Celtic and AEK’s contrasting preseason preparations


Every week, every game, counts at this stage of the season, when players are fighting for full fitness.  Hibs’ remarkable comeback last night after going 0-2 down to Asteras Tripolis will have their Greek opponents wondering if three preseason friendlies was sufficient preparation for a game of that importance.  Hibs have played five games in total.

AEK Athens, who lie in wait for Celtic or Rosenborg, have also played three games since losing the Greek Cup Final on 12 May.  They play a fourth on Tuesday against Galatasaray, their final match before the Champions League third qualification round.

By contrast, Celtic have played five friendlies and are in their second qualification round.  If they overcome Rosenborg, they will face AEK having played 10 games, including the league opener against Livingston.  The difference between four and 10 games is significant.  Four games is nowhere near enough to get a squad ready to perform at their best.

I know no one at Celtic Park or Lennoxtown likes having to come through four qualification rounds.  It provides unnecessary hazard and denies the club access to lucrative friendly competitions, but there is nothing like a competitive focus to get players in shape.

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    thunder n’ lightning in YORK.first rain in 6 weeks.ya dancer.TOM JONES on at racecourse tonight.



    in other news MOREORLESS scores goal of season from 3yds ,if only it had been 2 yds he would have hit post.

  2. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims….



    Who we selling today or is the smsm lackeys to busy celebrating their teams first away win in European competition….




  3. anditsthepoleagain on

    Well done in the first leg lets go out and finish the job, AEK Athens will be a tough one over 2 legs, need our World Cup participants back, sharpness and fitness, and work on the injured. Red and Yellow Cards and suspensions are a part of it we will just have to deal with as they arise

  4. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Bloody hell! I post now and again and end up the previous blog’s last poster! It was a complimentary post as well.


    Nae luck CCB??

  5. In previous meetings with teams from Scandinavia at this time of the season many have been rightly concerned regarding their match fitness v ours.


    It struck me that the other night after around the 60 minute mark Rosenborg looked a tired and leggy team compared to us.


    Very encouraging.

  6. Good morning CQN from a warm and still dry Garngad



    We should take care of Rosenberg on Wednesday, after that I don’t know much about the Greeks.


    Although a name we all recognise, we should have enough in the tank to beat them.



    Regarding Sevco, they are pish.


    Thier opponents last night should have pumped them on chances they created, but credit where it is due they held out for a win. If anyone suggests they are better than last season they are talking pish.


    We will beat them convincingly again this season.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  7. traditionalist88 on

    David66 on 27th July 2018 9:04 am



    Absolutely, one way traffic, home side just lacked a bit of quality in final third but overall were by far the better team. Looks like Gerrards Sevco will set up to defend.



    Rosenborg are poor and average under 2 goals per game in Norway. That said if they sneak ahead again somehow it will be uncomfortable for a period. But we shouldnt have too many problems.




  8. From tallboypoppy



    Aiden Earley planning to launch private prosecution of William Stevenson of CharlotteFakes fame http://www.aidanearley.org/news/


    For once I hope 1 of his predictions comes true. As the PF declined to prosecute the data theft(and reset!) it would be a hoot if Dave King got stiffed for this

  9. Traditionalist88 well said.


    We will go through, the only question is how good or not so good are the Greeks?


    Our second half performance on Wednesday , will see us through against the Greeks I hope…



    I could not believe how much Rob Mclean was sucking up the a#ses of Sevco with his commentary last night, according to him everyone of sevco’s players are world beaters.


    Anytime the Croats went forward they caused problems.


    Watch McLean next week for our game against Rosenburg, he will be totally anti Celtic.



    Feckin DOB





    D. :)

  10. I meant if we can perform like the second half, we will blow Greeks away the following week.



    D. :)

  11. Reports from France and down south saying West Ham have approached Celtic to enquire about availability of Ntcham

  12. GARY67 on 27TH JULY 2018 9:34 AM


    Reports from France and down south saying West Ham have approached Celtic to enquire about availability of Ntcham




    Gary67 I hope they get told where to go….



