Celtic 2-0 Ross County


The champions made a winning start to their road to The Five with a two goal win over Ross County. First half goals, an early penalty from Leigh Griffiths and a Stefan Johansen effort secured the points before Ross County settled into the game.

Virgil van Dijk pinged a ball into the box allowing Leigh Griffiths to turn County defender Davies, who mistimed his challenge and took the legs from Griffiths inside the box. This time the Celtic striker was able to take the kick undisputed before hitting his penalty low and hard. Keeper Scott Fox got his body to the ball but couldn’t keep it out.

James Forrest was recalled from the start and made a powerful run on 17 minutes but his shot was saved. A quick break by County tempted Craig Gordon off his line, in an echo of a similar situation against Qarabag on Wednesday, but County’s Jackson Irvine controlled well and knocked the ball beyond Gordon, who committed to the challenge but only succeeded in felling Irvine.

Scott Brown and Virgil van Dijk managed to get back inside the box, and Irvine was heading wide, so referee Willie Collum only cautioned the Celtic goalkeeper. Gordon redeemed himself a moment later by saving the resultant fee kick.

A fine passing move by Celtic created space inside the box for Gary Mackay-Steven but his shot was weak and Fox saved. van Dijk then made space but could not find the target. The big Dutch defender later dribbled 30 yards but was dispossessed 10 yards out.

Stefan Johansen made it 2-0 on 35 minutes. Ross County were under incessant Celtic pressure and failed to pick up Mackay-Steven inside the box. The Celtic winger feigned to shoot before rolling the ball into the path of Johansen who made no mistake.

Ross County had a better second half but not until Stuart Armstrong rounded Fox and saw his effort cleared off the line. Gordon was forced into a stunning save on 65 minutes when Quinn’s effort from 13 yards. The Celtic keeper flew himself to his left.

Kris Commons then saw his rocket shot from 25 yards touched over. A moment later Armstrong’s audacious chip almost caught the keeper off his line but Fox stretched to deflect. Armstrong continued his search for a goal but his shot from outside the box was deflected wide.

Craig Gordon ended the game by making another fine diving save in added time.

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    You coulda brought the weather wi you!



    On the plus side,perfect weather for a day in the pub…

  2. skyisalandfill on




    Could you imagine the absolute meltdown among the Hun hoards if the tie was forfeited in our favour.



    It’s a fenian conspiracy I tells ya.




  3. Parkheadcumsalford


    I don’t know what is going to happen?


    What they say is – the second pitch (official) for that game is Baksell Arena. The problem is on August 6 they have Gabala – Apollon game there and training sessions for both teams one day before the game.

  4. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Perhaps we could bring a gardener with us to sort it out


    Or two -even better ,should be a few around govan

  5. BMCUW






    Unlikely. Her indoors has planned a trip to B&Q!



    Bloody marvellous!




  6. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Azerbaijan Football ‏@azfutbolu 2h2 hours ago




    Tofiq Bahramov stadium pitch is not perfect right now.30% got damaged.Most of the damage is cosmetic #Qarabag #Celtic

  7. Morning Bhoys, Just tried reading back though the night. Mental Asylum stuff. Can’t reason where there is no reason. I was wondering how the new site would be for the Moon howlers and I got my answer.



    Interesting about the pitch on Wednesday.



    Heard rumors about another striker yesterday at the game, no name though.



    So Tony for the off and who knows about Scep.



    Have a good one Bhoys.





  8. My friends in Celtic,



    Watched the game last night. Always good to get off to a winning start, but even more importantly it gives us the opportunity to iron out any identified problems for our mega, mega, mega important Euro match.



    The Craig Gordon incident IMO could have gone either way. Such is life, we got the 50-50 decision.



    Another healthy attendance for a stupid kick off time and if anyone needed a reminder about how challenging our league environment is, I hope you caught a glimpse of the Kilmarnock v Dundee game, seemingly played behind “closed doors”



    PL, et al are doing a decent job in this environment while living next door to a giant.




