Celtic 2-1 Dundee United


Two early goals by Gary Hooper and Victor Wanyama were enough to overcome Dundee United at Celtic Park today but a cracking strike by John Rankin early in the second half ensured the table toppers had to fight all the way.

Anthony Stokes had an early opportunity to test Pernis in the United goal with a free kick, as is often the case with Anthony’s free kicks, he struck the defensive wall.  United had the best chance of the opening exchanges after 7 minutes but Fraser Forster denied Garry Kenneth at his near post after a goalmouth scramble.  The visitors kept the pressure on for the next few minutes but were to concede soon thereafter.

Thomas Rogne cleared his lines with a defensive header which Stokes won with an aerial challenge and reacted first to prod the ball forward to an alert Gary Hooper.  Hooper made the most of the space available, opened his body and placed an immaculately measured shot inside the right post to put Celtic ahead.

Five minutes later Georgios Samaras earned hearty applause throughout the stadium for a robust challenge on Willo Flood before forcing Pernis to turn a shot behind.  The resulting corner was played short to Izaguirre who through a deep and high cross into the box.  Victor Wanyama was first to react and seemed to have jumped early but he somehow managed to hover a millisecond long enough to be level with the ball when he met it before propelling it high into the top left corner of the goal.

Shortly before half time Stokes had another opportunity from a free kick.  John Rankin broke early from the wall, raised his arm and blocked inside the penalty box.  Referee, Winter, penalised the player for breaking the wall and ordered a retake, not a penalty.  Stokes had two opportunities to make the points safe within a minute of the break.  He met a Mulgrew corner on the six yards line with a glancing header that went narrowly passed the far post.  Pernis then denied an excellent Stokes strike with a fine save.

The Celtic defence had not lost a goal in eight domestic games before today and could do little about the goal that put United back in the contest.  John Rankin struck from 26 yards, the ball clipped the inside of Fraser Forster’s right hand post and bounced in.  Shortly before the hour mark John Daly had Dundee United’s best chance of the game but Forster was equal to his header.

Georgios Samaras had Celtic’s best two chances of the second half.  The first a diving header from a Matthews cross which was saved by Pernis.  The second a cross from Matthews which Samaras pulled down with his chest before shooting over.

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  1. Re Hooper


    Heard a Southampton based journalist say the second bid was £6m.



    Personally, I suspect he wants to go either this window or next, and If we got £8m plus, I would sell.

  2. Apparently, Real Sociedad have an option to buy McDonald Mariga Wanyama for EUR 5.5 million.



    When he turned up in San Sebastián in August, they were setting up his medical and a formal presentation to the media. McDonald asked if he could just go and join in the training session that was under way instead.



    What a guy. What a family.

  3. PF Ayr



    McDMW is a defensive midfielder. Big Vic has scored more times for Celtic than his brother has so far at his last two clubs combined.

  4. Hamiltontim. You can get away from the fact over the last 3 years , our managers have been starved of funds and it has left us signing players on the cheap , eg murphy , bangura, cha, Kelvin wilson, etc etc t


    All these type if players are not up to the task and are surplus to requirements and have been a waste of money, these were all PL decisions, as he was the one who sanction this ” buy cheap players who are not very good and hope they get better” policy


    During this policy the huns won the leagues due to our lack of goalscorer and center half



    All the dead wood that is costing us money and not suprisingly no one else wants


    Bad bussiness



  5. Canamalar,


    Suspect Lenny felt there was a better balance with Brown on right side.


    I thought Matthews was very inconsistent today, he had a great run in 3nd half, but on other occasions he lost possession without any being under pressure.


    If I was Lustig, I would have watched today and fancied my chances to make right back my position.

  6. Canamalar. We only won by one goal today, too much of risk to play cha at right back as his defending is shocking and he is a liability








    The very recent former editor at my place had previously been the senior sports reporter on Southampton Echo,and should have the skinny.



    We always got on well,and I have his phone number,current to the last time I phoned him,so I’ll call him tomorrow and see what the situation is from their end.



    We hit it off when he said Dalglish,I said Le Tissier,and then I showed him the LUBO GIFT FROM GOD video…..

  8. Just a thought but if Diawara is as good as some believe he is why isn’t he


    attracting the attention of EPL/Championship clubs who have more to spend


    than us?

  9. Sydney Tim



    there have been a number of transfer market failures sanctioned by PL …see your above list






    the same PL has brought in Ledley,Matthews,Kayal,Wanyama following the same policy

  10. ST


    Please tell me why you are so negative ?


    I don’t get it.


    Being a Celtic supporter should be a joyful experience


    especially when we win.



  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Rogne has played well recently. Never gave thems 10 mill player a sniffter!!

  12. good win, good numbers in attendance



    we dont need to sell our better players so why would we? (stupid money, which will still be there in the summer)



    get as many of the unused players moved on asap, take a hit on transfer fee’s if needs be



    let our small army of soon to be free’s (summer) run down their contracts if they dont find clubs



    push boat out on quality cb and cf, if we can get better/ different (strong, powerful) in january, if we cant get better hang fire until the summer and bring in max 2 quality established players



    whatever we do lets make sure our youth players are given a chance and we bring in another 1 or 2 younger players with good potential



    its obvious we will lose players at some point but first we needs to get some success with them, which will only increase their value

  13. I don’t know if this already known but while at the game today a mate pointed out that former referee Willie Young being a lawyer and SFA employee heads a company that has very close ties to Craig Whyte.


