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How many of you remember Leighton, Rougvie, Miller, McLeish, McMaster?  That was the back line of Aberdeen in the early 80s.  It is so memorable, that even 36 years after its most famous win, the European Cup Winners’ Cup in Gothenburg, it still rolls off some Celtic fans’ tongues.

We remember it because it was always there.  Squads change more quickly these days, but managers are still reluctant to vary their back line.  This is the area of the team where regularity produces ever-higher returns.  Defenders learn where their team-mates are and what their goalkeeper is likely to do.

In three weeks since facing Cluj, Celtic have had three play at right back (Elhamed, Ajer, Bauer), two at left back (McGregor, Bolingoli), five in central defence (Jullien, Simunovic, Bitton, Ajer, Elhamed) and three goalkeepers (Bain, Gordon, Forster).  That’s not counting late substitutions.

Sunday was a defensive masterclass that belied the makeshift nature of the backline.  We will have to wait at least two weeks before Greg Taylor makes his debut but it will be longer still before a settled and intuitive defence emerges.

Selection for the next game, away to Hamilton Accies, will reflect fitness requirements, but who gets the shirts for the following game, away to Rennes, is very much a First World Problem.  Get it right and we will be in good shape.


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  1. the leaked images for the new stand are brilliant.



    moving the dressing rooms to the jock stein corner, like old trafford,

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 4th September 2019 1:15 pm



    If he’s 15 would this not go down the children’s panel route rather than the crimminal court route?





    Hi Ernie – apologies for not acknowledging your reply – been out and about.



    I’m not sure of the route to be honest – apologies. I’m sure others will know the specifics much better than I do.



    I think my wider point was about the adversarial justice system in general, in particular in relation to non-violent, anti-social behviours.



    Starting from the fairly random chances of being ‘lifted’ by our Police service for doing something they think is wrong, if and when they are available, followed by the relatively random decisions – occasionally politically motivated – decisions of the PF to process with a charge, or which charge should be pursued – and on and on.



    People who get caught up in the system, for whatever reason, are just thrown into a grinding machine that does little to actually help society more generally.



    I’m just thoughtful about how we deal with issues in a way that helps lessen anti-social attitudes more permanently, rather than just aiming for a superficial, one-off punishment that does nothing in the long term to address the underlying causes of those anti-social attitudes.



    God – I’m sounding like a ‘bleeding-heart-Liberal’ !!



    I’m off – been a strange week…









    Great work.


    What would the figures be if we upped sticks and headed to cambuslang?

  4. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    Aye, good one! Ye chancer, yeh!



    BTW thank you and you know why!









    ps You coming to the dancing on Friday?

  5. Looks like we’re very set now in the fullback position, hopefully with the Man Utd and City bhoys to develop and shine in future. Not sure who has been more impressive on the right side, Ajer or Elhamed. Bolingoli may well turn out to be a fullback and not just an athlete yet, but if not I have it on good authority from a Kilmarnock supporting friend that Taylor is good signing. Ajer was well rated there during his loan also.



    Going ahead a lot is in the hands of outgoing transfers, I think at this stage in the season we really need to be thinking 2 windows ahead (really the business done in the window just past should have seen us take care of what is needed for next seasons CL qualifiers, not this).



    We may well lose Eduoard next summer in the next installment of “big transfer exits from Celtic Park”. in which case, unless Griffiths gets back to his best or Bayo really kicks on, we should have already identified a replacement striker… If not already have him at the club.



    Midfield we need a long term Brown replacement and the most likely candidates to go are N’tcham and Rogic. To be brutally honest, due to the form and emergence of Calmac and Christie they wouldn’t be that big a loss in terms of first XI but would be in terms of squad depth. Really surprised we didn’t go for someone like the Sergio Quintero or Jose Cifuentes with a view of being a replacement for Brown as he winds down his career. It may be that we don’t go for a direct replacement and some of our best football has been without him in the team but the balance has to be right. I think with Christie’s energy and McGregor’s smarts you can get away without having that aggressor in the middle, but if either of those are out I don’t believe Rogic, N’tcham or Bitton offer that bite to play the system we play. Kouassi seems like a far flung memory and I don’t think anyone really knows what young Luca will offer. From the little I’ve seen of Kerr McInroy I’ve always been impressed but don’t know if he’s even close to first team.