  9. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    bournesouprecipe on 2nd August 2015 2:58 am



    Correct …… We all have our favourite players, for different reasons …. That’s what it’s all about :-)

  10. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    GREENPINATA on 2ND AUGUST 2015 10:18 AM



    Spot on …. HH

  11. Had a great day yesterday in the company of several esteemed posters. Thanks to all of you who looked after me. I arrived back safely last night and have a busy day ahead so will catch up later.

  12. world peace is none of your business on

    just watched the highlights of the celtic juventus game that finished 4-3 on the new bt europe channel,son was telling me they now have the rights to the spanish fitba as well,theres a new kid in town and its called bt sport.if there was ever a time to cancel sky its now.sky will now start to show crown green bowls n badminton and try and sex it up the way they do with their best league in the world pish.



    ps…their used to be a wee disabled woman that was next to the dug out in martin o neils day and every time martin jumped up to celebrate a goal you would always see her,just wondered what happened to her and if anybody on here knew her.

  13. Decent early season performance yesterday. I think a few minds may have been on the long trip and vital midweek game. Good use of the squad by the manager and great to see a youngster get a chance. Tierney did ok, wasn’t tested too often defensively but put in a few good tackles. His delivery still needs some work though.




    Today’s tech update: the new CQN is looking good on MS Edge but is still difficult to access on Chrome.

  14. What is the Stars on

    2 big prices at galway which are worth an each way bet


    Seskinane in the 245


    Fastidious in the 320


    Both are 20 / 1 and are quietly fancied to run big races

  15. Scrolling back, it worries me to see this sense of entitlement mentality emerging. Our opponents in the SPFL are full time professional athletes, They are every bit likely to be as fit as our bhoys and in many respects can be expected to be more motivated, Every Celtic game is a routine game for us but a Cup Final for them.


    Add in the European dimension that we have to cope with plus the coterie of dodgy referees and it’s game on.


    Yes we can outspend them but the likes of Man City can outspend most of their League, are they expected to win every game “in style”.


    We deservedly won a League game sandwiched in between 2 vital European games and we had “supporters” on here doing nothing but complaining. Everything is expected to be forgiven just because they are Tims,


    Well Tims or not they are still idiots in my eyes.

  16. Jar Jar Binks and the Bedlamites:



    “BBC were engaged and warned


    BBC Scotland refused to act over [Sevco] bias


    As the new season looms, and with it the hope of improved fortune on and off the pitch, a new attitude towards regular proponents of misinformation in the media has been adopted. 


    Spiers has long been a champion for the flat earth, Sevco brigade in Scottish football – those determined to spread the myth that [Sevco] are a new club. … The BBC Scotland response has been sadly predictable. Instead of acknowledging the culture of bias which pervades their news and sport departments, they have decided to ‘boycott’ [Sevco]. To be clear, BBC Scotland, a publicly funded body with hundreds of staff, is refusing to service hundreds of thousands of [Sevcovites] because one of their staff members is not welcome at the club. That is the level of arrogance in Pacific Quay and the level of contempt they hold for [Sevco]. 


    McLaughlin …has been given opportunities and cordial advice to attempt to balance his reporting on the club. That advice has not been taken. McLaughlin’s latest stunt was to engineer a negative report after the 2-6 Hibs game. The BBC Scotland headlines were all about a handful of arrests amongst a 4,000 strong [Sevco] crowd despite an eight-goal thriller. 


    The club has been strong and fair on this. We have not acted like the second team in Scotland and banned journalists for one-off questions or stories we did not like. This is a reaction to years of unacceptable, malicious reporting from the individuals involved. … What will not now be tolerated are individuals who deliberately lie in print or ignore documented fact to try to lower the standing of the club or damage the [Sevco] brand.


    [Sevco] tried everything they could to avoid this ban but BBC Scotland refuse at all levels to address their problem. Instead of petulance and failing in their duty to a huge section of their audience, BBC Scotland would be better examining the inaccuracies, PR misinformation and outright lies that have been churned out by several of their employees and ask why such people seem to flourish in their organisation.”




