Celtic 3-1 Rennes


Celtic came from behind to beat Rennes in the Europa League tonight with two goals from Anthony Stokes and a late finish from Gary Hooper.  Rennes took the lead after 85 seconds when Kader Mangane converted a corner with a fine header.

Rennes pushed forward from kick-off and Julien Feret’s bullet corner kick evaded Victor Wanyama.  This in turn deceived Daniel Majstorovic allowing Mangane to meet the ball and redirect it into the top corner of the goal.

Losing the early goal direct from a corner, for the second time in four Europa League games, seemed to sap Celtic’s confidence as Rennes pushed forward with confidence in the opening 30 minutes.  During this period Rennes goalkeeper, Benoit Costil, touched the ball only once, to cut out a cross from James Forrest.  Celtic were disjointed and no one seemed keen to receive or hold the ball.

Celtic needed a break and it came from James Forrest, not for the first time this season.  The Celtic midfielder evaded two challenges and created space for a shot 25 yards out on the corner of the box.  Costil, who had perhaps lost concentration during his long period as a spectator, stopped the shot but allowed it to rebound back into play, instead of turning it around the post.  Anthony Stokes was on hand to pounce and turn the ball into the empty net.

Two minutes from half time Celtic took the lead when Georgios Samaras flicked on a Fraser Forster clearance which was missed by Mangane.  Stokes collected outside the box and finished confidently with his left foot into the corner of the net.

Having dominated most of the first half Rennes would have wondered how they were behind at half time but the second half was a different game.  Celtic came out with more fight than finesse but as the half progressed they played some of their best football of the season.

Neil Lennon’s injury problems were compounded when Glenn Loovens failed to return for the second half but the manager will be delighted by the debut of 17-year-old central defender Marcus Fraser, who threw himself into the game like an experienced professional.

Adam Matthews, Celtic’s other teenage defender, typified the home teams’ resurgence.  He managed to maintain his cool under pressure with 28,000 fans nervously looking on.

Gary Hooper replaced the tiring James Forrest and wrapped things up for Celtic on 82 minutes.  The striker collected a clearance under pressure in the centre circle and found Samaras in space on the left wing.  Memories fleetingly flashed to mind of a similar break against Udinese when Samaras passed up a chance to make a decisive break but today the Greek was not to be denied.  He played an inch-perfect pass into the path of the onrushing Hooper who met it 13 yards from goal, controlled and knocked it past Costil.

On 66 minutes Kris Commons replaced Paddy McCourt, who struggled to get into the game.  Yann M’Vila, distributed the ball with great effect for Rennes and mopped up lots in central midfield but he failed to take account for ‘Tenacious C’, Commons, and collected his second yellow in the final minutes as the Celtic midfielder nipped the ball away from him.

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  1. The Jury’s Out says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:27


    It was a win BUT…………….



    They were all over us in the second half. Why ? Because we have no one who can hold the ball in midfield. Whoever gets it either launches it or goes off on a run that inevitably ends up with them getting it back which, in turn, results in our defence having to repel attack after attack.



    Goal apart did we have another shot in the second half ? Did we even get in their box ? Don’t think so.



    Yes it was a win but we’re still a long – long – way off being a team that gives you confidence of getting a result.






    All over us 2nd half? Sure they had a lot of possession and like most French sides were neat and tidy but they rarely looked like penetrating us.



    We set ourselves up to be difficult to break down. Effectively with one man up, we had to play counter-attacking football. And that’s the right thing to do against a technically superior side.



    And I think counter-attacking suits us against sides like this. Too often we go with flimsy 2 man central midfield and get over-run. Not tonight.



    That Celtic team tonight was stripped of several key players. It was shorn of confidence (allegedly). We had a boy at centre-back in the second half. We wcored 3 after losing one in the 1st minute.



    In anybody’s language, that’s a good nights work.

  2. bjmac,



    A simple cure for the SS polis at the home games is to place a solicitor inside the GB, make himself known to the match commander and state that he’s been employed by the Celtic support to ensure their democratic rights were upheld.



    We as a support need only act as normal law abiding citizen, the rangers supporters need do nothing because the existing law already has them as law breakers, very much like the rangers owners for the last 100 odd years.






  3. pigalle,



    I bow to your knowledge on that, Jean-Baptiste.







    You really must learn to accept that anyone who does not concur with your particular opinion can still be a Celtic fan, through and through.



    Then again, you probably never will.

  4. A patched up Celtic team beat a decent French side tonight.



    I, for one, celebrate big time.



    The spirit in the side was good, contrary to divisive media reports.