    Turnbull I would suggest would replace one of Ntcham or Rogic if they go and if he recovers, and we are still able to get him in, but another may be needed…

  6. Direct delivery to the terracing Tams is not a new innovation.


    I well remember the delivery of ra macaroon bars and Wrigley’s chewing gum.


    On a rare occasion we’d see a hot pie, but these were readily available en route to the game.


    On a European night direct from work fish supper was a standard long before Big Macs were prevalent.


    Imagine my amazement on my first rip to a baseball game.


    Franchises all around the stadium and vendors selling beer and nuts in your seats.


    We should take a good long look at the catering operations of NFL and MLB stadia.


    Lessons to be learned and revenues to be gained.

  7. Having watched the first half Monday night, I watched the 2nd half late last night.


    Fraser made one save of any note. One any keeper should make.


    In fact I’m disappointed he pushed it round the post instead of holding it.


    As Neil said post match, McGregor kept them in it.


    We should have made more of some good chances we created.


    If Mikey learns to chip a wee cross over desperate defenders Eddie will score a barra load.


    Last week we had various posters suggesting they had more strength in depth then we had.


    It is now obvious they have strength only in numbers.

  8. I don’t read the experts in the MSM but I wonder if there have been any mea culpas in the Record or Sun.


    Clyde SSB has been a joy to hear. Although some callers may require some serious counseling.

  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2019 12:34 PM


    HENRY JOY on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2019 12:26 PM



    ‘The idiots on here with their continual criticism of the Celtic modus operandi executed by Lawwell have the fitba IQ of a goldfish.’





    Would I be right in thinking that an absolute refusal to challenge or contradict the same club narrative that underpins the professional game in Scotland is a central plank of ‘The Celtic modus operandi’ ?




    I think it goes a bit further than an absolute refusal to contradict the narrative and it all revolves around the 5 Way Agreement.



    Who knew what and when about the LNS commissioning, the LNS Decision itself and ignoring evidence that would have challenged LNS in 2014 a year after the decision was made and well before the Supreme Court ruled Rangers used the ebts in an unlawful manner in July 2017.



    For starters it was premature to investigate anything until the HMRC appeals process had run its course. A point made here at the time as I recall, yet on it went, Tally Ho with 3 points per match deduction the fox that turned out to be really wily.



    Doubts were also expressed about the locus of the Judicial Review that never happened, something where Res12 did have locus but was excluded.



    All of it gave impression that Celtic after being surprised by the LNS Decision in Feb 2013 were not happy with it, and of course after 2017 the SFA got a QC to justify not looking into proceedings when SPFL asked them too, prompted by Celtic.



    The SFA could not take that line with UEFA Licence 2011 because of what emerged during the Craig Whyte trial but even that Judicial Panel process has run into the 5 Way Agreement buffers or cul de sac.

  10. TURKEYBHOY on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:26 PM


    Always amazes me that fans complain about the food on sale inside Celtic Park.Why eat it,why queue for it,why pay over the top for it.Is it really impossible to sit for 90 -120 minutes,without eating something?Eat before you go,buy something before you go in.Plenty of cafes,fast food outlets surrounding the ground.Eat when you come out.Dont give them the money.Stop bloody whingeing.The sheer stats tell you the food will be crap.



