Celtic 3-1 Rennes


Celtic came from behind to beat Rennes in the Europa League tonight with two goals from Anthony Stokes and a late finish from Gary Hooper.  Rennes took the lead after 85 seconds when Kader Mangane converted a corner with a fine header.

Rennes pushed forward from kick-off and Julien Feret’s bullet corner kick evaded Victor Wanyama.  This in turn deceived Daniel Majstorovic allowing Mangane to meet the ball and redirect it into the top corner of the goal.

Losing the early goal direct from a corner, for the second time in four Europa League games, seemed to sap Celtic’s confidence as Rennes pushed forward with confidence in the opening 30 minutes.  During this period Rennes goalkeeper, Benoit Costil, touched the ball only once, to cut out a cross from James Forrest.  Celtic were disjointed and no one seemed keen to receive or hold the ball.

Celtic needed a break and it came from James Forrest, not for the first time this season.  The Celtic midfielder evaded two challenges and created space for a shot 25 yards out on the corner of the box.  Costil, who had perhaps lost concentration during his long period as a spectator, stopped the shot but allowed it to rebound back into play, instead of turning it around the post.  Anthony Stokes was on hand to pounce and turn the ball into the empty net.

Two minutes from half time Celtic took the lead when Georgios Samaras flicked on a Fraser Forster clearance which was missed by Mangane.  Stokes collected outside the box and finished confidently with his left foot into the corner of the net.

Having dominated most of the first half Rennes would have wondered how they were behind at half time but the second half was a different game.  Celtic came out with more fight than finesse but as the half progressed they played some of their best football of the season.

Neil Lennon’s injury problems were compounded when Glenn Loovens failed to return for the second half but the manager will be delighted by the debut of 17-year-old central defender Marcus Fraser, who threw himself into the game like an experienced professional.

Adam Matthews, Celtic’s other teenage defender, typified the home teams’ resurgence.  He managed to maintain his cool under pressure with 28,000 fans nervously looking on.

Gary Hooper replaced the tiring James Forrest and wrapped things up for Celtic on 82 minutes.  The striker collected a clearance under pressure in the centre circle and found Samaras in space on the left wing.  Memories fleetingly flashed to mind of a similar break against Udinese when Samaras passed up a chance to make a decisive break but today the Greek was not to be denied.  He played an inch-perfect pass into the path of the onrushing Hooper who met it 13 yards from goal, controlled and knocked it past Costil.

On 66 minutes Kris Commons replaced Paddy McCourt, who struggled to get into the game.  Yann M’Vila, distributed the ball with great effect for Rennes and mopped up lots in central midfield but he failed to take account for ‘Tenacious C’, Commons, and collected his second yellow in the final minutes as the Celtic midfielder nipped the ball away from him.

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  1. johann murdoch on

    Morning all,great result last night with a patched up team,more positives than negatives for me,same team for motherwell too.Well done Sammi..






    as usual on the blog and after usual first goal conceded we had more new names suddenly appearing than the bejing birth registrar..last nights special one was DOLPH…dearie me..

  2. BelfastCityCelt on

    celtfish says:



    4 November, 2011 at 09:20



    Kayal33 says:



    4 November, 2011 at 09:20



    That shower are going to try and hound us all over that sand pit,they will be allowed to boot and foul with impunity.



    I suggest to Lenny that we turn the tables on them,we,Celtic start to hound them.



    I know for a fact that Lenny reads CQN,hopefully he takes some of my ideas and advice on board.



    Neil – Remeber this – It’s horses for courses.No more weak selections away from home.

  3. Neil if your reading CQN why don’t you get alan thompson to start swinging dangerous crosses and corners in and this should sort this defence out for matchdays.

  4. BelfastCityCelt on

    McNair is the greatest says:



    4 November, 2011 at 09:24



    A good home side,for def.



    Ki is a difficult player to leave out,i agree,but it has to be done.



    Not sure about Kelvin Wilson either,thought he was diabolical at Poundland,he may well go on to prove me wrong though,and i hope he does.



    Rogne has a wee bit of class about him,very composed.

  5. BelfastCityCelt on

    Think i have rambled on a wee bit too much,sorry.



    I hope yous all have a brilliant day everybody,and good luck.



    Slan. :)

  6. Morning Bhoys , well done to the team last night dug out a good result after a nightmare start. It goes to show that when the team work hard for each other, pressure the opposition and get in the tackles you can win games. Its not all about trying to play silky football, get the attitude right first the football will follow.



