Celtic: a morality tale


Just when you thought it was safe to have hope for the remainder of Celtic’s season, 13 of the squad, as well as Neil Lennon and John Kennedy have to isolate.  This is in addition to Christopher Jullien, who tested positive over the weekend.

This has been a failure by design.  Celtic did what was permitted, not what was wise.  We have been out-thought and out-planned all season, on and off the field.  The latest crisis happened because a player with a long-term injury travelled for warm weather training.  Where to being?  From a position of weakness, we needed to not put a foot wrong during the second half of the season, instead, we have become a morality tale for others to learn from.

If you like watching Celtic with overwhelming odds to fight against, you should enjoy the games ahead.

Best wishes to Christopher Jullien for a complete recovery.

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  1. I am beyond words to reflect my rage. Not a rage against Sturgeon and her Scottish Government. Not a rage against the injustices of it all but a range against for their complete incompetence and setting themselves up for failure.


    In any business there will be a risk universe constructed and a Board.decision taken around the business’s appetite to accept certain risks. That risk spectrum would be regularly aired and considered by Executives and Board members alike.


    Personally I was flabbergasted to learn that the winter training camp was proceeding and more so as almost daily the pandemic news was worsening. To claim that Celtic had clearance for such a trip ( many weeks ago ) completely missed the point an the spirit of the age. How would it all look to the average non partisan onlooker. Bodies are piling up back home.Record infections and deaths yet we travel several thousand miles for a 5 day training camp.


    When we factor in the risk that an individual might contract COVID- 19 and the disastrous PR fall out then all lights on that risk spectrum should have been flashing red.


    To add to that then if an individual in the squad or management did contract COVID-19 what would we the risk of SFA/ Government intervention and isolate the whole camp. More flashing red lights.


    Well without being labelled as someone who has looked in the rear view mirror to come up with this analysis it was plainly obvious that we embarked on a high risk strategy.


    That has now spectacularly backfired.


    Factor in that Celtic were on their last life to try and resuscitate the season and that only heightened the risk factor.


    So with the breaking news only minutes old it looks as though we are holed below the waterline and that is management incompetence.


    I am really fed up writing about our CEO. This issue lies directly in his area of responsibility .It is a resigning/ removal issue plain and simple.

  2. Guys, Guys, who is gonnae work the Ipad or Laptop.



    It takes an expert like Strachan junior to do it, what do you mean he does other things???




    D :)

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Yep, ‘out thought and out planned’ are the operative words of the article.



    We needed to keep our heads down and focus on doing a professional job this season.



    First it was Griffiths, then Bolongoli, then Ferecvaros(?).



    It got progressively worse from there.



    As I wrote earlier, this is an absolute shit show. The propensity for self harm has been shocking to behold and constitutes complacency and incompetence from the Board Room to the Boot Room.




  4. Have we stopped blaming the scottish govt for our absolute shambles from top to bottom then?


    No lover of any particular party, though we have spectacularly failed to address the real issues this season.



    I’m not sure I even care any longer. Is finishing second now our aim?

  5. You know what, this is worse than getting beaten by them and dropping points to St Johnstone.



    Lowest point of my Celtic supporting half century of life. And I have a few lowlights to choose from.



    But I fear that the current downward spiral may not be finished. And that is frightening.



    We really will be fighting for second place now.



    Aberdeen fans can enjoy a few honest mistakes in their favour for a change.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just another in the ever-lengthening list of bad decisions in the last two and a half years.


    Every cloud – at least with the coaching staff having to self-isolate we might get some better performances.

  7. Will Gavin Strachan phone in a ” Sickie” before the game tonight….Will he be seen as the new Graeme Murty ?



    Will Neil Lennon be on the phone for 90 Minutes ?



    Sickened and Scunnered is what I am.



  8. Sftb



    I’ll guess that anyone who did write that they thought it was a bad idea were shot down in flames. I’ll bet plenty thought it was a bad idea but didn’t write it for fear of being shot down in flames.


    I’d guess 90% on here “thought” it was a bad idea

  9. Not sure how bookies can price it properly without knowledge of who is out… Saw a list but haven’t a clue if it’s real..

  10. This is a worse situation than when I went to the Celts for Change rallies, change had to happen, this has happened from a huge position of strength, and we only have ourselves to blame

  11. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Barkas, Hazard, Taylor, Ralston, Henderson, Johnston, Ajeti, Brown, Elhamed, Rogic, Bitton, Klimala, Julienne

  12. We have actually succeeded in making the old Board ; the Kelly’s and the White’s , look competent and by golly that’s a difficult thing to achieve. From a position of complete strength we have somehow contrived to spectacularly implode and meekly surrender the 10 to an average (but fit, well organised and well coached ) Sevco. An utter omnishambles at both executive and managerial level.

  13. Do you know I think a team of young Celts can beat a hit or miss Hibs …. I do however think a team on a run like Livingston senseing a historical win Vs us at the weekend may be a much harder game .



    Regards this shitshow were is our CEO our off the feild leader he is very visible by his absence when the crisis is upon us .



    Only thing we have to do now is lose second place that would just put a nut on top the turd that is season 20/21

  14. No Bobby does it petta….. That’s the list I saw…. Not sure how genuine it is……. If its for real could have been a lot worse

  15. Rumoured list of players in isolation





















    El Hamed







  16. It’s not difficult to be out-thought and out-planned when you(they) clearly don’t do much in the way of thinking or planning. Some of us saw this – others feared it – coming even as we were hoovering silverware of late.


    From the sublime quaddie treble to today’s shameful farce.



    NOBOBBY – is that the infecteds??



    Mon the subs!

  17. Team for tonight apparently



























  18. Paul



    May I suggest you delete some of your articles from last week. Seem a little wide of the mark now.



    Still, saved us discussing the (then) 19 point gap and all round crapness in our play

  19. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    From celebrating quadruple champions weeks ago,to a shambles.My God almighty this shambles prepared by people who should know better.Well,we have to look forward to the season ahead….this one is over!,,,,but



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