    “goes to show the lengths the club were prepared to go to receive parity”




    “The BBC in Scotland has no credit left and needs cleansed from the top down as its infiltrated with many many people with a deep hatred for [Sevco] football club and its supporters”




    “Good article. BBC Scotland has handled this very poorly indeed – it’s not support of one of their journalists they’re showing, it’s a severe dislike for [Sevco]. …Also, I do not understand why BBC Scotland have been allowed for so long to promote such a one sided agenda. They are a public funded organization and therefore have absolutely not right to pick a side and push that agenda. Another reason why it is 100% clear the TV license needs to be revoked and they can fund themselves. …[Sevco] were right to ban McLaughlin and I hope many more suffer the same fate who have pushed an anti-Rangers agenda with no reason other than hate.”




    “[Glib]’s statement a few months ago about journalists being poodles for Irvine now seems like a warning to shot them – i know who you are and ill deal with you in time”




    “At the end of the day it will always come back to and boil down to Roman Catholic bigotry.”




    “What exactly did BBC Scotland think would happen when they moved to open support, at all levels, for Scotland’s second most popular team? It’s controversial up here and most journalists would know to play with a straight bat…so if a journalist or media organisation openly support one team, and demonise the other, then there WILL be repercussions.”




    “Chris Graham should be reinstated to the Rangers Board.”




    “very very disturbing.


    we as a support should be right behind the dismantling of the Tax funded BBC.”




    “Watching the BBC sportscene program today and noticed we are now called ” Ran ” someone can’t bring themselves to type Rangers


    But they can manage to type in full other teams with seven or more letters in their name like







  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I never used to have a “whipping bhoy” always driven to support whoever was playing, but I think Ronnie has a blind spot when it comes to James Forrest. Imo when he plays we are effectively a man short, utterly hopeless, the sooner hes found out the beter. Just look at his ‘contribution’ yesterday. Zero. It hurts me to criticize one of our own but in the key games, the ones that really matter, a 10 man team gives us an uphill struggle to get a result.

  18. Morning all, good 3 points yesterday but some worryingly under par performances.


    Had some rather enjoyable après match drinks in the BV although the Al fresco bit wasn’t so great .


    Heading down south in a wee while where I hear the temperature can exceed a blistering 22degC. Wow, better pack the factor 50 and mibbe some salt tablets. Just in case like.



  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Hope the prelim was a good prep for next week with BMCUW





    Cracking pic of you and Jamesgang



    Email me at blantyretim@aol.co.uk


    And I’ll forward it to you

  20. And while I am here… I had trouble posting yesterday’s earlier offerings. Apparently the site thought the links meant I was posting spam!



    The cheek!



    Thanks for looking into this Paul.



    Here is a piece about a truly remarkable turn of events on Planet Daily Record:






    And finally, a piece about FIFA, Sevco and the media:






    Hypocrisy?! Shirley not…



    Have a great day!

  21. What is the Stars on

    Cork celt


    Bit harsh


    People are entitled to point out our obvious flaws and limitations


    We have some very average players, capable of winning the Scottish league of course, but I fear for us in Europe.


    People who point out that the emperor has no clothes deserve better than the wrath of the mob/ clique/ true believers/ keepers of the holy flame etc






    I’ve just passed your info onto a wee oul’ Irish gent of my acquaintance.





    I reckon if they win he’ll be joining us for Easter 2016!

  23. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I left Sky a few weeks ago in favour of BT TV …… my ONE (only) regret was losing Spanish Football …… love watching Barca …….. If you’re telling me BT Sport have Spanish football also, then that’s one helluva bonus… :-)

  24. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    The Telegraph 2nd August 2015




    Barcelona and Real Madrid broadcast rights close to moving to BT Sport from Sky Sports




    El Clasico could be moving to BT Sport for next three years after Sky pulls out of bidding race for La Liga




    BT Sport was close to snatching the rights the rights to Spanish football in the UK from Sky Sports on Saturday after its bitter rival dramatically pulled out of the bidding process.




    In what would be the biggest shock in sports broadcasting since it blew Sky out of the water to land the Champions League, BT was poised to freeze the latter out of showing Real Madrid and Barcelona for the next three years.