    Last night was a start they now need to do this every game starting on Sunday.



    Changes to team for the weekend Rogne for Loovens assuming Charlie is still out


    Ledley if fit for McCourt


    Commons for Forrest if wee James is knackered and needing a rest, Chris will be bursting to show what he can do

  7. McNair is the greatest on

    BelfastCityCelt says:


    4 November, 2011 at 09:34


    McNair is the greatest says:



    4 November, 2011 at 09:24



    A good home side,for def.



    I always think we should play three up in Scotland home & away it stops the opposition full backs launching long diagonal high balls against our wee full backs. Its our achilles heel.

  8. Paul67 et al



    After yet another disastrous start to a game, Celtic dug in, dug deep and eventually found their self belief and, just as important, each other. Craig Burley got it right, the goal Celtic lost was almost a replica of the goals we lost to Athletico Madrid away, and to Rangers at Ibrox. It is an area that needed to be addressed, but has not been, and it is not just down to the players we have. Plenty of positives, the sheer effort put in, especially in the second half reminded me of some of our best performances from last season, for which every player deserves credit. Let us take that spirit to Fir Park on Sunday!

  9. Big job fore the physios over the next 48 hours getting the strength back into the players’ legs.


    Energy and application was fantastic, akin to last season and exactly what we expect from a Celtic team in every game.

  10. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts from a stormy North Hampshire



    The thunder was back last night!



    One bad mistake. Then the team stepped up to the task ably backed by a tremendous support.



    I thought Stokesy was inspiring and both Jamesy and Sammi were creating more problems for them than they were for our guys. So, a big performance against a top 6 French team



    Sometimes we focus too much on what they might do to us that we forget what they will be thinking about our players and what we did to them.



    I love Paddy and he has come in for some stick last night, however I thought they had to adjust their plans to handle him as he gave them a fright on a number of occasions. If only he would lay it off every now and again he could be a devastatingly effective player.



    What always strikes me as a visibly obvious difference is the superior physique of other teams (I know about Barca…) when they lined up for the pre-match handshakes they looked lean fit and powerful. We frankly did not ..Overall.



    What did become clear, after we had donated the obligatory goal, was the way both Sammi who was simply wonderful on the night and vic67 began to assert their physical and technical abilities on them. Beram also started to find the measure of them around 30 mins and things began to look brighter. Wee Jamesy for me was the spark that lit the flame last night he was everywhere and picking up balls deep and running at them…he caused Udinese similar problems holding the ball and running past them with pace.



    He is not afraid to have a shot and thank god. I have not decided if his crossing is just awful…or if he would benefit from a target man who can heedie a cross ball? When Izzy returns and we have Matty back on the right the service into the area will increase, but who can get on the end of higher crosses?..That remains a 4 season long weakness. I am going to call it our hoopportunity come January window.



    Big Dan seemed far more comfortable with Glenda off and young Frazer did very well for a 17 year old. I don’t like Dutch defenders unless they are playing in a team of fellow Dutch players..They argue too much when they don’t rate, or to be more kind. believe in the defensive leader. I would never play Glenda again…not because he is Dutch but because he has no heart and thinks he is a better player than he is. A risky combination for a defender.



    Thought Matt and Izzy did well enough and both caused them problems coming forward at pace. Big Fraser is starting to look like a ‘keeper again…totally blameless for the goal and came out to cler afew times with one excellent save and a few solid stops. His distribution has improved and ball to Sammi for the second goal was better although Sammi attacked it like a demon on speed.



    Bid Sammi played an almost perfect euro role last night. Had he scored it would have been perfect. The amount of grief this guy gets is outrageous and particularly at games (can understand fholks being a bit peed on here and venting sometimes) but the guys who said on here they would not go because he was playing ..Would love to hear what they have to say today…really!



    Ghoops when he came on added a boost in terms of energy and caused them problems when they were beginning to step forward at the back. I think he can harry more a la Henrik and that might come with time. His tenacity in mid in build up to the goal was telling and the ball to Sammi who waited and waited then released at just the right time leaving ghoops with loads to do …then that first touch and low hard finish which is becoming his trademark. Absolutely fantastic goal at the perfect time.



    The refereeing in Euro games makes all the difference. We can build momentum without disruption and we can tackle without fear of seeing red or dodgy FK and penalties. The contrast to spl refs is stark. As TET has said, time and again, we need to focus 100% on what is going on here. Our players are running risks when they take the field and it is having a marked effect on performances.



