Celtic’s January 2012 transfer window


Michael Lustig arrived early on a pre-contract from Rosenborg.  A right back as tall as the North Stand he is one of the most curious signings we’ve made in a while, considering the strength we have in that position.

Rabiu Ibrahim, past-wonder-kid of African football, came in after negotiating an end to an unproductive stay in Eindhoven.  I hear lots about Ibrahim’s ability but Celtic will have to find a way of turning that into a productive force in the SPL, something PSV were unable to do in the Netherlands.

Polish international striker, Pawel Brozek, arrived on load from Trabzonspor, where he spent most of last year at the side of the pitch.  Pawel is an experienced pro who is likely to enjoy his time in the SPL.  He’ll keep the front pairing of Abbot and Costello on their toes, neither of whom will be certain of retaining their place.

Young players, Paul Slane, James Keatings and Lewis Toshney went out on loan to MK Dons, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock respectively, which Josh Thompson continued his tour of English towns and cities by heading to Chesterfield for 6 months.  None were likely to make more than cameo appearances this season, all will benefit from the career development opportunity.

Throughout the month I ignored stories that we would sell our prime first-team assets, Hooper, Stokes, Samaras, Forrest, Commons, Ki, McCourt and Matthews were all linked with clubs in England and offers were received for six of the above, but who in their right mind would sell top players in January when you are in a nip –and-tuck race for the title?

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  1. Afternoon all



    I spent a few hours on this little ditty last night. I hope it gives you a couple of minutes of joy



    I’m sure you all know the song but for the musically challenged…. its to the tune of don mclean american pie






    Hail hail

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    Heard Guidi complaining last night about callers that “they remember what you said four years ago and quote it back at you.



    Got me thinking about how many of us scoffed on here when he got the scoop from Minty about the regeneration plans for Ipox and the surroundings.



    I think we should now call up and apologise because it looks like there might be a casino and a wee row of shops on Edmiston Drive a lot sooner than we thought 

  3. mearns 2 milton on

    From Twitter : With Lafferty and Naismith injured, Rangers current avaliable top scorer is “own goal” with 4



    Retweeted by Paul67

  4. I was also glad we didn’t sign Best, would have been a waste of a signing. Would like us to get a big target man in but one that scores goals and doesn’t have an over-inflated ego.



    Lustig is a confusion, I’m presuming and hoping he will be good but Matthews could be a top full-back. I’d be happy with both but we need Cha and Wilson off the wage bill.



    Hoping that Juarez comes back and shows the ability that I know he has.

  5. bamboo says:


    1 February, 2012 at 13:34




    As far as I’m aware governments are not allowed to get involved with football club business.


    It is a absolute no-no with Fifa &Uefa . Scotland would be bombed out of all european and world football competitions.


    So the h**s will have to look else-where for some help.




  6. Walfrid's Brother on

    Afternoon CQN’ers :o)



    Can’t stop smiling. It’s great to be a tim.



    Another question that the bears should be asking the great Whyte knight is what happens if they win the tax case.


    I believe that liquidation is inevitable regardless of the result.






    Champers on ice for our league victory but that cork may have to be popped sooner :o)

  7. Paul 67



    I wish to make a complaint.



    Since you started posting multiple articles on a daily basis, I have had almost no time to work or contemplate life’s rich tapestry.


    I find myself pressing F5 when I am at work or staying glued to my mobile for minute by minute updates when I am at home.


    Things are now at the stage where I expect my wife considers that I am in the early stages of an affair with some wummin whose identity I have kept a closely guarded secret.


    I doubt that she will be persuaded that it is “just about football” given the degree to which I am practically welded to the screen of my telephone.



    Could we just agree the following:



    You will only post once, or maybe twice a day? Ok, three times if it is really important?



    You articles will be of only passing interest and will not suggest anything of earth-shattering importance otherwise I shall have to read all the posts that follow?

  8. Paul, agree a good transfer window , we also have Juarez and Rasmussen back, both could do a job if we get any major injury or suspensions.


    We now have a massive squad that should bring the treble home ,



    the run in starts this weekend with a cup win in Inverness we need to focus on our games whatever happens across the city at Ibrokes.

  9. garygillespieshamstring says:


    1 February, 2012 at 13:33



    Or Dawwell’s Sunday Post type Homlie ” Och well I guess we’ll never really knowwhat went on at Ibrox”



    Call yersel’ a journalist!!




  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Betting has been suspended on whether Ally McCoist will be first SPL manager to be sacked after a flood of bets.

  11. Paul67



    Aye, who would!



    Now hearing rangers players sent away early from training…

  12. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    oglach says:



    1 February, 2012 at 13:09



    Funnily enough…..



    This came up on RTC in the wee hours the other night. There is an article on E Tims at



    Can IPTV Save Celtic and the SPL




    and the table in it has subsequently been updated to take Rangers out of the equation. The sums are all estimates of course and in the updated table at



    Celtic (or SPL) TV Individual Game Bargaining




    You could substitute Hearts for Rangers and assume the income might increase by 50% as opposed to 100% with Rangers as in the orginal.



    I’m not saying it all hangs togther but it supports your point that losing Rangers is not necessarily a total loss of TV revenue if viable alternatives can be found.





  13. The Honest Cover-up on

    Abmucker says:


    1 February, 2012 at 11:47



    I agree with most of what you’ve said. It’s clear there is now a race against time to get as much dirt thrown at Craig Whyte by the old board to ensure HE gets the flack when bankrupcy hits. There are just weeks till the FTT is announced and Moonbeams will be praying the smelly stuff hits the fan before then.


