Celtic and Hearts’ true colours on show


It will surprise no one that Celtic asked their £50k from James Anderson’s donation to Scottish football to go straight towards the Foundation’s covid crisis work.  The last update I heard before this, the total spent by the Foundation on covid-related causes was £450k, so that puts them north of £500k now.

This comes at a time when there was no badge sales at Celtic Park and a series of supporter and Foundation fundraising events were cancelled.  The need is great, money is going out and precious little can be coming in.

Not much will change on the fundraising front while the crisis rages, but the need for the Foundation’s work at Christmas and beyond will be greater than ever.  We need to do whatever we can when this is over to fortify the Foundation’s resources.

Well done to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, who also forwarded their donation to their charity arms.  These are hard times for every club; you have to respect the few who think of others before themselves.

Speaking of which, this line from Hearts newly sacked manager, Daniel Stendel caught my eye this morning: “Asked if he was angry to find out that Hearts had paid compensation to Dundee United despite him not accepting his wages since March, he answered: “Then I even paid for my successor!””

Use the money your manager has agreed to forgo to help you out, to pay compensation for a replacement in order to sack him.  Ann Budge knows how to resonate with Hearts’ well-established values.  Both Celtic and Hearts’ true colours are on show today.

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  1. At least Budgie knows how to suck seed in business.



    sorry, back to work now👍

  2. IniquitousIV on



    For a virtual physical by the quacks, they may soon require you to do your own prostate exam.

  3. Park Road 67 on



    First time I’ve heard the Girvan Bhoys described as gentlemen 😂😂😂

  4. julien is going on clyde



    how is he going to explain getting called a black fenian bassa



    i hope he mentions the “offside” cup winning goal

  5. BELMONTBRIAN on 23RD JUNE 2020 5:56 PM


    Whifflet St. Mary’s left from the Barnyard, Clock Bar when big Jay had it. The Martin you refer to runs a bus from the Whifflet Arms, he is a local taxi driver.


    James Connelly bus, sure JL, RW, TK, Tam to name a few went on the bus?


    PHILBHOY on 23RD JUNE 2020 5:47 PM


    I was born in 1962 but I don’t the names.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. clyde opened the programme with



    “we are here to talk about racism in fiitball, not sectrarianism, we know all about that already”



    then the journo said



    “racism is unspoken about till now”



    aye like sectarianism or anti-irish racisim.



    like you just did in your programme,



    waiting on someone phoning and asking who are these racists in football “that chant racism from the stand”.



    who is it please, pray tell.

  7. defoe coming on now, wonder if he will mention not blessing himself anymore



    roger hannah is a nugget.

  8. Two metres apart in an area 6m x 6m = 9 people.


    One metre apart in same area = 36 people.


    Have I got that right?



    If so, the 1 metre prospect would make a massive difference to numbers allowed into Celtic Park.

  9. David Low on Preference Shares.



    As we are only too aware the coronavirus epidemic has been a human tragedy and a financial catastrophe for many families and businesses throughout the country and further afield. Professional spectator sports have been one of the worst affected sectors and many leagues and sports clubs are experiencing severe financial difficulties as a consequence.



    The SPFL is one of the worst affected leagues and although Celtic is in a strong financial position that advantage will quickly erode without the ongoing financial support of its directors, management, players, supporters and shareholders. The directors and staff have agreed to take salary cuts and deferments and supporters are being asked to buy season tickets for matches they will not be able to attend but shareholders have not been asked to contribute to the cause as yet.



    The club has circa 15.8 million of 6% Convertible Cumulative Preference shares in issue and which are owned by around 7,800 individuals including the club’s largest shareholder, Dermot Desmond. These shares pay an annual dividend of 3.6 pence per share. The next dividend is due to be paid in late August to shareholders on the register at end June. The total amount of dividend involved is around £500,000. If shareholders agreed to forego their dividend this would represent a significant saving for the club in these difficult times.



    Shareholders can waive their dividend by completing a deed of waiver which can be supplied by the club or by a third party. Also, last year the club was able to reclaim £70,000 of shareholder dividends from supporters who had died, failed to notify the club of a change of address or who had simply failed to cash the cheque.



    Alternatively, if a shareholder does not wish to receive the cash dividend they can elect to receive their dividend in additional shares instead which would also result in a direct cashflow benefit to the club. Currently, only around 7% of the total dividend is paid in shares.



    In conclusion, Preference shareholders wishing to contribute to helping Celtic through this crisis they should consider waiving their dividend or electing to receive shares instead.



    Pax Vobiscum






    21 June 2020





  10. Gene 6.09



    I genuinely turned it off after the intro outlined in St.Stivs 6.20 post.truly clueless they are.


    hope all good at the vale.






  11. An Tearmann that figure of 7% converted to shares is really disappointing, I chose that option as soon as it became available and thought that most would have done the same.



    Or is it that ordinary supporters only make up 7% of the total…

  12. Lennybhoy



    Apologies, I stand corrected, James B ran the Connelly bus from the Bammy. I’m of the roughly the same vintage as yourself, 1963.




  13. An Tearmann


    The Vale want you to buy season ticket without having a plan for BCD games – no access to game on line etc.

  14. Hot Smoked


    Seating arrangements for social distancing is the easy bit. It’s the routes into and in the stadium that’s the issue, toilets etc.


    I would see it starting with no away fans.

  15. 60 / 40 straight down the middle (I blame the schools).



    warning warning dont read if your of a sensitive nature.



    i wonder why they went bust






    Celtic Wiki






    Jun 22


    ‘Follow, Follow’ forum – July 2000.



    Over in Govanhill Follow, Follow columnist the Gub has spent the summer dusting down his spikey golf shoes.



    Apparently Rangers are close to “checkmate” in their rivalry with Celtic.



    What could possibly go wrong?



    As the man says “Enjoy”.








  16. BELMONTBRIAN on 23RD JUNE 2020 7:21 PM


    Yeah I know who James B is, more just to say hello to, drinks in the Knights. You’ll Jack that went on the Connelly, Woodys?


    Drop me a mail lennybhoycfc@gmail.com


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Hot Smoked


    At 1m, I could see 20-25k getting in ??


    Face masks, and hand sanitising put in place


    Stewards control numbers using toilets at any given time



    Temp check on entering stadium, with hand sanitising stations, and potentially disposable gloves to function turnstiles ?


    At my work we have automated hand sanitisers on every door, very very effective.



    I also believe private sponsors boxes, could be classed as a bubble ( new terminology for groups of people in close contact), all names known and registered for tracing if required


    Again specific training to ensure appropriate controls in place with stewards



    If it works for pubs and industry opening up, why Not a football stadium ???



    Just my thoughts

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Norrie- the Club have priced Lennoxtown and CP on a match day at 12k a week for sanitizer and staff.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I seem to remember Sevco charging entry to friendly games on every Sunday in July last summer. Cash turnstiles. I can’t foresee similar this pre-season.





    Expecting a shake of the tree this week at Lennoxtown when the month ends. Hope the players moving away are fixed up elsewhere soon.

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