    Turkeybhoy the food quality should not be crap for over the top prices I’m a Season Card Holder @ CP


    & I’ve brought this matter up @ past Club Associated Meetings only to be laugthed @ yeah that is fine


    from people who are sitting in a part of the Stadium where good quality food is provided while us the


    general support are left with the scraps to be content with aye right it’s crap & the quality matter should


    be addressed end of for example the outlet next to the gate/turnstyle I come through sells Hot Dogs for


    £4.30p the Servers when they arrive @ the Stadium put the “Frozen Hot Dogs” in a small Oven to heat


    them instead of using a “Microwave Oven” to defrost the Bread & when you go to eat said item the bread/roll falls apart now is that acceptable for over the top prices the answer to that is a resounding “No”


    that is why I’ve stopped purchasing food from these “Outlets” its over priced with unacceptable products/food on offer an issue which needs to be taken up with John Paul Taylor who is the Club’s Supporters Liason Officer as for “Hot Water In The Toilets” no chance of that happening they “Our Club”


    have no intention of installing the necessary equipment (Boilers) to provide hot water in the toilets within the Stadium so that’s a non starter & the food outlets around CP are mostly over priced rubbish as well


    there is not a bad the best of a bad lot as you head towards CP via the road where all the Supporters Clubs Coaches head down towards the coach parking behind the Jock Stein Stand the name of said food outlet is named “Top Notch Van” its run by a Family who are “Sevco Fans” however their “Fish Suppers” are no bad to be honest “Good” as the “Fish” is fresh & they also sell crusty rolls as well “Magees Rolls” their “Fish Suppers” cost £6.50p a pop they also sell Black Pudding/Sausage Suppers as well along with run of the mill for around said “Area” in other words same as what’s on offer “Cheese Hamburgers” for £3 & Soft drinks for around £1.50p a small bottle so anylysing said matter really the food on offer within the Stadium & surrounding outlets & for quality control really neads to be reviewed end of COYBIG Everyone

  11. Said “Top Notch Food Van” also cook fish suppers chips etc etc using “Lard” which is better than using


    cooking oil & cuts out the heart burn matter

  12. You can not compare the football experience to that of baseball. A franchise at baseball grounds is worthwhile as baseball games last mon-fri. Who in their right mind would go to the bother of equipping then running say a McDonald’s for 1 day and only sometimes 1 night every 2 weeks. Allowing for occasional international weekends you might only open your football franchise for 4 hours in a month

  13. Good morning CQN from a dry but chilly Garngad



    I don’t like international breaks, but maybe this one came at the right time as we can rest up, get new guys on training field and maybe see some injured players coming back when we start back.



    Ps. Not into Politics, but by god are these Moron MPs making an erse of thersells.






    D. :)

  14. GOod morning, friends, from an at last dry and calmish East KIlbride. God willing, this time ra morra me and Mrs Baldie will be at Glasgow Airport departures, Ibiza bound. Well, I have to do something on International Break – even a Scotland fan like me misses the club football.


    Last day at work for a fortnight – time to cycle!


    RT @JimMFelton Boris Johnson has lost four votes, his majority and over 20 MPs. To balance it out, he has gained a creeping sense that he might be shit at the only thing he’s wanted all his life.



    COPIED from ETIMS.


    RT @mcgowan_stephen Only a matter of time before Boris Johnson is pictured standing in a bush arguing with supporters.



    ETIMS again.

  17. 31003 on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2019 6:15 AM


    You can not compare the football experience to that of baseball. A franchise at baseball grounds is worthwhile as baseball games last mon-fri. Who in their right mind would go to the bother of equipping then running say a McDonald’s for 1 day and only sometimes 1 night every 2 weeks. Allowing for occasional international weekends you might only open your football franchise for 4 hours in a month


    Good Morning All


    Its more than 4 hours in a month its 4 hours on each single home (@ CP) match days & that can add up


    too 4 home matches a month when you count the Cup matches & also these so called “Franchises” pay a few £’s yeah probably hundreds to hire their pitch over a course of one Season so go figure it does not make sense for these “Franchises” to sell over priced crap

  18. scoddland sleekitly determines what’s a riot, whats a protest and what’s a parade………..and kleverly manages to hide the reality in illogical, partial bear-faced, Guff.

  19. the quality of the food in every part of our satadium is outdated and shit


    Centerplate provide better to other such facilities


    have they a mandate at CP


    and said company can facilitate a decent dog for a day here and then on the Mersey


    even in those rounders places in the states

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