Celtic 3-0 Rangers*


Celtic outclassed what could simultaneously be both the worst Rangers** team in past 20 years and the best in the next 20 years.

**If they survive.

Goals win games but on so many occasions in the 124 year history of these games brave tackles are equally important and it was an exceptional tackle from Adam Matthews which set this contest alight.  Lee Wallace was in possession when Matthews hooked the ball away from him before whipping in a cross which Goian knocked off the toes of Hooper and behind for a corner.

Kris Commons was to have an enormous influence on the game starting with the resultant 17th minute corner.  Rangers marked man-to-man but as the Celtic players inside the box moved towards the front post a huge zone was left unmarked at the back post.  The ball was inside the box before Charlie Mulgrew but the Celtic defender was flying and dived full-length to head downwards.  The bounce left Allan McGregor no chance.

Celtic’s stranglehold on the game was a result of their domination of the key midfield area.  Rangers played with Little and Aluko either side of McCulloch up front but Celtic matched up with a risky three in central defence, Loovens, Mulgrew and Wanyama.  Such was the gulf in class between Rangers forward players and Celtic’s defenders that the profit Celtic gained in midfield didn’t have a corresponding debit in defence.

Kris Commons scored his first goal of the season on 31 minutes.  Gary Hooper collected on the by-line before playing a square pass into space 25 yards from goal.  Commons was first to the ball but feigned forward before pulling back and allowing the ball to pass across his body.  This fooled Kyle Bartley into lunging for a tackle in a space Commons never ventured into.  The deliciously intelligent move unlocked Rangers defences; Commons was clean through with only the keeper to beat, and boy did he beat him.

With McGregor advancing as though the tax man was chasing him, Commons was the personification of cool, carried the ball until 13 yards out and chipped the goalkeeper.

Although Charlie Mulgrew’s crossing was missed, the addition of Emilio Izaguirre, Commons and Adam Matthews into midfield ensured Celtic were always comfortable and threatening in possession.  This allowed Scott Brown and Joe Ledley to dominate the central midfield area.  Brown played his best game of the season, putting his body between ball and opponent innumerable times, no matter the odds.

By half time, the only question was, how many?

The record books will show a Kris Commons tackle won the ball off Ross McCabe on 54 minutes before Giorgios Samaras passed to Gary Hooper.  Hooper’s shot from the 18 yard line rifled into the top corner to complete the scoring.

I said the record books would show this is how the goal happened but another version of events will say that coordinated singing from Celtic fans spooked an inhibited looking Rangers team.

*In administration.

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  1. the long wait is over, 18:27


    Brown was outstanding (though could have got a red for that tackle at the end) and won the ball when he had no right to on several occasions. Mind you the whole team closed them down all over the pitch and Commons had the guile to turn defence into attack swiftly for Hooper’s goal. And what a joy that was

  2. We are the champions


    We do not need no stinking 10 pts



    3 super goals today from the bhoys


    Well done kris commons hope you are still here next season .


    And for charlie mulgrew ,always knew you would come good and take your 2nd chance at the hoops.


    Neil is going to have some job holding onto these young player as they get better and better.


    With a few quality additions the champions league group stage will be hopefully achieved.



    Thefutureisbrightitsgreenandwhite csc

  3. neil lennon i thank you


    glasgow celtic i thank you


    the celtic support i thank you



  4. celticghirlanew on

    Just heard, from a reliable source…..



    R@ngers have just signed a lucrative new deal with Sky……



    From now on, their games will be shown on the History Channel.




    HH :-)

  5. Paul The Spark on

    Does anyone have any pictures of the damage they done to the seats. My brother said it looked pretty bad from where he was. Thanks in advance.


    Hail Hail

  6. So we’ve won the league. We’ve gubbed the huns without getting out of second gear. We have a title party coming soon, a young squad that will only get better and the Champions League to look forward to next season.



    Meanwhile they have …. well, what happens next, Sally?

  7. Really enjoyed today. Thought their team and fans looked like a beaten, exhausted rabble.



    Bumped into Alex Thomson before KO. He was getting lots of vocal support from assorted tims…

  8. Ya beauty cheers Jobo has emdy got any footage of that I would love to see it



    Hail Hail

  9. Magnificentseven on

    blantyretim on 29 April, 2012 at 18:45 said:






    and he might be drunk as well :-)

  10. Does anyone have any pictures of the damage they done to the seats. My brother said it looked pretty bad from where he was.



    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If that is the case 0ne I hope celtic let the press take photos of it and send them a bill for the damage.Never get paid it but it will add to their woes







  12. Before I forget, how hilarious was the team announcement with the balloons and streamers in the background.



    Broonie was his usual mental self.




  13. midfield maestro on

    Paul The Spark



    Posted earlier, the number of damaged seats was shocking. Top right corner, where they let of some smoke bombs, looked the worst. No pictures, guestimate, 400+ wrecked seats.


    Do D&P pick up the bill?

  14. blantyretim on 29 April, 2012 at 18:47 said:











    Celtic Celtic Celtic

  15. Green Lantern (((((0)))))



    I joined after seeing his Cheltenham ratings posted here. Some big prices.


