Celtic accounts show small profit and turnover increase


Celtic’s financial results for season 2015-16 were announced this afternoon. Turnover increased 1.8% to £52m, but operating expenses (before transfer fees, tax, interest, etc.) were up 7.3% to £57.1m

The club made up the shortfall with a gain on player sales of £12.6m. Against this income, Celtic paid £8.8m for player registrations (which will be amortised against the accounts evenly over the period of player contracts).

Pre-tax profit was £0.5m, with cash at 30 June 2016 up to £10,450.

Chief executive, Peter Lawwell, stated in the accounts, “On the pitch, the year did not meet with our expectations”

“Off the pitch the Company returned to profit, mainly as a result of the transfer of certain player registrations during the period leading to a gain on sale of player registrations of £12.6m (2015: £6.8m). This enables us to continue to deliver long term sustainable football success in a very challenging environment.

“For a club like Celtic, operating in a market where television values have fallen significantly behind our neighbours across Europe, qualification for the Group Stages of the UEFA Champions League is of paramount importance. The financial rewards allow for investment in the playing squad and physical assets, but moreover, the prestige of participating in the premier club competition in the world reinforces the reach and importance of the Club to so many people around the world.

“Celtic supporters continue to support the Celtic FC Foundation as it develops into one of the most successful club charitable organisations in the world. That support is not surprising, but it is not taken for granted. I thank everyone involved in the continued success of the Foundation.”

I don’t think there is a direct correlation between not qualifying for the Champions League and player sales, that is correlated with the period remaining on top players’ contracts, but issues around our two years without Champions League football were enormously resolved by the recruit-to-appreciate model.

Tune in next year, when we’ll turnover close to £80m.


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  2. Snowmen? I thought it was squirrels?



    Must be the results of changing the leisure drug of choice.



    Macjay might stop supporting the Board if he thought it was a red squirrel.



    However, on the subject of wage caps, was it not always trailed on CQN that there would be a freeing up of monies once there was a club playing out of Ibrox in the league?



    If Ally McCoist had not been mastered by Hearts and Motherwell, Ronny Deila would have got the benefit of this increased largesse last year. Not so much a change of policy as part of the overall plan.



    Sad that it has to be so but too many of our fans stayed away and got bored with a Rangersless league but came flocking back for the promise of an ex-big EPL club manager and 3 or 4 more Glasgow Derbies.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Snowmen? I thought it was squirrels?




    Must be the results of changing the leisure drug of choice.




    Macjay might stop supporting the Board if he thought it was a red squirrel.









    I`ll rise to the bait , but only fleetingly.



    In a straight choice between you and the Board , I`d have to go for proven achievers.






    The reds are slowly being dragged screaming and shouting from under the beds.




  4. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Por Cierto Unfortunately those players listed were an minority in the awefull scouting Even park distanced himself from project moneyball saying at start of this season “it wasn’t my fault ” he was working under the remit of PL. ie wage cap( would have been unable to sign Sinclair ). As I said. Glad it’s over and now we will bring in quality over quantity



    Madmitch. It was Ian bankier who has made the statement not Lawell as paul header states. Strange


    But was noticed after the sevco shambles last year that Lawwell is tending to make very few statments now


    Looks like an exit behind the scenes is being worked out for his failures

  5. So the latest news is that Peter Lawwell tried to the Barton signed the day before he joined Rangers.



    Aye, that’ll be right!



    FAC the Act




  6. Macjay



    You can praise a Ford Car without endorsing Henry Ford’s Nazi principles.



    I mean, it’s not as if he was married to someone who was heavily involved in illegal sanctions busting with S. Africa and Rhodesia during apartheid and UDI times, nor did he raise someone who was actively implicated in an African military coup with mercenaries and real guns and killing.



    Aff oot noo



    P.S. In a straight choice between the Board and me, I’d choose the Board too. Nothing whatever to do with achievement record but more to do with putting people with relevant experience into relevant posts. I still think Ian Bankier was/is a disaster despite his ability to run a whisky firm.

  7. Good morning. If you haven’t completed the consultation survey on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act please click this link and complete it now. If you are unsure about what to write, this crib sheet will help. Remember you are agreeing that the act should be repealed. Also remember to click Complete Survey at the end or your views won’t be included!




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  8. Macjay….



    Have little time for Corbin et al but…



    “…..dragged screaming and shouting….”



    I think the ‘story’ is six or seven years old. Don’t think JMcDs back story is any kind of mystery.




  9. Sid



    Doesn’t alter the fact though that PL made sure the negotiations were successful for these players.


    Many more signings failed to make an impression as well though por cierto

  10. “Diversity Day” at the wean’s school tomorrow.



    She’s not trans-gender and we have no tartan skirts to celebrate her Scottish identity.



    Thinking her Celtic hoodie might count?



    Any advice gratefully received… :-)

  11. VFR –



    Before contacting Rangers, Barton’s agent contacted Celtic and offered his services.



    Lawwell put it to Rodgers out of courtesy and asked for his thoughts. Brendan said, “He’s a good player, but not what I need right now.”



    Apparently big Peter’s reaction was, “Thank God for that.”

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:55 PM


    People who want to ramble on about politics on a football site,should be immediately banned from doing so.



