Celtic 5-0 St Mirren


Celtic swept St Mirren aside this afternoon as a hat-trick from Gary Hooper and goals from Georgios Samaras and Dylan McGeough

Celtic came roaring out of the traps and blew St Mirren away this afternoon.  Georgios Samaras got the show underway on 4 minutes when he collected the ball after Marc McAusland failed to make a clean connection on the ball.  Samaras still had a lot to do and carried the ball into the box.  With defenders closing in from all around the Greek striker placed his shot instead of going for power.  St Mirren keeper, Craig Samson got a hand to the shot but the ball spun slowly towards goal and settled 8” over the line.

Four minutes later, a clearly confident Samaras drove into the St Mirren penalty box before cutting the ball left for Anthony Stokes, who’s fired cross was turned over the line from 3 yards by Gary Hooper.

Samaras was running the show but was hampered by a knock to the ankle which he took a few moments to recover from.  This coincided with St Mirren’s best period of play as the visitors gained more possession and territorial advantage in the period before half time.

Celtic started the second half just as brightly as they did the first as Hooper and Kayal could both have added to the score, however, the third would arrive 8 minutes into the second half.  Victor Wanyama played an excellent forward pass to Stokes who hit the goal line before cutting back for Gary Hooper.  Hooper collected with his back to goal but spun and shot in a sweeping move that left Samson with no chance.

Hooper completed his hat-trick on 57 minutes when he tried to play a one-two with Stokes but the ball was returned by a defender, allowing him to chip the on-rushing Samson.

18-year-old Dylan McGeough made his first impact as a Celtic player minutes after replacing James Forrest when he collected the ball 10 yards in front of his own box, ran 70 yards into the St Mirren box, before creating space and despatching Celtic’s fifth goal.  An unforgettable moment for the young player.

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  1. I bet that result today hacked off a lot of the usual posters, conspicious by their absence I may add.



    Some superb stuff on display, and St Mirren tried to play, not the usual thuggery, and Mc Lean was a joke.




  2. Saint Stivs says:


    26 November, 2011 at 18:09





    that was a champion day out,


    a real treat for the eyes, the ears and the heart.



    Green Brigade I salute you.



    The fans who backed the bhoys for the WHOLE game today without getting on anyones back, I salute you.



    The 14 Hooped hereos, every one of them, I salute you.



    Dylan McGeoghs mum, in section 139 , waving to her bhoy while telling us all “thats ma bhoy, he is going to be some player”, I salute you.



    and to our latest recruit, young Adam C, 8 , from Bishopton, who i took to the match today, at halftime he told me , I used to be a Rangers supporter, but now its definately Celtic.



    Come on you bhoys in Green.

  3. TET



    I’m sure the missing will be back if Rangers fluke a late pen. assisted win at Rugby Park tomorrow to let us know how bad we are.



    Meanwhile, we’ll crawl back inch by inch until we get the chance to mug them.



    I hope some people will desist from shouting at Sammi to get in the box ya big waster! Sammi has re-invented the Centre Forward role. Francisco Torres is studying how he did it so he can apply the lesson for Chelsea and Spain.

  4. pauloantony says:


    26 November, 2011 at 18:13



    how many is that now in how many games



    last i heard he was on fire

  5. Was minding my wee one at same time as watching match, so not able to digress any of the tactical decisions, workings and failings.



    We looked as if we had learned a lesson from Wednesday.



    Samaras looked like he had a good game in the 1st half.



    Kayal looked busy – Wanyama too in the 1st half.



    Young McGeough’s goal has made my weekend. It really has.



    I just love skill, balls and composure in our bhoys – its very rarely used to good effect with all 3 of those present.



    So his goal has just made my day.



    Worst worst worst case scenario – today has made the remainder of that boys life a lot better – in any of the better case scenarios we have another youngster looking capable of mixing it with the big bhoys – and a young fella who didnt stop growing when he was 13.



    Delighted with that.



    Looking forward to some other bhoys tactical analysis on here now wee ones mummy is home

  6. Just posted on the last blog.



    We are shaping up to be a very good team. Samaras was class and Wanyama was different class altogether. Thanks to St Mirren for not trying to kick us off the park. That’s 2 teams in a week and look what happens.

  7. The Deadly Ledley on




    Paul, our new superstars first name is Dylan!!



    What a superb performance. Delighted this evening, this talented young team has got its mojo back.



    The bhoys are coming for you huns, be afraid sally, be very afraid!




  8. coorslad is Neil Lennon on

    Posted yesterday,that we were goin to give someone a thrashing,we hadn’t long to wait..The players seem to be getting familar with one another..Get big Victor tied to the club long term,this is the sort of player to build a team around..The game on wed nite will give us a idea of how far we have come..

  9. Yep, the confidence dip is hopefully well behind us now.



    Onwards & upwards.



    Is Sammy taller than Ki?



