Celtic: a morality tale


Just when you thought it was safe to have hope for the remainder of Celtic’s season, 13 of the squad, as well as Neil Lennon and John Kennedy have to isolate.  This is in addition to Christopher Jullien, who tested positive over the weekend.

This has been a failure by design.  Celtic did what was permitted, not what was wise.  We have been out-thought and out-planned all season, on and off the field.  The latest crisis happened because a player with a long-term injury travelled for warm weather training.  Where to being?  From a position of weakness, we needed to not put a foot wrong during the second half of the season, instead, we have become a morality tale for others to learn from.

If you like watching Celtic with overwhelming odds to fight against, you should enjoy the games ahead.

Best wishes to Christopher Jullien for a complete recovery.

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  1. Celtic40me


    I dont agree at all , no need for him to be there whatsoever, he is going to be out 4 months so swelling bruising will still be there, is not like he is likely to be back training next week, but he flies 7000miles with the approval of the medical staff, that really concerns me.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If there is going to be a “Lessons Learned” from this …. first question.



    Who ultimately made the decision that a player with a long term injury MUST go on a snap 5-day warm weather training stint?

  3. Our club need culling from head to foot. A total sh1tshow of a season and all so avoidable.


    No one in a senior position can survive this or indeed be allowed to.



    Lawwell must resign with immediate effect and the PLC then must sack the Manager and coaching staff too.



    Nothing else will suffice.

  4. We issue a statement thanking all.concerned,are you kidding,what a climb down.


    Despite not contesting officials,numerous dodgy decisions ,the Ryan Christie decision,and the Govt.condoning the Sevco.party where 10 names were taken but only 2 declared,we roll on .


    After 60 years as a supporter it’s getting to stage I do not need to spend my life fuming over injustice and the people who allow it.


    Namely the members of the Board,what a shower of compliant cowards.



  5. GENE



    Sun’s gone, now raining, but…………….I’m looking forward to the team selection and the game tonight.

  6. Epic fail by CEO, Chairman and Manager for allowing this trip to go ahead in current circumstances. Aside from other known issues, they should be “resigned” by end of today latest.


    How long must this cluster… go on?

  7. In a 3 week winter shutdown a warm weather Training Camp makes sense.


    To squeeze a trip to Dubai into an 8 day window between matches defies logic.


    Maybe 10 hours travel each way for 4 days Training,


    To do it in the middle of a World Pandemic is mind boggling.

  8. GENE



    Perhaps we will find another gem or two by accident, like Soro and Turnbull.



    Bring it on!



    Lawwell OUT!!!

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The l)no-term destruction wreaked by the self-serving clique of Desmond, Lawwell, Lennon and Brown will only become clear in the years to come.

  10. glendalystonsils on




    Who knows , GS might play whatever players are available in their right positions and make the right substitutions at the right times!

  11. If a sevco player goes down with covid the league will be called and sevco will be awarded the title.

  12. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    The statement from club is terrible also….management trying to cover their own a*se.



    Should read that management are reflecting on recent events and decisions taken and will act in best interest of the club.



    Not this….’could have happened in Scotland’ pish.

  13. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    So, our “reserve” team will play Hibs tonight, and Livingston home and away.




  14. Radio Shortie seem quite happy now that we will be without umpteen players for the foreseeable future, job done, no further punishment necessary, for now

  15. Gene


    Bankier can play right back – to where he came from – as far as I am concerned.



  16. WESTCRAIGS on 11TH JANUARY 2021 12:46 PM



    If a sevco player goes down with covid the league will be called and sevco will be awarded the title.






    I think all the clubs have to agree for that to happen, c’mon Big Peter, give us one last stand!

  17. Will Celtic ” Name” ALL the players and Coaching staff who now have to isolate ? If we do name ALL the players who will be missing for tonights game sometime this afternoon, we could be giving Hibs a further advantage as they will more or less KNOW the Celtic line up ….or at least VITAL first team players who will defo be missing ?



    What a feckin mess….whos in in charge in the Celtic Boardroom…Larry, Curly and Mo ?


    IF Celtic do NOT win Tonight and likewise the other games coming up with certain players being forced to Isolate…will the Celtic Board accept the BLAME ?



    IF I left my hoose today to travel on a Feckin Bus from the City Centre to Parkhead Cross….and I caught Covid….everyone and anyone would call Me a CHUMP/STUPID etc etc…for doing so, as it would be MY Fault !




  18. Words cannot express how angry I am about this.



    From Lawwell to Lennon the management have cost the club an absolute fortune. That is a stackable offence. In any normal industry they be suspended pending investigation and proceedings taking place.



    In most industries people would jump before they were pushed.



    I thought we could still win the league yesterday until I heard about the covid test. We officially lost it today in my opinion.



    I will support whatever team is put out tonight but we are unlikely to win.



    To hand a shower of cheating incompetents with a bang average team the league title and a crack at the CL us utterly incompetent. To go to dubai was utterly negligent and morally bankrupt.



    I include NL in this because any senior employee not raising concerns about the trip and petitioning fir a change of mind bears some responsibility too.



    The sooner this season ends the better. And the sooner we get competent management at every level the better too.



    Get behind the CST folks. We need to force change and we need to ensure that this mess is never replicated.

  19. P67:


    ‘We have been out-thought and out-planned all season, on and off the field. The latest crisis happened because…’



    Because…our custodians were arrogant, complacent, uncaring, smug and amateurish in how they approached delivering the 10 from a period of seemingly unassailable dominance. As bloggers and posters of varying quality and views commented all year, the only thing that coulda stopped Celtic, is Celtic:


    Mission accomplished, you derelict prix.



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