Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen


Celtic struggled for much of the afternoon against Aberdeen but a second half goal from Charlie Mulgrew secured the win.  The home team opened well and had a patience about their play which prevented Aberdeen from seeing much of the ball.

Aberdeen had the best chance in the opening stages of the game when Fraser Fyvie crossed from the left but Fraser Forster did very well to intercept an awkward cross under pressure.  Celtic soon regained control and profited after 17 minutes when Beram Kayal found Gary Hooper, who squared to Ki in space.  The Korean midfielder shot low and hard; Aberdeen keeper David Gonzalez could only slow its progress into the net.

Glenn Loovens, who put in a solid shift in Rennes on Thursday and opened well today, retired injured immediately after the goal, giving Daniel Majstorovic a return to the team.

Aberdeen, who lost by 9 goals in the corresponding fixture last season, slowly played their way back into the game as Celtic perceivably wilted.  The early fluency from Celtic was clearly absent as the second half got underway.  Anthony Stokes was combative up front but struggled to link with Gary Hooper, who is clearly playing below his best.

Ryan Jack drew Aberdeen level just before the hour mark when he jinked past Joe Ledley and Victor Wanyama, and shot into Forster’s bottom right corner.

Celtic then realised they were in a game and applied themselves with greater effect, forcing Aberdeen to defend four consecutive corners within minutes of drawing level, but without a cutting edge up front, they failed to work Gonzalez.

With 20 minutes remaining Neil Lennon recalled Paddy McCourt from a lengthy period out of the team but before Paddy could work his magic Celtic were ahead.  Majstorovic knocked a free kick onto Charlie Mulgrew who took a touch before firing high into the net.

McCourt was an effective relief on an uninspiring game and clipped the ball narrowly wide after one of his trademark runs, proving beyond any doubt that he possesses unique abilities.

With 10 minutes remaining referee, Stevie O’Reilly, who has having a poor game, ordered off Ryan Jack for a second bookable offence.  The Aberdeen goal-scorer will miss next weekend’s game against Rangers.

Aberdeen’s 10 men caused Celtic a few anxious moments in the final minute of the game but could not find a way past Forster.

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  1. Dross



    He looked in the corner at all the dross,


    Filled with players who couldn’t give a toss,


    There was so many you couldn’t see the floor,


    As Gordon would say “aye that’s for sure”



    Tried to get rid of them but who would buy,


    Gave them a game even told the odd lie,


    Excessive wages that no one could match,


    Hindering the process of their dispatch.



    Maybe the solution is to set them all free,


    To wander the land and sign by degree,


    Other clubs would soon pick up this dross,


    It’s just a pity that we’d pay the cost.

  2. Paul 67, your views on Fraser Forster?


    Clearly he has weaknesses and divides opinion.


    I think he could be a magnificent Celtic goalkeeper.


    Remember, Mcgregor was playing poorly at Dunfermline and St Johnstone when he was older than Fraser.



  3. The Jury's Out on




    The performances are dire.



    This has to be one of the worst Celtic teams ever BUT, probably the highest paid.



    Thank God for the memories of MON and Jock Stein.

  4. Paddy Gallagher on

    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    23 October, 2011 at 14:32



    You out there mate, I have news about Damien…

  5. Missed game today (father in law’s birthday…)



    Doesn’t sound like a spectacular performance, however a win was utterly crucial to our season. We need to keep grinding them out till January and then, once again, decide whether we want to be a proper football club, or a balance sheet in search of a jersey…



    We need: A goalkeeper… a creative midfielder… and a goal-hungry striker…



    If not, we are relying on HMRC to hand us the title…

  6. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Paul67 – we needed three things today:



    Huns to drop at least 2 points


    A home win


    A convincing, confidence-building performance



    Unfortunately, we only got one of those, but it was the most important one. There’s a long way to go in this title race yet.






  7. keep the presure on rangers as much as we can, rangers will start dropping points with injuries and suspensions.and also the big sale in january!!!

  8. this is to all people who are thinking rangers will go belly up……


    concentrate on your own club! because everyone is to busy concentrating on rangers and i have bad news for you they are actually playing better! and while all this attention is going to them, no-one is paying attention to what is happening up our end of glasgow and we are playing worse! and always expect the worse case scenario when it comes to rangers





  9. Kayal is lacking in confidence. He can’t play the midfield hardman role himself and is easily bullied too often.



    Last season, he was more convincing, more dig, and even prepared to take a few yellows for the team. He had Broonie for ‘hauners though.



    I’m beginning to think that I’ve under-valued the influence Scott Brown had on this team last season.




    Paul67, don’t know if it’s just my machine, but getting IE conflicts everytime I flash up the site.

  10. Paddy Gallagher on

    If any of you bhoys have Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennons


    number please ask him to contact me

  11. we’ve got 99 problems but a keeper ain’t one (ok not strictly true but it’s the least of our worries) :O)

  12. poor all round today



    the only plus point was the result



    since losing to ST J in the league our league form and performances have been appalling



    of particular concern was the mangements reaction to the sheep goal



    all sat in silence for circa 5 mins before reacting …simply not good enough

  13. The Jury’s Out,



    I don’t know Forster in any capacity.



    You still haven’t addressed my confusion over your comments that a tall goalkeeper shoud be better equipped to reach low balls while tall goalkeepers are just too far from the floor.



    Until you justify that statement I can’t take your comments on goalkeeping seriously.