    Re Madrid, if we have managed to shake off the early goal concession syndrome now that Brick67 is there to stop such things, 3-0 anyone? :)

  10. Just home, don’t think I’ve every seen such heavy rain for an entire game, soaked right through before and after, imagine playing football in that.



    Play football we did, and credit to St.Mirren who passed the ball quite well throughout.



    Celtic were much more like last seasons peak side, and the introduction of the sensational Victor Wanyama to the midfield snuffed out St Mirren’s restricted chances. Victor was immense, from start to finish, never put a foot wrong breaking up nearly every St. Mirren move, and in turn helped Beram Kayal to have his best game for weeks.



    Samaras took his opportunity and had a tremendous game running at the St.Mirren defence and finding his touch, with some great possession play,


    and lay off.



    Gary Hooper profited from poor defending and punished St.Mirren with his hat trick, and excellence in finish.



    The back four were solid and Loovens and Danny had a scroll, Adam Matthews had another fine game in his own position, and again Ledley showed why two natural left backs, stayed on the bench.



    Every celtic player played well, and Dylan McGeough’s goal was just superb, with two players waiting for a pass, the youngster showed real potential in hanging onto the ball, to score, with precocious cheek, the mark of a true Celtic prospect.



    The Green Brigade played a blinder as usual, and it’s amazing how the spurious charge of illicit singing has galvanised and united the entire support, inside the stadium.



    From adversity, we have found unity.



    Hail Hail

  11. But I hear Porto and Sevilla are now showing interest,


    I think we picked the cheaper and less prolific in bangura

  12. Bigjie



    Many many thanks for the link to the Goals as they happened.



    You do a fantastic job putting the highlights up for us ghuys outside Scotland but today outshone that by a country mile. Instant replays of the goals even faster than the vidiprinter. Outstanding work.

  13. saltires en sevilla on




    the currants under a fair wee bit of pressure the morn’s morn ..



    anything less than 3 points and swally is going to feel the big ‘P’



    so…when’s the penalty :-)



    I’ll take 75 mins







  14. pauloantony



    should have signed him instead of bangura



    but it just goes to show ye when there is



    someone who isnt the best and is 2 million



    and a real talent who is 4 million



    we wont pay for real talent

  15. Nonsense.. we didnae go for the Cheaper option






    Diawara , had an Unforseen Problem with his Visa..



    Ah am no gien up oan him.. Fur January.





  16. The Deadly Ledley on

    pauloantony says:



    26 November, 2011 at 18:22



    But I hear Porto and Sevilla are now showing interest,


    I think we picked the cheaper and less prolific in bangura





    Perhaps I’m making this up, but did we not ‘have an option’ on Diawara for Jan, when the proposed move broke down in the last window?

  17. sftb



    5 points back this month I think, it will be 7 difference after tommorow, I would stake anything on it, and I fully expect an assisted win for them.



    It gets boring listning to them after a while, I wouldn’t mind if they could back up or offer solutions to their haverings, they know who the are.



    Sammi is world class.



    I wonder who will be the first to slag him off tonight ?



    Fernando, I wouldn’t swap him for Sammi, he couldn’t lace Sammi’s boots, Kenny must have thought all his Christmasses had come at once 50mill,

  18. Well done to thé bhoys superb performance , Some gréât goals especially Dylans


    We havé Some good young players to build a team for years to come


    Adam Victor James Gary Anthony


    Spécial mentions to sammi and Joe and thé GB



    Come on you bhoys in Green

  19. and my wee moan for today –






    why are they stopping the kids in the front stand getting autographs,


    2 of these jobs worth, aye you blondie fat boot & and specky twit, whats the problem,



    Paddy sold youse a dummy though ya muppets.






    want to save costs PL,



    cut back on the 200 wastes of spaces that stand in the tunnesl the whole game, other than to come out and chase wee bhoys.

  20. Delighted for Neil and his Bhoys and although we only got a draw at Kilmarnock, it was such a crucial draw.



    The experience these young players and management team will have gained from the start of this season will be invaluable for their development.



    It is always exciting seeing a youngster make his debut and Dylans has to be right up there with the best ever after that goal.



    The whole team looks a lot more composed from the back four through the whole team. As usual, Victor was brilliant and I thought Beram was near to his brilliant form from last season. The whole team (and subs) put in at least a 7/10 performance and that is very encouraging to see.



    The quadruple is STILL on.



    Atletico are up soon against Real Madrid @ 19:00 on Sky Sports 1, so they will have a very tough game before they face us on Wednesday.



    A win midweek and I expect us to progress from such a tricky group.

  21. The Deadly Ledley



    You are soitenly..



    NO.. Making it Up,pal..




    Your Info is Accurate.





  22. Saint Stivs @ 18:27



    Disgraceful. Is it just me, or are the Celtic Support still being treated as 2nd class citizens, despite JR’s statement that “those days are gone”. :((



    When it comes to bouncer mentality, it’s the rest of us that have the last laugh though. They just don’t get the fact that the rest of civilisation sees them as muppet failure polis wannabees. Their wages should be paid in brain cells instead of pounds.

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