    Lenny- what can I say that has not already been said? He deserves our support and more than he is getting. The number of posters on here who have called on him to walk or be sacked… and not only the hunfiltrators! If you are a Celtic fan who has called for Lenny to go then you should apologise now. Not because we are the real deal yet and a few Euro results do not mean we will beat mothers on Sunday, far less win the league. But because he deserved more time and loyalty from the support. That should have been obvious to you…instinctive.



    That was not only a result last night. It was a performance!



    Well done to all concerned.







  11. BelfastCityCelt says:


    4 November, 2011 at 09:34


    Rogne has a wee bit of class about him,very composed.



    Agreed but he needs to stop holding on to players ie jelly legs and giving needless fouls away and playing into huns hands, the huns speciality is freekicks,corners most of their goals come from this.

  12. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Merseycelt@the back of six



    Here here!






    I couldn’t get on the net last night to keep updated and put teletext on to check the score,down 1 nil,couldn’t believe it so I decided to watch Noel Gallagher on the red button and was very pleasantly surprised to check and see us winning and won,that’s just my luck.



    Well done to the Bhoys and Marcus Fraser.




    4 November, 2011 at 00:45



    Was in early last night and steward informed us that the police were ordered to keep a low profile in the section after Saturday.


    Still being filmed from exit 109 and the one above though!


    First time in the section and can’t praise the GB enough for their support of the team even after the loss of an early goal. It was like being back in the old jungle in the 80’s.




  14. Well played Celtic.



    Feel the man-love.



    Stokes and Hoops: those bhoys can FINISH.



    Adam Matthews: excellent, young mhan. Clearly a very good athlete and an intelligent young footballer. I pure love intelligence. I’m also glad Adam got that gig on the Celtic website with the absolutely gorgeous Gamu Nhengu because I want him to love life in Glasgow and at Celtic.



    Marcus Fraser: Wow. He makes Adam Matthews seem like a veteran. Imagine waking up this morning as a 17-year-old who has just made his first-team debut for Celtic, the real Celtic, able to replay time and time again in your mind a goal-saving tackle as your first intervention. Feel the love, Marcus. It has come to you incredibly young, but it doesn’t mean you can just go anywhere and experience it. Celtic is special, my bhoy.



    Big Dan: Lost count of how many times he was first to the ball in our box and just made sure he got it away. Big Dan is the new Dieter Eilts.



    Big Vic: The ball loves the big ghuy. He is a magnet for it. Long may it continue.



    Big Vic and James Forrest are only just turned 20. Adam and Marcus are both teenagers. Great stuff.

  15. Last night showed again what our young players can do. A shot in the arm confidence wise is just what the squad needs with so many injuries to cope with. Sunday is another big game and if we show the same application and effort we will come away with a victory.

  16. Finally got to see the game; Sammi was strong, Kayal looked up for it and that wee Welsh boy at full back was my MOTM. Everybody else… well their jerseys looked tight.


    Where do all the Lennon (as they like to call him) haters go after we get a result.



    Does somebody know which rock Slag_apuke crawls under every time we win because I would love to put a two footed challenge in on it just to wake the banker up.



    Just for the crack like.

  17. Ciao——



    Very warm ,very grey -way down south . Yet another downpour coming.



    Last night- ? The proverbial curate’s egg —— good in parts, bad in parts. . Their goal was a gift as was Celtic’s equalizer. Celtic showed skill, guts and determination. Samaras — Oh -yes . Wanyama -oh yes . Ref was incompetent but at least he was impartially incompetent. I have seen a lot of M’Villa [ much rated /much coveted and therefore a Tv regular in Italia — ] -I have never seen him play so badly. A very good result . An encouraging result . Let’s hope it is the start of something —



    Watched all of Atletico – Udinese this morning . Strange —- Udinese spent this week talking about playing their first choice team, playing Di Natale and going for the win —– cue Di Natale and Pinzi not traveling., cue the fielding of 7 second choice players , cue a craven , walking pace performance from Udinese . Cue an easy 4-0 walk over for Atletico. Very small attendance -@15 k. ! Cue the Italian football making jokes about Udinese – ” being just like Greece —— they clearly want out of the Euro ! “.



    Watched the Europa League highlights program last night —- Every game – Every goal. Sad to see so many third full stadiums. Great goal by the fabulous Pastore for PSG.



    Onwards and upwards . Big up for the beach at Motherwell. !

