Celtic accounts show small profit and turnover increase


Celtic’s financial results for season 2015-16 were announced this afternoon. Turnover increased 1.8% to £52m, but operating expenses (before transfer fees, tax, interest, etc.) were up 7.3% to £57.1m

The club made up the shortfall with a gain on player sales of £12.6m. Against this income, Celtic paid £8.8m for player registrations (which will be amortised against the accounts evenly over the period of player contracts).

Pre-tax profit was £0.5m, with cash at 30 June 2016 up to £10,450.

Chief executive, Peter Lawwell, stated in the accounts, “On the pitch, the year did not meet with our expectations”

“Off the pitch the Company returned to profit, mainly as a result of the transfer of certain player registrations during the period leading to a gain on sale of player registrations of £12.6m (2015: £6.8m). This enables us to continue to deliver long term sustainable football success in a very challenging environment.

“For a club like Celtic, operating in a market where television values have fallen significantly behind our neighbours across Europe, qualification for the Group Stages of the UEFA Champions League is of paramount importance. The financial rewards allow for investment in the playing squad and physical assets, but moreover, the prestige of participating in the premier club competition in the world reinforces the reach and importance of the Club to so many people around the world.

“Celtic supporters continue to support the Celtic FC Foundation as it develops into one of the most successful club charitable organisations in the world. That support is not surprising, but it is not taken for granted. I thank everyone involved in the continued success of the Foundation.”

I don’t think there is a direct correlation between not qualifying for the Champions League and player sales, that is correlated with the period remaining on top players’ contracts, but issues around our two years without Champions League football were enormously resolved by the recruit-to-appreciate model.

Tune in next year, when we’ll turnover close to £80m.


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  1. TGM



    My 13 year old niece hates huns after Saturday. Abused for wearing her big brothers oversize RC shirt wi her surname on the back. McLaughlin. Great Donegal name. ;)

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Margaret McGill



    Thought Crime, Face Crime, and Newspeak all rolled into one nice package:)


    Trotskyists running wild, infiltrating everything in sight, be careful out there:)




  3. lol, there are some on here who won’t be happy until Celtic are run like the Huns.



    The annual accounts publishing these days is always a telling meter of those who were around in before ’94 and those who have ‘somehow’ found affection for the club since we started winning and became a serious entity again.



    Right now, the financial position of Celtic was a ridiculous dream for only the most deluded of diehards back in early ’94. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, not even an oncoming train to finish it quick; Celtic were on the mortuary slab and the Hun scum were draining the blood; 8 million and counting in debt to an organisation riddled with masonic see you next tuesdays.



    We live now in the days at the end of that movie; rights were wronged and the righteous got delivered from torment.



    There’s plenty to find and criticise the current incumbents for around many chosen aspects of the day-to-day running of the club, but to assume superior position about the financial returns and intimate skullduggery is laughable.



    I’ve heard it all from the supercillious, every year, same time – how there’s some agenda at play that is undermining Celtic and will be the downfall. Yet Celtic seem to keep thriving; go figure – how can those with such insight and expertise be so wrong?



    PL’s bonuses were published on here a few days ago – you know, the CEO who takes a ‘mullyin’ out of Celtic every year to the detrriment of everything…



    Turns out his bonuses have never breached half a million – twice in the low 400k if I recall – and there’s nothing to suggest his remuneration is excessive in CEO terms.



    Don’t let that get in the way of some good rumour-mongering tho – let’s hate on him anyway ‘cos somebody who knows someone else who passed him in the corridors once reckon’s he gave them a sideways glance that marked him out as a bit of a prick.



    Really, people need to get a grip.



    The club’s ticking over well, completely at odds with the expectations given our environment.



    Save your angst for next year and the anticipated £80 million T/O . That’s a dozy, should provide some real quality bitterness served up on CQN.



    Popcorn ready…

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  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Those bigots at ipox are disgusting.


    They can say what they like….Wont put the McLaughlins off supporting their bhoys:)….thats for certain.


    Tell your niece….All the McLaughlins are proud of her:)




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    The Green Man says SACK THE Board



    Bigot dome should be shut down.






    No, it should be raised to the ground. flattened and erased, its a breeding ground for intolerance and religious hatred. Give it to the RAF to use for bombing practice, preferably at 3PM on a Saturday.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    They cant destroy the heart of bigotry….Scoddland wouldnt be Scoddland.


    The Ghost of John Knox will go doolally:)


    More likely….closure, and turned into a Rainjurz Heritage Village…..A bit like Edinburgh Castle or Mary King’s Close:)


    Rainjurz Car Park.




  8. The wean wants to join the polis and jail them all. Told her to concentrate her studies and efforts to leave this Scottish lavvy.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I wouldnt mind seeing your niece arrest David Murray and that swivel eyed reptile Dave Dasterdly:)


    Tell her i said he is quite right…they need jailed.




