Celtic: a morality tale


Just when you thought it was safe to have hope for the remainder of Celtic’s season, 13 of the squad, as well as Neil Lennon and John Kennedy have to isolate.  This is in addition to Christopher Jullien, who tested positive over the weekend.

This has been a failure by design.  Celtic did what was permitted, not what was wise.  We have been out-thought and out-planned all season, on and off the field.  The latest crisis happened because a player with a long-term injury travelled for warm weather training.  Where to being?  From a position of weakness, we needed to not put a foot wrong during the second half of the season, instead, we have become a morality tale for others to learn from.

If you like watching Celtic with overwhelming odds to fight against, you should enjoy the games ahead.

Best wishes to Christopher Jullien for a complete recovery.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well that’ll just about do it.



    Let the rebellion re-commence.



    Onwards to “interesting times”.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. Out thought and Out planned, yes, in every part of the c lub from the board down, consequences for all must follow immediately.

  3. It’s not a morality tale. It’s a competency tale.



    Our incompetent gaffer thought a piss up in Dubai was just what this failing squad needed – nothing like a few pints to help us defend set pieces better.



    Get Neil Lennon as far away from Celtic Park as effing possible. Lawwell can follow his mate.

  4. PAUL67



    ….we needed to not put a foot wrong during the second half of the season, instead, we have become a morality tale for others to learn from





    Indeed, but who is to blame for this total shambles?

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Fighting against overwhelming odds?



    That was the situation BEFORE this latest Frank Spencer episode .



    If we go into the next 3 games without key players we could well end up with nothing to fight for .

  6. What elite training could Christopher Jullien do. He’s in crutches for goodness sake. ?



    At least we will finally give our fringe players the chance to perform in meaningful games.

  7. The Club has embarrassed the fans here,totally unacceptable, as is that excuse of a statement, Lawwell must go

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Time for accountability now at Celtic, even if DD/PL/NL are all best pals.



    CEO / first management team and anyone else involved in championing / signing off on this trip needs to resign or be sacked if unwilling.

  9. From last blog;



    I normally have no time for the mad conspiracy theories that circulate on the web.


    However, after this fiasco, I am tempted to believe that we are deliberately allowing the new huns to win the league, in hope of rebuilding the “old firm”.


    The only other answer is that the Celtic establishment are arrogant and out of touch (not only with their fans, but with the wider community suffering from the international pandemic), or simply stupid.

  10. Celtic first and foremost in FMs question time, no question there is an element of payback here for Celtic dominating Scottish Football over the last decade at the expense of their beloved huns

  11. If we find a way to shoot ourselves.. We don’t do it in half measures…. This season has been one continual f**k up…… I thought I’d seen a wee light at the end of the tunnel in performance upturn… That has been trampled into the ground…… Julien being out 4 months should never have travelled… But I suppose we were trying to keep him sweet after pissing him off……. Suppose we’ll not know who the.. Unlucky for some 13 are?!!

  12. Paddy Gallagher on

    ‘Never interfere when your enemy are making mistakes’.


    Now mirror that into the sheer happiness we are spreading through Scottish Football due to our total ineptitude. Embarrassed by our leaders and decision makers from top to bottom.

  13. …and we all know why they never took a mid season break after what happened the last time they took one…

  14. Did Julienne go to Dubai? He was injured. Seen at the airport on crutches but not with any team mates. Was he going elsewhere for treatment?



    If not, it means he got it BEFORE we went to Dubai. And going to Dubai has no bearing on the self isolation now imposed.

  15. One thing for sure…..if celtic thought it absolutely necessary to have a training camp, had it been held in the north of Scotland rather than Dubai, there’d have been no lounging around a swimming pool with beers in hand.



    Absolutely no thought for the fans shut up at home.


    This was a jolly. A training “camp” could have been held anywhere in Scotland.


    There’d be no sunshine or draught beers mind you

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