Celtic 1-0 Inverness


Joe Ledley scored the only goal of the game as Celtic restored their four point lead at the top of the SPL but although the visitors didn’t force a save from Fraser Forster this was a tight encounter for most of the afternoon.

The opening minutes firmly belonged to Celtic.  Georgios Samaras had a first minute shot deflected wide and Victor Wanyama headed narrowly over from the resultant Charlie Mulgrew corner kick.  Inverness’ first venture up-field forced Mulgrew into an important interception on the edge of the area to deny Nick Ross.

The best move of the game resulted in the only goal.  Gary Hooper combined with Adam Matthews before James Forrest collected wide on the left.  The winger raced forward and fired the ball across the face of goal for Joe Ledley to meet it at the back post and knock the ball home.  Back post runs have been particularly profitable for Ledley this season.

Four minutes later Charlie Mulgrew worked the goalkeeper with a free kick from just outside the angle of the box but Ryan Esson turned the ball over.

At half time Celtic could have reflected that despite enjoying the vast majority of possession their lead remained narrow; twin strikers Georgios Samaras and Gary Hooper didn’t have much of an opening.

Early in the second half referee McLean had his first major decision of the day when Richie Foran wrestled Scott Brown to the ground, after play at stopped, with an arm around Brown’s neck.  The incident deserved a yellow card but Foran was already booked and the ref took no action.  Five minutes later Daniel Majstorovic ambled towards a ball played over his head but Inverness striker Jonny Hayes flew past the Celtic defender forcing Majstorovic into a sliding tackle five yards from his box.  Despite making clear contact with the ball, and no protests from Hayes, who continued to chase, the assistant referee indicated to the ref McLean that Majstorovic fouled.  McLean showed the Swedish central defender, who was the last man, a straight red card.

Inverness pressed forward and forced Celtic to defend deeply but the visitors were unable to create a genuine chance.  On 73 minutes an Adam Matthews free kick from near the corner flag was cutback to Ki, who mishit his shot, which appeared to be going out for a throw in but Georgios Samaras chased the lost cause with some effect.

Catching the ball on the line Samaras spun and darted past Williams, who, already on a yellow card, bundled the Celtic striker off the field.  The referee, perhaps mindful of his earlier trigger-happy moment with Majstorovic and failure to punish Foran, gave Williams a second yellow.

Back on an equal man-count Celtic were never again put under pressure although Hayes caught the defence napping to latch onto a 40 yard pass but fired over.

Jinky Samaras could have wrapped up the points late on with a mazy run but he was unable to convert.

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  1. Ulster Celt



    fixtures over the coming weeks will be interesting , IMO given their current form , they have a very tough programme compared to us






    Hibs (A)


    Dunfermline (H)


    Motherwell (H)


    Dons (A)


    Huns (A)


    St johns (H)


    Killie (A)







    Killie (H)


    ICT (A)


    Wee Huns (H)


    Dundee Utd (A)


    Celtic (H)


    Well (A)


    St Mirren (H)

  2. brits and their PC correctness? I remember the world cup and a game against Germany when ITV were more than happy to run interviews with joe public that referred to the Irish as paddies



    Faux disgust




  3. FAO ten men won the league



    You are right pal. My final take on this is that king kenny has come out of this almost looking as bad as Suarez. Like i say, cringeworthy.


    Peace, love and bananas

  4. Talk about interesting times!….


    Just watched George Galloway 100% back Alex Ferguson over Kenny Dalglish on Sky News….


    Kenny’s love of Liverpool and protecting his men has sadly gone over the line..


    What disappoints more is that he can’t(or refuses) to see it..


    Gotta be said KD is no match for AF in the auld mind games shun!

  5. Rieperman says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:04



    ‘it’s primarily British people who have such hang ups (because of white Britain’s discomfort with it’s racist past).’




    It’s first world westerners in general because racism is linked to imperialism, slavery, apartheid and the Holocaust.



    South Americans don’t have that cultural baggage.

  6. Ulster-Celt says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:08




    I’ve heard plenty of Irish guys referring to each other as paddies.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Rieperman says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:04


    (because of white Britain’s discomfort with it’s racist past).



    Latin America also has a racist past and present.


    Re. Suarez. I think you`re right.Unless we know precisely what was said and how


    it was said, then it`s hard to make a judgement.


    I was discussing only the very common use of the word negrito in Latin America.



    What`s the Spanish for a can of worms ?

  8. Evening Fholks



    Was at the game and have been breathing a sigh of releif ever since.



