Celtic, 1 away defeat in 15 years domestic cup football


Ask any manager who he wants in the next round of the cup and he will invariably say as long as it is a home tie he doesn’t care.  You, however, live in exceptional times to be a Celtic supporter.  Celtic have not lost an away tie in Scottish Cup or League Cup competitions in 12 years, when a week after putting seven goals past St Mirren, we travelled to Paisley and were eliminated from the Scottish Cup.  Incredibly, we have not lost an away game in the League Cup since 2004.

Martin O’Neill’s Celtic famously lost at Inverness in the Scottish Cup just days after progressing to the Uefa Cup semi-final with a win at Liverpool.  Martin’s teams also lost away League Cup ties in each of the following two seasons.  Gordon Strachan lost his first Scottish Cup tie as Celtic manager in an also-famous game at Clyde, which saw Roy Keane and Du Wei caught in the headlights.

Since that game in Cumbernauld 15 years ago, the solitary loss at St Mirren is our only defeat away from home in Scottish or League Cups.  As for Ibrox on Sunday, we are ready, bring it on.

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  1. fourstonecoppi on

    Thanks to all for the bikefit comments………….PSG v Bayern, didn’t disappoint!

  2. Now that the main hitters are on now reiterating what I’ve already said regarding the PSG game🤷🏽‍♂️


    I will bid you all a gid night 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. sionnaigh



    I’m guessing that his first name might have confused the already confused. Visited the monument in Washington DC on a few occasions where Ira is portrayed from his role in that famous image from the Pacific War in WWII. Not too far from Arlington Cemetery where I once accompanied my parents to the memorials to both John and Bobby Kennedy. Well worth a visit. Visited a more than a few graves there, including that of Lee Marvin, who also fought in that same war. Photos were taken, but some time later, one of my brothers on looking at them was very impressed that I had been photographed at Joe Louis’ grave. Turns out Joe’s grave is right next to Lee’s. Didn’t realise it at the time. Now that was a knockout blow.

  4. CELTIC MAC on 13TH APRIL 2021 10:26 PM




    I hope to be able to visit sometime soon. Worked as a logistics DOD/MOD contractor in Iraq for four years and received awards from many US units in the supply chain. Harrowing times, mostly down to the Iraqi people being portrayed as the enemy from the outset. The only thing worse than a Brit soldier with a gun was a Yank.

  5. SID1888 on 13TH APRIL 2021 10:56 PM




    Had you only seen what I saw, you wouldn’t be so flippant.

  6. The commentator in the PSG game was the horrible Clive Tyldsley who is/was working for sevco tv on match days. The other was God save the Queen living son of Irish parents , Martin Keown.

  7. sionnaigh



    There’s a man with a gun over there


    Telling me I’ve got to beware…



    Or a woman in uniform in Minnesota…

  8. Timmy 7 Noted


    Disappointing to hear that information about Nardinis, especially if now owned by the Equis. I was at school with young Tony Equi in the 60s (well he was young then, seeing as his dad was also called Tony…). They were a good family, and the Café in Busby had ice cream to die for, won all sorts of awards. Still get a dollop of same now and then in Marinis in Perth.



  9. Bitterness is cancer – it eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure.



    Maya Angelou

  10. Scullybhoy @ 6.19




    From a Leeds FC website…….



    Don Revie must have hoped that Leeds could revive their hopes after the break, but they were


    nearly the victims of another early shock. Before the first minute had elapsed, Connelly had the ball


    in the net a second time. Auld fired a crossfield pass to Johnstone on the byline. He was harassed


    closely by Cooper, but managed to slide the ball across to Connelly who shot home. Fortunately for


    Leeds, French referee Kitabdjian disallowed the goal, presumably for offside against Johnstone,


    though he protested long and hard. It had looked clearly as if Cooper had played him on.




    So, Still nae idea.🤣

  11. AN TEARMANN on 14TH APRIL 2021 1:12 AM




    The SFA’s “Referee” Bobby Tait?

  12. An Tearmann


    Funny how wee things stick in your mind, like Willie Wallace scoring 4 mins before HT and 4 mins after HT in the 67′ final – just like Connolly – 1st min of each half v Leeds.


    All good this end mate, stay safe.





    “What the Horseface said, when he saw him dead


    Well, it wasn’t what the rich call prayers”


    God bless the Bear O’Shea.


