Celtic 0-0 Hibernian


Celtic surrendered another two points to fall further behind in the championship race, drawing 0-0 at home against Hibernian.  It was a unorganised looking performance from the home team who gave Graham Stack little to do in the Hibernian goal.

Gary Hooper squandered Celtic’s only gilt-edged chance of the game when, after playing a one-two with Anthony Stokes, he struck the outside of the post with Ki available for the square pass.  Anthony Stokes had earlier tested Stack, who failed to hold the ball but did enough to clear.

When the same teams met on Wednesday James Forrest transformed the game when he drifted inside but he spent most of today’s game adrift on the right wing.  On two occasions he cut inside with purpose, once testing Stack with a blistering shot from 22 yards and later when a 25 yard pile-drive struck the crossbar, but Hibs were content to limit Celtic to such speculative efforts.

Neil Lennon was justified in his criticism of his front pairing of Stokes and Hooper today but Celtic were equally clueless in midfield.  There appeared to be no cohesion and there was certainly not a productive match plan.

Motherwell’s away win in Inverness gives the Lanarkshire side a three point lead, having played a game more, going into next week’s crucial game against Celtic at Fir Park.  Manager-less St Johnstone dropped three points at home this afternoon, leaving them four points behind Celtic in the fight for the last Europa League place.

This is where we are people, scrapping between Motherwell and St Johnstone. Get used to it.

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  1. I thought Broonie was OK with his deal and that it was his agent who wants Celtic to pay him as well that is the problem.


    Do you think the two bald guys in Hibs midfield would have had such success that they had today and on Wednesday had Broonie been playing?


    I don’t.

  2. Awe Naw



    I have never mentioned Hiddink, and I never said I wanted rid of Lenny, I did say he might no have what it takes, but much of that could be the combination of 4 rookies in the coaching staff.


    And the fact we are kicked with impunity.



    PL is the culprit imo, he is playing championship manager, and he is failing.

  3. we need a board that want the same thing we want


    a decent team on the park


    and that includes the bus stop dug out coaches




    sack the lot


    sack the board

  4. the long wait is over on




    How could you hate someone who scored twice for us against Them?



    Dont hate but dont rate.






    Messi hat trick in less than 30 minutes…

  5. Lurgan 53 – you must know in your heart that Brown has NEVER performed for Celtic on a consistent basis.



    I will be glad to see him gone and I hope he goes.



    This season is over (unless of course your life revolves around the league cup and scottish cup).

  6. Not my choices just throwing them out for consideration/debate:



    Dan Petrescu, Owen Coyle, Stale Solbakken, Michael Laudrup, Morten Wieghorst, John Collins, Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan, Paolo Sergio, Eric Gerets, Malky Mackay, Ivano Bonetti, Hector Cuper, Mark McGhee, Avram Grant, Ronald Koeman, Frank Rijkaard, Mark Hughes, Steve McLaren, Lee Clark, Roy Aitken, Slaven Bilic, Carlo Ancelotti, Paolo Di Canio, Chris Houghton, Steven Pressley, Terry Venables, Joe Jordan, Bernd Schuster, Klaus Toppmöller




  7. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    glendalystonsils says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:27



    It occurred to me last night I should change to 3rd..deary me….retaining what little bit of optimism I have.I’ll review at Xmas..

  8. Bloke109 is Neil Lennon says:



    I am a long time Lurker and most irregular poster but I have to say I found your latest post most pertinent.



    My real concern for us is who is going to be honest enough and brave enough sort the mess out.



    Never felt so bad about the Tic and never felt so guilty at feeling so bad.

  9. goldstar10 says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:28




























    They beat Rangers for fun last year, toyed with them home and away. What has happened? Have their heads been turned?






    yeah they were so good we lost the league , again, to bankrupt fc. They and our managemnet and board all flatter to deceive – not a Larsson, Sutton, or Tommy Boyd ch character amoungst our whole squad.

  10. BTW I think we will beat Motherwell next week.



    Not because we are any good or because the manager is any good.



    I think we’ll beat them because ordinary teams beat other ordinary teams away from home from time to time.

  11. A large ingredient in the turning point last years was Kris Commons, i couldn’t wait to see him have a good close season and run amok against the SPL fodder.



    Whatever has went wrong there, it needs fixed and it needs fixed urgently.

  12. The long wait is Over



    I’m not for a second saying Sammi is waht we need, not for a second.All I’m saying is he does not hide and he does try.


    something is wrong, something serious. The same team as last year with a few reasonable additions this year yet we are miles worse, WHY???



    Maybe you and I could get a game, eh, at least we’d try and it would be interesting to see the comments about us on here,eh?



    Be good



    Hail Hail




  13. Is’nt it a shame that sometimes Celtic let us down.


    We deserve better.


    We should always be the best,..& always satisfying our every selfish need.


    How dare they let us down.


    See me ? I never let anybody down.


    I ALWAYS get it right.


    I am not sure I can continue to support these under-achievers.




  14. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:24


    Never mind Bhoys – Auld Heid will be on soon to tell us all about the balance sheet…that’ll make us all feel better, eh?



    thats a shocking thing to say. there’s not a bigger celtic supporter on this blog than auldheid.

  15. the glorious balance sheet on

    I remember going to games back in 96/97 and a constant feature then was that Andreas Thom would look lively at the start of a game. Then he`d take a kick or two in the leg, lose interest and fade from the game, cheering up only when he was substituted.



    Gary Hooper`s performance today reminded me of those days.

