Celtic: a morality tale


Just when you thought it was safe to have hope for the remainder of Celtic’s season, 13 of the squad, as well as Neil Lennon and John Kennedy have to isolate.  This is in addition to Christopher Jullien, who tested positive over the weekend.

This has been a failure by design.  Celtic did what was permitted, not what was wise.  We have been out-thought and out-planned all season, on and off the field.  The latest crisis happened because a player with a long-term injury travelled for warm weather training.  Where to being?  From a position of weakness, we needed to not put a foot wrong during the second half of the season, instead, we have become a morality tale for others to learn from.

If you like watching Celtic with overwhelming odds to fight against, you should enjoy the games ahead.

Best wishes to Christopher Jullien for a complete recovery.

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  1. SFTB…………..



    and who would know if it never got shown on ” Sportsmokescreen”…………..







    TheRevolutionMightNo’BeTelevised. CSC

  2. glendalystonsils on




    Almost the entirety of Scottish referees has a conflict of interests when refereeing Celtic .

  3. Paul The Spark on



    No point trying to get them to change their mind. Will say it’s fake news and don’t listen to mainstream media. Now where have I heard that before? 🤔

  4. LAMBERT14 on 11TH JANUARY 2021 2:50 PM



    I’m with you. I will get the Champaign out too when the Lying, controlling, overpaid, EBT, 5 way agreement and blue pound lover walks.

  5. Andy Patons Mullet on

    Dubai – warm weather training – no issue


    Dubai – in the middle of a global pandemic – major issue



    For an obviously intelligent CEO not to put the trip on the hard shoulder is scandalous, same with the manager. Both it appears know they are finished at the club and not giving two fxcks. Its all about the money for them.



    10 years of a free run to build a club that could compete at the latter stages of the Europa League level should not have been beyond us. To only ever want to be one step in front of Rangers (either version) has led to this. Small minded lunacy and I cant wait to see the back of both of them when it comes to it – which better be soon as asking 50,000+ fans to renew season books for another season on full price without any confidence of attendance will be a task after this. Which I’ll probably still do. I am a tit all the same..

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Ross now has a serious conflict of interest.



    He can’t at once put the boot in as a politician then be expected to be a beacon of impartiality when officiating Celtic games.






    That would be the case if we were playing in a country where the rules where applied reasonably and fairly to all clubs, Greenland for example, but in Scotland, or “Scoddland” as Bankiebhoy calls it, no such fairness – for us – exists.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    CEO should be sacked.



    Management team should be shown the door.



    What are the odds?

  8. Todays news about Celtic players being NOT available etc for some games because they must Isolate….What IF we HAD Beaten the Huns on Jan 2nd, and in effect a 6 POINT Swing in the League….and then we head off to Dubai…Come back to this situation……and we are then FORCED into fielding players who may not even be Match Fit into Tonights game…and also upcoming games, and subsequently UNDO any great result/points gain that we could have had from beating the Animals on Jan. 2nd….I know about IF your auntie had Baws etc….



    But this situation today, and the possibilty of dropping points Tonight or at this weekend due to being forced to play a weakened team is bad enough, but imagine IF we had WON at Ipox ?




  9. Re photo of Julliene going downstairs at airport.Recognise Barkas being behind him on stairs.Big Julliene carrying his own bags while struggling downstairs ffs.whers the teamwork?


    Got to be another Barkas joke in there!

  10. The latest crisis happened because a player with a long-term injury travelled for warm weather training.



    you could not make that up, a player with ruptured knee ligaments travels for warm weather training.

  11. maybe Julien has some fragile items in his bags ‘apart from his legs’ and didn’t trust Barkas not to drop them.

  12. Weebobbycollins on

    Why do people fall for places like Dubai? Manufactured, plastic, tourist conning destination. What’s wrong with Saltcoats…or Seamill?

  13. If we are to play the development squad tonight surely it makes sense to have their coach in charge and not someone who does no know them or their strengths and weaknesses, surely this would be the best chance of a positive result.





    Im not bothered about odds, i want the whole lot of the board, team management and coaches gone as soon as is possible.


    What has happened to the club looks like sabotage, surely no people are so vindictive towards the support that they would do this.




    Thanks BANKIEBHOY1! 😊



    Political shenanigans – Absolutely!


    (I think Sturgeon will regret this come election time…)



    Them and Us – Absolutely!


    (Did we not always know this? 🤔 The current situation is just shining a big bright light on it for all the world to see…)



    I will say one thing that has enraged me about the impotence of our Leadership (sic):




    Despite many people on here and elsewhere, Including myself, asking for the basics of a fair and level playing field and asking for us to FIGHT injustices on this front, there is no doubt in my own mind that refereeing bias has played a significant part in the current 22 point gap. It would be churlish of me not to recognise the huge improvement this season at The Rangers. However, I believe that a significant part of the current gap can be attributed to refereeing bias. This is our fault for letting them away with this!



    This issue of refereeing bias though pales in comparison to our current gross Leadership (sic) ineptitude.



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail,



    Yours in Celtic,



    TB&F. 😊

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    DESSYBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 3:56 PM



    They are a disgrace to the name of Celtic Football club.

  16. ONEYBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 3:15 PM







    Etims pointing out that Barkas catching it would deserve a headline on its own, and that if Rogic has it, he would lose it almost immediately.






    Edouard definitely wouldn’t pass it on





    Very good; raised my mood despite the sh!tshow.



    Well done!










  17. My Bets are on for tonight….not that I expect any returns, but its just a bit of my usual fun and added interest.



    I need to get out more….Ooops…haud oan a minute…?





    Why do people fall for places like Dubai? Manufactured, plastic, tourist conning destination. What’s wrong with Saltcoats…or Seamill?




    OR Lennoxtown ?



  19. Aye well done lads!



    Cant believe Julliene having to hobble down the stairs with his bag and his bloomin crutches with no help from anybody.

  20. I havent had a drink since the Pubs closed on October 9th 2020……..Celtic are almost driving me to Drink !


    I’m on the Brink of a Drink…I Think ?



  21. ONIL


    Yes no disagreement from me on that, why is a different question because from pre season there have been issues and it has snowballed as the board have let it gather momentum.

  22. Red card Ross ran the line at Pittodrie yesterday, he’s on the huns team sheet every week.

  23. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Sportscene on tonight for Celtic v Hibs highlights.



    Shortie will be praying for a home defeat to feast on.

  24. squire danaher on




    Your conclusion regarding renewing against your better interests is what Our Board bank on.



    I think this season has been the straw to break many’s a camel’s back.



    DESSYBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 3:56 PM



    What has happened to the club looks like sabotage, surely no people are so vindictive towards the support that they would do this.






    Not vindictive. They think the best interests of the PLC are meant by the maintenance of a competitive product.



    Their interests are not our desires.



    Their desire is The Blue Pound.

  25. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    What about big Julien Neil, he wont be able to train in Dubai, should we bring him?



    sure why not, it will help him bond with the rest of the first team squad,



    on and off a long haul flight Neil with his leg on crutches, are you sure thats a good idea,



    he probably wont play again this season so it wont make any difference to us,



    aye but Neil, where is he gonna be when we are all away training……..






    Neil should know that in a season like no other, every decision he makes will be put under the microscope

  26. SQUIRE DANAHER on 11TH JANUARY 2021 4:21 PM




    In fairness to them, the Board don’t want a competitive huns just for the sake of it, or for the sake of the huns, they want it because they think it’s in Celtic’s best long term interests.



    I think their approach is fundamentally wrong, but I’m prepared to accept that they are doing what they think is best for Celtic.