    He is needed as is our other 2 Musketeers for 8 in a row.






    D. :)

  13. DAVID 66,


    I mentioned that last night about Mc Lean.He was the same last week.Everything was a positive.Every player a star.Nauseating .Quite willing to mention this team beat PSV last season,but not that they scraped through in their previous tie against minnows.I though they were dreadful.


    The Huns.Not an ounce of improvement,but watch out,this Coulibaly guy has been recruited to kick Broony especially,but anyone else in the league as well.

  14. DAVID66



    I thi k we’ll have two weeks of transfer speculation for our better players going to the self proclaimed greatest league in the world. 5pm Thursday 9th August we can rest easy. Expect stories regarding ‘bids’ for Moussa, KT and more over the next 13 days. Most will be crap, but I’m sure a few will be of genuine interest. If you have good players others will want them.

  15. Gary 67,


    It was only a matter of time.Shows how pig ignorant the SMSM are.We have been raving about the boy for ages,but it takes a goal to alert them to their usual crap.Next up,Ajer or Edouarde.Its what they do.

  16. ADI_DASSLER on 27TH JULY 2018 9:50 AM


    Would agree, he’d have skelfs on his backside sitting on the bench every week. They have no time for potential, it’s produce immediately or your out

  17. traditionalist88 on

    David66 on 27th July 2018 9:30 am



    Noted that when we were losing a couple of CL games last season eg.vs PSG, hitting out with all the ‘men against boys’, ‘total mismatch’ stuff as often as he could.




  18. traditionalist88 on

    adi_dassler on 27th July 2018 9:50 am



    Ntcham’s still got a bit to go with us before he can handle the EPL (IMO).





    Aberdeen handled the EPL last night!




  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    On a bus between Plymouth and Bristol Airport. Nobody on this bus would know what I mean, but it is really dreich. Flying to Inverness, and should be in Bristol Airport for a couple of hours from 12 midday. If any CQNers happen to be there, I am happy for you to buy me a pint ??.


    A cautionary observation. I had not a bad stream of first half of Sevco’s gamelast night, and one area where they have definitely strengthened from last year, is in goal. MacGregor will be worth twelve or more points to them this season if he stays fit.





    Really?In a league where Arfield,Mc Arthur and a good few others earned big money.In a country where some trumpet thinks Waghorn is worth £ 8 million.You are seriously underestimating the stupidity darn Saf.


    Wether he is ready or not,I think he is ,is immaterial to them.

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    On The Celtic Blog facebook has a snip at the start of the Hun game where the Croatian hands over a pennant and the hun just smiles. Could let them off, all this European stuff is new to them. Would post a link but can’t with this phone!

  22. Guys



    I honestly think Brendans back is up and we are about to have another amazing season.


    I watched an interview after the Scottish cup final and Brendan said, we have not played they way I wanted or the tempo that I expect and if players do not realise this they will not be here for next season or just not feature.


    If I was a manager of any other club in our league I would be very worried, as I think we mean real business this year, another treble here we come.






    D. :)

  23. Traditionalist/Turkeybhoy



    I would expect him to play at a club higher than those mentioned……if ….it ever happens. I would also like to see him more consistent this season up here. He defo has potential to go as high as he wants.

  24. Prestonpans bhoys I noticed that as well.


    Also Sevcos tops looked funny.


    Someone posted it was a training top, I don’t know if that’s true though.


    It had Hummel right in centre below the neck line, and a badge of a deed team on left, not balanced in my opinion. To me the kit makers name should be on left or right and badge other side. It’s almost as if Hummel gave them tops and someone added badge afterwards.


    Totaly amateur.



    McLean is a rat csc



    D. :)

  25. traditionalist88 on

    David66 on 27th July 2018 10:05 am



    Yes, and I think the new playing surface at CP will be a huge benefit. Last year during the harsh winter the pitch was almost a leveller at times.




  26. traditionalist88 on

    adi_dassler on 27th July 2018 10:10 am



    Agreed. Needs to be taken off set pieces also!