  16. bloke 109 is NL



    You talk a lot of sence. Many are culpable,however if i wake up tomorrow i wont be a hun,that to me is a lone posative at the moment.HH

  17. on last season:


























    In the close season we needed two experienced players to enhance a good young team instead we went for 4 or 5 punts on more young players from all over the world giving an a disjointed squad.



    Not convinced change of manager is the answer – think of the last short-listed that was drawn up by this lot.



    We need good experienced streetwise players on the pitch.


    When we signed Lennon, Thomspon and Mjallby as players they were all established players. When was the last time we signed players with similar experience?



    Our signing policy is the route of all our problems. Who evers grand plan it is to buy so many young players should go or be told to change policy quickly.

  18. Awe_Naw and Margaret


    I’m in complete agreement with you both, Lenny must stay until the season’s finished or he himself


    decides to walk, but with the proviso that he insists that the four Mouseketeers’:


    Hooper, Kayal, Ki and Commons are dropped into the reserves at least ’til the January


    window and that they be immediatey be replaced by wee James the Lionheart’s


    talented pals who have performed so well in the NextGen compition.


    What’s to lose? Certainly not face…the Huns have had the exclusive rights on


    Criminal brass necks for decades thanks to the press poodle pack.


    Gollum and his pals are as corrupt as their SFA masters in the protection


    racket of the Rankers to demonise Lenny to levels of hatred hitherto unseen.


    This is far far bigger than the odd game lost/drawed or lost.


    This is about the whole Celtic community where arbitrary laws in committee


    Stage formation found ultimately wanting and biased but still heralded by those


    whose aim is the continuation of the coverup and survival of a club whose corporate


    core business ethos and malpractice has been designed to attract the dregs and detritus of


    an underclass in this small country.


    Don’t you go where them Hun huskies go..


    And don’t you eat that yellow snow.



  19. If NL does leave? Big Joe Jordan is the man for me, A Tim, he has also been here before under difficult circumstances and we know he will not put up with prima donna players, a few black eyes on the training ground may sort out a few of our alleged better players

  20. If it’s true that (I know I know) Commons & Lenny have fallen out, who wins at this particular time?



    Commons, who most agree is the missing link, or the manager.



    I know it’s only hearsay, but boy how we miss Commons.

  21. Is the Board to blame for the fact we have a team packed with internationals who didn’t try a leg and cheated the fans against what is basically a pub team?


    Is the Board to blame for the fact our manager seems incapable of playing the same team two games in a row; seems incapable of motivating them; seems incapable of deciding what his best formation is?


    Against a team sitting back against us we had Ki and Matthews on the left, both right footers, when it should have been Ledley and El Khadouri.


    I’m sorry to say it, but I think the manager has to go, and Thompson has to go with him.


    The first halfs against Kilmarnock and Hibs, the second half against Rangers and the entire home games against St Johnstone and Hibs show that there is something badly wrong with our team and those who are supposed to be “managing” them.


    Something has to be done. Right now.

  22. Clueless and shambolic.


    No passion, no fight and no idea.


    One of the worst Celtic performances


    i’ve had the misfortune to watch.


    Root and branch change required.


    Or are we just waiting for Rangers to go


    into administration.


    C’mon Celtic.

  23. KilbowieKelt



    Ach come on. I have no problem in Celtic fans feeling let down by a bundle of players who weren’t up for the fight, who went through the motions. The club never lets me down. Spot the difference.

  24. Paddy Gallagher on

    This is where we are people, scrapping between Motherwell and St Johnstone. Get used to it.



    No – I cant get used to it. Put the guys out that show fire in their bellies at training. I don’t care if the majority are youth players just so long as they are winners.



    Neil will be thinking hard tonight and who can blame the man? I hope more than anything he is content and happy in any decision he makes and he will have my 100% support whatever he decides.



    Legends deserve our backing.

  25. blantyretim says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:42



    haha, not flat on your back you’re not. hope you’re not suffering too much with your back

  26. oglach- You cannot even begin to compare the performances of these players from last Jan-May to what they are currently delivering.



    We lost the league for a number of reasons, one being the 7 point deficit before the likes of Kayal, Ki, Mulgrew, Wilson and Commons started to make a real impact.



    Izzy & Broony’s long term injuries apart- it is still the same names on the teamsheet.

  27. deckchairs in the jungle on

    Kayal chucked it against kilmarnock and should never have seen a Celtic jersey again. Play Wanyama every game.

  28. my bhoycott is over, finally people are looking at the bigger picture ‘celtic’. moving lenny on aint gonna do anything, as jock s said: players win matches, celtic have to few good one, and the few they do have are to young to take on the responsibility. time for that soft loan from DD. get into the summer then get a team together, 1 goalkeeper, 2 centre backs, 1 creative mid and 1 quality striker.



    tbh i’d let anybody go right now, we need change, but only if we can get better, if we cant get better then we’d be as well sticking with what we’ve got until we can afford quality players, even if that’s one at a time.



    let brown, odea, loovens, du ria, M.wilson, foster contract lapse this year, that will give us about 70k on 1 maybe two players salary, who can make difference

  29. Kilbowie Kelt says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:37



    I know what you mean. I really do. And I agree.



    But what I cannot take is players belittling the club I love.



    I’m old and ugly enough to have perspective.



    Take care.




  30. JohnBhoy says:


    29 October, 2011 at 19:42



    The term international player is somewhat subjective. Yes we have international players with a few caps for not very good international teams. That is suprisingly apart from Big Dan with Sweden and young Ki with South Korea the rest, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, Kenya – the international equivalent of pub teams – IE it really doesn’t take much skill to be selected for these teams.



    Are you DD in disguise?

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