Celtic 1-0 Inverness


Joe Ledley scored the only goal of the game as Celtic restored their four point lead at the top of the SPL but although the visitors didn’t force a save from Fraser Forster this was a tight encounter for most of the afternoon.

The opening minutes firmly belonged to Celtic.  Georgios Samaras had a first minute shot deflected wide and Victor Wanyama headed narrowly over from the resultant Charlie Mulgrew corner kick.  Inverness’ first venture up-field forced Mulgrew into an important interception on the edge of the area to deny Nick Ross.

The best move of the game resulted in the only goal.  Gary Hooper combined with Adam Matthews before James Forrest collected wide on the left.  The winger raced forward and fired the ball across the face of goal for Joe Ledley to meet it at the back post and knock the ball home.  Back post runs have been particularly profitable for Ledley this season.

Four minutes later Charlie Mulgrew worked the goalkeeper with a free kick from just outside the angle of the box but Ryan Esson turned the ball over.

At half time Celtic could have reflected that despite enjoying the vast majority of possession their lead remained narrow; twin strikers Georgios Samaras and Gary Hooper didn’t have much of an opening.

Early in the second half referee McLean had his first major decision of the day when Richie Foran wrestled Scott Brown to the ground, after play at stopped, with an arm around Brown’s neck.  The incident deserved a yellow card but Foran was already booked and the ref took no action.  Five minutes later Daniel Majstorovic ambled towards a ball played over his head but Inverness striker Jonny Hayes flew past the Celtic defender forcing Majstorovic into a sliding tackle five yards from his box.  Despite making clear contact with the ball, and no protests from Hayes, who continued to chase, the assistant referee indicated to the ref McLean that Majstorovic fouled.  McLean showed the Swedish central defender, who was the last man, a straight red card.

Inverness pressed forward and forced Celtic to defend deeply but the visitors were unable to create a genuine chance.  On 73 minutes an Adam Matthews free kick from near the corner flag was cutback to Ki, who mishit his shot, which appeared to be going out for a throw in but Georgios Samaras chased the lost cause with some effect.

Catching the ball on the line Samaras spun and darted past Williams, who, already on a yellow card, bundled the Celtic striker off the field.  The referee, perhaps mindful of his earlier trigger-happy moment with Majstorovic and failure to punish Foran, gave Williams a second yellow.

Back on an equal man-count Celtic were never again put under pressure although Hayes caught the defence napping to latch onto a 40 yard pass but fired over.

Jinky Samaras could have wrapped up the points late on with a mazy run but he was unable to convert.

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  1. I’m with my old friend and team-mate Rimtimtim. Barcelona will win, or at least draw. It’s three-two for Osasuna with less than 15 minutes to go, and Osasuna have just hit the post, but Barcelona will score again, at least once.

  2. The Osasuna goalie, Andrés Fernández, makes his third incredible save of the night, from Cristián Tello.

  3. Why is it that in a society where there are corrupt civil servants, businessmen, accountants, policemen and lawyers who are regularly struck off by their professional bodies and sent to prison by the courts we are expected to believe that when these same Masonic jobsworths don a referee’s garb they are above suspicion?



    In a society where there is a long history of societal anti-Irish racism and anti-RC prejudice why are we expected to believe that there is no residual prejudice still remaining in all walks of life—even the brethren of the S.F.A.?



    What I witnessed today was biased refereeing. I don’t need to see proof that it was caused by corruption or prejudice but I think it is fair to assume that something sinister caused it.



    If it quacks and waddles like a duck there is a fair chance that it might be one.



    I can’t believe that these people get £1,000 a game for this.

  4. Celtic_First says:


    11 February, 2012 at 20:35



    with you all on this ,no matter what happens in La Liga , Barca are still the best, probably up there with the Lions and Brazil 70.


    “we don`t care whether we win lose or draw, what the hell do we care ” They can beat Madrid whenever they want, they have just taken their eye off the prize on this one.

  5. Hi all


    Delighted with the win 35 mins with 10men after 3 games in 7 days, against a team who never give us an easy game. Shocking sending off club must appeal this and those responsible have sanctions taken against them.


    Want to give a big shout for Celtic supporter Stephen Gallacher who is in the final group tomorrow at the Dubia Desrt Classic, go for it Stephen you can do it.

  6. PF


    Started getting worried at that point when i saw the blatancy of the decision.


