Celtic again fail to impress on plastic


This is the third season in a row Celtic have lost a league game, a situation unimaginable as recently as May 2017.  How will we cope?  We could always console ourselves with a _vincible treble, or maybe a late run in the Europa League.  What I can assure you of is that yesterday’s abject performance will be inconsequential to our season.

Celtic recorded a narrow win on Hamilton’s plastic surface last month, when their natural quick-passing game looked ineffective.  I suspect that informed Neil Lennon’s tactical choice ahead of yesterday’s game on the Livingston plastic.  In the 26 minutes before Ryan Christie’s red card, the champions threw the ball forward as we did in the pre-Martin O’Neill era.

This was no more effective than our natural passing game at Hamilton.  Ball retention was dreadful and we were unable to construct coherent attacks.

The Christie incident was as clear-cut a red card as you can imagine.  Ryan has a bit of bite about him and I generally like the way he throws himself into challenges.  It is not clear what went through his mind as he launched himself, studs up, but at that moment, we all knew we were in trouble.

The goals were defensively poor.  The central two stepped forward while the two full backs stayed back at the opening goal, allowing a team who had lost their previous four games to pass through the defensive line to great effect.  A clearance from the league-debutant goalkeeper, Sarkic, was not defended and bounced at the edge of the box, leaving Fraser Forster stranded and beaten by a delicious lob.  Sarkic enjoyed as stress-free an afternoon as is possible for a goalkeeper.

Christopher Jullien was dragged into a game of attrition by Dykes, it did not do the Celtic defender’s concentration any good.  It will be a long two weeks before the next outing, against Ross County.  In the meantime we will have to suck it up and live like the others for a while.


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  1. Andy walker being quoted in news as being a celtic ‘hero’ as he tips randall and hopkirk fc to win league!.




    Must have been during my blurry years ffs!.

  2. SYDNEYTIM on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 9:46 AM


    Big jimmy







    So Eddy, Bayo, …and Forrest, Sinclair, Mohammed….







    These are all strikers Lol







    That’s a 1st I have ever heard wingers being called strikers



    Remember that great striker in 67. Yes jimmy Johnstone the striker. Lol.




    Jimmy Johnstone….129 GOALS in 515 appearances for Celtic FACT…looks like a pretty good STRIKE Rate to me, especially when he was up against some excellent defenders in Scotland…and obviously some of the best defenders in Europe etc ?



    i think you will find that Jinky, Bobby Lennox ( Over 100 Goals for Celtic) etc….when their names were on the Celtic Team Sheet, they were listed as FORWARDS….in other words STRIKERS !


    They were NOT viewed as Attacking midfielders.



    IF James Forrest or Sinclair etc, shoot for Goal and get a good connection…or maybe even a Goal…is that not referred to as being…” A Very Good STRIKE” ?



    You will also find that Bhoys like Bobby Lennox sometimes played thru the MIDDLE, during games…so he couldnt be called just a “Winger”…could he ?

  3. SEAN THORNTON on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 9:52 AM


    Big jimmy






    Yer a bad man.lol.





    I am NOT Bad…I just cant stand Chumps, Fakes, Drama Queens, Boring Chumps, Tedious Chumps, and Chumps who do NOT have One Single Constructive or Thought Provoking idea about Celtic in their Head, but who come on here and Post utter drivel, and tell Guys on here ( Who they have never Met or even know) how much they feckin “Luv them to Bits”….UTTER TOSH…


    Not just Chumps of the highest order…but complete FAKES and SADDO’s who dont have a feckin Life or any REAL Mates !



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