    Hail Hail




  14. lionroars67, yes, funny game for Stokes. He played well but we got very little from the front pairing. Hooper badly off-form. Don’t know if he is playing with an injury, suspect he might be.



    Bring back Kris Commons.



    Tommy Joad, I’ve never had a problem with Fraser Forster, Thursday night aside. Any keeper that his holding it together in front of a defence like we have had this season deserves plaudits.



    TTTT, we are remarkably fragile. Rangers are showing unequivocal championship winning form.



    ThisIsTheOne, I’ll check that out, thanks.

  15. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Paddy G – done.



    Can anyone smell ole Joshybhoy on the blog tonight….?!




  16. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on



    23 October, 2011 at 17:47



    Thanks for yir kind comment.



    Thought our first goal today was a great passing move.



    Thoughts on the team



    Fraser Forster,should not be serving his apprenticeship in Celtic’s first team.



    Adam Matthews good footballer too lightweight vulnerable in the air.



    Dan thought he played well when he came on played part in the winner but overall his crimbling display against St Johnstone shows that playing international football for Sweden does not carry the same expectation an pressure as playing for Celtic.



    Not up to it.



    Loovens Taxi.



    Charlie the prodigal son loves better second time around,prone tae daft mistakes but he desrrves his place.



    Joe Ledley too many anoymous games but am changin ma opinion stays in the team till Issy comes back.



    Vic liked him from the off an still dae strong composed can pass.



    Kayal,wis convinced he wis fur the off can be brilliant can get caught up an lose discipline.



    Forrest poor today but brilliant prospect ability an a fitbaw brain.



    Ki ah fav shade recently but a first pick fur me.



    Stokes has worked hard this season looks trimmer an fitter goalscorer.



    Hooper think he’s maybe playing wae a knock lost his edge at the moment but great striker.



    So fae ma point ah view the areas that needed strengthening in the summer still need it.






    Centre half



    Centre forward



    Buy cheap buy twice or in the case of our centre backs (Hooiveld,Loovens,Mastorovic,Rogne Thomson)

  17. Paddy Gallagher on

    blantyretim says:


    23 October, 2011 at 19:24





    vmhan suffering from manflu over the weekend….








    Cheers Amigo, I had a pint with Paddy from Derry tonight in Jersey, his son Damien who is a friend of vmhan had a bad accident yesterday playing for Jersey Scottish. 15 pins in his leg and a plate in his ankle, – two breaks. Paddy asked me to pass on the news.



    I have offered to pick him up from hospital tomorrow and will let Vinny know how he is.

  18. The Jury's Out on

    Tommy Joad,



    God, I’m upset…………not.



    Forster’s useless but then again, so’s most of the team and all of the management.



    The bookies will be paying out on Rangers before Xmas,

  19. TTTT



    that was murder today



    not a good player on show



    some were downright awful



    where have the Kayal and Hooper of last season gone ………..both need a boot right up the erchie for their lack of application



    Forrest is capable of anonimity…today



    and what`s this diamond midfield crap



    Loovens……….jesus wept



    Ledley at LB ,,,,FFS



    roll-a-dice ..team selection

  20. South Of Tunis on




    The good ———-



    Celtic won .



    The bad ———-



    Celtic are not a good team . Disjointed and pedestrian.



    The Referee was dreadful.



    Aberdeen were brutal . The Referee allowed them to be brutal.



    Italian news ——.



    Udinese were real good as they strolled to a 3-0 win over Novara . 2 goals from Di Natale. Post match , Guidolin , the Udinese manager said he might play Di Natale in Madrid — ” I want to win in Madrid —– 10 points should be enough to qualify for the next stage” . He confirmed that Udinese have spoken with” 3 big clubs ” who want to buy the excellent Handanovic — he declined to name the clubs but when asked about the money said ” around 17.5 million euros ”



    Udinese are 2 points clear at the top of Serie A



    Great game at Lecce as Ac Milan beat Lecce 4-3 . AC were 3-0 down at half time -great second half hat trick from the real good Prince Boateng.



    Onwards and upwards -way down south.

  21. Paddy Gallagher on

    blantyretim says:


    23 October, 2011 at 19:28




    tommytwiststommyturns says:


    23 October, 2011 at 19:29



    Cheers bhoys………

  22. i’m reserving judgment on big forster – i think his game can be improved , especially dominating his area – however, he has made some worldclass saves recently (in adversity) – Killie would have been 4 up but for him and he secured the point against rennes, despite the coc* up. You could see his frsutration at the defence today – he needs a strong defence to instill confidence , this runs true throughout the entire team.



    Big dan in the center frightens the life out of me – we MUST invest in that position as a priority.

  23. cmulgrew21 charlie mulgrew · Follow


    my very own song.im honoured.thankyou GB.:-) youtube.com/watch?v=hSKljc…

  24. Paddy G, tttt told me you were after me. I know about Damien something like 15 pins in his leg and ankle after a bad tackle at footy. His dad Big Paddy is out there just now.


    Do you have an update?


    Ps when are you over next? I’m meeting Estadio for a pint next weekend.





  25. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    We are all looking for a sign of hope…some run of form to make us believe we are going to come right..none of us can honestly see that..?



    I agree it is pointless dissecting individual player performances because there is nobody awesome waiting to come in – we have who we have. I don’t rate FF but he’s as good as alternative, I don’t rate Ki but there is nobody 10x as good being held on the bench….etc



    This group has to step up or we need to accept major change is required.



    My bet is major change will be necessary but time will tell..

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