Celtic and Hearts’ true colours on show


It will surprise no one that Celtic asked their £50k from James Anderson’s donation to Scottish football to go straight towards the Foundation’s covid crisis work.  The last update I heard before this, the total spent by the Foundation on covid-related causes was £450k, so that puts them north of £500k now.

This comes at a time when there was no badge sales at Celtic Park and a series of supporter and Foundation fundraising events were cancelled.  The need is great, money is going out and precious little can be coming in.

Not much will change on the fundraising front while the crisis rages, but the need for the Foundation’s work at Christmas and beyond will be greater than ever.  We need to do whatever we can when this is over to fortify the Foundation’s resources.

Well done to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, who also forwarded their donation to their charity arms.  These are hard times for every club; you have to respect the few who think of others before themselves.

Speaking of which, this line from Hearts newly sacked manager, Daniel Stendel caught my eye this morning: “Asked if he was angry to find out that Hearts had paid compensation to Dundee United despite him not accepting his wages since March, he answered: “Then I even paid for my successor!””

Use the money your manager has agreed to forgo to help you out, to pay compensation for a replacement in order to sack him.  Ann Budge knows how to resonate with Hearts’ well-established values.  Both Celtic and Hearts’ true colours are on show today.

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  1. Must say EPL has been poor so far but i am enjoying the golf.



    Welcome BB and you Bada.

  2. GENE



    I’ve got a couple of them and was thinking about phoning the doc.



    Thanks and take care!

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, Park Road 67, no Ayrshire connection I’m afraid, Coatbridge born and bred. Those who know the Townhead area in CB may recognise the street name




  4. Park Road Jim, Mrs BB and myself have stayed over a couple of times at the Savoy Park Hotel, thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I wonder if you recognise the hotel?




  5. Park Road 67 – I take it that is where you are from?



    I have spent the last 6 years down there. I’ve just recently split with my ex but expect to be moving back to be close to my kids. It’s a nice part of the world.



    Where do you drink?

  6. McPhail Bhoy on



    Old man’s skin?


    What are you doing with it, does he know you have it?


    Seriously I have been able to work from home and do my job for the past 3 months just as well without the hassle of the commute. Now back in my office wondering why I’m here instead of home? Other than my company has a lease on the building and are paying rent for it. It seems we do things just because ‘we’ve always done it this way’. I wouldn’t like to be an owner of commercial property looking for tenants I think a lot of companies have realised (it’s a pity it took a global pandemic) they don’t actually need big, expensive office spaces to do the job.

  7. Park Road 67 on



    I’m in Girvan mhate but know the Savoy hotel near the old racecourse in Ayr , it’s a nice place

  8. Park Road 67 on



    I’ve been known to frequent a few bars in Ayr and Prestwick but normally the Market Inn for Hoops games




    I have to say I’m exactly the same. EPL is incredibly boring but the golf has been eagerly awaited and fantastic drama so far.

  10. McPhail Bhoy,



    I agree. There must be a load of Landlords – and builders concerned about the future.



    I was talking to a boy who works with Barclay’s and he was saying they are building a new campus at the Clyde but everybody is now working successfully from home! They must be thinking ‘why did we bother?’.



    If a company does decide to build they could probably get away with a building a quarter of the size you previously needed!!

  11. Park Road 67



    A few years ago I used to travel through Girvan, over the Barhill Road on my way to Newton Stewart where we lived at the time





    vInternational career


    McLaughlin was called up to the Scotland national team squad for the first time in March 2018,[37] and again in May 2018.[38] He made his first full international appearance on 2 June 2018, in a 1–0 defeat against Mexico.[39] He was without a club contract at the time, as his debut came just a few days after he had left Hearts.[33]



    HE has got one cap more than me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. what you hiding in there ?



    sure its me guitar officer







    Irish Unity






    May 7


    Happy Birthday to Christy Moore pictured here being searched by Special Branch in Dublin, 1981.



    “My life’s work has been endowed with songs of struggle.”




  14. Park Road 67 on



    Not the best of roads between Girvan and Newton Stewart !




    Hopefully meet up in the Market sometime 👍🍺

  15. Sevco sign Jon Mcglaughlin..


    Something like Gerrard’s 33rd new player signing since taking up the reigns as manager.





    No questions asked however… so move along now

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Park road 67



    Apologies if I’ve asked before but do you go on the Girvan bus and frequent the Oak bar before the games?