    Enjoyed that, Thanks.☘


    The Brit parties in Scotland’s upcoming election, have to be used ‘tactically’ like a Trojan horse to enable a party that the SMSM are doing gymnastics to try to suppress.



    That party is @Alliance4Unity. Led by George Galloway who dressed up as a cat to raise much needed funds for oppressed children, and when he was once asked why he dressed as a cat, and gave his answer, the answer ensured that the question was only ever asked once.



    The @Alliance4Unity party represent 2 words that the current Scottish parties and their accessories – the SMSM – dare not utter…”Working Class.”



    Identity politics answers no questions. Politics that get to the point…will be suppressed by SMSM.



    Celtic and Rangers supporters could uniquely both gain from the immediate intentions of @Alliance4Unity, their the ONLY party who want to open the books…ALL of the books.



    Rangers fans could see the proper prosecutions of the folk who REALLY destroyed the Ibrox club, not the SNP’s malicious prosecutions of a conveyor belt of straw men and squirrel’s, costing the public purse hundred’s of million’s of Pound’s.



    Celtic fans could see those folk from Celtic FC who participated in the cover up of the above, brought to book.



    Isn’t it time for a political party that gets to the point?



    The biggest hurdle for Celtic fans in particular is, are they capable of getting over THEMSELVES, and using the noggin…to get to the point?



    Three weeks to go. So far George Galloway has this last 5 days spent that time challenging Alex Salmond to a head to head, chaired by Andrew Neil on The Spectator “live” website which will take place before end of April.



    Surely a showdown like this should be on @BBCScotlandNews or @STVnews? No?



    Galloway pointed out to enough folk in 2014 the answers to the questions that the SNP till this day are still INCAPABLE of answering.



    Galloway had all of the answers in 2016 for why “Working Class” folk should vote to leave the EU.



    Galloway would put BOTH, Sturgeon and Salmond to the sword with the FACTS, that’s why SMSM are trying to suppress the existence of @Alliance4Unity, I’m sure that every Celtic fan has a PHD on the agenda of the SMSM by now, surely?



    Galloway also has @TheWorkersPartyGB set up all across Britain, as though waiting to see their status elevated IF @Alliance4Unity gets some folk elected in Scotland, @TheWorkersPartyGB are treated to the same MSM suppression and the return to the menu of Working Class issues, which have been eroded for 40+ years since Thatcher took Britain into the ‘single market’ of Europe’s unelected bankers, and so began the erosion of working conditions, mainly implemented by people that British people didn’t elect.



    Thatcher was struggling in 1979 to get enough votes for a GE, the SNP gave Thatcher those votes, just like the SNP gave Boris Johnson the votes for a GE in 2019, to crush Jeremy Corbyn.



    Scottish independence would mean a border between Scotland and rest of Britain, with no answers on currency, and a host of questions that weren’t answered in 2014.



    The SNP’s coalition partners – The Green Party – want to end Catholic schools.



    As I say, its about getting to the point, NOT about smearing Galloway, as that would be to miss the point entirely, and isn’t smearing done by folk who’ve nothing substantive to offer?



    I know this is a Celtic blog, and the unresolved issues that have dominated Celtic blogs since 2012, could strangely be answered by the party that the SMSM are working 24/7 to suppress – @Alliance4Unity.



    If George Galloway standing with a red white and blue rosette, could be easily brought onto a TV studio and crushed by a boys brigade journalist….why haven’t they done it? Why are THEY scared of this man with his haversack stuffed with truth bombs?



    If Celtic fans, AND Rangers fans want the truth…@Alliance4Unity is the ONLY WAY that this could be achieved.



    Will identity politics BLOCK the truth from being revealed?



    Interesting times ahead. Bless. 🙏



    P.S. Paul67/Moderator2 if you don’t agree that this post tries to shine a light on what could prove to be SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT’S over the coming weeks, or for any other reason, please delete this post. Thanks.



    Peace to all on CQN. ✌ 🍀

  15. Good morning all from a very cold Garngad



    I would like to hope that we unveil our new management team on either Monday or Tuesday next week but I do not hold out much hope with our current custodians in charge.



    Again I think we will beat sevco but JK should be leaving the club after the new team is in place.


    John can go and cut his managerial teeth elsewhere and perhaps 1 day he can be back in our Managers role.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

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