    If it does then the tax case will be glossed over and history will be re-written that Craig Whyte was responsible for taking the club under and not Sir David Murray (knoghthood intact unlike Goodwin). If Whyte keeps them stumbling until then then, then its the Tax Case that spells armageddon. The timing is absolutely crucial and it’s running out.


    I noticed the FTT just held had been delayed from a previous date in November. I’m sure this was procrastinating on the part of Moonbeam’s legal people to buy more time. It certainly wasn’t Whyte’s doing as we all know he has no control over the Tax Case.


    You talk about “them” coming back though. I don’t know if you mean Paul Murray/King etc, but there is no way I can see David Murray returning. He simply won’t have the financial clout to massage his ego like he did in the 90s.


    I think he will settle for stitching Whyte up in the media and walk away able to say “not my fault”. He gave them 30 trphies after all and Whyte chose to buy from him ;-)


    It’s pefectly obvious his “Doctor’s appointment” was connected to this.



    Whyte must be praying they LOSE the Tax Case. Then he is exoected to actually inject some money and keep the club afloat and has no excuses. Perhaps Murray knew this and that is why the contracts stipulated that Whyte had no involvement in the defence.

  14. Paul,



    We don’t need to sell! Doesn’t get said enough.



    I want to see us retain ownership of our talents well into their 20’s. Those guys may not be good enough for Celtic until they’ve played 3 or 4 years at a pro level. Here’s hoping we don’t give up on them if they have one poor spell on loan. Nothing irks more than a player (i.e. Mulgrew) having to be re-signed because we were too hasty in our decision making. Sometime’s we can’t even afford the player who should have remained on our books. I mean Mulgrew was young, and someone other than the coach should have decided that a couple of years development elsewhere could be managed via a loan system rather than selling him and ‘buying’ him back. I know that one didn’t cost us, but it’s still crazy.



    oh and re-posted, re best



    BontyBhoy says:


    1 February, 2012 at 13:33


    Afternoon all,



    Feel like I’m missing something re Best. Why so much antipathy?



    I agree with Paul that a loan move for Best didn’t really make sense. On the other hand, i’ve seen a bit of Best this last couple of years and he is impressive in movement and workrate. He lacked a little confidence at EPL level but has found his feet. Has youth on his side. He’d have been a great permanent signing with genuine upside.



    I get why some think 2nd rate EPLer and all that tabloid thinking, but, football is played on the park and if you watch him play he has a lot of the attributes we normally admire. Anyway, maybe we’ll be back for him in the summer, and I’d like to know what ‘other’ reasons we may not. He’s not good enough for an aspirational Newcastle…

  15. leftclicktic






    Thanx bud. Probably not the best time to post it as a lot of people cant access youtube in work but at least i got first on the article



    Share the wealth. I’d be anthony-stoked if it could get a thousand views…



    Hail hail

  16. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    The tramp steamer CW is limping into its final harbour where plans to scuttle it in the harbour mouth, thus requiring repair and refloating to enable others to use the harbour, are well under preparation.



    Alternative plans to dynamite it into oblivion, should it be scuttled, should be being drawn up as well as some refurbishement ideas to spruce up the harbour after the detonation.

  17. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    My take on Lustig: versatility. In the Joos Valgaren mould – big guy, good on the right side, no qualms about playing centre back for over.



    Brozek: A breeze-block down the middle; will test the resolve of a few of the SPL’s self-perceived hard men. Expect Hooper/Stokes hoovering up a barrowload of chances from the wreckage of broken SPL cloggers strewn around penalty boxes. Bricks would refuse to be thrown at that guy.



    Ibrahin: Feynoord were unable to turn the ability of a certain Henrik Larsson into a productive force in Holland as well. Come follow the leader, Rabiu.

  18. So to have the £18m in the bank to prove he had the funds to buy the orcs(BEFORE HE SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE) the £18m he alledgedly got off ticketus craigy bhoy would have needed the help of SDM & Lloyds banking group to convince ticketus that he would have the right to mortgage the next 4 years STM, Or would ticketus be so foolish just to give him the money. Am i reading this right if its first option YAAAAAA DANCER.



  19. P67 / Bhoys



    From the Last Blog – thought you were just ignoring me….;-<






    "Not read the blog today but a couple of things caught my eye here & on Twitter



    Mort @ 11.36 & CQN retweet



    I have since sent a couple of ‘Rangers Fast Facts’ to a Darkside pal.



    These are:



    1. With Lafferty and Naismith injured Rangers current available top scorer is “Owen Goal” with 4.



    2. Season ticket money already gone BANG:


    23,154 in 2011-12


    27,017 in 2012-13


    27,014 in 2013-14


    23,154 in 2014-15



    Any suggestions for some further light-hearted wind-up/fun for my (or your) pet Orc?



    Thanks in anticipation




  20. It tec question folks, can you plug a mobile phone into a laptop and use it like a dongle?




  21. Twitter:


    Syed Masood @DrewyGonzalezXx


    betting suspended on the next SPL manager being sacked… Craig Whyte must have put £25m on it being McCoist

  22. Twitter again:


    Malky @GuidedOnColour


    This talk of McCoist having resigned is absolute lies!!! He hasn’t resigned ….he has re-signed as first choice striker. #rangers

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