    Apparently Mr Young’s legal expertise is there to advise Mr Whytee



    Can anyone shed any light on this rumour?

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    surely no


    a sick Mathews is better than 100% Cha ??

  15. Anyone even suggesting we sell Hooper at anything less than £10 million is not doing our team any favours. He is a far better player than Stokes, not that I’m suggesting we sell him either. IMO we should be building our team around Hooper, Wanyama, Mathews, Kayal, Ki, Commons, Izzaguirre and Foster. The only one I would even consider selling at the minute is the most gifted of them all IMO: Ki, who will only fulfil his potential in a better league than the SPL.

  16. SydneyTim says:


    14 January, 2012 at 21:33



    Bangura cost in the region of £2m, that aint buying on the cheap.



    Don’t you see the irony in moaning about the excessive number of players that we have on the books when it was PL who helped make the funds available to buy these players in the first place?

  17. Clashcitybhoy



    what do you think Lustig was thinking after the hun game re his chances of displacing Matthews

  18. ClashcityBhoy






    There is no the Slightest chance o’ Gary Leavin’ ,this windae.



    And…Ye kin Mak Book oan that!



    Noo. Gary,in the Summer, could go.. But,If he Diz…



    It is a Cinch that it widnae be tae Soothhampton !



    And.. if he did go tae someboady else..



    It wid be fur a Heckava Loat Mair that .. Six Million!



    Fur, everything has noo gone up… in .. price..



    Hiv ye checked.. the Price o’ Sweeties ,lately?



    Ye used tae get Two Buttermulk Dainties fur.. Thrupence..



    Noo.. they are so expensive tae mak ..that they Stoapped Makinn Them.



    Ah Think.. fur.. Ah asked Ma Auntie Maud..tae Send me a Couple of them..


    a Week ago..and She Says that she canny find any.. anywhere.






    Oan the Hoof.. right at this Time.. Gary is Worth.. Fifteen tae Eighteen Million.



    and when He tops the Scoring League, at the end of the season..






    It wull tak..



    Twenty Wan Million , tae Shift Him..




  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    S T



    Big Cha was outstanding V St J recently. I dont think Mathews is great at defending eether.

  20. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    I have a lot of sympathy with things you post…but today..we only needed to win by 1 goal…I’ll take 1-0 from now until..we win the SPL!

  21. Parkheadcunsalford


    I would add Ledley (and Forrest and Mulgrew and Rogne !!!) to your list of retainees . I honestly just started with Ledley in mind then the others sprang in there o:-)




  22. bournesouprecipe



    OK – thought the bid Lenny was referring to was the 2nd bid. I stand bournesouped!



    Guys, as it’s Saturday night and some will be slightly bevvied and emotional, have a look and see if you can fork out something for this (already been mentioned by the outstanding BroganRogan… but always worth another link):






    Make it happen.

  23. googybhoy



    any mention of the hun …holding on …they won by the same scoreline ?



    also ..




    they didn`t create a chance in the last 30 mins .

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    aye like big sammi is a liability, cha has put in some great shifts at right back.


    I think he’s made a few big mistakes and thats enough for some to condemn him.


    He’s been excellent and plain but never lazy or disinterested, I’d rather a 100% him than a 80% Mathews, innit

  25. PF Ayr



    As a general rule, we can compete with those clubs, but his salary at Inter is likely to be considerably higher, I’d have thought. He is still their player.



    He hasn’t had a brilliant first half-season in San Sebastián. They have tried playing him at centre back, as we have with his brother. It worked better for Vic than for Mc.



    McDMW was born on Aiden McGeady’s first birthday.

  26. Gordon64. We have been in this situation before and did not improve and they won 3 in a row


    Do you want that to happen again, I don’t it makes me vomit when they win, it obviously does not bother other people that much



    Pf. 4 players in 4 years. Maybe that explains their 3 in a row then:(


    The” buy cheap and. Hope they improve ” policy is good if it is run alongside the ” sign a quality striker and center half ” policy



    Only having both policy’s in place ensure us moving forward



    The 1st policy only gave the Huns 3 in a row








    Sometimes it becomes a waste of time to continue to point out the obvious,which is that we should be striving continually to improve.



    We all remember how building on success was undertaken in 88 and 98,for example.









    But I hate to admit that we do not have enough money coming in to spend with abandon.



    The board took that gamble,belatedly,with Tony Mowbray,who was cheated from Day One,and it did not work.



    Them’s the breaks. You know my feelings,and I know yours-we largely agree. Hamilton Tim is entitled to his,as none of us has been proven to be conclusively right or wrong.



    Having said that,I may be meeting him over Easter for a beer-fingers crossed-in Bristol. If he keeps winding you up,I promise to take him to the really dear places,haha!

  28. Mick



    I dont believe that -I think his estranged wife has instructed BTO in her divorce action so can’t see their managing partner having anything to do with him….a clear conflict of interest if ever there was one

  29. ST



    i forgot about Commons,Izzy,Stokes,,,,



    your myopia is killing you



    why let facts get inj the way of an irrational antipathy towards someone

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