    Congrats to Neil Lennon for this.





    Quick point,did anyone else notice the difference between the policing and stewarding tonight towards THE GREEN BRIGADE as compared to Saturday?



    Was that because they recognised the error of their ways,or because Saturday’s performance isnae acceptable in a wider arena like UEFA



    The police were practically INVISIBLE all night,and guess what??




  6. Big Packie's Accent on

    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:40





    A simple cure for the SS polis at the home games is to place a solicitor inside the GB, make himself known to the match commander and state that he’s been employed by the Celtic support to ensure their democratic rights were upheld.



    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



    Vmhan – a just and apt suggestion.



    Surely worthy off a whip-round from the support.



    It needs organizing !

  7. Mr X,



    I agree it was a good night’s work. As I say, a win’s a win but don’t agree that they rarely looked like penetrating us. On another night we could easily have come away with zilch.



    My main point again: Until we start holding that ball in midfield and playing with some authority our defence – irrespective of whom it comprises – will be under constant pressure.



    A positive result nonetheless. Let’s hope we can build on it.

  8. Fortunes Favour Mibbes says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:37



    I only caught a wee bit on Parliament tv, I will hopefully get to watch tomorrow. Yes they’re continuing with the bill – it is a joke.



    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:40



    Yes, the lawyer is an excellent idea for right now – I witnessed some shocking policing Satruday and caught the aftermath on video. This could help protect the GB from the over zealous SS. However we must still fight this bill – it will get infinitely worse for the GB and the rest of the support if it goes through.



    Hope you’re well, mate.








    My own post from 0020



    I forgot to give wee Jamesie a huge pat on the back,nae failures tonight,but he gave his all,drove us on,and even tracked back to help out the defenders.



    Maybe his level of performance nowadays is so high,that an outstanding display is taken for granted!



    Apologies,my fellow Ayrshire Tim…..

  10. Big Packie’s Accent says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:46




    It may happen, as I’ve been told there are more than a few ST holders who would be available, and indeed are already involved.



    We are all together on this, one team and one support…… more than just a club mi amigos.







    The Jury’s Out says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:42





    I bow to your knowledge on that, Jean-Baptiste.






    You really must learn to accept that anyone who does not concur with your particular opinion can still be a Celtic fan, through and through.



    Then again, you probably never will.






    I refer you, a poster who has as much right to be on here as I,to the last word of my referenced comment.

  12. Neil's Taxi's Here ! on

    The meter’s been switched off …………well, for the next 72 hours at least.



    Still on stand-by.

  13. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:44





    If Neil dizny turn into Tinkerman on sunday morning then we should get what we need at Fir Park!



    The Green Brigade for me, bring Lego-stadiums to life and also remind me of the unique atmosphere in the Jungle. Ah, the memorie’s……



    Am I a hun…..



    I didny know I was a hun until I started posting on CQN and, interupted the little cosy, cliquey type of little gang-hut that at times, reminds me of The Celtic View/Pravda from the early 90’s.



    “If you dare to ask a question….your creating mischief!”

  14. Big Packie's Accent on

    Vinny – Great news



    The Gb’s treatment – too much for too long,


    and as we know it will only intensify.



    If funds are required for peoples services, it needs doing.

  15. Neil's Taxi's Here ! on




    you walked into that one my friend !

  16. l said on Tuesday that when players are fighting at training , all is well.



    We have a thunder storm comming.



    Was at the game, thought sami, kayal and wanyama were great. Sammi take a bow your work rate was ……. Well diffrent class.



    Quadruple is on



    Hail hail



  17. Big Packie's Accent on

    Kevin – Put the Green Brigade into a new Jungle says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:59.



    It’s all about the way you/me/anyone makes their point/asks their questions mate !

  18. That was a good result tonight after a poor start and Rennes haveing so much possession.



    Support fantastic again, is any other team doing the call and response form opposite terraces?



    Nice to see a bit of fight from the players tonight.



    PA/Music at CP Please don’t EVER play that Shane McGowan version of the Celtic Song. It is atrocious.


    Band sounds as if they are on speed and Shane sings flat, toneless and without any sense of inspiration in this version. Can’t see it lifting the t am or support , only making Glen D birl in his grave. Put it in the bin.

