Celtic and Hearts’ true colours on show


It will surprise no one that Celtic asked their £50k from James Anderson’s donation to Scottish football to go straight towards the Foundation’s covid crisis work.  The last update I heard before this, the total spent by the Foundation on covid-related causes was £450k, so that puts them north of £500k now.

This comes at a time when there was no badge sales at Celtic Park and a series of supporter and Foundation fundraising events were cancelled.  The need is great, money is going out and precious little can be coming in.

Not much will change on the fundraising front while the crisis rages, but the need for the Foundation’s work at Christmas and beyond will be greater than ever.  We need to do whatever we can when this is over to fortify the Foundation’s resources.

Well done to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, who also forwarded their donation to their charity arms.  These are hard times for every club; you have to respect the few who think of others before themselves.

Speaking of which, this line from Hearts newly sacked manager, Daniel Stendel caught my eye this morning: “Asked if he was angry to find out that Hearts had paid compensation to Dundee United despite him not accepting his wages since March, he answered: “Then I even paid for my successor!””

Use the money your manager has agreed to forgo to help you out, to pay compensation for a replacement in order to sack him.  Ann Budge knows how to resonate with Hearts’ well-established values.  Both Celtic and Hearts’ true colours are on show today.

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  2. God Bless every CQNer past & Present.






    Good bye Mr McKenzie Rattling boy – TUNE.



    SOT haste ye Bach

  3. That Budge woman is a bit of an eijt really……



    I hope they crash out of the championship. Horrible bunch.

  4. Thanks to Moravcik67 and the excellent Bert Kassies …


    Moravcik67@Moravcik67_ 1h


    From Bert Kassies’ site. Not confirmed, but the full calendar for CL qualifying is said to be


    QR1 Draw – 9 Aug


    QR2 Draw – 10 Aug


    QR1 Match – 18/19 Aug


    QR2 Match – 25/26 Aug


    QR3 Draw – 31 Aug


    PO Draw – 1 Sep


    QR3 Match – 15/16 Sep


    PO Match – 22/23 & 29/30 Sep


    Group Draw – 1 Oct



    So if confirmed, the draw for R1 & 2 before Rd 1 played and draw for R3 & PO before Rd 3 played

  5. Globally, football can do a lot of good and often does. Any and all charitable actions are to be welcomed.



    When football involves itself in politics, it can often make an inconsistent arse of things.



    We have seen evidence of both lately

  6. Am I right in saying that South of Tunis is from Sicily? Does anyone have any more info regarding his name or location?



    He mentioned going to the football occasionally with a friend but I can’t remember what team it was.



    If you have any info let me know – if it’s something for privacy purposes you don’t want to put on the blog you can email me – gerryhart@gmail.com

  7. Hearts treatment of Strendel is very poor. I would be comfortable if we kept arms length with them and not loan them any players.



    Budge doesn’t even have the financial excuse as she paid compensation to Dundee United.



    I cannot believe anyone will pay Gordon as much as Celtic have offered. Craig is now 37 and has been mostly on the bench last season. If we buy Forster then he will rarely play. A reduced contract is realistic. He has earned a lot from Celtic over 6 years and is now medal laden at least 14 medals. He even met his girlfriend at Celtic,

  8. lisbon line twitter account playing a blinder last few days, wonderful images shared.



    this is going to be my screen saver for a while i think.







    Lisbon Lion






    Jun 19


    Charlie Tully with the Coronation Cup, in the days before European football such tournaments were a big deal and taken seriously by the clubs involved so a good tournament for Celtic to win.







    SOT lives in a wee place in south east Sicily, south of Syracuse. In terms of latititude his abode is further south than Tunis across the Med, hence his moniker. His ‘friend’ was often referred to as “The Inter Milan supporting old codger” who incidentally hated Juventus (or Rubentos as he referred to them).



    There is a move afoot to contact him direct to see if things are ok. The blog will hear in due course.



    Hope that helps.

  10. The Music they constantly play….



    Hang the DJ. No sireee.



    We wrestle not against Flesh and Bloo… och ye All know it by now. Eph6…



    Love is the Law.

  11. Majestic Hartson


    We both have the same name.


    You weren’t born on the 2and July by any chance

  12. If I recall correctly wee Ann “Budgie” Budge seemed to have plenty to say about Celtic fans and our lavatorial conduct. So far as I’m aware her wee trap remained firmly closed after the Sevs and their FTP mob visited her ground. Maybe she just likes the tunes.

  13. Garngad to Croy on

    Could we not have used that money for Craig Gordon’s new wage deal? These are tough times!

  14. YogiHughes on 23rd June 2020 3:05 pm






    Davie McParland









    It’s not Davie Mc Parland




  15. You have got to have a lot of sympathy for these clubs in the top flight in England who are having to take out loans to survive.



    You have,right.

  16. The future


    Yesterday Mrs Gene noticed that one of the moles on my back seemed a bit crusty as she put it. Phoned the docs at one and they said a doctor would ring me back sometime that afternoon. Doc rang at 3 and I arranged to send a picture of said mole. He rang back within 15 minutes – nothing to worry about – gave it some Latin name which equates to old man’s skin.


    No journey, no waiting room – it’s the future for a lot of consultations especially with video calling.

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