Celtic 1-0 Inverness


Joe Ledley scored the only goal of the game as Celtic restored their four point lead at the top of the SPL but although the visitors didn’t force a save from Fraser Forster this was a tight encounter for most of the afternoon.

The opening minutes firmly belonged to Celtic.  Georgios Samaras had a first minute shot deflected wide and Victor Wanyama headed narrowly over from the resultant Charlie Mulgrew corner kick.  Inverness’ first venture up-field forced Mulgrew into an important interception on the edge of the area to deny Nick Ross.

The best move of the game resulted in the only goal.  Gary Hooper combined with Adam Matthews before James Forrest collected wide on the left.  The winger raced forward and fired the ball across the face of goal for Joe Ledley to meet it at the back post and knock the ball home.  Back post runs have been particularly profitable for Ledley this season.

Four minutes later Charlie Mulgrew worked the goalkeeper with a free kick from just outside the angle of the box but Ryan Esson turned the ball over.

At half time Celtic could have reflected that despite enjoying the vast majority of possession their lead remained narrow; twin strikers Georgios Samaras and Gary Hooper didn’t have much of an opening.

Early in the second half referee McLean had his first major decision of the day when Richie Foran wrestled Scott Brown to the ground, after play at stopped, with an arm around Brown’s neck.  The incident deserved a yellow card but Foran was already booked and the ref took no action.  Five minutes later Daniel Majstorovic ambled towards a ball played over his head but Inverness striker Jonny Hayes flew past the Celtic defender forcing Majstorovic into a sliding tackle five yards from his box.  Despite making clear contact with the ball, and no protests from Hayes, who continued to chase, the assistant referee indicated to the ref McLean that Majstorovic fouled.  McLean showed the Swedish central defender, who was the last man, a straight red card.

Inverness pressed forward and forced Celtic to defend deeply but the visitors were unable to create a genuine chance.  On 73 minutes an Adam Matthews free kick from near the corner flag was cutback to Ki, who mishit his shot, which appeared to be going out for a throw in but Georgios Samaras chased the lost cause with some effect.

Catching the ball on the line Samaras spun and darted past Williams, who, already on a yellow card, bundled the Celtic striker off the field.  The referee, perhaps mindful of his earlier trigger-happy moment with Majstorovic and failure to punish Foran, gave Williams a second yellow.

Back on an equal man-count Celtic were never again put under pressure although Hayes caught the defence napping to latch onto a 40 yard pass but fired over.

Jinky Samaras could have wrapped up the points late on with a mazy run but he was unable to convert.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    the glorious balance sheet says:


    11 February, 2012 at 20:49



    Have seen none of the Celtic game,so can`t comment on the standard of reffing.


    However,it can have been no worse than Winter,who reffed the hun game.


    It was so blatantly biased that the attitude now appears to be:


    ” I know I`m a cheat.You can see I`m a cheat and,guess what.


    I don`t give a damn.”

  2. jmccormick



    haven`t seen anything of the Pool game



    Suarez needs brought into line ..not supported…. because he is wrong



    how dare Evra complain about being the subject of persistant racist comment ….i mean really

  3. the long wait is over on

    Pf Ayr



    We should run a poll on the top three worst ever refereeing decisions against us or for them .



    Mine would be



    Cadete away at Ibrox



    Collums penalty award to broadfoot



    The Rev’s entire performance at Ibrox against Dundee Utd.



    I could go on.



    A top ten wouldn’t be enough. The decision today probably wouldn’t even make it in…

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Just on, so haven’t read back,……anyone know how long Rogne is out for ?…. he’s the ‘missing link’…. too many needless (rash) tackles, fouls and lapses in concentration from Big Dan …. probably not quite match sharp after his time out, but we can’t afford to carry passengers for the run-in……good 3 points, but not very entertaining, I’m afraid….need to step up the pace /urgency, ala Wednesday….!!!!…….ICT are, nevertheless, a bunch of cluggers, and, as for their manager — FUD……..



    Are the honest mistakes creeping back in again ??…don’t know why, since the bhuns will be out of business by the end of March…

  5. I mentioned a couple of weeks back that Mark McGhee would worthwhile keeping a check on in his new job at Bristol Rovers. they won again today. his record is won 4 drew 1 lost none so far.




  6. watched the paris buns game today, no surprises. Elbows kicked the living beejaysus out of anyone in black and white, he held his head as if he’d been assaulted at least three times. Goian is a very dirty reprobate, the ref was a fat balloon, Ally rejoiced as if he’d won the big cup. Then the bhoys go and spoil it all by winning! Incidentally the paris buns support lety themselves down terribly today, they went through their entire canon of hate & bile, the end can’t come soon enough!!

  7. Gordon64,



    Don’t be fooled by the media circus surrounding Suarez.


    I wouldn’t have shaken Evra’s hand either. I know that Suarez’s explanation for the original incident is a good one, and more importantly, so does Evra!


    The term “negro” is in common usage amongst the general public in south america. It depends on how it’s used if it should be deemed offensive or racist or not.


    The English media are tripping over themselves at the moment in a frenzy of righteousness to lambast Suarez, but where is their condemnation of John Terry, who cannot excuse his remarks quite so easily?


    Evra, for his part, is a reprehensible little pr*ck who is on record as saying that he sees nothing wrong with cheating if it ultimately leads to victory (see his comments after Henry’s goal, France v Ireland), and has previous in pulling the racism card when things aren’t going so well.



    I detest racism in all it’s forms, as you do Gordon. Just don’t believe the hype.