  18. Watching the Celtic v Real Madrid 1980 game on ESPN two things struck me


    In those days I always thought auld Athur Montford was always talking Celtic down however listening to a snippet of his commentary last night made me realise that today’s commentators are 20 times more biased against the Celtic


    Another observation was the advertising hoarding at the Rangers end at the main stand for MIM. I wander if in those days if Murray spent £10 at Ibrox for every £5 he spent at Celtic Park on advertising

  19. wycombebhoy says:


    3 November, 2011 at 23:54



    Sorry missed your post last night. I know Tommy Boyd from his Primary School days. He played for me in the school team for 4 years. He was very tall as a child and played at left back from Primary 4 and 5. As he got older he captained the team and played as a sweeper. He was an exceptional player at school and a great kid too!

  20. Couple of extra points regarding last night –



    DM grew six inches in the second half.


    He started to get in the way of everything.


    MF seemed to make a difference, he tucked in behind and we started to play as a unit.



    AM played some great football.


    Forgot he is still a teenager.



    MIB was SPL class.


    He was so pro Rennes he must drive Citroen or maybe he soon will.



    The GB need to update their songbook.


    MMcG lost, get over it, you need to move with the times.


    No more “Ooh ah up the Ra” how about “Ooh ah up the Irish Labour Party”?


    Also please no more of “PMcC’s Fenian army”.


    It is militaristic, it is patronising and it is factually dubious.


    If he scores another goal for NI then his face will be adorning a mural on the Shankhill.



    The GB produced a superb performance when they sang Celtic songs.


    All the rest is Zulu warrior crap, seeing Ireland through the lens of West Central Scotland.


    We are the 5th biggest supported team in Ireland.


    Our support is concentrated in 10-12 counties.



    We need to expand our base and the GB need to grow up – Clearasil Republicanism no more.

  21. wycombebhoy says:


    4 November, 2011 at 00:10



    Thanks for your kind comment. I’ll never forget St. Bridget’s and St. Francis of Assisi. I’ve been on here a few times rattling on about how well the Baillieston boys could play the game of football. They were very happy years for me.

  22. Sammi’s performance last night again shows that he is a fine player who is just not suited to the SPL. When he gets space to play his game….. some player. In the SPL when he doesn’t….. well we know all about that :-(

  23. This is a funny read lol. Its from http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/




    2. Mr. Whyte and Rangers F.C. – The Future



    Some direct questions were put to Mr Whyte



    VB – Reports of Rangers going in to Administration continue to dominate the media in Scotland, including a rumour from a credible source to VB that the club will voluntarily enter Administration on Monday 7th November. Is there any truth in this rumour?



    CW – Not at all. Our phones were red hot last Friday (28th October) with the same rumour, which led to us having to contact media organisations to inform them it was business as usual for us



    VB – Do you have a value in mind that you could settle at with HMRC that could allow the club to pay off any amount due, should Rangers lose the “main” case against the organisation, and avoid the scenario of Administration or Insolvency?



    CW – Yes, although that value is sensitive



    VB – Would that value be paid directly without offsetting against future season ticket revenue?



    CW – Yes



    VB – Are you confident of winning the case?



    CW – Yes



    VB – Do you genuinely see Administration as an option, or is it part of a game with HMRC?



    CW – Sadly, it is an option, and not a game in the slightest, although we see it (Administration) as worst case scenario. A Plan “D” if you will.


    Administration is not, and never has been a Pre determined Strategy to deal with any possible loss of the “main” tax case.


    Rangers are talking to HMRC on a daily basis



    VB – What is the legal/contractual position of “Murray Park”? Can is be put to the fans to rename, perhaps as a symbol of a new era?



    CW – There is no obligation to keep the name of “Murray Park”.



    VB- We’ve have no representation on either the SFA professional board or the SPL board since Martin Bain has left? With Peter Lawwell, Eric Riley & Stephen Thompson among those now in senior positions there seems little influence for Rangers within the management circles of Scottish Football



    CW – The SPL is democratic, and Ali Russell will take over from Eric Riley at the SPL next year. The SFA has obviously been through some restructuring which we will monitor throughout the coming months.



    VB – The previous management at Rangers attempted a Share issue, which was undersubscribed, largely due to a lack of trust between the support and the custodian. Is this an avenue that you have considered?



    CW – It’s not something we have considered to any great degree. Do you think the support would invest?