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Are u another member of the office Ayr team ?


    PF, MickTT, Angel Gabriel , Ayrshire Tim etc


    Get yourself along to a hoot

  18. seems to me, such a cruel irony, that the future king billy carries bobby sands on his shoulders everytime he wears a villa shirt.



    and the queens grandweans are laughing.






    All British ships were boycotted at US ports for twenty fours hours by the Longshoremen’s Union. Members of the Portuguese parliament held a minute’s silence in his memory. A street was named after him in Tehran.



    Protest demonstrations were held across the world – from Milan to Chicago, from Oslo to Brisbane. His face appeared on the cover of newspapers across every continent of the globe and he became a symbol of power for oppressed people everywhere.



    However, despite all the iconography associated with Bobby Sands, it is sometimes forgotten that he was also a son, a brother, a father and a friend. One of those who knew him best as a comrade in the Cages and the H-Blocks is Seanna Walsh.



    “I first met Bobby in January 1973 when we were in the same Cage and he had that cocky Belfast dander and a Rod Stewart haircut.



    “Back then in jail, birthdays weren’t really a big thing – they were more a family thing and the only way you might have known it was someone’s birthday was when they got a clatter of cards from their family.



    “I know Bobby’s family will be feeling it very much tomorrow and it will be hard for them.



    “Having said that, it is an opportunity for Bobby’s wider family of republican comrades to give thought to it as well,” said Seanna.



    Describing Bobby Sands as a “mate who enjoyed a bit of craic and slagging”, Seanna joked that he was “the only person inside to support Aston Villa – God help him”.






    Kappa’s address, which is:



    41 Rue Bobby Sands,


    44800 Saint-Herblain,






  19. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Well we all knew that big Jock was on the money when he said that football without fans is nothing, Sky and I guess BT are now proving him to be correct. Obviously like everyone else (on here) I’m still interested in all things Celtic, but as for the rest, without fans its exactly nothing and certainly not worth paying for or watching.

  20. RUGGYGMAN on 23RD JUNE 2020 4:36 PM


    Sevco sign Jon Mcglaughlin..



    Something like Gerrard’s 33rd new player signing since taking up the reigns as manager.






    No questions asked however… so move along now






    Aye, but nobody takes much notice of sub keepers. They have let two go and have signed one. Still expect to see old man McGregor’s declining reflexes next season.



    Truly delighted that he will be here for the 10. Shame about Halliday.

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    Park Rd67



    Must have seen you, a bunch of gentlemen they are. I go in with my daughter and her friend. On a few occasions the have moved seats to accommodate us. We sit there eating our rolls clandestinely, but in came a older chap with a whole whack of steak pies😂.



    Daughter says, where do you think they come from. Ayrshire said I, I know that accent, to which she replies of course you’re originally from Killie😱

  22. BELMONTBRIAN on 22ND JUNE 2020 9:26 PM


    Welcome to CQN from someone else from County Coatbridge. We are bound to know one another or at least have mutual friends. Especially if you traveled on the James Connelly, from the ‘Bammy Bar’. I ran Whifflet St. Mary’s CSC back in the day. Dropped me an email lennybhoycfc@gmail.com


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail

  23. Welcome to BelmontBrian. We are losing posters here by the dozen, a new recruit is more than welcome,


    Re Gene & his crusty mole and the new way of doing business with the Doc, I’m glad he wasn’t looking for Viagra.

  24. Corkcelt



    I can think of worse but , as it is around tea – times, I will refrain !!




    I went to Milan in 1970 with 4 ghuys from Coatbridge.



    Joe Hughes from Shawhead (?) and Jim Lennon. The other two I met for the drive.



    The driver was named Coyle and had studied for the priesthood in Paris. We stopped at the seminary to pick up some of his stuff.



    In spite of the result we had a great week.



    Any of the names ring a bell?



    Joe Hughes met and married an Irish girl and moved to the Emerald Isle possibly mid seventies.



    Hope you and yours are good!




    You probably wurny born by the mid seventies but you might have known the families!!

  27. Lennybhoy



    I travelled on the St. Mary’s bus a couple of times, if memory serves me right it was a guy named Martin who drank in the Whifllet Arms at the time was the convenor.



    Travelled up to Aberdeen game on a wet Wednesday afternoon, not long after arriving the North East’s finest came into the pub we where in told us to put our pints down, no drinking up, get on the bus immediately or you were getting lifted. Pitch waterlogged, game off.

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