  8. davythelotion



    one of our number was on last week



    extolling the virtues of Ref(brother) Winter




    i hope he revises his opinion after todays performance



    btw ..all perspective seems to have been lost re the hun victory today ……they were playing the bottom of the league to haven`t had a victory at home all season …long may delude themselves

  9. That Daniel Cousins contract in full:



    £7500 per week in used £10’s, £20s (non-sequential)


    Next in line after Fat Sam in the canteen


    every tuesday free to attend weightwatchers


    elasiticated shorts

  10. just reading back … cant believe some people saying it was a soft 2nd yellow on the ICT CH … it was his 5th foul since he got the first yellow.



    as for dalglish …he has no class

  11. Reiperman



    an astounding comment from you



    re Suarez comment …he speaks English he knew fine well what he was saying



    Evra may be a turd …doesn`t mean Suarez isn`t a racist



    and doesn`t excuse his petulent foolish display today

  12. Rieperman


    I know what i saw.


    Suarez is a disgrace and i wouldn’t have him if


    we got him for nothing.

  13. The Exiled Tim



    Not sure what that would refer to. Osasuna have already lost two home league games this season, against Rácing and Atlético Madrid.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Rieperman says:


    11 February, 2012 at 21:18



    I agree.


    I refused a handshake during a game.


    To have accepted would have been hypocrisy.


    Remember the outrage about fat Blatter`s comments on racism at the start of the season?


    ” Just shake hands at the end of the game!”

  15. ….PFayr says:


    11 February, 2012 at 21:19





    agreed, the attitude appears to be that now that the bottom of the league club, who haven’t won a home game since Noah was a joiner’s apprentice, have been beaten, we’re fine!!!!!



    Winter looked like an overweight dud, he might be a nice guy, but he saw enough bad tackles to make a decision, incidentally, elbows looks desperate, watch the highlights

  16. I may be wrong,but did the refereeing decisions last season,got worse after the Scottish referees had their week away in Spain.I would suggest that it looks as if this season will head the Same way.Or I am an other paranoid Celtic supporter.Slan

  17. celtic-first



    when osasuna had taken the lead. they didn’t score in those defeats




  18. For me,Dalglish,undoubtedly a marvellous player,blotted his copybook several times,he acted as european agent for rangers for a short time,also,based on video evidence,sanctioned,at enormous expense, the purchase of the worst brazilian player I have ever seen,appointed John Barnes to the position of Celtic manager,and after this spectacular show of ineptitude,he sued the club who made him.Based on these facts,I would’nt concern myself too much regarding his ‘integrity”,when Fergus Mc Cann advised Celtic not to touch the dalglish led consortium with a bargepole,I admit,I was shocked,but,as subsequent events were to show,he was absolutely right.

  19. ..PFayr- Probably me, I have praised Winter in the past, the best in the SPL.



    Only saw the first half today at East End Park, the free kick for the 2nd goal was a joke, typical McCulloch, as was one just before that for an Aluko best man fall.



    I have indeed revised my opinion!




  20. PFayr, Gordon64,



    I’ve spent a lot of time in South America and find little offence in what Suarez said. I believe that Evra, not for the first time made something out of nothing. After today it is clear that Luis Suarez feels the same.


    As I said before, I detest racism in all it’s forms but there was no story here until Evra, who for some reason is racially abused about twenty times more often than every other black player put together, ran crying.



    I know what I saw too. I don’t shake hands with people I consider cheats either.

  21. Ten Men Won The League on




    Dalglish lost his integrity a long, long time ago






    ‘King’ Kenny doesn’t like people talking about our former Brazilian ‘international’



    I wonder if Kenny has a dug called Rosie?

  22. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Reiperman, good post, i agree. Media playing a good game here.



    Suarez probably believes he has done nothing wrong and was wrongly suspended for 8 games on Evra’s word. In his opinion he was right not to shake his hand. If he is rascist why did he shake Valencia and Wellbecks hand. Evra was wrong in pulling the arm of Suarez, should have just let it go.



    As for Fergusons comment about Suarez never playing for Liverpool again? Whats it got to do with Ferguson? Dont forget that the Utd team today contained



    1) A drugs cheat who was banned for 8 months


    2) A Guy who cheated on his brothers wife for 8 years


    3) A guy who regularly slept with prostitutes



    Wheres Fergusons morals now when that happened?



    In previous Ferguson team you had Cantona, banned for 8 months for jumping into crowd and Roy Keane who admitted trying to end another professionals career.



    Ferguson should just button it.




  23. Does anyone know why our game is on Sunday next week and not Saturday with a 3pm ko?


    Also, is it on tv?






  24. Ten Men Won The League on




    What is considered everyday ‘chatter’ in parts of South America is called racism in Europe



    As Suarez well knows. He lived in Holland for many years



    He knew exactly what he was saying + doing



    If LFC had any morals they would have fined him the maximum amount possible in wages

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PFayr and Gordon



    Don`t know exactly what was said between Evra and Suarez,but Rieperman is right about the word negro or even negrito.


    It is often used as a term of affection in Latin America.


    The “ito” suffix is diminutive or affectionate.


    Course,the way in which it is said can make a huge difference,i.e. the intention.

  26. Rieperman


    I respect your opinion and you’ve seen alot of the world


    that i haven’t but when a man offers to shake your hand


    when he has been wronged you do the right thing.


    Suarez did the wrong thing.


    He embarressed himself and his club.


    What should kids watching make of that ?

  27. Sky were advertising that they are showing the Hibs game during the broadcast last wed. Probably on at 3pm to suit Sk




  28. Paulie Walnuts on RTC about an hour ago:



    There appears to be some suggestion that the Herald has a major story in the pipeline about where all the money might have gone. Don’t know any more than that but will endeavour to find out as soon as I can.




    Ooooh. He is awful. But I like him.

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