    I am playing a watching brief just now until the Flat starts properly.



    He doesn’t like betting in April and October but puts up some ratings if anybody wants to use them.



    Scottish National Advice


    ADVICE – I have taken the 9/1 Ladbrokes have offered about MERIGO to and am happy with that price, given my figures for this race. My dutch will consist of MERIGO, HARRY THE VIKING and BENNY BE GOOD and i’ll play up the exotics, same three. Staking to levels that will give me no more than an interest but hopefully we’ll see a profit coming back. That’s the plan, anyway.


    RESULT – The figures turned out to be seriously good and so far six people have e-mailed me to say they played to “October Rules” my top three and have had a very nice 228/1 exacta and/or the 191/1 CSF. I take no credit for that whatsoever and will not be tooting on the whistle but can I just advise members, if you are playing the exotics, you should always look to the exacta before the CSF in races such as these. It is also a good idea to think how you might want to play a race and not simply follow me in – as this proves! I know that is what most do anyway but hopefully everyone was on the winner, at the very least.



    As we have no flat racing today this Newsletter is going out to 500 Club, season ticket holders, monthly members, saturday club members and those having simply remained happy to receive the free daily Newsletter…and how happy must they be right now. For the third Saturday in a row they have been provided with just the one rated race and all three have produced them a winning dutch. THE OSTEOPATH 28/1, MERIGO 9/1 > 13/2, and yesterday old TIDAL BAY, 9/1, again producing a winning dutch. Now, that’s not bad for free!

  16. taggart nobody move on

    1 Paul 67


    I mentioned on a previous blog re Tony Watt and comparison with Buzzbomb and you said (quite rightly) early days. What about young Messai and the KC goal today? Do you think the Argentinian has something to learn?



    2 Re the Lennox goal, I was at that game (yes I am that old) and to the best of my memory it was Auld, at the centre line line alongside Lennox, clipping a long ball to Chalmers, who cushioned his header despite being grabbed by McKinnon, to Buzzbomb who had made up so much ground the grass was out of breath and slotted it.



    3 MOTM today Tony Watt (Coatbridge boy)

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Just watching the game again, paused to ask a question …..



    Were the THAI TIMS at the game today …….?????

  18. Magnificentseven on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on 29 April, 2012 at 18:53 said:


    Just watching the game again, paused to ask a question …..



    Were the THAI TIMS at the game today …….?????




    no…yhet were spared the huns….St Johnstone game I think







    OKthays me off the bev



    Thai Tims tomorrow at GLASGOW …….



    poor mini and Mrs….o)))



    We’re gonnae celebrate we’re gonnae celebrate oh oh oh oh oh ohohoh…

  20. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on 29 April, 2012 at 18:53 said:




    ”Were the THAI TIMS at the game today …….?????”



    I believe thet were at Lennoxtown.

  21. There’s been bad days there’s been good days and there’s days like this GREAT days.Oh how lucky I am to be a TIM.


    God Bless My club Glasgow Celtic

  22. What a fantastic day in Paradise – best Green Brigade display ever… the songs (my favourite, and its an old one, but never better performed IMO, of the “Ha Ha” song… totally blocked out the odious chant)… which reminds me of one of the banners “You’re up to your knees in EBTs” Comedy gold :-)



    And the goals… the 1st was a training ground move executed to perfection.. from the moment it left Kris’s boot you could see Charlie was ready to move in from a long way out. The second was just a great move and sublime skill from Kris, who started off the move for the 3rd with a good tackle, and a fine pass by Sammi into Hoops for a stunning finish. No wonder he got MOTM. Well chuffed for him.



    Great day out, and a lot more to come !



    Happy As

  23. Was glad to see Glen Loovens boss the back line today, totally “ragdolled” elbows all afternoon, no bad for a “big jessie”, eh?

  24. from FF..they seem to be taking it quite well




    Re: “Its a shambles really” Ally


    I’m not ashamed to admit this but listening to this listening to super ally there i am crying i am in tears. Honestly they ****s can take there stupid pathetic tainted title, or there silly we 3-0 meaningless games 3-0 win.. I just hope my team live on.




    Gutted beyond believe. I agree with you,I can’t believe what they have both done to us, whyte especially after filling us with such false hope last May.




    I’m devastated about the whole sorry mess, but the way that Whyte has made a * **t out of Ally just makes things worse. He deserved a fair crack at the whip and that bug-eyed scummer Whyte had him drawing up wishlists for players that he was never getting.




    Its a crying shame it really is



    At this moment I want to do all i can to destroy our enemies – Murray, Whyte the SPL the diidy teams




    even the most optimistic of us are now begining to fear the worst it seems nothing or nobody wants to save us.




    time to face facts bears…..think this is the last season for our club




    Liquidation is now almost certain, I think. It’s a tragedy, really. Heartbreaking. David Murray, whose misplaced arrogance got us here, and Craig Whyte, whose ruthless, mendacious cynicism accelerated the death of the club must burn in hell.




    Keep believing


    It’s not over yet..