of negativity on here , you will all be getting a reputation of being from the dark side always remember we have a brilliant defensive coach in Mr. J. Kennedy as we are constantly being told from ex employee’s , in ange we trust

  21. celticforever on

    all Celtic fans here and each entitled to his opinion



    its not a hun site

  22. I am not sure when the whole concept of ‘Human Resources’ first came into accepted use, as in HR, then again don’t think the word ‘worker’ appears too often in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Got to assume that there is some kind of HR management at Celtic FC, and that the club does not rely solely on the details of the contract. Given the modern day young footballer’s tendency towards social media, twitter, instagram, facebook etc. does anyone know if the club gives out any form of advice and or guidance to its employees re social media or set any kind of standards regards their use?




  23. In my opinion Jock stein was the best manager we ever had in my time watching Celtic,and the team that he had playing for him were the best team that ever played as a team for us.



    We (at that time) had some good individual players but as a team they were by far the best team we have ever had,good football playing as a team. Mind you This post is what I seen from the early sixties up to the present day.there’s never been such a team in the whole of Scottish Football that were as good as Celtic in the sixtys.



    T must apolojise if my writing isn’t that good, I’ll blame the drinks I had on Friday at the golf ,I’m still suffering with Hangover effects.



    And lastly Get a grip with what you post on the blog,it’s driving me mad,and know douvt a lot of others will find it hard to come on this blog,by the posts that have been written in the last few days.

  24. all Celtic fans here and each entitled to his opinion



    not in some peoples eye’s , unless you know better.

  25. “BRIAN F on 25TH JULY 2021 3:26 PM


    All you do is post pictures no one wants tae see..”



    Presumptious nonsense.

  26. Old Tim



    ” And lastly Get a grip with what you post on the blog,it’s driving me mad,and know douvt a lot of others will find it hard to come on this blog,by the posts that have been written in the last few days.”



    I quite agree, Davy Bhoy.





    Far too nice a day to have a hangover !!