    Also the foul on VW when ICT got the fk !

  7. the long wait is over on

    Anyone who thinks the honest mistakes are changing for the better is naive.



    Didn’t rangers get two shocking decisions at ICT in the very first game of the season?

  8. Gordon



    from a point ,roughly about half way thro` the first half , he called a few dodgy ones



    he then went from bad to atrocious …the one on Vic was absolutely outrageous

  9. Re the overly wound, two-bob rocket that is Bartley,



    He’s been primed by the special talents that are the Fat Winker and Schnozzle…..



    A ‘career’ at Motherwell is a real possibility.





    (MixedMetaphor CSC)

  10. tlwio



    their second pen was a crazy award



    also did ICT not get a couple of decent pen shouts waved aside



    that was brother Norris tho`

  11. PF




    HD would have been proud.


    We need to be on our guard.


    They don’t think it’s over.

  12. the glorious balance sheet on

    A concerning performance from all three officials today.



    I am astounded of forehead – given the evidence of today`s display – that McLean is actually on Scotland`s list of FIFA referees. Meaning that someone somewhere within the SFA has deemed him to be among the top 5 referees in the country and fit for handling European ties.



    Somebody should really be sending footage of today`s game to FIFA and asking if they`re happy that such a performance is deemed worthy of FIFA accreditation.



    Did anyone else notice the incident well after Dan had been sent off and Celtic had been given a free kick deep in Inverness territory? The South Stand linesman stood still on the touchline for a full two minutes and held a conversation with the Fourth Official Charlie Richmond. I`ve never seen a linesman and Fourth Official confer like that during a game before. Most strange, and I wonder what they were talking about.



    McLean incidentally is 30 years old and probably on course for 15 years of handling Celtic-Rangers games (assuming the Forces of Darkness don`t become extinct!) and domestic Cup Finals. What a joke Scottish football is.

  13. bankiebhoy



    Bartley is another plastic hardman



    two-bob rocket is right



    thinks he`s a ticket …could do with good booting

  14. Eleventh corner of the half.



    Last minute.



    Taken short. Cuenca to Alves, Cesc gets on the end of it, Fernández saves the header.

  15. alright lads



    17 domestic wins in a row,5 goals conceded.39 scored.



    13 games with 2 goals or more scored and just as important 8 of those games have been won by one clear goal.



    not even the funny handshake brigade can stop lennys lions now




  16. Gordon






    Dalglish is in danger compromising his own integrity unless he deals with that muppet

  17. the long wait is over on




    Yep the second penalty decision was truly shocking.



    One of the things that sticks in my mind about the Italian refereeing scandal a few years back was how the investigation showed the extent to which an experienced referee knew the significance of giving seemingly small decisions in favour of the preferred team. Nothing too obvious but just enough to improve the odds. At least they were subtle.



    Any Celtic fan can reel off decision after decision over the years which are inexplicable and not in the least subtle.



    Not that I’m suggesting corruption, ken.



    Nothing more than honest mistakes. We all accept that , don’t we?





  18. I thought Real Madrid were playing tonight, but it’s tomorrow.



    We’re going with Betis-Athletic Bilbao.

  19. PF


    Suarez and Liverpool displayed a lack of class.


    If that had been one of our players i would chase him.

  20. Celtic_First



    I watched the Barxa game on a stream and the comentator, American, said that Ossasuna hadn’t lost a home game in 12, I think, years when they had taken the lead, amazing stat.



    Cesc should have scored at the end, he had a free header, put it into the keepers hands.

  21. ….PFayr says:


    11 February, 2012 at 20:59



    if you saw the after match interview, integrity was in short supply, gone too far in defence of a spoiled millionaire brat. Get rid now.

  22. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    the glorious balance sheet says:


    11 February, 2012 at 20:49



    If he is good enough to be FIFA accredited, and who are we to doubt that he’s good enough to make that grade, then that only adds weight to the accusation that he cheated us today.




  23. tlwio



    the most devious of MIBs can influence the game in a subtle fashion



    we`ve seen it for years



    no 50/50 decisions ..FK`s to disrupt play , failing to allow advantage , double standards re FK`s ..etc etc



    Mclean did all of that today and a few major decisions thrown in

  24. Gordon64/PFayr,


    astounding lack of class shown and for kenny to say he never knew,it disnae wash with me,


    he and liverpool have handled this badly since day one,i thought they were a better club than this

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