Celtic and Hearts’ true colours on show


It will surprise no one that Celtic asked their £50k from James Anderson’s donation to Scottish football to go straight towards the Foundation’s covid crisis work.  The last update I heard before this, the total spent by the Foundation on covid-related causes was £450k, so that puts them north of £500k now.

This comes at a time when there was no badge sales at Celtic Park and a series of supporter and Foundation fundraising events were cancelled.  The need is great, money is going out and precious little can be coming in.

Not much will change on the fundraising front while the crisis rages, but the need for the Foundation’s work at Christmas and beyond will be greater than ever.  We need to do whatever we can when this is over to fortify the Foundation’s resources.

Well done to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, who also forwarded their donation to their charity arms.  These are hard times for every club; you have to respect the few who think of others before themselves.

Speaking of which, this line from Hearts newly sacked manager, Daniel Stendel caught my eye this morning: “Asked if he was angry to find out that Hearts had paid compensation to Dundee United despite him not accepting his wages since March, he answered: “Then I even paid for my successor!””

Use the money your manager has agreed to forgo to help you out, to pay compensation for a replacement in order to sack him.  Ann Budge knows how to resonate with Hearts’ well-established values.  Both Celtic and Hearts’ true colours are on show today.

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  1. HOT SMOKED on 23RD JUNE 2020 6:52 PM


    Two metres apart in an area 6m x 6m = 9 people.



    One metre apart in same area = 36 people.



    Have I got that right?



    If so, the 1 metre prospect would make a massive difference to numbers allowed into Celtic Park.





    Wouldn’t it be 16 with 2m spacing v 49 with 1m spacing (if you just lay it out I in a grid type format)?. There might be a better way of spacing, depending on the area.



    Then again, it’s late and in might be waffling.

  2. Lennybhoy…



    Do you know of the crazy bus the Dewars bhoys travelled on from Coatbridge, I know Danny.






    Not on much myself, due to adds.


    Welcome mate. 👍🍀🍀😎🇮🇪

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’ve just disabled java on safari and only use safari for CQN now


    Use chrome for everything else

  4. God Bless u All.


    I Don’t Liive by a River.



    Wow how Good that wrong turn was. Maximum r3spect Gordy.🎸👍🎸

  5. Oops… Tommy, Jamie and Gerry were the blokes I met.


    Was in the number 7 on a few occasions with Tommy.



    I’ll give it a go BT. 👍

  6. BELMONTBRIAN on 23RD JUNE 2020 8:59 PM


    Re-my earlier post do you know Jack L and Woodsy that went on the Connelly bus?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  7. SIPSINI on 23RD JUNE 2020 10:10 PM


    Sorry J don’t recognise the name, do you know the pub they drank in?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  8. Celtic players have had a Well earned Rest.



    Republica with the Babe Saffron singing…….Baby I’m ready 2 go.



    Not even henke can take away my Favourire ever Player sorry Broonie.

  9. Imagine the Maestro being Told not to do Everything.



    Imagine Paul pulling the strings in a Pirlo role…. Pirlo was Good latterly…. not a patch on Paul.



    Paul Loved Celtic too much – sounds Crazy but its, IMO, True.



    The Maestro Fantasticque.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bright and sunny in East Lothian, now a question for this morning.



    Only two teams have bought covid testing machines, so how come teams are returning for training ? Or Are those machines only required when it becomes a contact sport.

  11. Welcome back Jobo. Hope that’s your sabbatical over. Had to put EK on my weather map whilst you were off just to try to normalise things.


    Bright and sunny down in D&G.

  12. Regarding testing machines….. my ( conspiracy) theory is that thems are hoping their players catch Covid, infect everyone else then call the ten league null and void. Simples.

  13. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 24TH JUNE 2020 9:02 AM


    Only two teams have bought covid testing machines, so how come teams are returning for training ? Or Are those machines only required when it becomes a contact sport.


    Sure I read that the machines that we and Ross County bought could generate results in an hour or less whereas other clubs would rely on available testing procedures taking a day or more ?

  14. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 24TH JUNE 2020 9:02 AM


    Bright and sunny in East Lothian, now a question for this morning.




    Only two teams have bought covid testing machines, so how come teams are returning for training ? Or Are those machines only required when it becomes a contact sport.




    This was being quoted a couple of weeks ago:



    They were given three options by Maxwell who has been locked in discussions with one leading medical firm who have offered to supply clubs with the expertise and equipment they need to get their players and coaching staff safely back to work.



    A source told us: “The first option is to go down the same road as England’s Premier League clubs. That’s the most costly option and it involves the company taking swabs at training grounds and then coming back with results in 24-36 hours.



    Option two would see clubs take their own swabs and then send them off to the labs for results.



    “And the third option is for a number of clubs from the same area to club together to buy the testing machines and share them. It would cost £25k for the machine but they can share that burden and then reduce the cost of each individual test to £50.




    I don’t know if any other club, apart from us and Ross County, have acquired a testing machine.



    Ross County chairman on here:



  15. Glorious in Corcaigh after a drookit coupla days………….



    Thank GOODNESS for Celtic Quick News.



    In ither news………..



    The Huns “signing” players?






    Embdy with half a brain asking them how exactly this is being achieved?

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PB- maybe we are letting other clubs use a Covid machine for free,and charging others….;),I read Hibs and Hearts were buying one between them.

  17. Bankiebhoy,


    Worse than that.According to some Hun based newsfeed,their new Goalie was wanted ,right at the last gasp by ourselves.That dastardly world famous club from across the City ,beat us to it and had him paraded in jig time.


    I am pulling my hair out at how we could let this happen.Disgraceful.


    The Hun hordes will be loving this news,revelling in the wee bit of feel good factor it affords.


    ,and, awe wait a minute,I am just beginning to think this might not be true.

  18. Good morning from a sunny North Staffordshire – it’s going to be a scorcher. 🥵



    Hotter than a hun exclusive 🤭

  19. If rumours are true about Shved and Arzani leaving the club,in my opinion big mistake ,same as Liam Henderson being allowed to leave ,all these Rumours about Paddy Roberts coming back,he had his day ,as much as I would like us to get to 10 in a row ,under Lennon and Lowell ,Complacencies on there part is the big danger.

  20. “Paddy Robert’s has had his day”Whats to stop him having many more in the Hoops.Seems the only place the boy has been happy,has been with us.And it showed.Brilliant for us.

  21. Timbhoy2



    Pause and breathe fella. Rumours is all we have at the moment….the vast majority are lazy and usually cack.



    Sure didn’tyou hear we are signing Ryan Fraser.



    And I wonder if we will revive the Rivaldo deal?

  22. TIMBHOY2 on 24TH JUNE 2020 11:30 AM



    Arzani is away. He was never really our player.



    There’s a lot of nonsense flying about right now. Paddy Roberts is going to be linked with us every summer.

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