  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Need to drop, Kayal Stokes and Hooper for their inconsistency :o)

  20. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Neil Lennon. Thanks again. We all knew last year due to your lack of hands on experience that you had to say the least an extremely difficult if not an almost impossible task ahead of you. You had the b8lls to give it a go. The car crash that was BTM’s squad left you wide open to potential failure. Despite that you never hid, we played some brilliant football and you almost pulled it off. Injuries to you’re most important players have so far prevented you from getting your best team out this season. You have suffered unbelievable physical and personal attacks on you and your family throughout from sick individuals, bigots, the written press and even the judicuary/jury but despite all this you as Celtic manager and unquestionably given your all to the club you manage on OUR behalf. Every day you will learn more and with all our support we will all benefit. On behalf of me, my family and friends I thank you. Long may you manage our great club. Jock would be proud of you Neil. HH.

  21. Good win after a terrible start.


    Rennes looked a good team but a bit limited.


    Consequently a good three points to keep us in the hunt.



    Unfortunately although a lot of our play was good and we scored three goals, for a long time it was heart in the mouth time as we had a masterclass of a team lacking in confidence, lacking in coaching, lacking in shape and lacking in quality.



    We lost a bad goal, they seemed to like flat driven corners and we didn’t know what to do. FF is left to his own devices, they have everyone on the edge of the box and the crowd held their breath. Something needs to be done but what?



    However badly we played, however many of the team squabbled and debated their way through the first half we were always one good pass away from causing them big problems. And then it happened, we scored a cheap goal and then split them wide open with a Route 1 special.



    Second half was probably very worrying, poor start and we were chasing shadows for far too long. However we made chances, we put in a shift and finally we got some quality into a quick break. Never mind the chances they had, we scored they missed and then it was party time.



    Interesting shape to the team –



    4 – 2 – 3 – 1 = BK + VW playing a holding / defensive role to JF / PMcC / GS supporting AS.


    Worked well at times but the players looked very green playing this formation.



    BK – some good, some great some childish – still a class act when it all clicks.


    VW – in and out the game too much, positioning needs work but he put in a shift and that is a huge improvement on last Saturday.



    JF – growing up in a harsh environment, has the class but needs to learn to play it cute.


    GS – put in a huge shift, bit of everything, tired badly but he was worth the jersey.


    PMcC – stagnating badly, elements of class but looked out of sorts.



    These opinions might not suit everyone but again no matter the class on show, no matter the individual effort we still looked like strangers at times. More a case of a debating society than a seasoned, mature, well drilled group of winners.



    Everybody was at it.



    FF vs DM – they made up in the end.


    BK vs GS – where to stand to defend a throw in.


    PMcC vs Midfield – playing into blind alleys.



    Get this sorted and we might be onto something.

  22. Jeez, the end of the last thread was like the good old days. But true to form, bored huns cannae help themselves. Taxis and jurys….couple o’ fan…



    bjmac @00:50/ Vmhan



    Cheers amigo.



    Good suggestion Vmhan….either way, hope the lhads get some backing here. The stories this season about the treatment they’ve been subjected to have disgusted me, and it’s more important than any football game. Sickening. Hopefully they’ll contest any charges…the costs of legal defences would be easily met by fellow supporters imo., and the outcome of such a situation might be the kind of kick up the rear end this country and it’s current government need regarding this situation.


    Neil’s Taxi’s Here ! says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:56


    The meter’s been switched off …………well, for the next 72 hours at least.



    Still on stand-by.





    Oh dear.



    I think you may have outed yourself there,you know.



    A genuine Celtic supporter would be too busy lapping up tonight to come up with a comment like that.



    Possibly you and the jury’s out should exchange e-mails addresses,you seem to havea lot in common.



    Including,perhaps,a whole lot more than you admit to on here.

  24. Big Packie’s Accent says:


    4 November, 2011 at 01:04





    You can dress it up whatever way you like….



    I still say it is like Celtic View/Pravda.



    Not all of the time though as, when Ms McGill voice’s the truth.



    She should be listened to.


    The Jury’s Out says:


    4 November, 2011 at 01:00





    I see what you mean:



    You signed it with your real name.





    If you knew what my real name was,you would find it to have more kudos than you would expect in the circles,squares and triangles that you frequent.

  26. Taxi for jury. Decent fare, Wine Alley direct to Gorgie in Edinburgh. Over night stay available for driver. Grammar book free for use in back seat during journey. Stop-off at Harthill for coffee and graffitti abuse on offer.

  27. Its been a while my friends but this is why I’m up this late……






    Kev mi amigo its not that yir a hun but its….. well too much hunnish-ness coming from ye :¬)



    I’m not really good at outing huns because i have so many family and friends that are …… erm what I’d call huns so you kinda a gel into my wicked world of hunishness. If that offends then nae bother, if it disnae then ach well nae bother either.



    Anyway HH to ye all!





    And when I say “expect”,I should have said “expect to have”



    But either works.