    A whole fekin day of shit from every known political idealist in Scotland.



    Funny thing is,all the ills you say that were fostered upon us,were done by the Union.You know the one most on here voted to uphold,because we were “Better together”.



    Away and fekin listen to yourselves.

  13. For some years now I have been relatively friendly with a Scottish pro player ( who is along with his family, rankers daft), and thru him and a current Sevco player (dud), Mr Barton has kicked his last ball for Sevco.


    As many including myself have wondered, is Barton still getting paid his weekly salary whilst banned from even training ? I thought he had already been banned for playing before he fell out with Wobbly Warbo and co, given his ” performances” ?


    Apparently, under the rules that govern any club who suspend one of their own, the club can withhold two weeks wages ?


    It is also been my info that the 3 week suspension is just merely a means to his Sevco can figure out how to get Barton off the payroll, as many would probably have guessed already ?


    According to the Scottish press this morning , Barton is now under SFA investigation for placing a bet on a football match ( Barca v Celtic) last week, in the hope that Barca would sin by at least 3 clear goals ?


    Now ever since other Sevco players were caught placing bets ( especially against Sevco), and received bans etc, I have never been so surprised by the gross stupidity of so called football players from any club ?


    I have no problem whatsoever on any player having a bet on matches that they couldn’t possibly effect, and IMO the rule preventing that is simply equally stupid. However, it appears that Barton was caught out with his bet on Barca being placed by way of his ” online Betfair account” ? Again, if that is the case then it ( yet again) simply shows how thick thus guy must be, despite many Sevco players, ex players and fans telling us all how intelligent Barton is at the time of signing for Sevco?????


    I never have had a very high opinion of the vast majority of oro footballers from all over the world for decades now, as the vast majority have shown themselves to be rather thick in one way or another IMO. Being ” dense/thick” is not a criminal offence, and I myself have been guilty once too often of the very same affliction in relation to money and women !


    It still beggars belief that any pro player who is instructed not to place football bets whilst playing his trade in Scotland for some years now, still has the stupidly to do so using their very own online account ?


    I have often wondered why these pro players don’t simply get a mate etc to place the bet in any high Street bookies, as surely it’s not rocket science ?


    According to the story of Barton’s bet ( which was obviously successful), he may now be further investigated for any other possible football betting, as what has happened to previous culprits ?


    At the risk of stating the obvious, I have no problem with Barton betting against Celtic, especially when he can have no possible bearing on the outcome, ( I don’t suppose he’s pally with Messi or Iniesta and co ?


    I also see that Sevco’s Martin Shaghorn has now stated in a press conference that ” we have only lost one if our last five games, and sit fourth in the league”, ahead if their potential banana skin v Queen of the South tonight ?


    Again, do these Sevco players not understand that their vile support will not tolerate such statements, and what appears to be a grave misunderstanding of their situation ?


    That Hun support must be pulling their hair out when Hearing comments such as Shaghorn !

  14. AULD TAM




    Maybe Brendan’s response re: Barton, was….


    “Oh, no….can’t have him in here. Ah mean, he’s better looking than me and, that wouldn’t sit too well with ma midlife crisis and stuff.”


    Vanity Fair CSC.







    Barton’s union representative has been notably quiet during such a high-profile disciplinary of one of his members.



    I sincerely hope that he has kept his PFA dues up to date.

  16. 67 HEAVEN




    Eeeeedjits r us CSC :-))))


    Hope yer well, ye olde original


    fenian eedjit.




    Btw, where’s Tony D ?







    Cherry Blossom?




    Wonder if I could trust her with a bottle of sake…? :-)))

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Peter Lawwell went into hiding after the 5 way agreement. The PLC does not want to own up to being Old Firmists




  19. FAC the ACT ?????


    Sack The Bored who rubberstamped the ACT!






    Mickey Masons


    Duplicity Dept.


    …anything but the bulls horns – CSC

  20. I’m more inclined to believe that our scouse scallywag did not make the alleged bet and that this convenient pop-up “story”……………………………………. is yet another chapter, pre-fabricated in a tawdry wee buik probably dictated to a willing audience by a fat, arrogant, currant.

  21. Fergus McCann said that Rangers FC being put out of the same league as Celtic was the worst decision ever!


    Soul-Selling-Basturts-Fae-Canada CSC




    Citing the Telegraph as a source for assessing what is happening in the Labour Party is like citing Follow Follow as a source for assessing the nature of Celtic fans. (Paedophiles, Terrorists,Thieves would probably cover most of it).



    As for the AWL, it is a crank organisation with about 100 members. It’s irrelevant.



    This interview with Peter Kilfoyle, no friend of Labour Party entryists, is far more insightful.




  23. NATKNOW on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2016 9:18 AM


    “Diversity Day” at the wean’s school tomorrow.









    A see you Jimmy wig and an Argentina top.



    De rigeur for Scottish tennis fans at the moment.

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Hmmmm. All these stories about Le Joey. Would they have come out if he had been playing well…..???

  25. Davidopoulos on 20th September 2016 9:37 am






    It’s almost as if you deliberately handpick these words of the day to aptly describe some posters ;)




    ShockedAndStunned CSC



    FAC the Act