Celtic 1-0 Hearts


Victor Wanyama scored the only goal of this game after 72 minutes, a postage stamp corner cracker from outside the box, but the 90th minute created most drama as Fraser Forster saved an Eggert Jonsson penalty to secure the points.

Celtic were forced into yet more injury changes as third choice right back, Cha Du-Ri, was drafted in, in the absence of Adam Matthews and long-term absentee, Mark Wilson.  With Emilio Izaguirre and Joe Ledley both close to returning to action Charlie Mulgrew played left back, giving Celtic a physical looking formation but they struggled to impose themselves in the opening 30 minutes.

Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes offered little up front all day but Hooper had two gilt-edged chances before the break.  James Forrest hooked an awkward cross in from the right which the Hearts defence failed to deal with, allowing Hooper to  shoot from inside the six yard box but he tame effort missed the target.  Minutes later Hooper was again presented with a chance inside the box after Georgios Samaras hit the goal-line on the left but the striker failed to get his feet in gear.

Anthony Stokes connected well with a shot from 25 yards which tested Kello, the only real effort either keeper had to deal with in the first half.  Stokes came close again after the break but he couldn’t quite get high enough to above James Forrest’s cross and his header rebounded off the bar.

Charlie Mulgrew struggled with his delivery from free kicks and corners all afternoon but the ball broke to Victor Wanyama on 23 yards out after one Mulgrew free kick.  The Kenyan brought his foot from right to left across the ball, injecting a devilish degree of swerve to leave Kello rooted to the spot as the ball flew into the net.

With the clock running down Fraser Forster failed to deal with a corner and Wanyama was penalised in the resulting melee inside the box resulting in the penalty.  With Jonsson ready to take the kick Georgios Samaras stood over the ball insisting it was not correctly on the spot, taking a clear opportunity to unnerve the kicker.  Jonsson refused to re-spot the ball until the referee moved it clearly away from its initial position and insisted it was placed again.

When Jonsson eventually took his kick he struck it well enough but Fraser Forster dived quickly to his left and turned the ball behind.  The winning run continues.

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  1. Never mind big Sammi at the pen, what about Hearts launching the ball into our penalty box after we put it out for a player to receive treatment? I suppose the media missed that one. Well done big FF, delighted for you, culd be a big moment in the title race.

  2. Ard Macha



    Thank you



    Sandman Is Neil Lennon



    Opening sentence is wrong.



    The ball wasn’t on the spot, that’s why Sammi pointed and Murray made the Hearts player move it.



    It would only have been ‘gamesmanship’ if the ball was correctly spotted, in the first place.



    Well done Sammi for noticing it.

  3. Last post on the last thread, cheers Paul67!!



    angelfc67 says:



    10 December, 2011 at 20:34



    Jude & the long wait is over,



    Cheers for that. Nothing like a penalty save to win it at the end of the game to lift the spirits.



    Broony gets a lot of stick on here, might not be the most gifted, but bhoy does he have the heart (and a bit bonkers to boot).



    A boy from Edinburgh celebrating against his rivals? surely not!

  4. Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois on

    I just did a google search for “Rangers Donald McIntyre” and saw that the Daily Record and The Sun both did the McIntyre cash settlement story with a journalist with the same name – Dave Finlay.



    Is that a coincidence or is it the same guy? Is that normal? Aren’t these two papers rivals?

  5. I like Brown and I was pleased that he re-signed for exactly what happened today – at the end of the game. Toe to toe with them..

  6. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Hertz were the ones indulging in gamesmanship. The sooner they go to the wall the better.

  7. lennon's passion on

    Sannabhoy – there’s only 1 Kano 1000 says:


    10 December, 2011 at 20:36



    Agree mate,Just find it hard to believe someone headbutted someone for taking to long to get in the stadium.No words exchanged etc just wallop for having your card round the wrong way.

  8. just home from match….



    very big thanks to MWD.. enjoy the rest of your birthday mate.



    met Stephen Black before match..


    Met Antony after match and he probably has no idea it ws me because I was sober..



    Winning Gemmel was at St Michaels at 5.15.didn’t get a chance to speak to him….



    I love Celtic and I love the Celtic family….



    ok drink time…

  9. Jhilday


    Your experience has tarnished what should


    have been a good day.


    There is still a long way to go to make our


    society a better place to live in.



  10. Good to see Sammi stepping up to the plate at the penalty.



    But was that not the captain’s job?

  11. charles kickham on

    well done paul67



    you managed to talk about the game without too much detail about the refereeing performance – a mean task



    hail hail

  12. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Sammy did it as payback,it happened to him at the midden where he too missed.

  13. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    The ball was placed forward of the penalty spot in an effort to gain an advantage. Both Sammi and Forster were perfectly correct to dispute this gamesmanship from Hertz.


    I’m glad others on here have also recognised this.

  14. praecepta..



    candle was lit at St Michaels Parkhead for you and your family..



    god bless mate…

  15. Paul 67



    “With the clock running down Fraser Forster failed to deal with a corner and Wanyama was penalised in the resulting melee inside the box resulting in the penalty.”




    Really Paul??



    The corner was an outswinger which was knocked down on the ground to a Hearts player who swivelled and shot. Fraser saved that shot with a wonderful reaction and the ball went up in the air, resulting in Victor leading with his arm and giving Calum Murray an excuse.



    At what point in this process, do you think Fraser should have intervened?



    With the last thread ending on a suggestion that we buy the Hearts keeper, I wonder whether Fraser will ever win over our fans. It seems we want to go back to the old days when Packie used to regularly sail out to the edges of his area chasing flighted balls only to miss them and leave the goal line unguarded. Fraser earned us a clean sheet today and made 2 great saves at the pen award (before and during)

  16. lennon's passion on

    Genuine question does anyone know a Celtic scout who watches young players in the Central belt area.

  17. ernie lynch



    sammi bashers told me he was wasting time and had they scored it was sammis fault because he


    was wasting time…



    i kid u not

  18. Great result today.



    Proud of Lenny and the Lhads – their celebrations at the goal, FF’s outstanding penalty save and the final whistle…Priceless :))








    Don’t let it go. Disgusting. Get that scumbag bang to rights – it won’t be long before he does it to someone else again. Try and not let it ruin your weekend bud. Unprovoked attacks like that will have happened to most of us at some point – from experience, it’s not worth wasting time thinking about it. Karma’s a sure thing. The guy’s life is obviously a tragedy.

  19. A win for Madrid tonight will see their league over before Christmas.



    Sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

  20. lennon's passion on

    charles kickham says:


    10 December, 2011 at 20:47



    The wife’s nephew is by all accounts a very good player,arsenal have spoke to his dad after a tourney in England recently.The darkside were going to his game a few weeks back but it was called of due to weather.Long story short i was telling my mate this morning about the young boy who is Celtic daft,he said his ex-wife`s father done scouting for Celtic bit would find out if he still did it.Told the wife this when i got home she phoned the boys father and know Ive a Celtic scout coming to watch the boy.

  21. @Martin Kane setting free the Kano 1000



    i had a good view too.. it was an out-swinger if i remember correctly, ended up out left, it got hammered in so quick from the left – at the same time as a Hearts players’ arm went up – a very hard one to call for me.. but then the usual formula kicks in, penalty! Hearts!

  22. BT





    Lost my phone for a week or so’


    Got it back will call you tmrw/monday



    A clamor rises from the pitch

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