    It was given an added incentive to do so last month after the Spanish football league (LFP) announced that kick-offs for one of its Saturday afternoon slots would be pushed back to 5.15pm UK time to accommodate viewers in this country.




    Broadcasting laws preventing live football being shown on British television between 2.45pm and 5.15pm most Saturdays resulted in a blackout of the first 15 minutes of an El Clásico match in 2013.




    BT already has Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1 and Portugal’s Primeira Liga

  25. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    CORKCELT on 2ND AUGUST 2015 10:36 AM



    SPOT ON …..!!!!!!!! HH

  26. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    embramike says “the Huns are Deid” on 2nd August 2015 11:00 am



    Wow ….. BT TV aren’t messing about ….HH

  27. Good morning timland…



    I still feel rough from yesterday, it was great meeting the crew at the corner all top Celtic people and a pleasure to be in their company.





    We ended up at a table together in the kerrydale, Pat from Aussie land, it was great to meet you and start posting again.




    Onto the BV, Jamesgang, I’m sure you’re still growing or I’m shrinking, that mob can drink for Scotland I had to bolt as I started too early.




    Feck deid bird on the back doorstep….stupid cat.

  28. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar…… Ipox belongs to the creditors on 2nd August 2015 11:16 am.


    I have a family member who works in Sky tv sales and number crunching ,she told me a few years ago , they saw all challengers as absolutely no threat as they didn’t have the clout to get into a fight with them, but BT was another matter high heid yins very worried as BT can financially get into the ring with them,







    I reckon BT blindsided them. With Sky,it was all about content and using that to sell add-ons.





    With BT,their goal is increased take-up of broadband.





    Different approach and different ball game.




    Btw,happy as a pig in the proverbial as I get BT via Virginmedia. And not Skysports.

  30. Wits@10.50


    Can see where Corkie is coming from. Logged in here post match and judging by the scribbles of some of the posters hard to believe that the famous Glasgow Celtic had won.


    HH Fellah.




    Hope the Galway tips today do the biz. I always seem to get the ones that are still heading towards Carnlough.

  31. What is the Stars on



    How have you been.


    My own view is this


    When I talk football with EPL junkies ( of which there are a few) I don’t tolerate any criticism of celtic in particular and Scottish football in general, however on a celtic forum I think it’s fair enough for people to point out our obvious flaws.


    Qualifying for the group stages of the champions league would be a huge achievement. Let’s hope we can do it

  32. if, and it is still not confirmed, BT have caught Sky with their pants down re La Liga coverage , I too will be delighted.


    I bought a season ticket via Virgin Media last season for Sky Sports and at £150for 10 months it was decent value. Saw a few Celtic game via the IPad and watched Barcelona an their league triumph. I have no need to watch the Sky`s overhyped EPL it bores me with its focus on the presenters and coaches to deflect from the fact that the top layers are leaving.


    I will make do with BT on Virgin Media although no doubt that price will rise soon, however compared to £30 a month to fill he wallets of Thierry Henry, Jim White etc..?? its a no brainer.

  33. Big day at CP yesterday, flag celebrations, speeches etc but still same problem. PA system is terrible. Can hardly understand or hear announcments if you are on top tier. Would be interesting to hear what John Clark and wee Jay said but seems our technology is not up to it. Anybody know situation regarding public address at other large grounds, Wembley, Aviva, Nou Camp etc? Really is time Celtic got to grips with this.

  34. My day yesterday was about as good as it gets!



    Woke up early so went to town early.



    Kano collection was another example of what makes it great to be a member of the Tim family. Well done Sannabhoy and all your organisers. And thanks for my skintight t shirt!



    Found out my wee bhoy’s new footie coach is Doc’s brother!



    Watched John Clark get the acclaim he so richly deserved.



    Saw we have another left back already in our midst.


    Wonder if suspension and injury to others may conspire to give scepovic the run of games he’s never had. Worked for Bitton!



    Then the après drinks. Great time in the Kerrydale and the BV with some bunch and bhoys and 2 beautiful ghals!



    Ended up drinking ‘Richie drinks’ in the company of ACGR – lethal combo! I don’t have a hangover this morning. Boy o boy I should!



    Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.



    HH jamesgang

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