    VB – If given confidence that the money would be used wisely, yes



    We then moved on to more general Media issues

  24. hen1rik says:


    4 November, 2011 at 09:32



    Swinging in dangerous crosses might see Alan Thompson arrested by Rosie Cunningham.

  25. Kitalba




    I have never met a Lenny hater amongst the Celtic support.


    Infact i don’t know of a Celtic manager who has had more support than Neil Lennon.



    To a man every Celtic supporter that i have spoken to Loves Neil Lennon ,and is desperate for him to succeed.



    Now i have spoken to quite a few Celtic supporters who feel that the job has come to soon for him and that he should not be learning his trade with our first team.I count myself amongst them.



    Neil Lennon would be in my all-time greatest Celtic team.Yes in there with some of the Lisbon Lions.I think he is possibly the most underrated player that i have known to adorn a Celtic strip.I have a signed print of him ,that hangs in my diningroom.I paid a fare bit of money for it at a Kano fund auction.




    Yet as i stated , i think that Celtic should not be a training ground for new managers.



    That does make me or those who share my opinion Lenny Haters.



    Our results this season are bound to bring criticism.




  26. Rama Celt



    Much as it is funny and shows just how taken in their moronic support are don’t post links to that site. It has one of the worst reps on the internet.



    I believe James Forrest and other posters refer to them as Vanguard scum because of articles of a particularly scummy nature which vanish later.

  27. Outstanding result and a very decent performance last night! I had said I didn’t see we could get anyone better than Lennon earlier this week, and I think he stepped up to prove that point today! That said, I also mentioned Aitken as a defensive coach and, given how much I was worrying at every set piece, I haven’t changed my mind!


    Samaras – stepped up to the plate when asked! Wanyama – outstanding, solid, determined, nothing showy about him, even Kayal took a lead from him in that respect. I thought Big Dan had a great second half – just did what you expect a big centre half to do – cleared his lines, got in front of every cross and ball into the box – good performance!


    I’d be tempted to start withthe same team (Rogne in for Loovens though – even if Loovens is fit by Sunday – no heart, signalling to come off after 20 odd minutes knowing there’s only kids on the bench) and Mulgrew or Ledley at left back, assuming either are fit.


    I’d also be tempted to drop McCourt – I have to say, I wasn’t impressed and have a nagging feeling he’s too greedy with the ball – always trying to beata man instead of playing a simple pass! SO team for Sunday:

















    Forrest/Commons (if Forrest is injured)









    Same system, same desire, same work rate as last night please – if we get that, the “good” football will come!

  28. If Lenny can get the team playing in an attacking 4-5-1 system then I think we could murder everyone in Scotland and give a decent account of ourselves in Europe. 4-4-2 is outdated.



    Also… and I’m not getting on any bandwagon here, because I’ve been saying it for ages… Sammi is a very good player and I’m convinced that if the fans get behind him then he will be a key player for us in the 4-5-1 mentioned above. The GB have made an even half-empty Celtic Park more atmospheric than it has been in decades, and now is the time to turn their powers to rejuvenating the form of our most technically-gifted player.


    DIVITBHOY 1002



    Maybe the powers-that-be don’t want the wider European forum to witness the approach from the police that we witnessed on Saturday,or possibly the match commander that day got a bollocking for being out of order.



    Who knows,time will tell.



    But last night,the GB were just immense.



    That team last night deserved such support from the whole stadium,and to be fair,as time went on they got it!

  30. Celtic_First says:


    4 November, 2011 at 10:05



    Adam Matthews: excellent, young mhan. Clearly a very good athlete and an intelligent young footballer.



    Marcus Fraser: Wow. He makes Adam Matthews seem like a veteran. Imagine waking up this morning as a 17-year-old who has just made his first-team debut for Celtic, the real Celtic, able to replay time and time again in your mind a goal-saving tackle as your first intervention. Feel the love, Marcus. It has come to you incredibly young, but it doesn’t mean you can just go anywhere and experience it. Celtic is special, my bhoy.



    Big Dan: Lost count of how many times he was first to the ball in our box and just made sure he got it away. Big Dan is the new Dieter Eilts.



    Big Vic: The ball loves the big ghuy. He is a magnet for it. Long may it continue.



    Big Vic and James Forrest are only just turned 20. Adam and Marcus are both teenagers. Great stuff.





    Good Sir;



    Liked these bits & agree.




    Paddy T

  31. DBBIA



    if it ain’t go that swing…



    Dumfries and Galloway. You can feel it, but you just can’t explain it.