  10. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    The celtic accounts show a few Interesting facts



    1. Even with failure to scout quality signing which led to the disastrous European campaign , still Peter Lawwell got to his targets of zero debt , so max bonus paid. Well done Peter plan of wage caps and only signing projects did keep your Pension plan on project


    2. Had to sell family silver (VvD) again just to break even due to failure in Europe again


    3. Indeed turnover will be up to about 80k in coming year with no increase of debt shows the lies and incompetence of Peter Lawell. First year in 4 and policy’s in signing taken away from PL and turnover goes up by 20%


    4. Tell me an industry where CEO makes mistake after mistake after mistake , reduces turnover and still receives max bonus ?



    More reason to sack Lawell for incompetence

  11. Evening/morning all. Thats me just hame. F**k them. They hate us simplelly cos we are who we are and what we stand for. Again,F**k them.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I see Joey Barton’s stitch up is in full swing. Facing a ban on betting on the old firm game



  13. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    The celtic accounts show a few Interesting facts……..



    First year in 4 and policy’s in signing taken away from PL……..





    That’s not a fact ~ it’s pure supposition

  14. Nags



    Or should I say Nag.



    3-25pm Warwick.



    Bold Conquest currently 7/1.



    Seasonal debut. Competitive race but going very well at home. Fit and well. Cheek pieces applied and doing the trick at home.


    Small matter of 5 ahead of BC in the betting, and 12 obstacles to overcome but he’s in good shape and if turning up at the track in the same form as the gallops, he should go very well.


    Brendan rides ( that in itself is an omen eh:-)


    Anyhow, GL if you try it. As always:



    1. Assume it will lose and bet only what you can afford to lose


    2. Don’t shoot the messenger

  15. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Neil Lennon and McCarthy



    Peter Lawell had a wages cap that would not have allowed players like Sinclair or toure to come to celtic park



    That policy is gone within reason



    His policies have cost our club millions in lost revenue No CEO anywhere in world would get away with that


    His one aim was to maintain his 100% bonus , which he do to the determinate of the team

  16. Celtic should come out with a list of players who bet on football, and threaten to expose them if it looks like Joey is about to be thrown under a bus.

  17. Joey on whether he would sign for them given another chance



    ” probably not”



    Hope they have to pay up his contract. I hear payday loans have cut their interest rates to 2000%

  18. Anybody, and I mean….anybody.


    Who believes ‘anything’ that is…










    Sneakily leaked….


    …by the Celtic PLC-Hierarchy….


    …is there to be took!


    And,….taken you will be!


    If,…for one second, there is sumdy out there who believes that Celtic PLC-Hierarchy is run by snowmen….well,….may your God Save You.


    Sadly,…it seems that only the soul-searchers of the old Jungle ghosts can actually see that, the Celtic PLC-Hierarchy are as much a part of the fabric of society that, has been referred to the old huns in the past. Ye see, Celtic’s PLC-Hierarchy proved with they’re easily buckled reaction to the ‘shame-game’ that, the only community that – isny – part of the fabric of society is, that of rebellious Celtic supporters.


    But, the bad news is that, rebellious Celtic supporters, don’t exist anymore.


    If they did….?


    Would they have queued round the block, sooked-in by a squirrel, to hand they’re season ticket money over to a PLC-Hierarchy who have done and, look unlikely to do anything about the £140 million that the huns swindled, a huge chunk of it, coming from innocent, well-meaning, faithful Celtic supporters who paid tens of £millions into a rigged game – with the PLC-Hierarchy knowing full well that the game was rigged – but, they were looking the other way to retain the old firm, probably still under the orders of, Fergus McCann ?


    Ye see, the old firm is the name of the game for the PLC-Hierarchy.


    Brendan is just a pawn. A squirrel brought in to hook you all and,….yeez fell for it.


    Ach well,…..



  19. There really is some self promoting rubbish posted on this site disguised as insightful researched opinion. It’s actually juvenile.



    More bullshit and grade A bullshit at that.



    As a purveyor myself of messages clearly devoid of insight and research I should know!




  20. Who was CEO when Van Dijk was bought, and Wanyama and Ki and Forster.


    So making sure Celtic were able to sign these players is overlooked because we sold them for millions por cierto?

  21. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I see ‘the knives are out’ for Joey Barton, and even the SFA are ‘getting in on the act’, digging up as much dirt as possible …..someone must have told them that there have been too many (daily) precedents of dressing room disagreements for them to be able to tear up his contract as a result of his verbal (only) conflict with another player….good indication of their financial plight ….comedy gold ….!!!!

  22. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    At your best today, KevJ ….hahahahahahaha …. HH

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Glengarry was a great read in the train journey this morning


    Thanks to whomever posted the link.



    Anyone able to help HebCelt yet re his request for transport next Wednesday from Aberdeen

  24. Interesting that PL suddenly remarks on the importance of CL qualification after we achieve it and two years of silence when we don’t.



    Figures are a train wreck — the club delivered less and it cost a whole lot more.


    7.3% increase in operating costs to get pumped out in the SC SF is an interesting postscript on the shambles of the last two years.



    Wonder who was being lined up for sale to make up for any further CL failure.


    The “failed” move of JS plus a last minute sale of AN Other would seem to have been this year’s plan.



    So we end up being one saved penalty away from total meltdown.



    PL is useless as the CEO of CFC.


    P67 has been next to useless with his reporting and analysis of this state of affairs.


    Big words sprayed around with no understanding is just churnalism.


    And yet still they clap.