    The ref Mclean is one for the watchin in future games,



    He is not openly blatent in his methods, but the result is the same,



    Every 50/50 went against us, throw ins awarded the wrong way, sammi fouled all day and no fouls given in our favour,


    there centre (no 23, dont know his name)forward pushed, kicked and cheated throughout the game and was continually rewarded with free kicks against us.



    It was insidious cheating by the MIB designed to level things up,


    As for the sending off, what a joke, clearly got to the ball and passed back, never a foul, never yellow and a red was a joke.



    This guy is dangerous and out to make his mark, i look forward to the 1st bhun game he officiates to see if it all goes the other way, i am sure it will.




    Dirty F***King Cheating B***STARD




    Still wound up



    away for a horlicks







  9. Celtic Mac,



    Couldn’t agree more. There is much more behind this and the media are lapping it up. Unfortunately those who are media sceptics when all things Scottish are concerned are only too happy to take reports from England at face value.

  10. ernie lynch says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:10


    Rieperman says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:04



    ‘it’s primarily British people who have such hang ups (because of white Britain’s discomfort with it’s racist past).’



    It’s first world westerners in general because racism is linked to imperialism, slavery, apartheid and the Holocaust.



    South Americans don’t have that cultural baggage.






    THis may not explain the treatment of the indigenous people of South America/North America/Canada/Australia/Africa or indeed anywhere where Europeans have turned up and pissed in the soup.

  11. ernie lynch says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:10



    Nigger ,chink,paki,thick paddy,Cultural baggage?

  12. ernie lynch



    in my 40 years living on this Island I have never heard an Irishman use that term when speaking of another Irishman. that might be common in britain but not here.




  13. Rieperman @ 22.15



    Agree completely!



    incidentally, is it wrong to consider commenting on this subject while watching blazing saddles on itv4?




  14. Gents and perhaps ladies,



    Now, didn’t the FA report state that Suarez made several racist comments to Evra?



    But also, the report stated that Evra made some horrible slurs on Suarez’s family? I haven’t read the report but the Guardian and others reported this.



    In moral philosophy, what is worse, racism or a gag about yer maw / sisters?



    There are grey areas in this one.



    Dalglish aint coming out well and Fergie looks like he knows how to control the media agenda. I wonder what Hansen and the patronising Lawrensons take on it will be tonight on MOTD?



    For what it’s worth, I think SuareZ has behaved very badly and Liverpool have let themselves down. Man Utd have also displayed some real moral hypocrisy – well evidenced in Seven Fishes Four Steak post about an hour ago.



    Anyway, Charlie Mulgrew is magnificent.




  15. maisy dribble says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:06



    your spot on. they will not be able to live with us.




  16. Ulster-Celt says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:16




    To be fair they were mostly from Kerry and Mayo.



    And I don’t know if they would have used the word to a stranger.

  17. ernie lynch



    don`t you think i don`t know that



    but Suarez is not naive , he has played in Europe for years



    not buying that he is some misunderstood individual who was in fact being affectionate to Evra

  18. Hail Hail bhoys


    Great effort from the ten lions during second half.


    3pts well earned.


    Neil Lennon knew how to beat the Hun as a player and


    Also as our manager.


    What we have see today regarding the mib cheating is nothing


    New.Most of the mib’s are Huns with whistles or work for company’s


    That do work for ra gers.The sfa is the problem here By allowing a conflict


    Of interest .until the spl or regan tell them this is unacceptable ,we can expect


    More of the same. The spl is the customer and the sfa are the supplier.If they


    Cannot meet this criteria then you get a new supplier.i.e euro referees


    P.S. if collum is a hoops fan ,that rules him out of celtic and ra gers games.


    Tin hat on and off out



    Havingapartywhenthehunsdiex csc

  19. PFayr,



    You may be right but I’m disinclined to believe anything Evra says. He has the morals of a Diouf.



    Also, apart from finding Suarez’s explanation plausible, the disparity in the reporting of his case and Terry’s troubles me.

  20. THE EXILED TIM says:


    11 February, 2012 at 22:23



    This was 25-30 years ago on building sites down south, not in Ireland, and was in conversation among workmates. I noticed at the time because it struck me as odd.



    Now that I think of it, what about Ronnie Drew



    ‘when Hitler was heading for Poland, and Paddy for Holyhead’?




  21. I knew that the sending off today of big Dan was a terrible decision, but I’ve just watched it on sky sports news, and it is even worse from that perspective. The ict player knows the ball has been taken off his toe and just gets up and carries on with the game. It’s not even a foul for goodness sake!!




  22. TET









    I will happily accept Fenian but not at all happy with Paddy. but I won’t sh@t myself if called either..



    Kerry and Mayo are a long way away from where I live in Ireland